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Yin Yanan’s heart burned with anxiety as she listened to Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong’s conversation.

The backlash she was suffering was much fiercer than the previous ones. Several groups of spirit beasts’ flesh auras were abnormally violent this time.

Even she didn’t know what exactly had happened.

Normally, even without the Frost Blood Python’s help, she would be able to suppress the backlash from the spirit beast blood without much effort.

However, a few flesh auras had surged surprisingly violently this time, while the Frost Blood Python happened to be in the middle of its bloodline upgrade.

Since she had to suppress the violent flesh auras with just her own strength, she felt a great deal of pressure.

She struggled to stop the flesh auras from surging uncontrollably inside of her with her spiritual power. However, wisps of fine flesh aura still managed to exude from within her pores, while still fighting each other.

The fierce flesh auras surged madly inside her through her meridians. Each and every one of them was like a wild horse that refused to be bridled.

With each passing second, Yin Yanan felt unbearable pain.

At this moment, she also had to bear Mu Biqiong’s mockery, while fearing that Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong would take advantage of her at this unfortunate moment.

She kept panting, beads of sparkling sweat appearing on her exposed skin.

Every now and then, she would open her eyes, which were filled with anxiety and insecurity. At the same time, ferocity would occasionally flash across them.

Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect seemed to suddenly grow calm as she said, “Nie Tian, I don’t care what decision you make, and I won’t try to stop you, but can you at least let me take shelter in that palace?”

Mu Biqiong was convinced that, without the Frost Blood Python’s help, Yin Yanan wouldn’t be able to survive this tribulation.

If she died and the Frost Blood Python entered the eighth grade, things would definitely get out of hand.

An eighth grade Frost Blood Python that went berserk would be able to tear her to bits without much effort. She didn’t want to lose her life because of Yin Yanan.

The palace was the only place that would keep her safe. After all, even Jiang Feng had failed to affect it in the slightest.

Therefore, she assumed that once she entered the palace, even if the Frost Blood Python shook the heavens and toppled the earth, she would still be safe. As long as she was safe, she wouldn’t care about anything else.

Nie Tian let out a cold snort. “You would think that. Not everyone can enter that palace. Don’t imagine that you can enter it before earning my trust!”

The look in Mu Biqiong’s eyes instantly grew cold. “You!” 

Seeing that Yin Yanan’s situation continued to worsen, Nie Tian was no longer in the mood to bicker with her. Instead, he summoned the Star Boat, jumped on board, and called out to Yin Yanan, “Come on!”

Wreathed in wisps of fierce flesh auras, Yin Yanan instantly jerked her head upwards, her expression confused and helpless.

She intended to get on her feet. However, at this moment, her normally vigorous body trembled violently like a leaf in the wind, keeping her from jumping into the Star Boat.

Upon seeing this, Nie Tian lowered the Star Boat as close to her as possible.

Afterwards, he suddenly reached out and put his arm around her curvy waist.

As he did, dozens of flesh auras instantly burst forth from Yin Yanan’s waist where he made contact with her.

The fierce flesh auras swarmed madly at him, carrying the violent auras of many spirit beasts.

After a weak exclamation, he exerted force and pulled Yin Yanan into the Star Boat. Then, he instantly withdrew his arm.

As soon as his arm left Yin Yanan’s curvy waist, the flesh auras returned to Yin Yanan and hovered around her.


The Star Boat shot up into the sky. Like a burning meteor, it shot directly towards the atmosphere of mixed flesh auras.

Standing on the ground, Mu Biqiong was dumbstruck as she watched Nie Tian pull Yin Yanan into the Star Boat and soar into the sky. A confused expression spread across her face, as she didn’t understand what Nie Tian was doing.

The atmosphere of outsider and ancient spirit beast flesh auras was off limits to her. She had only been able to land on this continent because she had stayed within the ancient golden starship’s golden ward.

Without such protection, she would have died beyond the shadow of a doubt after plunging into the layer of mixed auras, considering her current cultivation base.

Since she was well-aware of this, she had settled down without even attempting to escape while Nie Tian had practiced cultivation.

Now, seeing Nie Tian taking Yin Yanan into that atmosphere of mixed auras on the Star Boat, she suspected that Nie Tian was going to kill Yin Yanan to prevent future trouble.

“Is he going to let Yin Yanan die in the atmosphere of mixed auras, along with her Frost Blood Python?” Mu Biqiong thought to herself. “The Frost Blood Python is at a crucial stage in its bloodline upgrade process. Will it be affected by those fierce flesh auras, fail to make the upgrade, and eventually be gnawed away by the chaotic flesh auras, along with Yin Yanan?”


The Star Boat suddenly came to a stop in the atmosphere of multicolored auras.

As soon as it did, flesh auras that were branded with the unyielding will of powerful outsiders and ancient spirit beasts rushed over, as if they had sniffed out prey.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian let the flesh auras infiltrate and inflict damage to his solid body.

It was with these very violent auras that he had broken and reconstructed his meridians with Heavenly Wood Heal.

Therefore, he didn’t seem panicked at all.

Instead, he kept a close watch on Yin Yanan and paid attention to even the slightest changes in her.

Flesh auras of different colors also instantly infiltrated Yin Yanan’s body.

As soon as that happened, the flesh auras that were originally surging about inside of her united against their common enemies.

Nie Tian laughed softly. “It actually worked!” 

The book Wu Ji had given him recorded the special traits of the flesh power of numerous outsiders and spirit beasts, which had intrigued him deeply. Therefore, he was rather familiar with them.

The problem Yin Yanan had encountered was that the flesh auras she had refined and channeled into herself started clashing with each other.

However, since those flesh auras had long since become a part of her, once they faced invading forces, they would naturally band together to deal with the external threat first.

Quite a few of the flesh auras that infiltrated Yin Yanan’s body had belonged to powerful outsiders. Having fought the ancient spirit beasts’ flesh auras for so many years, they had developed a strong enmity towards flesh auras that belong to spirit beasts.

Therefore, as Yin Yanan entered the atmosphere, they instantly discovered this ‘new opponent’, and thus rushed into her body.

As they did, a large number of other flesh auras, which seemed to share the same origin with the flesh auras Yin Yanan possessed, rapidly converged from all directions and flew into her, as if they had come to their aid.

There must be close ties between these flesh auras and Yin Yanan’s. They might even belong to spirit beasts of the same race.

As these flesh auras flew into her wisp after wisp, her tensed expression rapidly relaxed.

Even a shred of delight appeared in her eyes.

As a smart person, she realized that Nie Tian was actually helping her.

She had tried to enter this atmosphere of mixed auras before. However, she had enveloped herself with the Frost Blood Python’s flesh power ward to keep her from harm at that time.

Back then, all of the flesh auras that had attacked her had seemed to belong to outsiders.

But it was different this time. The majority of the flesh auras that were attracted to her seemed to belong to ancient spirit beasts.

They gathered from the vicinity to help her defend against the outsider flesh auras.

After a brief examination of these flesh auras, Yin Yanan discovered that they all contained profound bloodline wonders. Many were completely different from the ones she possessed.

If she could refine these flesh auras, merge them with her, and derive enlightenment from them, she might gain benefits that were beyond her expectations.

Therefore, not only did she not panic after feeling the changes, but a shred of gratitude appeared in her eyes as she looked at Nie Tian.

At this moment, Nie Tian said, “You may summon an air-transportation spiritual tool of your own, and stay here for some time. You can determine how long.”

His body was already damaged to the point where he had to leave as soon as possible to heal himself with Heavenly Wood Heal.

After hearing these words, Yin Yanan summoned an ordinary-looking air-transportation spiritual tool from within her ring of holding and jumped onto it.

Then, she seemed somewhat ill-at-ease as she said, “Many thanks.”

Nie Tian nodded at her, then left without saying anything. The Star Boat flew directly towards the region filled with rich wood power, where he set up the Wood Thriving Formation and got ready to practice cultivation.

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