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Chapter 75 - Detection in Advance

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After Nie Tian and Pan Tao left, they chose a direction and walked for a while before stopping.

“If they want the food from the Black Mist Palace to last until the exit of the Green Illusion Realm opens, everyone will have to go hungry in the future.” Pan Tao looked into the distance, and said, “It’s also our fault. We were just trying to rush here as quickly as possible, and threw away a lot of food in the process.”

Nie Tian laughed, “Hah, it’s actually my fault. Before you came, Zheng Bin thought that his food was enough to feed everyone for a long time, and let me wantonly eat it. They never thought that you’d be in such a sorry situation, and arrive empty-handed.”

Actually, he didn’t have much of an opinion towards Zheng Bin.

After being with the cultivators from the Black Mist Palace for a period of time, he knew that the atmosphere among the Black Mist Palace disciples was extremely harmonious under Zheng Bin’s leadership.

Zheng Bin himself wasn’t a stingy person. If he was, he wouldn’t have satisfied Nie Tian’s request for a large amount of food to eat.

“Yup. Although I’ve never gotten in touch with him in the past, I’ve heard that his reputation isn’t bad.” Pan Tao also laughed. “Only, he clearly feels contempt towards us for leaving the big group, even though he can accept it.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as we can find things to eat and prevent everyone from starving, it’ll count as us having repaid his kindness.” Once he said this, Nie Tian gently closed his eyes and released his mental awareness, searching the surrounding area for signs of life.

Pan Tao knew about his bizarre ability and didn’t disturb him anymore, after seeing him shut his eyes.

After a while, Nie Tian shook his head and said, “There aren’t any living beings nearby. Let’s switch to another location.”


The two people roamed about in the surroundings. From time to time, Nie Tian would use his mental awareness to scan for fluctuations of life.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no spirit beasts moving about near the exit of the Green Illusion Realm.

He walked around in a circle, and searched for signs of life god-knows how many times, but he didn’t find anything.

He tried another time. When Nie Tian shut his eyes to spread out his awareness, he suddenly sensed an abnormal undulation of Qi and Blood in the deepest parts of the earth.

His expression turned to one of shock. He thought that there was a creature similar to the Earth Lizard, that was hiding in the deepest parts of the earth. He hastily gathered his consciousness, and sent it underground to look for it.

From his awareness, he suddenly found that there were many river-like blood strings, that were slowly moving through the deepest parts of the earth.

Those blood strings made him feel a faint familiarity...

“It’s coming from the Blood and Qi of Yu Tong’s body!”

After a long time, his expression changed, and he concentrated even more to sense the movements in the earth.

He clearly felt that those blood strings, that contained Blood and Qi within them, yet had no spirit aura to it, were currently slowly moving towards the place where Zheng Bin and the others were.

Those strands of Blood and Qi interweaved together, forming a delicate and enormous earth web that seemed to be able to bind all life.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and glanced at his surroundings. He carefully told Pan Tao, “Something’s wrong! There are many blood strings in the deepest parts of the earth! I’m certain that those blood strings are released from the body of the Blood Sect’s witch Yu Tong! It’s heading in the direction of Zheng Bin and the others!”

“Strands of blood strings coming from the witch, Yu Tong?” Pan Tao was startled, and he furrowed his brows to ponder over it.

After several seconds, Pan Tao loudly exclaimed. An alarmed look filled his face. “Earth Web! It’s the Blood Sect’s forbidden art, Earth Web! The people from the Ghost Sect and Blood sect should already be near us! They’re borrowing the power of the Blood Searching Compass and have already locked on to us! Shit, Nie Tian, we have to rush back!”

“What’s this Earth Web?” Nie Tian was astounded.

“There’s no time to explain in detail, but we have to quickly return now!” Pan Tao was turning impatient.

Nie Tian was also affected by Pan Tao’s nervousness, and said: “Don’t say that I sensed the abnormality in the earth. Pan Tao, please help me keep it a secret.”

“I understand.” Pan Tao nodded.

Before entering the Green Illusion Realm, he had already guessed that there was another motive behind An Shiyi arranging them to go to the Green Illusion Realm with a mysterious child from the Nie Family.

An Ying had hinted several times for him and Zheng Rui to go and probe Nie Tian, and inform her of the results.

But now, in his heart, he had already viewed Nie Tian as a necessary battle companion. To not lose Nie Tian as a companion, he knew what he had to do.

Quickly, the two people, that had left for a short while, returned to the area where everyone was gathered.

“Have you guys found anything? Have you found any spirit beasts?” The Black Mist Palace’s Han Xin started ridiculing them, after seeing that they returned so early, “I’ve already told you guys that there are simply no spirit beasts nearby, but you guys insisted on showing off. Are you only happy now, after endangering both yourselves, as well as us?”

“Shut up!” Pan Tao coldly shouted.

“Who are you commanding me to shut up? You’re eating our stuff, and drinking our stuff, but you actually have the face to shout at me?” Han Xin turned mad all of a sudden.

Many cultivators from the Black Mist Palace suddenly stood up, as they angrily stared at Pan Tao. Their attitude seemed to say, that if Pan Tao didn’t quickly apologize, that they would punch him.

Zheng Bin’s expression also turned unkind, “Pan Tao, please apologize towards Han Xin!”

“If apologizing can solve the problem, then I’ll apologize!” Pan Tao’s expression turned dark, after which he paid no further attention to Zheng Bin. Instead, he faced An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu, and said: “There’s big trouble! Not only are the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect near to us, but they’ve already started to use the Blood Sect’s Forbidden Technique - Earth Web!”

“What? Earth Web?!” Jiang Lingzhu was dumbstruck.

“How can this be? Yu Tong has just stepped into the Houtian realm, she shouldn’t have enough strength to activate Earth Web yet, right?” An Ying cried out.

“Blood Sect’s Forbidden Technique, Earth Web?!” Zheng Bin’s expression changed greatly, and he stopped speaking out for Han Xin, “Are you sure that it’s the Earth Web? How did you discover it?”

At this moment, Nie Tian, who had followed closely after Pan Tao, was also secretly worried.

Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, and Zheng Bin, were respectively the core disciples of the Lingyun Sect, the Ling Bao Court, and the Black Mist Palace. Thus, they were also the leaders of the three parties here.

They understood the inside details of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, via the Elders in their respective Sects.

They clearly knew what the Earth Web meant.

Once they had heard that the Earth Web was set up by the Blood Sect, their expressions abruptly changed. This was sufficient to prove how terrifying the Earth Web was.

“Pan Tao, are you sure that it truly is the Earth Web?” An Ying seriously said. 

At this moment, everyone looked towards Pao Tan, including Han Xin, who was previously quarreling with him. His face had turned pale white, as she was greatly panicked in her heart.

Pao Tan hesitated for a moment. He looked at Nie Tian, and waited until Nie Tian’s expression calmed down. After Nie Tian stopped panicking, Pao Tan heavily nodded his head, “I’ll use my head to vouch for this fact!”

Once these words were uttered, An Ying’s doubts vanished. She immediately shouted: “We must quickly find the people from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect before the Earth Web forms! We can’t just sit and wait for death!”

“This is the only thing that we can do!” Jiang Lingzhu let out a soft shout.

Zheng Bin nodded his head. He was also aware of how dangerous the situation was. He hurriedly said: “Everyone, use this place as a centre to start looking for traces of the disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect! Once you find them, immediately shout loudly. Since Yu Tong has just stepped into the Houtian Realm, she definitely can’t make the range of the Earth Web too large, even if she borrows the power of a spirit weapon!”

“She definitely isn’t too far from us! As long as you find her, attack her! If we stop the Earth Web from truly forming, we can avoid the Blood Binding of the Earth Web!”

An Ying decisively shouted: “Spread out and find them!”

“Nie Tian! Let’s go together! I have a special item that can faintly sense the movements of the Earth Web! We have the highest chance of finding them!” Pan Tao informed Nie Tian with a shout. He suddenly charged out, not wanting to stop for even a moment.

He knew that Nie Tian needed to be separated from the others, so that he wouldn’t expose his magical detection ability.

“Alright!” Nie Tian quickly ran after him.

After a moment, the both of them had taken the initiative to leave the other people behind.

“He has a special item…” Zheng Bin’s expression changed. After thinking for a while, he shouted: “Since it’s like this, there’s no need for everyone to separate! Just follow them!”


At this moment, the cultivators of the three sects discarded their former enmity and stopped bothering about Pan Tao’s unkind words. Immediately, they charged towards the direction that he left in.

The advancing Nie Tian caught up to Pan Tao in a moment. From time to time, he released his mental awareness, confirming the source of the blood strings.

On the other hand, Pan Tao shouted towards the people behind him, “Keep a bit of a distance between us! Your aura will disrupt the ability of my item to find the origins of this Earth Web!”

Once the pursuing cultivators of the three sects heard him, they slightly slowed down, and maintained a larger distance.

On the other hand, Nie Tian stopped worrying about being discovered by the others. He used his mental awareness to detect the source of the blood strings, and gradually approached Yu Tong’s location.


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Editors: Zachhh and Sietse
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