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In the depths of the dark starry river, Old Shadow Eccentric and the White Rose’s people were standing on a grayish-green meteor.

But in fact, it was actually an ancient starship under a meteor’s disguise.

Old Shadow Eccentric’s eyebrows were knitted as he said coldly, “The Bloody Despair Brotherhood...! I’m calling our deal off! None of you told me that the Bloody Despair Brotherhood would be a part of this!”

In the next moment, his expression flickered, strong fear appearing in his eyes. “Both the sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect, Jing Feiyang, and the head of the Bloody Despair Brotherhood, Master Bloody Despair, are here!”

Only at this moment did he sense the presence of the two Saint domain experts.

He was only at the early Void domain himself. Even though he was a Hunter as well, he preferred to hunt by himself. Therefore, he had never joined any organization, nor did he have anyone powerful at his back.

Both the White Rose and the head of the Bloody Despair Brotherhood were fellow Hunters he couldn’t afford to offend.

However, if he had to chose to offend one, he would rather choose the White Rose.

After all, he was well-aware how brutal and ruthless Master Bloody Despair was.

“Jing Feiyang! Master Bloody Despair!” The White Rose’s subordinates also gasped with astonishment as they hastily entered the ancient starship that had been disguised as a meteor.

Shortly afterwards, the White Rose arrived through the teleportation portal inside the main cabin.

Unlike the Divine Seal Sect, the White Rose’s organization lived in between domains. Therefore, she wasn’t too far from this location, and was able to arrive within a short time through teleportation portals.

However, Nie Tian’s ancient starship was simply too far from the Domain of Heaven Python now. There was no way Jing Feiyang could summon his wife and subordinates from the Divine Seal Sect’s headquarters to assist him in battle.

Old Shadow Eccentric and her subordinates all greeted the White Rose upon seeing her.


“Head, you’re here!”

Dressed in a long, white robe that was embroidered with white roses, she seemed distant and graceful. Her exquisite eyes and brow presented her as a great beauty.

The White Rose gazed into the distance, her slender brow slightly furrowed. “It’s hard to believe that Master Bloody Despair is here too. Could it be he also asked the Bloody Despair Brotherhood? It shouldn’t be. He reminded me repeatedly that we shouldn’t kill Nie Tian, who’s a Son of the Stars. He probably only chose me to do this job because he knew that we’re fairly mild. But if that’s the case, why would they ask the Bloody Despair Brotherhood at the same time?”

“Head!” One of her subordinates exclaimed with burning fury in his eyes, “All these years, the Bloody Despair Brotherhood have killed many of our members, and that lecher Master Bloody Despair has been drooling over you. However, since he’s far too powerful, you couldn’t really do anything about it. Besides, he has more people, and their experts are stronger.

“There hasn’t been an opportunity for us to have our revenge. But now, the sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect, Jing Feiyang, is here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to punch the Bloody Despair Brotherhood into the ground!”

The White Rose’s eyes lit up. After pondering for a while, she nodded slightly. “Let’s wait for a suitable opportunity to make our move.”

“Got it!” All of her subordinates exclaimed in high spirits.


After crushing every single Bloody Despair Brotherhood member who had dared to climb onto their ancient starship with his numerous divine seals, Jing Feiyang flew out of the main cabin.

Divine seals of different colors wreathed him, forming a unique domain around him.

Numerous divine seals seemed to move in certain tracks around him.

Nie Tian examined them with his soul, and realized that Jing Feiyang’s domain seemed to be a large, even more wondrous seal that was formed by countless small seals.

It channeled spiritual power from heaven and earth, building up a might within it that could change the course of events.

Unlike his domain, Master Bloody Despair’s domain seemed to be formed by the sticky blood of countless lives that had died at his hands, most of which belonged to outsiders and Ancientbeasts.

Human blood only took up a small part of it.

Furthermore, the secret incantations Master Bloody Despair practiced seemed to have a great deal in common with the Blood Sect’s incantations.

The only difference was that his incantations didn’t involve blending the blood of different races. Instead, blood of different colors filled different areas of his domain, but they answered his summons all the same.

Master Bloody Despair’s domain came with an overwhelming momentum, painting the starry river with a variety of colors.


Like two enormous glowing spheres, Jing Feiyang’s seal domain clashed with Master Bloody Despair’s blood domain.

Thousands of beams of multicolored light splashed in all directions like the most glorious fireworks anyone had ever seen.

Just the splashing light alone was mighty enough to destroy any cultivator under the Void domain, as if a mere touch of it would reduce any Soul realm cultivator to dust.

Nie Tian even had a feeling that if their battle had taken place in the Realm of Flame Heaven, the entire realm might explode.

With an anticipating look in his eyes, Nie Tian marveled at their heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing power. “This is how powerful Saint domain experts are!”


As Jing Feiyang and Master Bloody Despair engaged in a fierce battle, the three ancient starships that belonged to the Bloody Despair Brotherhood split up, circled around their battlefield, and sailed towards Jing Rou and Duan Shihu’s ancient starship at full speed.

Jing Feiyang and Master Bloody Despair were fighting fiercely right in front of their ancient starship, blocking the path ahead. If they tried to sail past them anyway, they might be annihilated, along with their ancient starship.

At the same time, the Bloody Despair Brotherhood’s ancient starships were flying towards them from their flanks. Duan Shihu and Jing Rou had a headache over the difficult situation.

Accompanied by a sickly laugh, Master Bloody Despair’s wild exclamation echoed from his domain of multicolored blood. “I’ll take care of the sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect. Go kill those two juniors and that Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

“Master Bloody Despair!” Jing Feiyang bellowed. “You’re tired of living, aren’t you!? You even dare to make a move against a Son of Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?!” 

“He’s a Son of the Stars, so what?” said Master Bloody Despair, “You think that’ll scare me? I spent my whole life drifting among these domains. I know how to hide myself, and I have a great amount of cultivation resources in my possession. Even if worst comes to worst, I can go take shelter in outsider domains. You think the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will march deep into outsider territory to pursue me? I might as well tell you the truth; killing this Son of the Stars is a deal I made with the outsiders!”

“You and your Bloody Despair Brotherhood shall die!”

The conversation between Jing Feiyang and Master Bloody Despair continued to echo out from their battlefield.

Nie Tian’s face grew cold. “Outsiders?”

Even the Xing Clan, who had the Thousandsword Mountain Sect at their back, had done their business with the Bonebrutes in secret.

The Bloody Despair Brotherhood actually dared to openly admit to the fact that they had only come here to intercept and kill him, the seventh Son of the Stars chosen by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, because they had reached a mutual understanding with outsiders.

The Sons of the Stars were the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s future. Even if they didn’t get to become the Lord of the Stars, they would most likely rise to high positions in their sect.

They would be the backbone of the human race. They would be what humans would have to rely on to contend against the outsider races. As a human, Master Bloody Despair had actually agreed to help the outsiders kill his own kind. He was indeed a man of no moral principles.

A series of thoughts rapidly flashed across Nie Tian’s mind. “Master Bloody Despair’s domain is made of blood of various origins. Even he doesn’t seem to be able to refine it fully...”

He suddenly flew out of the cabin.

“Nie Tian!” Duan Shihu and Jing Rou exclaimed simultaneously, hoping to stop him from doing anything rash.

Jing Feiyang had warned them repeatedly that they shouldn’t leave the main cabin, no matter what.

That was because he had established a spell formation within the cabin with his divine seals, which would be strong enough to protect them from the Bloody Despair Brotherhood members.

As long as he could force Master Bloody Despair to retreat, they would be able to tide out this crisis and move on to the Domain of Endless Snow.

However, once Nie Tian left and exposed himself in the starry river, the fierce members of the Bloody Despair Brotherhood would be able to get to him without dealing with that spell formation first.

Therefore, Nie Tian’s decision seemed very rash and unwise.

“Cover me please, Senior Jing! I need to enter Master Bloody Despair’s blood domain!”

With these words, Nie Tian once again summoned the Bone Blood Demon and embedded himself in its chest. With its help, he shielded off the corrosive energies that filled every corner of the starry river, while shooting towards Jing Feiyang at full speed.

Enveloped in his seal domain, Jing Feiyang’s expression flickered drastically, not knowing what was going on.

Even so, he spared a portion of his divine seals to help him. With the divine seals flying around it, the Bone Blood Demon seemed to develop its own wings, which helped it shield off the splashing blood-colored light and seal might as it flew towards Jing Feiyang.


Seconds later, the Bone Blood Demon entered the overlapping area of Jing Feiyang’s and Master Bloody Despair’s domains.

Clusters of blood clashed with magical symbols that looked like colorful butterflies, giving rise to mighty fluctuations that spread thousands of meters into their surroundings.

As soon as he entered the special region, Nie Tian issued an order to the Bone Blood Demon under Jing Feiyang’s confused gaze.

In the next moment, rivers of blood shot forth from the Bone Blood Demon’s enormous body to pierce through one cluster of blood after another.

At the same time, it activated the Blood Refining Incantation without hesitation.

Wisps of blood of different origins rapidly fused into the Bone Blood Demon’s rivers of blood, which then returned to the Bone Blood Demon like pumped water.

Nie Tian took a deep breath, activating Life Drain.

Fine blood strings shot out from within him, piercing into the rivers of blood that had returned to circulate within the Bone Blood Demon.

In the next moment, changes took place.


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