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“You dare to fight me?”

Du Kun had never felt even the slightest bit of respect for Nie Tian. Seeing Nie Tian dashing toward him in this way, he didn’t even bring out a spiritual tool to fight with.

He waited until Nie Tian was about ten meters away, then laughed in a deep voice and stretched out his fingers.

At first, his fingers were the same color the rest of his skin, a seemingly unhealthy, waxy yellow.

But when he extended them, his palms and fingers suddenly turned as black as ink.

At first glance, it almost looked as if he had put on a pair of black gloves, which then sent numerous black aura strands out of his fingertips.


With a swing of his hands, he sent finger-thick beams of black light shooting out. They were like sharp, pitch-black swords, piercing ferociously towards Nie Tian’s chest.

From within those black light beams, there also came surges of intense coldness. When they were about to reach Nie Tian, he even heard the weeping sound of evil ghosts.

“Wail of the Ghost!” shouted Du Kun. Face cold, he took the bracelet of human thumbs off his wrist and clenched his fist around it.

A moment later, strands of black smoke flowed out of the bracelet and rapidly transformed into distorted ghost heads..

Next, the sound of the wailing ghosts grew even louder and more heart-quivering!

The chorus of weeping was like a hail of sharp thorns, piercing into the depths of Nie Tian’s spiritual sea.

A moment later, the beams of light stabbed into Nie Tian’s chest, causing piercing pain to fill his mind.


Not only was his dashing momentum towards Du Kun stopped, he even staggered backward several steps because of the excruciating pain.

When he finally struggled to a stop, he looked down to discover that he had more than ten bloody holes drilled into chest.

The sight of the fresh blood flowing out from each hole caused him to cry out involuntarily.

After the dust settled, Du Kun looked at Nie Tian, totally stunned.

“You’re still alive?”

All of the five disciples that the Ghost sect had sent into the Green Illusion dimension were Qi warriors at the ninth level of Qi Refining.

Du Kun had reached that level a year ago, and had already slaughtered seven opponents at the same stage as himself.

Those seven people were all at the ninth level of Qi Refining. However, when they were hit by his ten light beams, their bodies had all been pierced, killing them instantly.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, had been sent staggering backward, and was bleeding profusely, but still stood strong and tall.

These abnormalities left Du Kun completely puzzled. He quickly put aside any feelings of contempt towards Nie Tian, and started to examine him all over again.

Looking down at the ten holes in his chest, Nie Tian’s face turned grim, and an intense fighting spirit gradually filled his bright eyes.

“I’m wounded…”

This was the first time that he had ever been truly hurt in battle.

Before, when he fought juniors of the Nie clan, they were forbidden to use spiritual tools, hence he had never sustained a serious injury.

The worst thing that ever happened was that he coughed up several mouthfuls of blood, but nothing more.

However, in this battle with Du Kun, it was only the first exchange, and already he had more than ten bloody holes drilled into his chest.

Were it not for his exceptionally strong physique, Du Kun’s first strike might have already killed him.

At this time, even though he was wounded, and hurting incomparably in the chest, he showed no fear.

On the contrarary, he was somewhat excited!


Even as he shook out his arms and legs, preparing for his counterattack, he suddenly felt the warm currents in his abdomen madly converging onto the bloody holes in the front of his chest.

Only at that time did he remember that he had consumed a large amount of spirit beast meat before Du Kun showed up.

Originally, he was going to use the spirit beast meat to continue strengthening his flesh and bones, as well as expanding his spiritual sea.

However, due to the abrupt outburst of battle, he didn’t have the chance to calm down and cultivate. At this moment, the spirit beast meat that he had previously consumed started to generate power.

He could sense that the power neither merged into his flesh, nor flowed to his spiritual sea, but rather converged onto the bloody holes in his chest.

When he looked down to check his wound again, he discovered to his surprise that the bleeding had completely ceased!

Moreover, the incomparable pain had also been significantly reduced.

It was as if the bloody holes pierced into him by Du Kun’s finger blasts weren’t even affecting him at all.

Du Kun had been staring at Nie Tian the whole time. Therefore, he also noticed the incredible anomalies and the astounded expression on his face.

Brow furrowed and expression even grimmer, Du Kun suddenly recalled what Yu Tong had said earlier.

“This Nie Tian guy… seemed to have injured Yu Tong before.”

Then, he took in a large gulp of air, and blew vigorously at the numerous ghost heads floating above the bone bracelet.


Seven ghost heads seemingly transformed into a stream of black smoke. Letting out ear-piercing shrieks, they suddenly flew towards Nie Tian.

At the same time, Du Kun’s stretched-out fingers were once again covered in a black aura.


Ten finger blasts shot out from his fingers, as fast and sharp as an arrow.

This time, their target was Nie Tian’s eyes!


The chorus of the ghosts’ wailing cries also rang out loud again.

Nie Tian, who had just calmed himself, and was just getting ready to make his move, was once again inundated by the ghost cries, and illusions began to haunt his mind.

As of this moment, the seven floating and shrieking ghost heads had seemingly transcended the physical world, and suddenly appeared in his mind.

“A psychic power attack!”

Having suffered from the first round of attacks, Nie Tian immediately understood the situation. Squinting, he released his increasingly powerful psychic power.

In his mind, he forged his psychic power into numerous lightning-wreathed blades.

These embodiments of his psychic power followed his command, slashing towards the ghost heads that had inexplicably appeared in his mind.


Completely contrary to what he had expected, the ghost heads in his mind couldn’t withstand a single blow, and exploded under the attack of his blades of psychic power!

“Yes! Psychic power can actually be used in this way!” He laughed out loud.

No longer influenced by Du Kun’s psychic power attack, he had a clear vision of the incoming ten beams of black light, and thus effortlessly avoided them.

The ten finger blasts missed their target, and disappeared soon after passing Nie Tian.


After having dodged the finger blasts, he looked over with rapt attention to find that the seven shrieking ghost heads had all disappeared.

“Could it be that those ghost heads I killed with my psychic power blades were actually real?” He was confused.

He had been under the impression that the fight just now only took place in his head, and was a mere illusion.

Moments ago, the seven floating ghost heads had appeared to be quite a distance away.

However, after he mentally slaughtered them with psychic power, they vanished from the real world as well.

Over the years, he had always practiced cultivation in the Nie clan, and had never been guided by a Qi warrior with profound knowledge.

He had been teaching himself how to comprehend and wield spiritual and psychic power.

Up to now, his application of psychic power was still limited to sensing lives and movements within a one hundred meters radius.


Just as Nie Tian was lost in thought, Du Kun suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, as his eyes grew dimmer.

“You! How come you have such strong psychic power?!” Shock stretched across Du Kun’s face.

Ghost sect disciples were experts in the art of psychic power, and every one of them possessed psychic power stronger than disciples of the other sects. The spell Du Kun had cast just now, Wail of the Ghost, was one of the Ghost sect’s secret psychic magics. It was so powerful and deadly that it could exterminate the soul of their opponents!

Only the Ghost sect disciples possessed the ability to use their psychic power to skillfully attack their opponents minds.

And only those who had incomparable determination and resilience would be able to resist such techniques.

From the time he had begun practicing cultivation to now, Du Kun had never come across someone who could repulse his Ghost Weep spell and injure him!

“I don’t know why I have such strong psychic power either,” Nie Tian said indifferently before suddenly charging in Du Kun’s direction.

Actually, he didn’t quite understand what had happened, but could tell that Du Kun had somehow become dispirited. Clearly, something was wrong with him.

Therefore, he wished to seize this perfect opportunity, and kill him when he was in a poor state!

“You’re different!” Du Kun’s expression flickered. “You don’t know how to cast psychic power spells, but your psychic power is unbelievably strong! It was because your psychic power was far stronger than mine that you were able to repulse my Wail of the Ghost and injure me! Nie Tian! I’ll remember you!”

With these words, Du Kun turned around and fled like a swift ghost.


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