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Qi Jiuchuan took out a fresh spirit beast heart, tossed it to the black-garbed young man, and said with a stern, commanding tone, "Take it!"

The junior grabbed the heart and stuffed it down his throat, barely chewing as he did.

With blood dripping from his chin, he looked even more sinister and fierce.

"A fifth grade Mountainsplit Beast's heart..." Zhao Shanling looked over his shoulder and asked, frowning, "Brother Qi, this junior of your sect had some of his bones and meridians replaced by a Mountainsplit Beast's, right? Only if he did would a Mountainsplit Beast's heart give such a great boost to his strength."

Qi Jiuchuan laughed."You have a keen perception, Brother Zhao. Some of his bones and meridians have indeed been replaced by those of a Mountainsplit Beast. With the strength from that Mountainsplit Beast's heart, he should be able to slaughter most of those Bliss Mountain Sect juniors, if not all of them."

Zhao Shanling laughed wryly before saying, "It's just that I'm afraid his body won't be able to handle it, and he'll die after this."

Qi Jiuchuang's expression didn't change a bit as he said, "If he's indeed that useless, then there's nothing I can do."

At this moment, Nie Tian noticed that, after swallowing that Mountainsplit Beast's heart, Liang Hao's eyes were now filled with beastly desires, as if he had already lost his senses and couldn't make out what Qi Jiuchuan had implied.


The bellow of a trapped beast escaped Liang Hao's mouth as a misty flesh aura was unleashed from within his pores, forming a blood-colored ward around him.

As his flesh aura continued to build up, cracking sounds came from all over him, as if some of his bones were cracking.

At this moment, even Nie Tian's expression flickered as he felt a threat from him.

Qi Jiuchuan took a deep breath and took out a medicinal pill. Swallowing it, he said, "Alright, we're ready. Let's go!"

Zhao Shanling nodded wordlessly and beckoned for Nie Tian to lead the way.

Without the slightest hesitation, Nie Tian bolted out. With each step, he could travel nearly a hundred meters forward.

Eyes narrowed, Qi Jiuchuang gazed at Nie Tian from behind, then jerked his head towards Liang Hao, as if he were comparing who was stronger.

Even though he was clad in a suit of armor, Zhao Shanling still had misgivings about being too close to Qi Jiuchuan and Liang Hao. He followed along as Nie Tian charged out.

He knew that even though Qi Jiuchuan was also at the Soul realm, since he had also lost all of his spiritual power, he wasn't a threat to him.

However, Liang Hao, who took orders from Qi Jiuchuan, made him apprehensive. He had a feeling that he was able to shatter his armor and kill him without much effort.

The five Bliss Mountain Sect elders who were standing by the towering Voidspirit Pagoda caught sight of Nie Tian. "Who's there?"

At this moment, that junior was already within arm's reach of the pagoda's gate. The elders' faces had been filled with the joy a moment ago, but their faced dropped instantly as they saw Nie Tian.

One of the Bliss Mountain Sect elders examined Nie Tian's chest before saying with a frown, "Hmm? You're not from the Trisword Sect. Have any sects besides ours and the Trisword Sect come for Master Voidspirit's legacies?"

"It doesn't matter who they are," another elder said. "Just kill them and get it over with." 

With a confident wave of his hand, he called out, "Kill them all!"

There were now seven juniors standing in front of the pagoda, other than the one that was about to open the pagoda's gate.

Those juniors let out sighs of relief upon hearing these words.

They seemed to feel that, compared to being sent to kill Nie Tian, being sent to approach the pagoda would be much more deadly.

After witnessing so many of their friends be sent to their graves, they couldn't see any hope in that mission. Each and every one of them were afraid that they would be the next one sent to approach the pagoda.

Upon receiving the order, they instantly spun around. Eyes filled with ecstasy, they charged away from the Voidspirit Pagoda towards Nie Tian at their fastest possible speed.

All of them fixed their eyes on Nie Tian.

Then, they exchanged hesitant glances with one another, as if they were thinking about whether they should prolong the process of killing him as much as they could.

An elder with gray beard saw through their intentions and said with an icy voice, "Ten breaths of time. That's all you have to kill him. You should know what the punishment will be if you fail to do so."

The seven juniors' hearts trembled, and they no longer hesitated.

However, just as they were about to pounce on Nie Tian, Liang Hao's beastly roar rang out from behind him.

Like a mad Mountainsplit Beast, he charged out and leaped over Nie Tian towards the seven Bliss Mountain Sect juniors.

An extremely intense flesh aura spilled from Liang Hao's eyes, nostrils, ears, and mouth. Along with the flesh aura, blood flowed out of these places as well, giving him a very terrifying look.

It seemed that Liang Hao couldn't fully digest and convert the power from the fifth grade Mountainsplit Beast's heart after all.

The Bliss Mountain Sect elder with a gray beard let out a cold harrumph and laid his eyes on Qi Jiuchuan, who was walking over from the distance. "Qi Jiuchuan! You still haven't given up?!"

Qi Jiuchuan walked in an unhurried fashion as he said, "Don't you think that you'll win just because you have the numbers, Han Chigui. I know that your sect discovered Master Voidspirit's legacies first, and you worked to get them for many years. But since our sect also discovered this place, you shouldn't have insisted on taking the legacies as your own.

"We could have cooperated, but you not only refused, but also killed our people.

"Since you refuse to work together, don't blame me for using our ultimate weapon. Your sect made preparations, but so did we. We built Liang Hao for this specific task.

"Let's see if any of your little ones can prove themselves worthy of him."


Just as he uttered these words, Liang Hao hammered a Bliss Mountain Sect junior to death with his bare fist.

Sharp bones stuck out of Liang Hao's clenched right hand, making his fist look like a large hedgehog.

Wisps of crimson flesh aura wreathed the protruding bones like dancing, red lightning bolts.

Nie Tian looked over with rapt attention and discovered that every time Liang Hao swung his fist, rich flesh power from the fifth grade Mountainsplit Beast's heart would gather to his exceptionally large fist, boosting his might.

The Bliss Mountain Sect juniors also practiced body refinement incantation, which had made their bodies much tougher than normal Qi warriors.

However, they didn't seem to have any effective method to deal with the rampant Liang Hao.

None of their animal bones or other tools that contained flesh power could inflict noticeable damage on him.

Qi Jiuchuan cast a displeased look at Zhao Shanling. "Brother Zhao..." 

Zhao Shanling instantly realized what he meant, and thus nodded at Nie Tian.

"Since Liang Hao is at such an advantage dealing with the juniors, I might as well go take care of the elders," Nie Tian said.

"Excellent!" Qi Jiuchuan said, looking overjoyed.

Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian sped off towards the elders.

"Take your Thousand Refinement Pills, all of you!" Han Chigui from the Bliss Mountain Sect gulped upon seeing Nie Tian charging at them. Expression flickering, he yelled, "Get over here, Ji Long!"

Fear appeared in the Bliss Mountain Sect juniors' eyes as soon as they received this order.

However, none of them dared to ignore Han Chigui's order, so they each took out a red pill and stuffed them into their mouths.

One of the juniors jumped over and stood in front of Nie Tian within a breath's time after taking the pill.

He was Ji Long, who Han Chigui had referred to, and he was the strongest of all of the juniors.

Nie Tian also noticed that the way the five Bliss Mountain Sect elders looked at him was different from the way they looked at the other juniors.

It seemed as if he was the only one who they considered worthy of being a true disciple of the Bliss Mountain Sect.

Ji Long was short and lean. A faint golden color could be seen on his exposed skin, while golden sparks could be seen in the depths of his eyes.


Two golden animal bones shot out of Ji Long's cuffs and towards Nie Tian, releasing golden sparks as they sped through air.

Meanwhile, loud beastly roars came from them, hurting Nie Tian's ears.

Face grim, Zhao Shanling shouted, "Watch out, Nie Tian! This one is by no means ordinary. Those two bones are from a fifth grade Goldskin Beast and have been refined with unique methods."

Calm as ever, Nie Tian snorted a laugh and said, "A fifth grade Goldskin Beast only has the strength of a Worldly realm Qi warrior. How much residual power could be in just two of its bones?"

With these words, he summoned the Flame Star and infused his torrential flesh power into it.

Upon seeing him summon the Flame Star, Zhao Shanling shouted angrily, "What are you doing, fool? No tools that need to be powered by spiritual power can display their might in here!"

However, he shut his mouth in the next moment, staring blankly at the Flame Star, at a loss for words.

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