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Chapter 6 - An Unknown Force

“You still act so recklessly, ah!”

Wu Tao gently shook his head and said to himself, “With three levels of difference... Nie Hong’s inferior physique has already been completely made up for. The external overflow of his spiritual power has allowed Nie Tian’s entire body to be battered unceasingly by the thunder’s and lightning’s aftermath. This fight , there really is no point in continuing it... Otherwise…”

“To continue, would mean that Nie Tian may possibly end up with such severe injuries, that it might even affect him throughout his entire life.” Nie Xian frowned and said, “Even though we encourage fights within the family, it’s only on the condition that they’re not too excessive. Mr Wu, do you think we should put a stop to their fight?”

“En, If we allow this battle to continue, I fear that it’ll cost Nie Tian dearly.” Wu Tao replied, as he opened his mouth to call for the fight between the two youngsters to be stopped. However, suddenly he felt a pair of eyes distantly eyeing him.

He subconsciously searched for the source of the eyes. 

In the southwest corner of the plaza, Nie Hong’s grandfather, Nie Beichuan, had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. 

Nie Beichuan stood still, as he held his hands together. His posture seemed like he was aware of Wu Tao’s intentions. 

Wu Tao’s expression slightly changed.

He was Nie Family’s honored guest elder, furthermore, he was precisely recruited by Nie Beichuan. He understood very clearly, that Nie Donghai’s time was limited and that in the near future, Nie Beichuan would likely replace him. 

If he still wanted to continue working for the Nie Family, then he knew that he had to assess the situation and determine exactly when the right time to act was. 

“Mr. Wu?” Nie Xian called out softly, as she quickly followed his gaze. She also finally saw Nie Beichuan standing not too far away. 

“In some circumstances, both you and me… Cannot control the situation.” Wu Tao patted Nie Xian’s shoulder. He softly spoke: “Prepare yourself well. I hope you can breakthrough to the ninth Lianqi level as soon as possible and quickly enter the Lingyun sect. At the end of the day, you’re also a mere descendant of the Nie Family and only when you become a disciple of the Lingyun sect, will you have a voice of your own in the Nie Family.” 

On Nie Xian’s youthful and immature face, a trace of disgust emerged. However, she lightly nodded, and refrained herself from saying anything more. 

On the stone temple’s high platform, Nie Donghai’s face suddenly sank. He had also noticed Second Brother Nie Beichuan as well as the smallest of details. This obviously included Wu Tao’s decision to not put a stop to the match between the two youngsters. 

“Is this really because I have not yet given up my position as the head of the family?” Nie Donghai said with a concealed hatred in his heart.

- Bang bang bang! -

Finally seeing the light of victory, the aggressive Nie Hong once again attacked Nie Tian, as a brilliant green lightning passed through his fist and constantly entered into Nie Tian’s body. 

Both of Nie Tian’s hands turned black and blue, while there were plumes of smoke still wafting between his fingers. 

The clothes on his arms were burst open and there were threads of tiny green lightning snakes wandering over his naked arms. 

More and more lightning repeatedly infiltrated his body and gathered together like threads. 

- Deng deng! -

Nie Tian simply couldn’t retreat under Nie Hong’s bombardment. Every time he raised his hands to defend, his movements turned even stiffer and weaker. 

He was unaware of the pain in his arms, even though his forehead was covered in sweat. His eyes were like a curtain of night that was filled with brilliant stars, brimming with a deep mystery. 

“You’re finished! Haha!”

Nie Hong laughed excitedly, as his lightning fists flashed across Nie Tian’s stiff arm, ruthlessly attacking his chest. 

“No!” Wu Tao subconsciously shouted. 

“Nie Hong, stop!” Nie Xian couldn’t help but cry out. 

On top of the platform, Nie Donghai’s face was covered in sweat, while he was panting nonstop. At this moment, he seemed to be even more tired than Nie Tian. 

His eyes had a gloomy look, as he was rigidly staring at the calm and composed Nie Beichuan. He wanted to clearly see the scene of Nie Beichuan trying to prevent Wu Tao from stopping the fight. However, In the next moment, Nie Tian raised his leg, and ruthlessly kicked towards Nie Hong’s abdomen.

Currently, Nie Beichuan had not yet spoken a single word. 

- Dong dong dong! -

Nie Tian’s heart started to beat louder and faster, as he saw how Nie Hong’s fist was quickly approaching his chest. He felt that there was a force contained within his body that was on the verge of bursting out. 

But when he wanted to draw support upon this force, there came no response. Nie Tian was at a loss for what to do. 

He felt how his body had turned stiff, as it was aching all over. Suddenly a kind of anger and despair emerged within him. However, this anger, wasn’t a force that should be used.

- Dong dong! Dong dong dong! -

Enveloped in this type of violent and despairing state, his heartbeat once again sped up!

He wasn’t aware that his heartbeat’s frequency was actually twice as fast as normal in between those lightning sparks!

At this time, it seemed as though there was a cheering sound coming from his flesh and organs! Even though Nie Hong had badly damaged his body with thunder and lightning, the aftermath seemed to be unable to affect him in the slightest. 

A part of the barbaric strength, suddenly madly rushed out from within his flesh!

- Whoosh! -

He swiftly extended his hands towards Nie Hong’s explosive fist, which was smashing towards his rib cage, and grabbed his wrist with great precision.

Nie Hong’s hand stopped only half an inch before Nie Tian’s stomach, as he found that it was exceedingly difficult to keep moving forward! 

His fist’s momentum suddenly stopped and Nie Hong’s excited face changed to one at a loss, as if he was suddenly unaware of what just happened. 

- Bang! -

Nie Hong's hand, which was being clenched in a forceful grip, couldn't breakaway. At this moment, Nie Tian kicked towards his lower body with a tremendous force, making him swing away, as he was flung away in midair. 

When Nie Hong flew off the roof, his lower body suddenly retracted, as a result from inertia. As he landed on his feet, his knees were bent and they accidently knocked firmly against his own sternum. 

“Ka cha! Ow!”

A bone shattering sound could be heard, while simultaneously Nie Hong screamed like a pig being slaughtered. 

Only at this moment, did he release his grip on Nie Hong’s wrist, while his eyes turned motionless and a strange look appeared on his face, as he calmly searched for the source of this strength that had suddenly emerged from within his body.

However, as the sense of crisis had vanished, so did the changes in his heart beat. The sound and the pace of his heart had both quickly returned to normal.

The recent sudden accumulation of immense strength, seemed to have instantly dissipated from all four limbs of his body and he couldn’t figure out how to reproduce it. 


Nie Tian didn’t even glance at Nie Hong, as he knitted his brows, completely absorbed in his own world. 

But Nie Hong’s body curled up as if he was a human sized prawn. He laid on the floor and was issuing ear-piercing wails of anguish, almost destroying people’s eardrums. 

“Uh…” Nie Xian had a dumbfounded expression. 

“How can this be?” Wu Tao numbly stared at the preoccupied Nie Tian and at the unceasingly yelling Nie Hong who seemed to be in great pain, as his expression had turned blank. 

Every single Nie Family youth who was watching this fight, seeing the sudden reversal of the situation, were also at a complete loss, while some were even shocked. 

The previously clamoring Nie Yuan, who had wanted Nie Hong to teach Nie Tian a lesson, was now looking at an incomparably miserable Nie Hong, as his eyes were filled with fear. Quickly, his body quietly shrank back - as it would hereafter. 

Even though, Nie Tian’s fists were filled with bruises and blue smoke was still emerging from the gaps between his fingers, he stood erect like a straight and towering figure. 

Meanwhile, lying on the ground and filling the air with pitiful moans, was Nie Hong, who was in distinct contrast with the former.

At this moment, Nie Tian had left a lasting impression in the depths of the hearts of all of those who were present.

On the stone temple’s high platform, Nie Donghai, after experiencing such great sorrow and then great joy, his whole person collapsed, his skinny, thin body leaned against the stone platform, as he had great difficulty in standing back up. 

His eyes, bright like the last radiance of the setting sun, closely stared at Nie Tian, giving off a peculiar glint.

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