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As Nie Tian drove his Flame Star into the Stoneman's chest, he felt unprecedented resistance from his stony skin and muscle. Fortunately, he was being rapidly drained of flesh power, which stopped him from summoning any effective defenses. Thus, the Flame Star went through his heart eventually.


The Stoneman let out one last agonized scream, and died.

One wisp of engorged flesh power after another followed the Flame Star back to Nie Tian's body after draining every last bit of the Stoneman's flesh power.

Nie Tian gasped slightly as he sensed the wisps of extremely rich flesh power that came pouring back into him, along with thriving life force.

At this moment, the green aura coiled up in his heart was still dormant.

The green aura was branded with the endless profound mysteries of bloodline power. Even though it was dormant, Nie Tian was able to use any of his awakened bloodline talents.

As he had unleashed the Life Drain earlier, he hadn't felt any obstructions or anomalies.

Meanwhile, the dormant green aura didn't try to absorb the rich flesh power Nie Tian had taken from the Stoneman. Therefore, the rich flesh power scattered and dispersed into every corner of his body, infusing every bone and every muscle with great power and vigor, and quietly tempering his whole body.

The flesh power he had consumed during his battle against the Stoneman was instantly restored.

The extra flesh power kept nourishing his body, making him feel full of vigor.

Then, as he slowly pulled his Flame Star out of the Stoneman's chest, he discovered to his surprise that, after his Life Drain was done with him, the originally bulky outsider had actually shrunk significantly.

He could no longer detect a shred of flesh power from his shriveled corpse, as if even his blood had been drained completely.

"Nie Tian!"

"You're Nie Tian from the Realm of Flame Heaven?!"

Ye Qin from the Yin Sect and Chen Hao from the Yang Sect exclaimed almost simultaneously.

The two of them were the Yin Sect's and the Yang Sect's most valued core disciples. Their sects had poured many cultivation resources into them. However, they hadn't been there when Nie Tian had sealed the spatial rift in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations with his three fragmentary star marks.

Back then, the Soul realm Xing Huanyue and Li Muyang were there to lead their teams of Profound realm and Worldly realm experts.

Even though Ye Qin and Chen Hao were core disciples, since their cultivation bases had been too low to make a difference, they hadn't been allowed to join the operation.

None of the other Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples had witnessed the sealing process, or seen Nie Tian in person.

Even so, Nie Tian's name was known to every man and woman in the sects in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.

They all knew that if Nie Tian hadn't come and sealed that spatial rift, the Realm of a Thousand Devastations would most likely have been flooded by invading Demons.

Because of this, they had developed special feelings for Nie Tian. The Yin Sect and the Yang Sect had even risked going to war with the Heaven Palace Sect just to support Nie Tian's decision.

Now that they had heard the newcomer was Nie Tian, they were both shocked and overjoyed.

Then, after seeing that Nie Tian had so quickly killed a Stoneman and learning that people from the Ice Pavilion Sect were on their way here, they all felt, to a great extent, relieved.

The tallest Stoneman, who seemed to be the leader, gazed coldly at Nie Tian and asked in broken human language, "Who are you?"

He was also rather shocked to see that Nie Tian was able to kill one of his clansmen within such a short time.

"Your enemy. Let's just leave it at that." Then, with a ferocious grin, Nie Tian swung his Flame Star in the air, sending a blade light that was more than ten meters long flying directly towards the Stoneman leader. Glorious sparks of starlight could be seen in the long streak of blade light.

The Stoneman gasped with astonishment upon seeing the sparkling starlight. "Successor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!" 

It seemed as if not only had he heard of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's awe-inspiring reputation, but he had personally witnessed the mighty strength of successors of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Therefore, the mere sight of the dazzling starlight rattled him.

"Nie Tian!" Ye Qin from the Yin Sect exclaimed. "Help me kill him! He's the leader!" 

Ye Qin was a young woman of graceful beauty. She was dressed in a plain, silver-white robe, which was embroidered with moons and flowers at the cuffs. With every move she made, she filled her surroundings with chilly moonlight.

As she formed an elegant hand seal, a glowing, crescent-moon-shaped blade that was about a meter long suddenly appeared in the air, and started attacking the Stoneman leader's vital parts repeatedly, such as his neck and eyes.

Ye Qin floated about in the air as lightly as a feather, always keeping a safe distance from the Stoneman leader.

She seemed to know that her spiritual tool and the profound moon power within it wouldn't be able to penetrate the Stoneman's stony, thick skin, and that fighting him at close quarters would put her in danger. Therefore, she attacked him from a safe distance, and she only aimed at his eyes, neck, and parts that weren't protected by his armor-like skin.

"Happy to!" Nie Tian let out a wild laugh as his blade light flew closer and closer to the Stoneman leader.

The blade light that was more than ten meters long was a mixture of blazing flame power, wisps of green wood power, and sparks of mysterious star power.

The Stoneman let out an explosive roar and exclaimed in broken human language, "You're courting death! Bloodline magic: Rock Dance!"

Channeled by his bloodline magic, one large rock after another rose into the air, where they floated and spun, completely defying gravity.

In a split second, dozens of floating rocks formed a spell formation in between him and Nie Tian.

Then, as Nie Tian's blade light arrived, the rock formation instantly morphed into a stone mountain that was about a hundred meters high.


Even after making contact with the stone mountain, the sharp and forceful blade light continued to inch forward, slowly reducing it to falling broken rocks.

As the stone mountain eventually crumbled, the forceful strike Nie Tian had launched with the Flame Star dissipated.

However, the broken, small rocks didn't fall to the ground, but instead halted right before hitting the ground.

With a disdainful snort, the tall Stoneman leader bellowed in human language, "Bloodline magic: Rubble Storm!"

Thousands of small rocks that were the size of fists suddenly shot up into the air, filling the sky and blocking the sun, and then stormed down towards Nie Tian like an intense meteor shower.

The whistling sounds created by the falling rocks were so sharp that they hurt Nie Tian's eardrums.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian summoned his different types of power and formed a chaotic magnetic field around him.

As soon as the chaotic magnetic field was established, the rocks that fell into it slowed down and stopped traveling in a straight line, as if they were being pulled back by invisible hands.

As they finally fell on Nie Tian, Nie Tian simply took them on with his fleshy body, not moving in the slightest.

Moments later, all of the rocks fell from the sky, forming a pile of rocks that buried Nie Tian.

However, with a few shakes of his shoulders, the rocks that had buried him rolled to the side, and he emerged from the pile of rocks.


At that moment, Feng Ke and the others from the Ice Pavilion Sect rushed to the site.

Upon seeing the outsiders, they summoned their spiritual tools without even thinking and hastily joined the battle against the Stoneman.

It was a very common problem among humans that they would usually fight each other when they didn't have a common enemy.

Whenever powerful outsider races didn't invade the Domain of the Falling Stars, internal conflicts would constantly break out between sects in different realms. These wars could easily last years or even decades.

However, once they learned that outsiders were going to invade them, like the time when the three spatial rifts had appeared, sects from all over the Domain of the Falling Stars would suddenly become surprisingly united.

Zhao Shanling and the Flame God Sect had only started their operations in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation after knowing that the three spatial rifts had been sealed and that they weren't facing any more external threats.

It was the same situation now.

Before the Stonemen had appeared, the Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors from all the major sects had fought each other to the death over precious materials.

It was the appearance of the Stonemen that had turned the situation around, where all of the human Qi warriors united in fighting external enemies.

"Kill these outsiders!" Feng Ke exclaimed, his expression as cold as a thousand-year-old piece of frigid ice. Exuding a frosty aura, he dashed to Ye Qin's aid.

The other Ice Pavilion Sect disciples picked their own targets and joined the fight.

Nie Tian, however, came to a stop after the strike with his Flame Star.

As he glanced across the battlefield, his eyes suddenly landed on the strange teleportation portal the Stonemen had used to teleport to this place.

At this moment, it was still slowly rotating in the air, indicating that it was still working perfectly.

Nie Tian's eyes lit up. No longer paying any attention to the ongoing fights around him, he jumped directly towards the outsiders' teleportation portal in an attempt to destroy it.

The exceptionally tall and burly Stoneman, who was handling Ye Qin and Feng Ke simultaneously, was alarmed the moment he discovered that Nie Tian was flying towards the teleportation portal. "Don't you dare!"

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