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Chapter 70 - The Right to have a Conversation

“Obediently tie your hands and wait to be captured. As long as you quietly stay there, we won’t make things difficult for you.”

The youngster, who was the first to rush towards Nie Tian was strong and dignified; however, he didn’t have murderous intentions. He also only wanted to tie down Nie Tian, after which Nie Tian would be unable to help An Ying and the others.

From his point of view, since Nie Tian had appeared, An Ying and the others from the Ling Bao Court should be hurrying over soon after.

“A bunch of impudent fools!”

Nie Tian scolded them with one sentence. He, who had appeared with the desire to explain the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect’s appearance, had been infuriated by everyone from the Black Mist Palace, so he wanted to first teach them a lesson.

“Hand over your things and let us tie you up, then everything will be fine.” Another youngster noisily shouted out. 

The two youngsters were also from the Black Mist Palace’s subordinate families. Their cultivations were at the eighth Lianqi level, and their strength was not to be regarded as weak.

However, seeing as Nie Tian appeared to be in a difficult situation, and added on by the fact that he was alone, when the two of them were attacking, they didn’t utilise their spirit weapons at all.

The two of them extended their arms out with one on the left and the other on the right, intending to surround Nie Tian, and force him to submit to them obediently. 

The other trial takers from the Black Mist Palace were giggling happily. They had no clue that many people had already died, due to the arrival of the disciples from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect.

They clearly weren’t like Nie Tian, who had successively encountered attacks from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect not long after he had stepped into the Green Illusion Realm.

Nie Tian had already killed Yuan Feng, Yun Song, as well as the Ghost Sect’s Du Kun in the Green Illusion Realm. He had even had a bloody battle with Yu Tong. A cold expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face, and the fiendish aura in his eyes was suddenly prominent. 

“Li Xi, Jian Xuan, be careful!” Zheng Bin suddenly shouted out. 

He had detected a dangerous odor from the change in Nie Tian’s expression. Zheng Bin suddenly felt that Nie Tian wasn’t as simple as he thought he was. 

However, his warning was clearly too late!

Not waiting for Li Xi and Jian Xuan to close in on him, Nie Tian coldly scoffed. His body was like a sharp arrow, as he suddenly whooshed towards Li Xi.

He raised his hand and slapped Li Xi’s shoulder.

- Bang! -

Li Xi, who was strong and dignified, still had yet to come to his senses and staggered violently in retreat from Nie Tian’s slap.

Nie Tian, who had launched a lightning-quick attack, leaned his body to the side, as he had already seen Jian Xuan’s silhouette quickly approaching towards him.

- Bang! -

Nie Tian’s fist fiercely pounded Jian Xuan’s arm, that was lifted high up in the air. 

Jian Xuan, who hadn’t launched any spiritual technique, suddenly felt that his arm was aching and powerless. The arm that he had lifted up, suddenly dropped down weakly. 

His eyes revealed his fury, as he immediately mobilised the spiritual energy inside his body, attempting to viciously retaliate.

It was exactly in this moment that Nie Tian moved like a ghostly shadow, ramming into Jian Xuan’s chest with a loud bang.

Jian Xuan felt as though he had been attacked by a chariot, that was madly rushing about. He groaned and staggered backwards.

On the other hand, Nie Tian took advantage of Jian Xuan’s unstable body and suddenly attacked. Nie Tian had actually hooked Jian Xuan’s neck with one hand.

Nie Tian was slightly taller than his peers and was also a lot stronger than they were. That Jian Xuan was clearly older than him by two years, yet he was shorter than Nie Tian by half a head.

After he had hooked Jian Xuan’s neck with one hand, he exerted his strength and raised it. He was actually able to raise Jian Xuan high up in the air.

Jian Xuan was half a meter away from the ground, after he had been lifted into the air. Due to breathing difficulties, his whole face had swelled to the point where it was completely red.

Jian Xuan grabbed Nie Tian’s arm with both hands, exerting all of his strength, as he attempted to pry away Nie Tian’s hand from his neck, wanting to break away from this humiliating position. 

“Wu, wu!”

He was painstakingly struggling. Both of his legs that were dangling in the air were also continuously kicking about. 

However, Nie Tian’s hand, that was holding onto Jian Xuan’s neck, was as firm as a metal gate. No matter how much strength Jian Xuan exerted, he was still unable to struggle free.

“Be a little more obedient! Believe it or not, I will pinch your neck until it breaks!” Nie Tian had a grave and stern expression on his face. A tyrannical light suddenly appeared in his eyes, as he ferociously glared at Jian Xuan.

He even slightly increased the grip in his hand. 

With him exerting his strength, Jian Xuan couldn’t even let out those “wuwu” sounds of his. Looking at Nie Tian, who was close at hand, a fear suddenly grew in Jian Xuan’s heart.

It was unknown as to why Jian Xuan, who clearly knew that it was forbidden to kill anyone in the Green Illusion Realm, felt as though if he didn’t obediently do as he was told, Nie Tian was really going to pinch his neck.

He suddenly knowingly quietened down, no longer daring to struggle carelessly for fear that he would enrage Nie Tian. 

“Let go of Jian Xuan!”

It was also in this moment that Li Xi, who looked strong and dignified, charged towards Nie Tian with torrential waves of anger, as he held an axe that glistened with silvery light in his hands. 

Nie Tian held Jian Xuan up, as he turned around. He turned Jian Xuan towards Li Xi and spoke in an undisturbed manner, “Do you want him to die?”

Li Xi suddenly looked towards Jian Xuan and saw that Jian Xuan’s face had swelled to the point where it was completely red. At the same time, Jian Xuan was indicating with his eyes for Li Xi not to act blindly. 

He quickly stopped.

“Stop!” The Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin loudly shouted out.

“I wanted you guys to stop just now, but you guys didn’t give me a chance and immediately rushed up to attack me.” Nie Tian coldly harrumphed. That hand of his that was hooked around Jian Xuan’s neck slightly loosened, finally letting Jian Xuan breath in a smooth and unhindered manner.

However, Nie Tian didn’t release Jian Xuan, but rather held him high up in the sky and said, “Are we able to have a proper chat now?”

“Release Jian Xuan. If you have something to say, say it properly.” Zheng Bin hastily said.

“Are you mental? You almost killed Jian Xuan a moment ago! We only wanted to capture you so that you cannot help An Ying. We weren’t genuinely thinking of hurting you. Is it necessary for you to react so intensely?”

The young lady with the oval-shaped face glowered at Nie Tian, agitatedly berating him.

In that moment, the remaining young boys and girls were also pointing at Nie Tian, as they loudly cursed him, saying that Nie Tian’s attack was excessively malicious.

Nie Tian didn’t retaliate, rather he looked at every single one of those young boys and girls from the Black Mist Palace with a ghastly look in his eyes. 

Those who were loudly criticising him shut their mouths, one after the other, under his gaze.

In that moment, Nie Tian’s scars on his bare chest seemed especially malevolent, while holding Jing Xuan up with all his strength..

When the scars, that crisscrossed and intersected mutually, contrasted with the severely ruthless expression on Nie Tian’s face, it caused Nie Tian to seem as though he had turned into a ferocious, human-devouring beast. His whole body was emitting an aura that suffocated people. 

- Bang! -

After waiting for everyone to get quiet, Nie Tian nodded and threw Jian Xuan to the side.

Jian Xuan, who had broken free, was bowed over and inhaling large mouthfuls of air. However, he didn’t dare to attack Nie Tian once again.

Unexpectedly, once Li Xi saw that Jian Xuan was safe, his eyes shone with the desire to attack Nie Tian. 

“Li Xi, let it be.” Zheng Bin furrowed his brows and stopped Li Xi. “Since he released Jian Xuan, we’ll give him face. Only when the people from the Ling Bao Court have arrived, will we attack.”

“This fellow isn’t simple. He will become a formidable assistance to the Ling Bao Court. Now, if we do not…” Li Xi urgently said.

“Having one more person that is of his level is not much.” Zheng Bin cut off the words that Li Xi was going to say, and coldly looked at Nie Tian. “I have my principles. Since you released Jian Xuan, I am also letting you off the hook for now. However, your actions just now have already offended me! I will wait until your people from the Ling Bao Court arrive, and only then will I raise my hand against you in order to make sure justice is served for Jian Xuan!”

“Elder Brother Bin, aren’t you also too open and candid?”

“Such a savage fellow like him ought to be captured right now. This person is too dangerous. We cannot let him reunite with the Ling Bao Court.”

“Elder Brother Bin, you should not be so pedantic. The area that the Ling Bao Court went to is the glacier region. They might have beheaded and obtained the Black Ice Python! Only the Black Ice Python’s head can be exchanged for that Heaven’s Comprehending Pill! Wasn’t your main objective in entering the Green Illusion Realm to obtain that Heaven’s Comprehending Pill?” 

The other young boys and girls were all feverently persuading Zheng Bin to attack Nie Tian in this exact moment. 

“All of you, keep your mouths shut!” Zheng Bin shouted out in annoyance. 

The trial takers from the Black Mist Palace, who were in an uproar finally quietened down, seeing as Zheng Bin was slightly angry already. After that, each and every single one of them glared at Nie Tian with a look of hatred in their eyes. 

The looks that the three young ladies, who greatly admired Zheng Bin were the most unpleasant ones. 

Nie Tian, who was being glared at by everyone like tigers watching their prey, was unusually calm. He first sat down, then he pointed in the direction behind all of them towards the spirit beast meat that had been roasted sallow, and said, “My stomach is very hungry. Make a little something for me to eat first. We’ll talk while we eat.”

“Do you even want face? You just injured Jian Xuan. When your people from the Ling Bao Court arrive in a moment, you will immediately become our enemy. We’re enemies, alright? How can you still have the face to demand to be fed?” The young girl with the oval-shaped face was stunned for a moment, after which she immediately pointed towards Nie Tian and started scolding him, as though she had never seen such a shameless person before in her whole life.

“Enemy?” Nie Tian shook his head, “If I really considered you guys as the enemy…”

He turned his head around and looked towards Jian Xuan, additionally saying, “then I wouldn’t have released him so easily, even if it meant that I was going against the Green Illusion Realm’s rules and regulations. Even if I couldn’t kill him, I would also make it so that he would be bedridden for at least a few months, making it so that he doesn’t have a shred of fighting strength left.”

Once that young lady heard him say such a thing, the expression on her face slightly changed.

Zheng Bin looked seriously at him, and after muttering irresolutely to himself, he asked, “What do you wish to discuss with us?”

Nie Tian, who had fought for the right to have a conversation, suddenly let out an agonising laugh and sighed, before saying, “I really envy the luck that you guys have. Only one person from your party has died and you guys are also able to hunt down and kill that Grade Two spirit beast from the volcanic region.”

He had already seen, that there was a massive wolf head behind those people.

That was clearly the volcanic region’s Ghostly Fire Wolf. 

“Are you teasing us?” Zheng Bin’s face sank and a trace of heartache flashed in his eyes. “When we were killing and beheading that Ghostly Fire Wolf, one of our close brothers died due to carelessness. It was only a Grade Two spirit beast. With our strength, we originally shouldn’t have had any casualties, enabling us to get rid of it effortlessly.”

“I know that if there are no mishaps, then with the strength of the others like Yuan Feng and An Ying, they’re definitely able to get by without sustaining any injuries or death, striking and killing their respective targets.”

“It’s not like us, who had a brother die on us. When we’re out of the Green Illusion Realm, I still will not know how to explain the situation to the elders within the Palace.”

When Zheng Bin had spoken these words, Nie Tian noticed that Zheng Bin and the other young boys and girls from the Black Mist Palace had a sad expression on their faces. It seemed as though they were all secretly blaming themselves.

He suddenly believed that the atmosphere within the Black Mist Palace’s interior should be the most harmonious amongst the four sects.

However, he still had no choice but to reveal the cruel reality to them.

“You guys are quite fortunate. The Grey Valley has been completely wiped out as of this point. Not a single person from the Grey Valley is still alive.” He said in a cold tone.


Once those words had been spoken, the expressions on the faces of the trial takers from the Black Mist Palace, with Zheng Bing as their leader, successively changed. They couldn’t help but to shriek.

“Not only the Grey Valley. The Ling Bao Court and the Lingyun Sect are also deeply distressed and there have been many casualties as well. I don’t know how many survivors are still alive in the Green Illusion Realm today, nor do I know when they’ll be able to rush over here.”

“Perhaps, they have all died and we can’t say for sure whether even one of them is able to arrive or not.”

“This is because the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect disciples have also entered the Green Illusion Realm!”

“They also came to the Green Illusion Realm for a trial. Only, their mission in the trial is slightly different from ours. We are to kill spirit beasts. They entered to kill us.” 

Nie Tian’s words were powerful and resonated in the air.

All of the boys and girls from the Black Mist Palace had been momentarily subdued by the words that he had spoken. The face of each and every single one of them paled.


Translator: Nattta
Editors: Zaccch and Sietse
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