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The three Bliss Mountain Sect Qi warriors' expressions flickered drastically upon seeing the miniature pagoda fly out from between Zhao Shanling's eyebrows.

The Voidspirit Pagoda was very well-known in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries. Almost every Qi warrior from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries had heard of it, no matter which sect or clan they were from.

This priceless treasure had been in Master Voidspirit's possession for centuries.

Master Voidspirit had been ranked fifth among the peak experts in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries. With his late Void domain cultivation base and strength, he had been feared by almost every sect.

Yao Zhilan had thought that even if Zhao Shanling had obtained Master Voidspirit's legacies, he couldn't have solved all of the secrets of the Voidspirit Pagoda and acquired its soul's acknowledgment within such a short time.

Without help from the Voidspirit Pagoda, Zhao Shanling wouldn't pose much of a threat to her, even if he practiced spatial power and was at the middle Soul realm.

After all, she had long since entered the late Soul realm, practiced exquisite incantations, and possessed a number of profound tools.

Besides, her husband Tian Ziping, who was at the middle Soul realm, would be able to assist her in battle.

However, as soon as she saw the Voidspirit Pagoda, she realized that Zhao Shanling could display doubled battle prowess now with its help, like a tiger that had grown wings.

That was because Master Voidspirit's understanding of spatial power and space disruption zones was unparalleled throughout the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries. It was said that the reason his strength had skyrocketed over the years had been because of his profound connections with space disruption zones and the fact that he had forged the Voidspirit Pagoda.

Now that the Voidspirit Pagoda had appeared in this space disruption zone, the most formidable combination had formed.

Holding the Voidspirit Pagoda in his splayed, skinny left hand, Zhao Shanling let out a soft chuckle. 

"Spatial Imprisonment!" he exclaimed.

Immediately afterwards, a mysterious surge of energy that could seal heaven and earth burst forth from within the pagoda. Nie Tian sensed his surroundings with rapt attention and quickly discovered that wherever the energy wave spread, every inch of space froze, along with everything within it, tangible or illusory. The void domain he and Zhao Shanling were in was the only place that wasn't influenced.

The numerous restless drops of Blacklake Heavy Water that were still attempting to infiltrate Zhao Shanling's void realm also became completely still.

Yao Zhilan, Tian Ziping, and Mu Biqiong, who was the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect, also went still, their shocked expressions frozen on their faces.

The three of them were like locusts in a piece of amber, unable to move a hair.

What shocked Nie Tian the most was that even a streak of glorious light that was flashing past was frozen in the middle of its movement.

Zhao Shanling jerked his head towards Nie Tian and smiled. "How's my Spatial Imprisonment, Nie Tian?" 

"Very impressive!" Nie Tian marveled.

Zhao Shanling curled his lips. "But I still need the Voidspirit Pagoda to cast it. Your master's Time Freeze is what's truly formidable. Freezing time is even more profound than freezing space. To tell you the truth, before I obtained the Voidspirit Pagoda, the only person I feared throughout the entire Domain of the Falling Stars wasn't Xia Yi or the patriarch of the Heaven Palace Sect. It was your master.

"If your master enters the Soul realm one day, he'll pose a huge threat to me.

"Spatial Imprisonment can still be broken if you know the right method, but it's much harder to break free from Time Freeze."

As he uttered these words, numerous spatial blades rapidly flew toward Yao Zhilan and Tian Ziping.

In the next moment, they started connecting and interweaving with each other.

Soon, an enormous glowing blade that was several hundred meters long came to form.

Without any delay, the enormous blade slashed down on the three Bliss Mountain Sect Qi warriors with heaven-toppling and earth-shattering might.

Nie Tian fixed his gaze on Yao Zhilan, who was the strongest of the three of them.

The shocked expression on her face didn't change a bit. However, as the gigantic blade fell from the air, her eyes suddenly shone with fierce light.

Immediately afterwards, two rivers flew out of her cuffs before scattering and forming a ward of glistening water that enveloped the three of them. 

Immediately afterwards, Yao Zhilan broke free from the Spatial Imprisonment. 

As she wove her fingers in the air, forming a mysterious hand seal, the numerous drops of Blacklake Heavy Water rapidly returned to her.

As soon as the drops of Blacklake Heavy Water entered the Profoundwater Domain she had just formed, the misty water spray was rapidly absorbed by the Blacklake Heavy Water.

Afterwards, the drops of Blacklake Heavy Water became increasingly translucent and sparkling. Not just that, but each drop also seemed to become solid and angular. One drop after another, they shot up towards the enormous glowing blade.

Each drop of Blacklake Heavy Water weighed as much as a mountain peak that was several thousand meters high.

Loud clashing sounds echoed out from the places where the drops of Blacklake Heavy Water slammed into the huge light blade. The collisions gave rise to dazzling light that lit up the dark space disruption zone.


The enormous light blade couldn't withstand the strong impact from the Blacklake Heavy Water and suddenly crumbled, turning into countless glowing spots that filled the void.

Zhao Shanling shook his head. "It seems that, even with the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, it's still not that easy to trap someone whose cultivation base is higher than mine."

Nie Tian noticed that only Yao Zhilan, who was at the late Soul realm, had broken free from Zhao Shanling's Spatial Imprisonment.

Tian Ziping, who was at the middle Soul realm, was only able to move about freely after Yao Zhilan had countered it with her profound spells.

However, Mu Biqiong, who was the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect, still couldn't move a hair. She could only observe the battle between Zhao Shanling and Yao Zhilan with her wide eyes.

Even though she had unmatched cultivation talent, she was still limited by her Worldly realm cultivation base. There was nothing she could do but watch in a battle at this level.


The Spatial Imprisonment was deactivated, and the streak of glorious light resumed its motion, flashing off into the distance.

However, as the countless fine spatial patterns on the Voidspirit Pagoda started to move and change in a bedazzling way, the streak of light changed direction and started flying towards Yao Zhilan.

Yao Zhilan gasped with astonishment.

It seemed as if the previous gigantic blade wasn't nearly as deadly as this streak of light in her eyes.

Yao Zhilan hastily sent a voiceless message to Tian Ziping, saying, "That man can use the Voidspirit Pagoda to manipulate the deadly lights that flash past in this space disruption zone. I can't defeat him here. Take the Holy Daughter and leave now!"

"Will do!" Tian Ziping replied. He knew that Mu Biqiong's safety was of paramount importance. They couldn't afford to let anything happen to her.

Therefore, he prepared to find an opportunity to take her and escape. However, at that very moment, a smile appeared on Yao Zhilan's face as she said, "He's here!"

In the distance, a hunched old man was standing on a golden sword and flying towards them like a golden lightning bolt.

Zhao Shanling instantly sensed the anomaly. He let out a cold harrumph and said, "Today is your lucky day!"

As soon as he uttered these words, the void realm he and Nie Tian were in morphed into a streak of light that shot into the opposite direction from the incoming person.

The countless fragmented spatial blades followed along like a large shoal of fish.

There was nothing Yao Zhilan could do to stop Zhao Shanling. She could only watch Zhao Shanling leave with his nose in the air as she did everything within her power to avoid the streak of deadly light.

After surviving the light, she muttered, covered in cold sweat, "Who is that man? How did he learn about Master Voidspirit's legacies. Not just that, but he even eliminated all the competition by killing Han Chigui and Qi Jiuchuan, and eventually obtained the Voidspirit Pagoda."

"I suppose he's not from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries," Mu Biqiong said with an expressionless face. Only after Zhao Shanling left did she finally struggle free from the Spatial Imprisonment's influence. "I don't remember there being a spatial power master like him in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries."

Yao Zhilan's expression flickered. "If he's not from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries, does it mean he's from a more advanced domain?" 

Tian Ziping nodded. "That's probably the case. Since the Voidspirit Pagoda's soul has acknowledged him, he must be beyond ordinary. I suppose only a more advanced domain can produce such a powerful figure."


The hunched old man arrived on his golden sword. With a testy tone, he asked, "Who was that man? Why does he have Master Voidspirit's pagoda?"

With an angry face, Yao Zhilan said, "Who knows? He took out the entire team we sent in there, and he killed Qi Jiuchuan from your sect too."

"What are you still waiting for then?" The hunched old man asked furiously.

"The Voidspirit Pagoda's soul has already acknowledged him as its master. Since we're in a space disruption zone, who can stop him if he wants to leave?" Yao Zhilan replied with a rhetorical question.

Upon hearing these words, the hunched old man's eyes widened in shock. "He's already gained total control of the Voidspirit Pagoda?!"

"If not, would I be standing here, at my wit's end, when he's only at the middle Soul realm?" Yao Zhilan said, huffing.

"Who would have thought that even though both our sects have planned and prepared for years, someone else would swoop in and take the spoils." The old man sounded rather frustrated.

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