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Nie Tian felt more relieved now that Zhao Shanling had made some discoveries. He continued to observe the Bliss Mountain Sect disciples from afar and wait in silence.

When they had first come to this location, there had been dozens of Bliss Mountain Sect juniors gathered by the pagoda, aside from the five elders.

But now, there were no more than ten juniors left.

All of their previous attempts to enter the bright-silver nine-story pagoda had failed.

Fear could be seen on the remaining juniors' faces as they glanced uneasily at the corpses of their friends that were scattered in front of the pagoda's gate.

At this moment, Nie Tian suddenly discovered that the five elders seemed to have come to a good solution to their problem from their discussion.

They beckoned for three juniors to go make another attempt to enter the pagoda.

The three appointed juniors' expressions flickered drastically in fear.

One of the elders' faces suddenly grew icy as a glowing purple sphere appeared in his palm.

The numerous green sparks within the glowing sphere rapidly realigned to a formation that resembled the way the juniors were standing.

The elder pointed his finger at the glowing purple sphere, and one of the green sparks exploded and vanished.

The junior, who was waving his hands in the air, face filled with horror, shuddered.

In the next moment, his eyes lost all of their radiance, as if his soul was suddenly snuffed out. He collapsed to the ground without making a sound and didn't get back up again.

All of the other Bliss Mountain Sect juniors' expression flickered as they saw this. None of them dared to say anything, desperation and fear filling their eyes.

The elder's expression didn't change in the slightest as he pointed at another junior and said something.

Afterwards, three juniors charged towards the pagoda gate at full speed. Two of them in the front split up after coming close to the gate, hoping to get through the gaps between the spatial blades.


The ethereal spatial blades flashed lightly across them, and they were both cut to pieces that fell to the ground.

The third junior took the opportunity to approach the pagoda gate as the spatial blades all split to the sides.

However, a spatial blade appeared out of nowhere and came whooshing down from the air. The man was cut in half from head to toe.

While these juniors made this attempt, the five elders didn't just stand there and watch. They also tried their best to stall the spatial blades and buy some time for the juniors with the unknown tools in their hands.

However, once again, they failed.

Three dismembered corpses were added to the ground in front of the pagoda gate. The five elders exchanged a glance. Not only did they not seem frustrated, but they even seemed overjoyed, as if they had proved their theory.

As they entered another exclusive discussion, the juniors looked very sullen and pale, looking at their friends' mangled bodies.

Zhao Shanling also noticed what had happened. With an expressionless face, he said, "The Bliss Mountain Sect raised those juniors for one specific purpose: to obtain Master Voidspirit's legacies. From the look of it, they weren't taught the Bliss Mountain Sect's core incantations.

"In the eyes of their elders, those juniors are simple some disposable assets. As far as I see it, they won't get to live whether they can secure Master Voidspirit's legacies or not.

"They'll probably be sent to their graves one after another in attempts to obtain Master Voidspirit's legacies. Even if they somehow manage to secure Master Voidspirit's legacies, they'll lose their value afterwards, and the Bliss Mountain Sect will probably kill them to prevent future troubles.

"The Bliss Mountain Sect hasn't even considered them as their actual disciples."

After observing for some time, Nie Tian also gradually realized what was going on.

With that purple glowing sphere, those elders could annihilate all of the juniors with a flick of their finger.

The juniors were being used as objects to test their theories about methods to enter the pagoda.

No matter how many juniors died, those elders' faces remained as calm as the water in a silent well.

Perhaps all of those juniors were already dead in the elders' eyes.

Nie Tian sighed. "It's so pathetic that all those young lives are being sent to their graves." 

"That has nothing to do with us," Zhao Shanling said, his face expressionless. "Let's wait a bit longer. We can go over there and take over when they find the method to enter the pagoda or decide to give up. Master Voidspirit's legacies aren't that easy to get. The Bliss Mountain Sect has prepared for a century and sent seven exploration teams in here, but they're still stopped at that gate, aren't they?"

Nie Tian nodded. "Mmm." 

It appeared that the five Bliss Mountain Sect elders could influence the movement of the spatial blades with their special tools, but only within a limited range.

The elders' eyes gradually lit up as their juniors made repeated attempts to approach the pagoda gate at the price of their own lives, as if they were about to succeed.

One day, while Nie Tian and Zhao Shanling waited in silence, Nie Tian suddenly sensed a strong surge of flesh aura from behind him.

He instantly jerked his head back.

However, before he could inform Zhao Shanling, an elder and a junior had already entered his view.

The elder was dressed in Trisword Sect garments with three swords hanging tips down on his chest. Dressed in black, the junior was even taller and bulkier than Nie Tian.

The intense flesh aura Nie Tian was sensing came from this black-garbed young man.

In Nie Tian's senses, this young man was like a fierce beast, his eyes brimming with a strong thirst for blood.

Several bones were sticking out of the junior's muscular shoulders, which made him look even more beastly and less human.

While they walked closer, Zhao Shanling examined them closely. Eyes narrowed, he said to Nie Tian with an impressed expression, "The sects in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries do have some extraordinary means. It seems that young man had most of his bones and meridians replaced by spirit beasts' bones and meridians.

"I don't even think he can practice human incantations anymore after such changes.

"It's hard to believe that he actually survived the inhuman and agonizing process of breaking bones, severing meridians, and replacing them with ones taken from spirit beasts."

Nie Tian's expression flickered, as he had never expected that the black-garbed young man had gone through such a terrifying transformation.

No wonder he didn't seem very human in Nie Tian's senses.

After coming to a stop before Nie Tian and Zhao Shanling, the elder from the Trisword Sect said with a somewhat intense expression, "We came across several groups of dead Bliss Mountain Sect disciples on our way here. Was that your doing?"

Zhao Shanling chuckled softly and said, "That's right, so?"

Eyes slightly widened, the elder then said, "You don't look familiar to me at all. Clearly, you're not from the Bliss Mountain Sect. How come I didn't know that some other sect from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries is also after Master Voidspirit's legacies."

"Who said we're from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries?" Zhao Shanling said with a taunting tone.

The elder was taken aback. "You're not from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries? Where did you come from then?"

"That's none of your business." With these words, Zhao Shanling repeatedly snuck inquiring gazes at Nie Tian.

He wanted to know whether Nie Tian would be able to take the black-garbed young man so that he could prepare for what might come.

He felt relieved after seeing the composure and confidence in Nie Tian's eyes.

The elder hesitated briefly before placing his hand on the black-garbed junior's shoulder and saying, "Since we're all here for Master Voidspirit's legacies, and we all consider the Bliss Mountain Sect our opponent, perhaps we can team up. What do you say?" 

The junior had fixed his eyes on Nie Tian and panted heavily since the moment they arrived. Clearly, he considered Nie Tian his opponent, but at this moment, he settled down slightly.

After seeing the Bliss Mountain Sect disciples Nie Tian had killed along the way, the elder knew that Zhao Shanling and Nie Tian wouldn't be easy to deal with.

Meanwhile, they didn't have the confidence to contend against the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect gathered by the nine-story pagoda with just the two of them. Because of this, the elder proposed for them to team up against those from the Bliss Mountain Sect.

"Okay." Zhao Shanling agreed. "I suppose we can take care of those from the Bliss Mountain Sect first, and then come up with ways to secure and split Master Voidspirit's legacies." 

"Good!" The elder said. "I'm Qi Jiuchuan from the Trisword Sect."

"Zhao Shanling, Nie Tian."

"What's the situation at the Voidspirit Pagoda?"

"Those from the Bliss Mountain Sect haven't found a way in yet, but they've already lost more than half of their people. We're waiting for them to find a way in or to lose most of their juniors, and then we'll go in."

Qi Jiuchuan and Zhao Shanling talked cautiously with each other, while Nie Tian gazed towards the distant pagoda.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian exclaimed, "One of them made it to the gate!"

Zhao Shanling grinned as he said, "Good! It's time we took over!"

Qi Jiuchuan also smiled, looking rather spirited.

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