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In the midst of a pile of dried bones, Yu Tong, who had a thick blood mist curled up all around her body, held the blood beads in her hand, as she silently performed the technique. 

Glistening, bloody light flickered below Yu Tong’s feet. The bloody lights shot into the blood mist around her, evolving into bloody characters that were simple and unadorned.

Out of her storage bracelet flew ten or so casks, which were quickly emptied, as all of the fresh blood inside the casks permeated into the ground.

The blood inside the casks was the fresh blood that had belonged to Grade Two spirit beasts, and had also been meticulously refined by her through the use of the Blood Sect’s secret technique. 

Through the use of the blood beads, she secretly controlled the fresh blood, making it so that it cruised through the depths of the earth, rapidly extending towards where the Green Illusion Realm’s exit was at. 

Mo Xi and the five Ghost Sect and Blood Sect disciples had solemn and respectful expressions on their faces, as they anxiously waited for the Earth Web to solidify. 

- Pu! -

Suddenly, Yu Tong, who was in the midst of activating her technique, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Once that mouthful of fresh blood came in contact with the blood mist around her, it actually seemed to become weightless, floating in the midst of the blood mist. 

The bloody characters, that were simple and unadorned, were like shoals of fish that had sniffed out an odd smell, boring their way through the mouthful of fresh blood, that was floating in the air. 

The mouthful of fresh blood, that came from Yu Tong, suddenly turned sparkling and translucent like a bloody diamond, emitting rays of magnificent light that seemed extremely disturbing.

“Don’t force yourself too much!” Mo Xi said urgently. 

Yu Tong, who was squinting her eyes coldly, looked at Mo Xi with her strangely devilish bloody eyes, but didn’t open her mouth to speak. 

- Hu! -

The Blood Searching Compass, that she had brought along with her from the Blood Sect, suddenly flew out from her storage bracelet, landing in her other hand, which had been empty. 

Her slender fingertips were emitting bright, bloody lights. The bloody light inundated into the Blood Searching Compass, illuminating the dark-red surface of the compass. 

The blood drops, that represented the fluctuations of flesh that belonged to life forms, were like stars that adorned the compass, sparkling into appearance one after the other. 

Yu Tong found the time to lower her head and took a look at the compass. The colour on that incomparably gorgeous face of hers suddenly changed.

“They’re currently approaching us!”

The six Blood Sect and Ghost Sect disciples heard this and their expressions changed one after the other, suddenly looking towards the surface of the Blood Searching Compass.

The blood drops, that were like scarlet fragments of stars, were slowly moving on the Blood Searching Compass, closing in on their current location.

“How were we discovered?” Mo Xi snarled in a low tone.

“Dammit! Senior Sister is currently activating the technique and is at the most crucial moment. She definitely cannot be disturbed!” A Blood Sect disciple urgently said. 

“The Earth Web really cannot solidify and take shape in time.” Yu Tong’s eyes showed her hatred, as if she was extremely unpleased with that fact.

She hesitated for a moment and suddenly retrieved three medicine pills the size of a thumb out of her storage bracelet.

The three medicine pills were completely dark-red, like the Blood Searching Compass. When they abruptly appeared, the bloody smell around Yu Tong grew heavier. 

“Blood Strengthening Pills!” Mo Xi was greatly surprised.

“No!” The other Blood Sect disciples shouted out loudly to stop her. 

However, not waiting for them to act, Yu Tong had already swallowed the three Blood Strengthening Pills as fast as lightning. 

A trace of malevolence suddenly appeared on her beautiful cheeks and the bloody scent, that had been emitted from her body, also abruptly became increasingly strong. 

The blood beads, which she tightly held in her hands as well as that mouthful of fresh blood, that she spat out simultaneously, released an astonishing bloody light at that moment. 

“I can only make a move in advance!” Yu Tong shouted out in a low tone, as hatred could be clearly identified in her voice. 


“It’s there, I cannot be wrong.”

It was also in that moment that Nie Tian withdrew his mental consciousness that he had dispersed out, quietly indicating the concrete location to Pan Tao. 

Pan Tao was extremely careful now, as he inquired in a low tone, “There is no need to be secretive anymore?”

Nie Tian lightly nodded his head. 

Pan Tao’s figure paused for a moment and he turned his head around, looking towards Zheng Bin, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others. He pointed towards the direction, that Nie Tian had indicated, and loudly shouted out, “I’m certain that they are just over there!”


“Quickly hurry over and stop that witch from releasing her technique!”

“We definitely cannot let her succeed in solidifying the Earth Web!”

Everyone shouted out together, with the loudest being Zheng Bin, who couldn’t wait any longer and suddenly surpassed Pan Tao and Nie Tian. He was the first to dash towards the place that Yu Tong was at. 

“Take advantage of when that witch is releasing her technique to kill her! So long as she dies, we won’t fear those fellows from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect!” The Black Mist Palace’s Li Xi energetically said.

Everyone was excited once they were sure of Yu Tong’s position and believed, that as long as they seized the opportunity to eliminate Yu Tong, they would then be able to eliminate the remaining Ghost Sect and Blood Sect disciples.

At this point, the Green Illusion Realm trial had already become unimportant. As long as they were able to kill Yu Tong, Mo Xi, and the others, they would definitely be heavily rewarded by the four sects.

“Kill! Kill them all!” Everyone shouted, as their eyes suddenly turned red.

- Chichi! -

Suddenly, a peculiar sound resounded from the depths of the earth.

In the next moment, scarlet blood threads, that were like red strands of hair, ferociously pierced out from the ground. 

Fresh blood seemed to flow in the depths of the earth. The rancid smell of blood suddenly pervaded the air. 

A strange, bloody magnetic field enveloped everyone within in a flash after those scarlet blood threads rushed out from the earth. 

It was in that moment, that Nie Tian suddenly sensed that the fresh blood inside his body seemed to have stopped flowing. 

A strangely painful feeling, that couldn’t be put into words, exploded throughout his whole body with a loud rumble, causing him to feel as though he had sustained a heavy attack making it difficult for him to move in the slightest.

He looked towards the others in shock and realised that regardless of whether it was An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, or even Pan Tao, their complexions had suddenly changed, as their eyes revealed their shock.

He was suddenly aware that every single one of the remaining disciples from the three sects had been affected by that bloody magnetic field, and were all like him, as strange changes affected their bodies!

- Chichi! -

The scarlet blood threads were like sharp, metal needles, stabbing towards every single person present. 

Nie Tian clearly saw that Li Xi, who had shouted the loudest, was completely flushed. Li Xi fearfully watched, as the bloody thread approached, yet his body couldn’t move. 

- Pu! Pu! Pu! -

Three scarlet blood threads passed through his chest and shot out through his back.

The light in Li Xi’s wide eyes dimmed, and it seemed as though he took his last breath whilst standing up on the spot.

- Chichichi! -

Ten or so strands of scarlet blood threads shot out from the earth, suddenly stabbing towards Nie Tian’s chest.


Nie Tian let out an explosive roar, like a wild beast, and his heart, that had previously seemed to stop beating, finally began to beat again. 

All of a sudden, he realised that his blood, that had stopped flowing, had suddenly recovered to what it originally was like.

- Xiu! -

Moving his body, he dangerously avoided the scarlet blood threads, that were stabbing towards him, escaping from death’s door.

- Pu, pu, pu! -

Nie Tian, who had escaped that attack, focused his attention and looked around him. He saw that the scarlet blood threads had passed through the bodies of another three of the trial takers from the Black Mist Palace.

“The witch has unleashed the Blood Bindings in advance!”

The corner of Zheng Bin’s eyes were completely red, as he roared out as though he had gone mad. Tears seemed to be splashing out from within his eyes. 

“S-save me!”

Nie Tian, who had broken free from the strange changes affecting his blood, suddenly heard Jiang Miao’s shout. He looked towards the side and saw four strands of scarlet blood threads stabbing towards the back of Jiang Miao’s neck. 

Nie Tian didn’t think, as he hurried to Jiang Miao’s side as quick as possible, bringing her far away before those scarlet blood threads could pierce into her neck. 

“Save the people around you!” Jiang Lingzhu shouted out. 

An Ying, Pan Tao, as well as Zheng Bin and the others, who had recovered their bearings, hastily dodged as they helped their fellow comrades, who weren’t able to struggle free from the Blood Bindings for the moment. 

Nie Tian, who had saved Jiang Miao, had a calm and collected expression on his face. After observing for a moment, he realised that the people, who had reached the ninth Lianqi level, had managed to shake off the Blood Bindings in time. 

Moreover, Nie Tian was the only one of the eighth Lianqi level who was able to to struggle free from the Blood Bindings. 

However, in a flash, the scarlet blood threads had already penetrated the Black Mist Palace’s Li Xi as well as the other three trial takers, causing them to die.

From the nine people in the Black Mist People, there were only five people remaining now. The few other people were also only able to survive by a fluke with Zheng Bin, An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu’s help.

“Pan Tao! Your deduction wasn’t wrong, this really is the Blood Sect’s Forbidden Technique, Earth Web!” An Ying used a gaze filled with praise, as she deeply glanced at Pan Tao, continuing, “Thank goodness you detected it in advance! If not, when the Earth Web really solidified and took form, none of us would be able to escape from the control of the Blood Bindings!”

It was due to the fact that the Blood Sect’s Earth Web was unable to completely solidify that Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others had only been affected for a moment.

Once the Blood Sect’s Earth Web had been allowed to completely solidify, everyone who was enveloped by the Earth Net, unless their own cultivation level surpassed the person who released the technique, would be controlled!

And the person releasing the Earth Net technique this time was the witch Yu Tong with a Houtian Realm cultivation! 

In the Green Illusion Realm, the Houtian Realm was the highest cultivation realm. Don’t talk about surpassing her in terms of cultivation, not even a person who could fight with her on equal terms could be found.

This signified that once the Earth Web had completely formed, everyone who was enveloped within the Earth Net would have all died tragically in her hands!

“Thank you, you saved me once again.” Jiang Miao timidly said.

Nie Tian was about to reply when he heard An Ying shout out, “Those who escaped from the Blood Bindings, attend to people by your side. Those steel-like blood threads haven’t disappeared!”

- Chichi! -

Just as expected, after the scarlet blood threads, that had rushed out of the ground didn’t hit their target once, they would start anew in choosing their target, stabbing once more towards everyone present. 

Scarlet blood threads that filled the sky interweaved in the void. In a moment, they turned into a Blood Web and in the next moment, they abruptly dispersed and turned into sharp blood needles. 


Everyone completely concentrated their attention, preparing to defend against those scarlet blood threads, when their expressions suddenly changed. 

- Chichi! Chichichi! -

They suddenly realised that the direction that the countless scarlet blood threads were heading in abruptly changed towards Nie Tian. 

All of the blood threads that flew out from the depths of the earth seemed to only consider Nie Tian as their target in that moment, as everyone else was completely disregarded. 

Everyone was taut with anticipation, as they looked at Nie Tian dumbfoundedly, suddenly becoming flabbergasted. 

No matter how they thought about it, they couldn’t understand why the threads hated Nie Tian so much. Unexpectedly, with the power of only one person, he had attracted the torrential offense of the scarlet blood threads.

“H-he, how did he actually offend Yu Tong?”

Knowing that Yu Tong from the Blood Sect was the controller of the scarlet blood threads, this strange thought surfaced in the hearts of everyone present at the same time. 


Translator: Naaaaanata
Editors: Zaaach and Sietse
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