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Unbeaten Record

Time was just like water, and in a flash nine years had passed by.

The morning sun had just risen, and numerous Nie Family's juniors were gathered in the square. Some were sitting cross-legged, inhaling and exhaling world spirit Qi, while others were punching and kicking which gave rise to wind as they polished their fighting technique.

In the corner of the wide square, ten children, each about 10 years old, of the Nie family clenched their fists, as they were bitterly looking towards the rocky road in the east.

"He is only at the third Lianqi level, I don’t believe that he is capable of directly winning! Yesterday, I once again broke through, today I will teach him a good lesson!" After a lapse of nine years, the now ten year old Nie Hong, by virtue of the pearl that he had obtained during the assembly of drawing lots, had already successfully cultivated to the sixth Lianqi level. On his left hand's finger one could even see a hint of an electric aura flashing.

"Brother Hong, he also knows about your breaking through, today he shouldn’t dare to show his face, right?" Nie Yuan said.

"No, he will definitely come, I know him!" Nie Hong shook his head.

In the center of the square, there was also Nie family's visiting elder Wu Tao, who was currently teaching these 14-15 years old Nie family's young boys and girls. They were cultivating zealously, yet from time to time their eyes would turn towards the east road, each and every one of them had a look of great interest.

"Nie Yuan, just a moment ago you said I won’t dare to come?"

At this time, a sonorous sound of a boy came from the narrow and long pavestone road in the east. Nie Tian's silhouette, which was obviously much taller than his peers, slowly appeared.

"He came!"

"Although he clearly knows that Nie Hong has just stepped into the sixth Lianqi level, he still dares to come... He really is courageous!"

"Interesting!" Hearing the familiar sounds, numerous slightly older boys and girls of the Nie family became excited.

The several guys who were cultivating stood up, while the dignified and confident guys who were practicing boxing and kicking also took a break. One after the other, they all stared in the direction where Nie Tian had just appeared.

In their eyes Nie Tian was a rarity.

Nine years has passed since the end of the assembly of drawing lots, yet Nie Tian had yet to show his special cultivating attribute. His spiritual power was actually still unable to produce resonance with the beast bones he had won.

Similarly, when Nie Hong, Nie Yuan and the others had their own spiritual power attribute determined, and started to cultivate specific spirit exercise relying on the spirit weapons that they had obtained from the assembly of drawing lots, their cultivating speed had progressed swiftly and violently. Meanwhile, Nie Tian… He was still cultivating using the basic lianqi exercise.

Nie Tian's cultivation advancement gradually made him a subject of ridicule for everyone, this also made patriarch Nie Donghai and Nie Qian unable to do anything.

However, to everyone's surprise, Nie Tian’s body was getting stronger and stronger. This allowed him to fight with children of similar age, and not fall behind because of his low Lianqi realm.

On the contrary, in these nine years, all of the peers who had fought Nie Tian, all of them had ended up losing .

Nie Tian had maintained an unbeaten record.

When it came to Nie Tian’s battles, the thing they were most concerned about was that they exactly wanted to know when the advantages of his powerful body would disappear.

Nie Hong, just yesterday, had advanced to the sixth Lianqi level, while his body carried the lightning spiritual power’s might. All of them were confident that Nie Tian's unbeaten record would end in today's battle.

That was why they were secretly looking forward to this fight.

"Nie Yuan, it was you who previously taunted me, right? How about we compare each other's hands?" Nie Tian walked forward, as he took a side glance at Nie Yuan, using provocative words.

Nie Yuan's cultivation had reached the fifth Lianqi level, yet under Nie Tian's gaze, he clearly became somewhat timid.

Nie Yuan subconsciously took half a step back. His outer appearance was stern, but he was rather soft on the inside. He finally said, "Nie Tian, today your opponent is brother Hong, if you can still stand after fighting with brother Hong, then I'll fight with you."

"Shameless." Nie You, a girl with a pointed high ponytail, whispered.

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"Fine, whatever..." Nie Tian said with a voice full of indifference and disdain, "Fighting with you, I do not need to try my best."

"You!" Nie Yuan’s face was full of anger.

"All of you, move away!" Nie Hong loudly shouted, signalling the other children to move further away. Meanwhile, his right fist was already covered in a slightly azure electric light.

In the center of the square elder Wu Tao, along with the older Nie family's teenagers, seeing that the battle was imminent, were grinning. On one side they were discussing about the fight, while on the other side they were silently gathering in a large circle.

On the roof of a high stone palace, Nie Donghai was standing near a windowsill, as both of his hands were leaning against the stonewall, commandingly looking over the square.

In these nine years, Nie Donghai had used his Nie Family's patriarch rights, as he had tried every possible way to inquire about the man who had harmed Nie Jin.

Unfortunately, so far he had not even received even a single rumor about that man.

That man… It was as if he appeared out of thin air and then suddenly vanished in thin air.

The only thing he had left was his vestige, exactly on this square, where Nie Tian was about to fight Nie Hong.

Nie Donghai's body, was deteriorating day by day. His once tall and mighty body, was now already skinny. His eyes didn’t even have light. If anyone was to look at him, they would know that he was quickly nearing his end.

On the high stage, watching Nie Tian fight with those children of the same age, and seeing him win, each and every time, had already become one of his last few pleasures.

But he also understood, that due to his lack of a special attribute and by only relying on his strong body, Nie Tian would eventually be defeated.

He also knew; that once Nie Tian was defeated, then it meant that the advantage of Nie Tian's strong body was also gone.

Later, the difference between Nie Tian and his peers would grow bigger and bigger, as those children’s realm would swiftly continue increasing.

"Can it be today?..." Nie Donghai muttered to himself.

"Chi Chi!"

An abnormal sound exploded forth from the square field above! It came from Nie Hong's fist, which was flashing with an electric aura. Nie Hong let out a loud shout, before he suddenly rushed towards Nie Tian.

"Well, a bit swifter and fiercer than before." Nie Tian opened his mouth, facing the strong impact coming from Nie Hong, he smiled, he had not even the slightest intention to dodge.

Nie Tian suddenly raised his hand and commandingly took a step forward, as his fist was significantly larger than Nie Hong's, and ruthlessly pounded towards Nie Hong's left fist.


The two fists hit each other, and a muffled sound came, before Nie Hong's momentum suddenly came to a stop.

Nie Tian retreated two steps, shook his fist and grimaced in pain. Along with the swinging of his arm, a slight electric aura sputtered from his fist.

Numerous onlookers watched with rapt attention, and they could clearly spot charred marks on Nie Tian’s fist.

"Fifth and sixth Lianqi level, it may seem that it only differs by a single realm, but there is an essential difference. Sixth level allows spiritual power to be released outside the body, while the spiritual power is laced with lightning might, it is able to penetrate another's body and damage their internal organs."

A fourteen year old Nie family's branch junior, Nie Xian, who already cultivated to the sixth Lianqi level, deeply looked at Nie Tian, before he shook his head and continued speaking, "With each and every fists collision, Nie Hong's spiritual power carrying lightning will invade Nie Tian's body. Lightning will paralyze his flesh, making his whole body tingle, causing him to divide some of his energy to resist the residual lightning erosion within his body."

"If this continues, we don't have to wait for too long, he will lose his battle force, letting Nie Hong humiliate him."

"With his third Lianqi level insisting to fight with a sixth Lianqi level head-on… He really isn’t the brightest."

Nie family's guest elder, Wu Tao, lightly nodded, with a look of appreciation, he took a side glance at Nie Xian, and then said, "Nie Tian has been relying on his strong body to fight for these past few years, now he is already accustomed to fight head-on, and since then he had never truly been at a disadvantage. But he didn't know, that at the sixt Lianqi level spiritual power can be released outside or what it means, he is bound to suffer greatly today, his unbeaten record… It is bound to be broken in today's battle."

"To be blunt, it is all because of his poor talent. If he was like Nie Hong, and also had a unique spiritual power attribute, he would very easily defeat Nie Hong." Nie Xian said.

"Did you feel it?" Electric light once again flashed around Nie Hong's fists, as he coldly stared at Nie Tian’s waving arm, "I left only a little bit lightning on your fist, has it not already spread to your arm? How do you feel? That arm of yours, is it tingly?"

"A little." Nie Tian grinned, as he was obviously in some pain, "But it’s okay, to me this result is really nothing special."

"Still want to be an argumentative fool?" Nie Hong looked very excited, after being suppressed for nine years, and successive defeated by him, now in this fight he finally saw a sliver of hope, "Effect not big, ha?! Then let me try it a few more times!"

- Bang Bang! Bang Bang Bang! -

Nie Hong's fists were like an artillery, as they constantly rumbled towards Nie Tian, and to everyone's surprise Nie Tian truly didn't dodge, just like before, he fought head-on with Nie Hong.

After ten breaths, Nie Hong was the first one to stop, as he took large gulps of air, and with an increasingly imposing manner looked at Nie Tian.

Both of Nie Tian’s hands were like charred coal, as little by little lightning sparks were constantly flying out from his arms.

Everyone saw, as Nie Tian waved his arms around, they were rather stiff.

But in Nie Tian's eyes, had a never seen high-spirited war intention, as if a young ferocious beast had finally awakened, and he roared towards Nie Hong, "Continue! Why did you stop? Come on, do not stop!"

It seemed as if he was the one who had the upper hand in this fight.

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