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"The Domain of Heaven's Boundaries is indeed a powerful domain. The fact that another Soul realm expert came to their aid is enough proof of that. People have to learn to choose their battles sometimes." With these words, Zhao Shanling manipulated his void realm to leave the battlefield at full speed. Within just a breath's time, they had covered tens of thousands of meters.

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, "Another Soul realm expert came?!" 

Zhao Shanling nodded slightly. "Yeah, not just any Soul realm expert, a late Soul realm expert. Two late Soul realm experts and a middle Soul realm expert. Even I couldn't defeat them all at the same time. Plus, we didn't know whether they had more reinforcements coming. So the wise thing to do was to avoid that unpredictable risk and leave."

Then, with a grin, he added, "Anyways, we both gained quite a fortune from this journey. We've already got what we came for."

"It's just that we didn't learn how to enter the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries," Nie Tian said.

"I guess you'll have to find a way for us," Zhao Shanling said. "I've obtained the coordinates to the spatial joints through which the Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect came to this space disruption zone. But it's very likely that the other side of the spatial joints is inside the Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect. Both those sects have Void domain patriarchs. We'd be seeking death if we went to their sects with just the two of us."

Nie Tian nodded, agreeing with him.

It wouldn't be long before the news of Zhao Shanling obtaining the Voidspirit Pagoda spread in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries.

The Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect would surely want to take it as their own. If they dared to go to their domain now, they would probably have to face multiple Void domain experts.

Zhao Shanling was only at the middle Soul realm. Even with the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, he wouldn't be able to come and go as he pleased in the Trisword Sect or the Bliss Mountain Sect.

Zhao Shanling's eyebrows rose as he asked, smiling, "Oh, right, have you checked the contents of the six rings of holding I gave you? Those six rings of holding belonged to six Soul realm experts. I bet there are many priceless treasures in them. You'd better make good use of them."

Only after hearing these words did Nie Tian remember those rings of holding.

Previously, he had been consumed with refining and expanding his spiritual sea with the extremely rich spiritual energies of heaven and earth, and thus hadn't had the chance to examine the contents within those rings of holding.

Now, Master Voidspirit's realm had crumbled, and the two of them had set off on their journey home.

It would still be some time before they arrived in the Domain of the Falling Stars. He could take this time to examine those rings of holding and see whether there were spiritual materials and tools that would be of great help to him.

"Those six Soul realm cultivators were as fragile as paper in Master Voidspirit's realm. They must have felt very frustrated when they died." With these words, Zhao Shanling took a deep look at Nie Tian. "You were very helpful this time. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to take the Voidspirit Pagoda."

Without Nie Tian, he would probably have suffered the same fate as Qi Jiuchuan and Han Chigui. He would have been killed by either Liang Hao or the vigorous juniors from the Bliss Mountain Sect.

Now that he had obtained the Voidspirit Pagoda, he was confident that he would be able to take another step in his cultivation within a short time by entering the late Soul realm.

With the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, he even felt that advancing to the Void domain wasn't just a dream anymore.

Rubbing his chin, he muttered. "Come to think of it, you're quite a lucky star. Those who're close to you have all gained great fortunes. Hua Mu and Wu Ji got Fruits of Life because of you. Now they're no longer bothered by their lifespan problem. Also because of you, Dong Li got a Fruit of Life for Dong Wangling, and her own strength improved significantly..."

Nie Tian chuckled and said, "If you want to thank me for what I've done, then you can protect me after we return to the Domain of the Falling Stars."

Zhao Shanling smiled heartily. "Sure, of course. As long as the patriarch of the Heaven Palace Sect doesn't enter the Void domain, you'll have no one to fear in the Domain of Falling Stars. Now that I have the Voidspirit Pagoda at my disposal, Xia Yi won't be able to pose any threat to me anymore."

"Of course, that's to a great extent thanks to you. It seems that people will never lose by doing business with you."

The two of them talked as Zhao Shanling's void realm sped through the void.

Zhao Shanling seemed much more confident on their way back now that he had the Voidspirit Pagoda in his possession.

He was no longer apprehensive about the deadly lights that would flash across every once in a while. Whenever a streak of light flash by, he would change its direction with the Voidspirit Pagoda, and he didn't even need to break a sweat to do so.

Completely relaxed, Nie Tian took out the six rings of holding and started examining their contents within Zhao Shanling's void realm.

His face was gradually filled with a bright smile as he went through the contents.

The contents within these Soul realm experts' rings of holding made his eyes widen. Each and every one of them was filled with a large amount of spirit jades.

Besides, there were all kinds of spiritual materials, medicinal pills, and spiritual tools inside of them.

"Take a look at this spiritual tool, Senior Zhao." With these words, he took out a small silver hammer and showed it to Zhao Shanling. "I can sense faint soul fluctuations from this hammer."

Zhao Shanling didn't seem surprised at all. With a single glance at it, he said, "That's a thunder-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure. It's only natural that powerful sects like the Trisword Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect have the ability to forge their own Spirit Channeling grade spiritual tools. This hammer must be of great value."

Nie Tian took out a windbell and said, "Check this one out." 

As he shook it, he sensed intense wind fluctuations from it.

Zhao Shanling laughed and said, "This is a wind-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure. Spirit Channeling grade treasures are hard to find in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Almost every Spirit Channeling grade treasure is the signature treasure of a major sect, but apparently, that's not the case in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries."

With an increasingly bright smile, Nie Tian took out another spiritual tool and said, "What about this sword?"

"Ah, this one is also a Spirit Channeling grade treasure. It seems to be Qi Jiuchuan's spiritual sword. Numerous metal power spell formations are branded inside of it, making it a mighty weapon." Zhao Shanling seemed to be rather happy for Nie Tian as he added, "You've gained such a great fortune from this trip to the space disruption zone. Just counting the Spirit Channeling grade treasures alone, you got three of them.

"I'm afraid that the people in the Domain of the Falling Stars will go crazy if they learn that you have so many Spirit Channeling grade treasures in your possession.

"Many of the major sects only have one or two Spirit Channeling grade treasures throughout their sect, and most of them are in the hands of their Soul realm patriarchs. The Flame God Sect, which Xia Yi built single-handedly, has limited reserve power. They don't even have a single fire-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure.

"However, not only do you have the Flame Dragon Armor, but you've also obtained three other Spirit Channeling grade treasures. If you were at the Soul realm, you'd be able to found your own sect in the Domain of the Falling Stars."

Overjoyed, Nie Tian took out other items for Zhao Shanling to look at.

In most cases, Zhao Shanling was able to tell him what those items were, and how much they were worth.

According to Zhao Shanling, almost every spiritual material and spiritual tool were of great value.

Since they were from the collections of Soul realm experts, it was only natural that all of them were of great value to a Greater Heaven stage cultivator like him.

As they flew through the void, Nie Tian showed Zhao Shanling items that he didn't recognize from time to time, and Zhao Shanling explained their value and use to him.

Time flew...

After an unknown amount of time, Zhao Shanling and Nie Tian finally returned to the spatial joint through which they had come to this space disruption zone.

"Alright, time to go home." With these words, Zhao Shanling flashed into the spatial joint with Nie Tian.

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