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All of the trial takers from the Black Mist Palace fell silent and the whole scene was absolutely silent to the point where not a single voice could be heard.

No one doubted the authenticity of Nie Tian’s words.

If Nie Tian didn’t capture Jian Xuan and didn’t display his violent ways, perhaps they would’ve thought, that Nie Tian was deliberately scaring them with frightening words, in order to avoid their intentions of capturing him alive. 

However, Zheng Bin had already made it clear about where they currently stood. They would temporarily ignore Nie Tian and wait for the other people from the Ling Bao Court to arrive, before attacking once more.

This implied that in that moment, Nie Tian was absolutely safe and basically didn’t need to worry about the situation that he was in.

Under these circumstances, it was absolutely not necessary for Nie Tian to scare them with frightening words. 

“Ghost Sect, Blood Sect…”

After hearing the news, that the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect had infiltrated the Green Illusion Realm, the expressions on the faces of those young males and females had clearly turned slightly distressed and helpless.

The Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect were like two immensely powerful, and monstrous mountains that were pressing against their chest. That heavy pressure practically made it impossible for them to breathe easily.

The pressure was especially immense since they also knew, from Nie Tian’s mouth, that the whole of the Grey Valley’s troops had already been completely destroyed.

The Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng was a troublesome character, who had made a name for himself. The Grey Valley’s power, when they had entered the Green Illusion Realm, was only stronger and not weaker compared to the Black Mist Palace’s!

Even the Grey Valley had gone to the dogs. If it weren’t for the fact that they were lucky in not encountering any Ghost Sect and Blood Sect disciples in the volcanic region, then they… How many people would have been able to survive until today?

They didn’t even dare to continue thinking further down that line.

After a long time, Zheng Bin inhaled deeply, as he was the first to break free from the state of shock. He pointed at Li Xi and instructed, “Prepare some spirit beast meat for him.”

This time, Li Xi didn’t retort. He didn’t say a single word, as he went to the campground, where the spirit beast meat was, and picked up a large piece of sallow, roasted spirit beast meat. He walked towards Nie Tian with a complex look on his face, handing over the large piece of spirit beast meat to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian nodded his head, but didn’t express his thanks. He took the spirit beat meat and tore it apart, devouring it ravenously, as he started gorging himself with food.

The crowd of trial takers from the Black Mist Palace were looking at him, as he ate heartily. No one opened their mouth to speak, causing the atmosphere to be exceptionally heavy.

They automatically gathered together by Nie Tian’s side, quietly waiting for him.

The delicate and pretty girl, who had been the first to discover Nie Tian, looked at his naked upper body, and after hesitating for a moment, retrieved some white clothes from beside the Ghostly Fire Wolf and lightly threw them to Nie Tian.

More than ten Jin worth of spirit beast meat was rapidly devoured by Nie Tian. In order to not scare these trial takers from the Black Mist Palace, he didn’t continue to request for food.

Picking up the white clothing from the ground, he minded his own business as he wore it. Only after did he ask, “What do you guys want to know?”

“Everything that you have been through!” Zheng Bin said in a deep, solemn voice.

“Alright.” Nie Tian lightly nodded his head and didn’t conceal the truth either. He clearly relayed the few, small-scale battles, that had been fought against the disciples from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, in great detail.

As for Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s death, he naturally pushed the blame onto the Blood Sect’s Yu Tong.

He believed that even if Yu Tong had appeared in that moment and said, that Nie Tian was the one who had killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song, given Yu Tong’s status as a Blood Sect disciple, it would be impossible for the people from the Black Mist Palace to believe her.

He resolutely fastened the of killing Yuan Feng and Yun Son on Yu Tong’s head. He felt that Yu Tong wouldn’t refute it either.

To him, once the matter that he had killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song was exposed, he would then inevitably have to bear the wrath of the four sects.

However, Yu Tong had entered the Green Illusion Realm precisely to kill Yuan Feng and the others. To him, it was a dangerous matter, but to Yu Tong, it implied honour and glory.

Yu Tong should be willing to take the blame.

“You killed a Ghost Sect disciple and escaped from the hands of Yu Tong from the Blood Sect? The Yu Tong… who has broken into the Houtian Realm in the Green Illusion Realm already?”

After he had recounted the course of matters one time through, the young girl with the oval-shaped face stared at him with a face filled with suspicion, seeming as though she didn’t believe him.

“He is shooting off his mouth, right…” Li Xi also muttered a sentence softly under his breath.

The other trial takers from the Black Mist Palace seemed to also be doubting the authenticity of his words, feeling as though he was sticking gold onto his face.

In their eyes, Yu Tong, who had suddenly broken into the Houtian Realm, was an unparalleled existence in the Green Illusion Realm.

Even Yuan Feng had been killed by Yu Tong. For what reason was the insignificant Nie Tian able to escape alive?

They definitely wouldn’t have believed, that not only was Nie Tian able to escape Yu Tong’s pursuit, but he also that he had managed to inflict serious damage on Yu Tong twice.

“Oh, perhaps I didn’t say it clearly enough just now and made you guys misunderstand slightly.” Nie Tian’s expression was unwavering as he indifferently said, “After killing Yuan Feng and Yun Song, that Blood Sect’s Yu Tong also sustained injuries herself and consumed too much energy. It was only because of that, that I was able to escape from that difficult situation of her pursuit and arrive here.”

The thing he wanted the most, was to let everyone from the Black Mist Palace believe that it was Yu Tong who had killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song.

Since the people from the Black Mist Palace didn’t believe his first explanation, he gave a seemingly more reasonable one.

Sure enough, it was obvious that the Black Mist Palace trial takers, who had heard his explanation this time, believed him.

They personally believed, that there definitely must have been something wrong with Yu Tong. If that weren’t the case, then with Yu Tong’s strength being in the Houtian Realm, it was absolutely impossible for her to allow Nie Tian to arrive alive.

“Even if Yu Tong was to sustain injuries and consume all of her energy, for you to be able to survive her killing spree is also sufficient to proof your abnormalities.” Zheng Bin had a serious and solemn expression on his face. He turned his head and looked towards the others from the Black Mist Palace, before saying, “Many of you might not have even heard of the Blood Sect’s Yu Tong before. You guys don’t know how frightening this woman is.”

“Think of it this way. That Yu Tong… Even if she is still at the Lianqi Realm, I’m not even worthy to be her opponent.”

“If she has really stepped into the Houtian Realm, then if I’m to battle her, don’t even talk about winning. I’m afraid that it would be impossible for me to even escape.”

Zheng Bin had a solemn expression on his face. He didn’t exaggerate his strength in front of everyone, but rather realistically indicated the feelings in his heart.

“Elder Brother Bin, t-then are we not screwed?” Li Xi had a sullen look on his face.

“What are we going to do? The Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect are so powerful. Perhaps they have already got their eyes on us right now, and they could possibly appear at any moment!” The young girl with the oval-shaped face was clearly delirious. When she spoke, she subconsciously glanced around, as though the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect would immediately emerge. 

“Take things one at a time. I can only hope that An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu are still alive, and I hope that they’ll hurry over as soon as possible.” Zheng Bin also held uncertainty in his heart.

When they were conversing, Nie Tian gradually felt that wisps of warm currents were already starting to flourish from his digestive system.

He knew that the spirit beast meat, that he had just eaten, would slowly release energy after being digested.

“I went through a long and difficult trek, doing all that I could to rush on ahead. Now, I’m very tired and need time to recover. I won’t converse too much with you guys anymore.” After he notified Zheng Bin, he closed his eyes, wanting to concentrate in using the Lianqi Arts to direct the energy to continue the expansion of his spirit sea. He hoped that he could increase his strength as much as possible, and as soon as possible.

“Alright, if you have any requests, you can let us know and we'll satisfy them as best as we can.” Zheng Bin nodded.

“If you don’t mind, could you make some spirit beast meat for me again? I’ve been starving for a very, very long time and need even more food.” Nie Tian immediately replied.

“No problem.” Zheng Bin was very frank and straightforward, as he prompted Li Xi to fetch even more spirit beast meat for Nie Tian.

Nie Tian went through another round of devouring spirit beast meat. After he had finished eating, he quietly expressed his thanks to Zheng Bin. Soon after, he closed his eyes and painstakingly cultivated.

In the following few days, he practically didn’t move an inch. Every time he finished cultivating, he would then request for more food from the people from the Black Mist Palace.

After devouring large quantities of spirit beast meat, he was never pesky about anything else, as he immediately closed his eyes and cultivated, not conversing with any of the trial takers from the Black Mist Palace.

At the start, Zheng Bin and the others from the Black Mist Palace were under the impression that he really was incomparably hungry and therefore would slow his eating pace later on.

Afterwards, when Nie Tian requested for more and more spirit beast meat, only then did they gradually realise a fact - Nie Tian’s appetite was really shocking!

Privately, they had already started to call Nie Tian a “rice bucket”.

However, due to the fact that they had enough spirit beast meat in their hands, they didn’t argue about it with Nie Tian. They satisfied Nie Tian’s requests and would offer Nie Tian close to ten people’s worth of spirit beast meat.

Nie Tian, who personally knew that Yu Tong would definitely not leave matters as they were, had maintained a nervous feeling in his heart from the start. Even if he now had the protection from the Black Mist Palace, and also had a sufficient spirit beast meat supply, he naturally wouldn’t miss this exceptionally good opportunity.

He continuously devoured spirit beast meat, doing all that he could to expand his spirit sea with the spirit beast meat in order to prepare for future battles.

“It’s a pity that the energy formed by the meat of Grade One spirit beasts is so little.”

Today, he woke up from his painstaking cultivation and probed into his spirit sea for awhile. He realised that his spirit sea had only expanded by fifteen percent after going through a few days of cultivation.

The energy stored in a Grade Two spirit beast was seven times more, compared to that of a Grade One spirit beast. The speed of cultivating with a Grade One spirit beast was therefore seven times slower.

“The Ghostly Fire Wolf is also a Grade Two spirit beast. I wonder if they brought the Ghostly Fire Wolf’s meat along with them after killing it?” Nie Tian, who wasn’t pleased with the growth rate of his cultivation speed, suddenly looked towards the Ghostly Fire Wolf’s head.

He was about to inquire about the meat when he suddenly heard a strange sound. Not long after, he saw Jiang Lingzhu and Nie Xian appear from a pile of rubble.

“It’s already been five days. Finally someone has arrived!” Li Xi said excitedly.

“Jiang Lingzhu!” Zheng Bin had a shocked expression.

“Zheng Bin! You guys are actually here!” After Jiang Lingzhu approached them, she saw Zheng Bin at the first glance. She too was suddenly excited, “Very good, I thought that we were going to be screwed. It’s good that you guys are here!”

She was like a drowning person, who suddenly saw a glimmer of hope to survive, and became enthusiastic. 


Translator: Nataaa
Editors: Zachhh and Sietse
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