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The Vitality-returning Celestial Stone in the depths of the earth stopped working, and peace was restored to the continent.

After the members of the Divine Flame Sect, the Guan Clan, and the Jian Clan left, both Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong practiced restraint and cultivated in silence by the palace.

Even though they didn't wander to the other five regions, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in this place was more than rich enough for them to cultivate.

Furthermore, neither of them practiced any of the five elemental powers. Therefore, they both practiced cultivation by themselves without approaching Nie Tian.

Nie Tian also rapidly calmed his mind and started cultivating wholeheartedly.

Sometimes he would form spiritual energy balls and channel pure spiritual power into his spiritual sea to refine his spiritual core over and over with the profound magic he had learned from the titan burial ground.

Sometimes he would visit the fire-attributed region to accelerate his vortex of flame power and his accumulation of flame power with the fierce flame power there.

At other times he would visit the region that was covered in green vegetation, and replenish the liquidized wood power in his vortex of wood power.

However, he didn't try to derive enlightenment from either of those regions.

He only did everything he could to refine his spiritual sea and his vortexes of three different attributes in order to make his next breakthrough as soon as possible.

He was well-aware that the fact that he practiced flame power, wood power, and star power at the same time was hurting his cultivation advancement speed.

Furthermore, his fleshly body was different from others', and he carried a unique bloodline, which meant his cultivation path was destined to be special.

One and a half months passed without him noticing it.

During this time, no human or outsider ever came to this continent.

He had a good time practicing cultivation without distractions.

On this day, he was channeling wood power into his vortex of wood power to form liquidized wood power with the Wood Thriving Formation in the wood-attributed region when his eyebrows suddenly rose.

A surge of immense flesh aura burst forth from the palace's direction, stirring even his bloodline aura.

He went blank for a moment before dashing to the palace in his Star Boat.

In a location close to the palace wall, Yin Yanan from the Beast-controlling Sect swallowed a few medicinal pills. She gritted her teeth as her well-built, cougar-like body turned as red as heated iron, fierce flesh power surging violently inside of her.

The Frost Blood Python pattern could still be seen around her exposed waist, yet it wasn't moving in the slightest.

Mu Biqiong, who had been practicing cultivation in the vicinity, walked quietly to her side, her deep eyes fixed on Yin Yanan. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Upon seeing the Star Boat, Mu Biqiong took a couple of steps back to put some distance between her and Yin Yanan, and then said, "She seems to be in trouble."

Nie Tian was taken aback. "She's in trouble?" 

Eyebrows furrowed, Mu Biqiong said, "The body refining incantation she practices seems to be a secret one the Beast-controlling Sect only passes on to very few disciples, and it's very dangerous too. This specific incantation allows cultivators to refine spirit beast blood into their own body. However, conflicts among the blood of different spirit beasts will break out at certain points.

"Several disciples of the Beast-controlling Sect practiced this secret incantation before, but almost all of them died from the backlash from the spirit beast blood.

"She must have suffered repeated backlashes herself over the years. It was just that, with the Frost Blood Python's help, she was able to suppress the violent flesh auras inside of her.

"But this time, the Frost Blood Python is at a crucial moment in its bloodline upgrade process, so it can't help her.

"If she fails to resist the backlash from the spirit beast blood, perhaps she'll be dead when the Frost Blood Python finishes upgrading its bloodline."

As Mu Biqiong uttered these words, a shred of insecurity flashed across her eyes.

She went on and asked, "The Frost Blood Python refined the corpse of an eighth grade Frost Python, right?"

Even though she hadn't traveled with Yao Zhilan and the others, she was well-aware of the battle that had happened at those three floating meteors.

Back when Yao Zhilan and the others had reconvened with her and Jiang Feng on this continent, Yao Zhilan had told her everything about it.

Upon seeing the Frost Blood Python pattern on Yin Yanan's waist, she had speculated that she had obtained the corpse of that eighth grade Frost Python from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan members. Also, only that could explain her Frost Blood Python entering dormancy and upgrading its bloodline.

"That's right," Nie Tian answered.

Slight concern appeared in Mu Biqiong's eyes as she said, "She'd better not die. If she dies and her Frost Blood Python enters the eighth grade, it'll most likely grow restless and violent after losing its master. It might vent its fury on you and me."

Nie Tian's expression flickered slightly upon hearing these words.

It seemed that the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation in this heaven and earth could only deprive human Qi warriors of their spiritual power.

It probably wouldn't have any effect on outsiders or spirit beasts.

On the other hand, the meteors he had channeled from all directions with Starfall seemed to only be able to dash about outside of this continent.

If Yin Yanan died, and the Frost Blood Python entered the eighth grade, it would be like a Void domain opponent suddenly descending on this continent.

Even if the Bone Blood Demon recovered to its peak state, its strength would only be at the peak of the Soul realm.

Not to mention that the Bone Blood Demon had consumed a significant amount of flesh power, which made it completely impossible for it to match the eighth grade Frost Blood Python in battle.

If the Frost Blood Python indeed turned out to be unaffected by the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation, he would probably have to hole up inside the palace.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian looked at Yin Yanan and said, "This is indeed a bit tricky."

Then, he unleashed his Heaven Eyes to conduct a thorough examination of her.

Soon, he noticed that there were some similarities between the secret body refining incantation Yin Yanan practiced and the Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation.

The Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation also allowed cultivators to strengthen themselves with spirit beast blood.

The difference was that, with the Blood Refining Incantation, cultivators would be able to channel spirit beast blood into their spiritual seas to form a vortex of flesh power, instead of spreading the flesh power to every part of their bodies.

For this reason, the Blood Sect disciples usually had advantages over disciples of the other sects in the toughness of their bodies, though such advantages were limited.

On the other hand, the secret body refining incantation Yin Yanan practiced allowed her to channel flesh power from within spirit beast blood and use it to refine her bones and internal organs, which worked in a similar manner to Heavenly Wood Heal.

Because of this, Yin Yanan's body contained immensely rich flesh power, which made her body incomparably tough.

However, Yin Yanan was not like him.

No matter whether he absorbed flesh power through his digestive system or Life Drain, he wouldn't suffer any backlash after the spirit beasts' flesh power entered his body.

The wonders of his unique bloodline ran through his veins and filled his entire body. They had taken care of problems like this.


Numerous wisps of flesh aura exuded from Yin Yanan's pores. As fine as hair, they carried the auras of different spirit beasts. Even after leaving Yin Yanan's body, they were still fighting each other.

Yin Yanan appeared to be in great pain as she let out bellows like a trapped beast, her veins bulging under her skin.

Nie Tian looked up into the sky at the atmosphere composed of the flesh auras of outsiders and ancient spirit beasts, and that was when it occurred to him that those various flesh auras that carried unyielding fighting will, even after hundreds of thousands of years, were still fighting each other. This was surprisingly similar to what was happening inside Yin Yanan.

At this moment, Mu Biqiong suggested, "I think we'd better retreat into that palace, where we can wait and see how things will go." 

Nie Tian frowned. "So you're saying we should leave her to die?" 

With an indifferent expression, Mu Biqiong said, "This is her problem, and she needs to deal with it herself. Will you be able to help if you stay here?"

"Who told you that I won't be able to help her?" Nie Tian countered.

With a taunting tone, Mu Biqiong said, "If you can help her, then go ahead. I'll be happy to see how you're gonna do it. 

"I suppose that by helping her with this you'll definitely win her favor. Perhaps she'll even thank you by letting you get intimate with her."

"You know what, I actually have a stronger interest in you." Nie Tian said, smiling broadly.


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