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The pentagonal teleportation portal continued to spin slowly in the air.

The three-layer teleportation portal constantly emanated beams of bright light, along with spatial energy fluctuations.

On his way to the floating teleportation portal, Nie Tian unleashed a blade light with his Flame Star in midair, which shot towards the top layer of the teleportation portal.

The way he saw it, since the top layer was paved with Space Spirit Jades, it should be the most crucial part of the teleportation portal. As long as he could destroy that layer, the whole teleportation portal would fall apart and lose all functionality.

The outsiders they were now fighting seemed to only possess fourth grade bloodline power, which meant that they were nothing but small fry.

If more powerful outsiders were to swarm into this island after them, it would put the human Qi warriors on this island in a very unfavorable situation.

The burly Stoneman, who was fighting Feng Ke and Ye Qin single-handedly, grew anxious and restless after seeing that Nie Tian was going to attack their teleportation portal.

However, after Nie Tian unleashed his attack, the Stoneman suddenly settled down, a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.


The long blade light Nie Tian had created with his Flame Star was suddenly stopped by a terrifying force before it could reach the top layer of the teleportation portal.

As that happened, the teleportation portal stopped spinning.

But in the next moment, a layer of watery, white aura spread out, forming a spherical ward around the whole teleportation portal.

That was when Nie Tian realized that it was this originally-invisible ward the Flame Star's blade light had hacked into.

Met with a devastating force, the blade light that was more than ten meters long shattered like broken glass, filling the air with glittering sparks.

Afterwards, the counterforce from the white ward condensed into a beam of bright light that shot directly towards the Flame Star like a bolt of lightning.

Raging energy poured into the Flame Star like an unstoppable flood, and then followed the Flame Star, spiraling into Nie Tian's arm. Hit by the strong blow, Nie Tian, who was still rising in the air, instantly fell towards the ground like a plummeting meteor.

As he let out a muffled groan, a stream of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. Then, he examined himself with his psychic awareness, and discovered that countless pale-gray sparks were rampaging inside of him.

Under the effect of the pale-gray sparks, his exceptionally strong body started to stiffen.

He felt as if his meridians were being clogged, as his muscles seemed to be gradually petrifying. He found it increasingly hard to move his limbs.

With some difficulty, Nie Tian turned his head around to look at the burly Stoneman, who was now chuckling viciously.

He immediately realized that he had known that the pentagonal teleportation portal was protected by unique defenses all along.

Knowing that Nie Tian wouldn't be able to breach the defenses, he had acted anxious to lure Nie Tian into launching an attack, hoping that Nie Tian would be bombarded to death by the counterforce of the teleportation portal.

With a cold snort, Nie Tian thought to himself, "These are some truly intelligent outsiders, far more intelligent than normal spirit beasts..."

In the meantime, he suspected whether it was the Stonemen before him that had forged this incredible teleportation portal, considering the profound power it possessed.

With these thoughts in mind, he communicated with the Flame Dragon Armor with his psychic awareness while stabilizing his injuries with his flesh power and wood power.

Even though the pale-gray sparks inside of him carried the Stonemen's unique bloodline power, as he went all-out to heal himself, every last pale-gray spark was soon expelled from his system.


The Flame Dragon Armor suddenly flew out of Nie Tian's ring of holding, the Blood Core at its chest like an erupting volcano, unleashing heaven-shaking and earth-shattering flame power.

The Flame Dragon Armor had already fully refined the earthflame essence he had received from Zhen Huilan back when they had been in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

Later, during his battle against Yang Kan, the Flame Dragon Armor had absorbed copious amount of earthflame essence and earthflame crystal strings from Yang Kan's six fiery stone columns.

After spending the recent period of time refining them, the Flame Dragon Armor had recovered to its peak, and started exuding torrential flames again.

As soon as the Flame Dragon Armor flew out of Nie Tian's ring of holding, it suddenly morphed into a fierce flame dragon, which charged directly towards the teleportation portal with a might that could destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth.

The pale-gray ward surrounding the pentagonal teleportation portal was instantly penetrated by the raging flame dragon.


With a devastating force, the flame dragon that was wreathed in blazing flames rammed into the top layer of the teleportation portal.

All of the Space Spirit Jades that filled the top layer were instantly shattered and reduced to flying crumbs.

The burly Stoneman, who was still fighting with Ye Qin and Feng Ke, let out a agonized roar as he saw the top layer of the teleportation portal being shattered by the flame dragon.

In the next moment, channeled by his bloodline magic, numerous large rocks flew over from his surroundings, forming a wall of rocks before Ye Qin and Feng Ke.

Then, he stomped hard on the ground and bounced towards the floating teleportation portal.

Meanwhile, the damaged teleportation portal suddenly descended, as if it were answering the Stoneman's summons.

After leaping onto the dilapidated teleportation portal, which only had two layers left now, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood, which rapidly formed a bloody mist around the teleportation portal.

"Let's get out of here!" He thundered in outsider's language as he controlled the damaged teleportation portal to swoop across the battlefield, where the other Stonemen were still fighting their opponents.

Faces filled with bitterness and anger, the Stonemen jumped onto the teleportation portal one after another.

After picking up all of the surviving Stonemen, the teleportation portal steered clear of the Flame Dragon Armor and flew directly towards the coast.

The Stoneman leader had believed that the defenses of the teleportation portal were something a Qi warrior like Nie Tian would never be able to breach. Not only that, but Nie Tian might even die or get seriously injured trying.

He had never expected that Nie Tian had such a formidable spiritual tool like the Flame Dragon Armor at his disposal.

Now that the Flame Dragon Armor had destroyed the top layer of the teleportation portal, it wouldn't be able to continue to teleport more Stonemen to this island.

With the men they now had, it would be very difficult for them to kill the people from the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Ice Pavilion Sect.

Therefore, upon realizing the unfavorable situation, he made his decision without any delay, and flew his men away with the teleportation portal before Nie Tian and the other human Qi warriors could react. Right before disappearing into the distance, he turned around to look at Nie Tian, and shouted in broken human language, "You're all going to die, puny humans! Powerful experts of other races are arriving on a nearby island. I'm going to tell them about you lot, and we'll come back to kill every one of you!"

The teleportation portal quickly disappeared from the crowd's sight. Only Nie Tian was still able to see it sailing through the air at full speed with the help of his Heaven Eyes.

Nie Tian's expression flickered slightly as he hastily called the Flame Dragon Armor back and chased after the Stonemen.

All of the others were deeply shaken and looked incomparably grim after hearing the Stoneman leader's words.

But upon seeing that Nie Tian had sped off, they snapped out of their daze and quickly ran after him, shouting as they did.

However, soon, Nie Tian came to a stop, where he watched the damaged teleportation portal fly over the black sea towards a distant and vaguely visible island.

At this moment, he finally realized that Feng Ke's assessment of this place was accurate. The island they were on was indeed only one of many islands in this boundless black sea.

Since the Stonemen' teleportation portal had already flown over the sea, Nie Tian could only stop on the coast and sigh in frustration.

Moments later, Feng Ke, Ye Qin, Chen Hao, and the others arrived beside Nie Tian one after another, though none of them could do anything to stop the Stonemen either.

After a moment of silent pondering, Feng Ke summoned his air-transportation spiritual tool that was forged with ice. To his surprise, the Ice Pavilion Sect's special air-transportation spiritual tool floated before him.

"It seems that we can use air-transportation spiritual tools here..." Feng Ke went blank briefly before his eyes suddenly blossomed with joy and excitement. "This means we can fly across the sea and pursue them!"

"Wait!" Ye Qin interrupted him, her moist and glittering lips curled in a bitter manner. "Their teleportation portal travels at an extremely fast speed. I don't think your Ice Crystal Shuttle can catch up to it. Also, right before they left, that Stoneman said that there are powerful experts of other races on the nearby islands.

"If we rush over there without knowing the situation, we may end up in a very dangerous position, which would be very unwise."

Upon hearing her words, Feng Ke calmed down and nodded. "That's true."

"Do any of us know why outsiders are coming to this place?" Chen Hao asked with a grim expression. "If we knew that outsider races were also coming to this place, we wouldn't have fought among ourselves, but instead preserved our strength."

He inwardly regretted killing the Thunder Mountain Sect and Heaven Expanse Sect disciples over the 'veins' which they had believed contained spiritual materials.

Feng Ke from the Ice Pavilion Sect let out another deep sigh. Shaking his head, he said, "It's not just us. All of the other sects have been fighting each other to the death to secure precious materials. They might still be doing that because they don't know that we've encountered powerful outsiders."

A hint of a concerned look appeared on Ye Qin's nobly beautiful face as she turned to issue an order to the other Yin Sect disciples, "Spread out and search for people from the other sects. Once you do, inform them of the appearance of the outsiders. Also, tell them that if we don't stop fighting among ourselves and act soon, the outsiders will soon join up and wipe out every last human Qi warrior from the Domain of the Falling Stars."

"Got it, senior martial sister!" With these words, all of the Yin Sect disciples spread out and left in different directions.

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