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“He ran, just like that?”

Nie Tian stared blankly at Du Kun’s fleeing figure.

He had no idea that, for the Ghost sect disciples, injuries to the soul and mind were far more serious than physical injuries.

They were most skilled at attacking their enemies’ psychic world with their superior psychic power. In that way, they would be able to gain an advantage in battles.

However, if their psychic attack failed, or their opponents possessed stronger psychic power, the rest of their tactics would usually not yield good results.

In this case, Du Kun was already convinced that Nie Tian’s psychic power was far stronger than his.

He failed to seriously wound Nie Tian using a psychic weapon that he was quite adept with, and even suffered major injuries from Nie Tian’s counterattack.

Therefore, he decided to play it safe and quit the fight with Nie Tian. The main thought in his mind was getting away as quickly as possible, and then healing the injuries to his soul.


Bent on escaping, Du Kun turned into a constantly shifting shadow, which fled at an extremely high speed.

Nie Tian finally snapped out of his thoughts, and snorted coldly. “You can’t get away.”

He then flashed into action, chasing after him.

By this point, the pain in his chest was gone, and the ten wounds caused by Du Kun’s finger blasts has long since stopped bleeding.

Energy was still being generated from his belly, dispersing and roaming about in his entire body. This allowed him to feel full of energy, as though he would never be tired.

Du Kun, on the other hand, had been unceasingly drawing spiritual power from his spiritual sea, so as to run faster into the desert.

Nie Tian scanned the area with his psychic power, ensuring that whenever Du Kun vanished behind the sand dunes, he was still able to accurately locate him.

Nie Tian’s acute sensing ability was even comparable to Yu Tong’s Blood Searching Compass, and could detect all signs of life within a one hundred meter radius.

Therefore, Du Kun couldn’t possibly lose Nie Tian by simply taking advantage of the terrain and the shielding of the sand dunes.

No matter what skills he used, or how skillfully he used the terrain, Nie Tian was always able to pinpoint his location.

Du Kun used every secret movement art and escaping skill he had learned from the Ghost sect, but they turned out useless, only resulting in greater waste of strength.

After he realized that Nie Tian could always locate him, he grew more and more anxious.

He didn’t move in a straight line, but rather, a serpentine motion.

By doing that, he consumed almost twice as much spiritual power as he would have running in a straight line. By the time he discovered that Nie Tian was repeatedly closing in on him, he had already unwittingly consumed sixty percent of his inner spiritual power.

Realizing that all the tricks he used on Nie Tian had failed, he finally stopped resorting to trickery.

He started to dash in a straight line towards Mo Xi and Yu Tong’s direction, hoping Nie Tian wasn’t fast enough to catch him.

Once again, Nie Tian showed up five meters behind him, mocking him while moving rapidly. “Accept your fate already. I can tell that you’ve consumed too much spiritual power. I can also see in your eyes that you’re lacking psychic power. Does it mean… that your soul is also injured?

“Ha! With your soul injured, and having overly consumed your spiritual power, you can try to run away, but I’ll tire you to death in the end.

“You might as well stop and have a honorable fight with me.

“At least you’ll die with honor.”

Due to the fact that Nie Tian had consumed a large amount of spirit beast meat, he was full of energy the whole time while he was chasing Du Kun. In fact, the energy he drew upon came almost completely from the spirit beast meat, and not his spiritual sea.


Despite having chased Du Kun for so long, he hadn’t used much of the spiritual power in his spiritual sea.

“My companions from the Ghost sect and the Blood sect are just ahead!” Du Kun said, not even looking back at Nie Tian. “Go on and chase me! You’ll soon realize that you’re seeking death! Wait till I reunite with them; no matter how mysterious your skills are, Yu Tong will refine every last drop of your blood!

“She has already considered you as her target! As long as you appear in front of her, she’ll definitely drain your blood with her blood refining technique, and you’ll become a dry corpse!”

“Oh really?” Nie Tian replied with a firm expression. “I’m guessing they’re currently chasing after the trial takers of the Cloudsoaring sect and Spiritual Treasure sect, whom I parted with quite a few days ago. They should be reaching the edge of the desert by now. I assume your people should have been pursuing them for about two days already. Am I right?

“You came by yourself, and it probably took you a day to get here, right? They must have been chasing after my people when you split up with them and came after me. So that adds up to a very long distance between them and us.

“From my rough calculations, I can tell that it’ll take at least one day for you to reunite with them.

“In such a long time, you’ll easily use up all of your spiritual power, and I’ll kill you effortlessly after that.”

Nie Tian took his time to give voice to his analysis.

Du Kun was still running with his back towards Nie Tian. However, as soon as he heard Nie Tian’s analysis, his face suddenly turned bleak.

He knew perfectly well that all the things Nie Tian had said were accurate, and he would indeed need more than one day to catch up with Mo Xi and Yu Tong.

And that would be if his soul hadn’t been injured and he was full of spiritual power.

In his current state, he definitely couldn’t dash forward over a long period of time. Actually, he desperately needed to rest and stabilize the anomalies of his soul with the Ghost sect’s secret magics.

However, he also knew that once he stopped he would face Nie Tian’s storm of attacks.

There was no way that Nie Tian would give him even the slightest chance to recover.

Soul injured, spiritual power overly consumed, he no longer had the confidence to win against the inexhaustible Nie Tian.

However, he ignored Nie Tian’s taunting. Tight-lipped, he focused only on dashing ahead, not wishing to waste his energy arguing with Nie Tian.

At this time, the closely pursuing Nie Tian also became slightly agitated, because he had noticed that, just like An Ying had said, Du Kun truly had a way with escaping.

Dashing forward at full speed, Du Kun seemed weightless, and the way he moved was extremely unpredictable and swift.

Nie Tian had already resorted to using his own spiritual power, but still failed to shorten the distance between him and Du Kun. He could only follow far behind him.

The closer they got to the Ghost sect and the Blood sect disciples, the more unsafe he became. The fact that Du Kun was able to pinpoint his location meant that they had an expert or some sort of magical instrument that could detect signs of life.

The truth was that if they could detect that someone was chasing another, they would probably send people to check. In that case, it would be quite dangerous for him.

“No! I can’t waste too much time and energy on this guy. I still need to use the spirit beast meat to break through into the eighth level of Qi Refining as soon as possible!”

Teeth clenched and eyes glittering, Nie Tian pondered how to finish off Du Kun in a short time.

“His soul is injured…

“Clearly, the damage to his soul was inflicted by me… Was it because I killed the seven ghost heads in my mind with the blades forged by my psychic power?

“He was able to morph his psychic power into ghost heads and invade my brain, so can I use the same measure against him?

“He’s sixty meters away from me, and that’s out of the attack range of my spiritual power. But sixty meters is within my psychic power’s attack range!  So, can I use my psychic power to attack him?

“Plus, his soul is already injured!”

Having thought of that, Nie Tian immediately stopped in place.

He squinted and locked his cold gaze on the fleeing Du Kun. A formidable psychic power was instantly unleashed!

His psychic power traveled at a speed far exceeding the fleshly body. It was only a split second before his psychic power arrived by Du Kun!


Nie Tian let out a bellow.

In his head, his psychic power, which had already locked onto Du Kun, suddenly morphed into countless sharp blades and slashed toward Du Kun.

The moment he shouted “slash”, he had a miraculous feeling that his psychic power blades had pierced into Du Kun’s mind!


Eighty meters away, Du Kun’s light and ever-shifting body suddenly fell onto the ground with a loud crash as if he had taken a heavy strike.

After hitting ground, Du Kun vomited white foam as his whole body spasmed. The life in his eyes gradually faded away!

Receiving a shockingly good result with one strike, Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ahhh?!”

The moment he loosened his concentration, the surging waves of psychic power he had just gathered vanished into thin air.

Du Kun, on the other hand, remained motionless on the ground.


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