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Heaven and earth spiritual Qi, which was practically everywhere in vast territories that was filled with abundant resources, was what made a Lianqi Warrior. 

However, once different beasts absorbed spiritual Qi, they could also become Spirit Beasts that could continuously evolve and eventually become powerful beings. 

They were like Lianqi Warriors. When a Spirit Beast enhanced and strengthened its body through the use of spiritual energy, they would also have the corresponding grade. 

The Spirit Beasts also had ten grades and it corresponded to the Lianqi Warrior’s ten realms. A Grade One Spirit Beast’s strength was equivalent to the Lianqi Realm.

Grade One was merely the lowest grade of Spirit Beasts. Their flesh and bones were usually strong, but they were unable to release their spiritual energy through various complex ways. 

However, even if it was only the beast’s body that got stronger, to those Lianqi Warriors that had just entered the gate, these beasts were also an extremely great threat. 


One by one, the Spirit Beasts snarled and madly bolted out from that glacier region and all of them dashed straight for Nie Tian. 

Nie Tian, who was standing at the forefront of the troop, had also been shocked, as this was the first time he encountered a Spirit Beast. 

However, he calmed himself down in a flash. 

“One, two, three… eleven. Eleven Spirit Beasts!” After looking clearly at the number of Spirit Beasts, the Cold Armour Rhinoceros at the forefront was already on the verge of approaching the troop, as it madly bolted forwards. 

That Cold Armour Rhinoceros’s body was approximately three meters long and its whole body was covered with a silver white ice armour. When it bolted towards them, thick cold mist puffed out of its mouth and nose. 

On the bridge of the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ nose, there was a horn that was one meter long and was as sharp as a sharp sword. It had a sparkling and translucent cold light to it and it was incomparably sharp. 

Seeing that rhinoceros’ horn was faintly aiming towards his chest, as the Cold Armour Rhinoceros was increasing the speed of its attack, it was as if Nie Tian had been invaded by the cold air in the glacier and his heart froze.

He had a kind of feeling that even if someone had a physique as valiant as his, if their thoracic cavity were to be pierced by that rhinoceros’ horn, they would sustain a heavy injury in a flash. 

There were even more Spirit Beasts howling behind the Cold Armour Rhinoceros. There was an abundance of hatred in the cold glow of the eyes of these Spirit Beasts, as they were madly speeding along. 

“Heh!” He chuckled and in the interval of that Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ surprise attack, he immediately backed away. 

Every single one of the eleven Spirit Beasts seemed as though they had gone mad. He didn’t think that he would be able to single-handedly kill all of these Spirit Beasts. 

He naturally wanted to share the pressure with those trial takers from the Ling Bao Court and wanted to let everyone undertake the Spirit Beasts’ rage together with him. 

“Eleven Spirit Beasts!”

“We have just entered the glacier region and eleven Spirit Beasts suddenly appeared. It seems like the number of Spirit Beasts in the Green Illusion realm is even more than we imagined!”

“Everyone, be careful! Prepare for battle!”

The fighting spirit of the trial takers from the Ling Bao Court, who were behind Nie Tian, had all been stirred up by the Spirit Beasts, that had suddenly appeared, and they shouted out one after the other. 

An Ying, Zheng Rui and Pan Tao stood in front of those people, with only Nie Tian being in front of them. 

When she saw that those eleven Spirit Beasts suddenly dashed out, she appeared to be the calmest person. She only took out a saber the shape of a crescent moon from behind. 

She held onto that saber and the sharp end of the blade suddenly swallowed and spat out rays of blazing fire. 

She raised her saber and brandished it in mid-air, slashing out a graceful semicircle arc and shouted out: “Column Array!”

Before they had entered, the trial takers had already been trained by her, and when they heard what she said, they immediately spread out from their chaotic and disorderly state. 

A “conical” shaped battle array faintly took shape in seconds. 

An Ying was that cone’s tip and was the spearhead of the formation. 

“I have drawn out the Spirit Beasts. The rest is all up to you people.” At this moment, Nie Tian was shouting out in bewilderment as he rapidly returned to the troop, “Heh, I came to the Green Illusion Realm only to gain knowledge and experience of the world. I certainly don’t wish to die a quick and early death. I am only at the sixth Lianqi level and my strength is far from all of yours. It’s only natural that you people are the ones left to settle these fellows.”

Once he had finished speaking, he passed An Ying’s side and arrived at the safest region located at the center of the troop.

That Cold Armour Rhinoceros, that had fixed its attention on Nie Tian, madly bolted towards him all the way. After it saw him suddenly joining the crowd, the Cold Armour Rhinoceros immediately diverted its target to An Ying, who was at the forefront of the formation. 

The Cold Armour Rhinoceros had already arrived. An Ying didn’t have time to pay heed to Nie Tian, as she cursed Nie Tian with “what a useless fellow” and already met the enemy head on. 

When the Spirit Beasts appeared one by one and rushed towards Nie Tian, her gaze didn’t leave Nie Tian for even a second. 

She bore An Shi Yue’s warning in mind and wanted to see the wondrous points on Nie Tian’s body. The good thing was that she would report back to her elder sister after she left the Green Illusion Realm. 

When everyone’s life was at stake, not a single person would conceal their trump card any longer. 

She also believed that once Nie Tian spared no effort and battled with the Cold Armour Rhinoceros, Nie Tian would expose many of the secrets on his body under her attentive gaze. 

But, she never imagined, in a million years, that Nie Tian would actually turn around and dash back to them when faced with danger.

Nie Tian completely didn’t have the intention to battle with that Cold Armour Rhinoceros to death, rather he diverted the pressure of that Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ attack onto An Ying.

Even though she knew that Nie Tian’s decision was still the wisest way of handling the situation, but she still hated him, for he had stolen her younger brother’s slot in the trial. An Ying still felt that Nie Tian’s methods were due to Nie Tian’s own cowardice and timidness. 

“Cowardly scoundrel!” She cursed at him and seemed as though she wanted to vent out all her resentment towards Nie Tian. A fiery blade light, that was approximately one meter long, suddenly whirled out from the sharp end of that saber, which was held tightly in her hands.

“Half Moon Slash!”

The blade light that was one meter long slashed out a graceful arc light, which had the shape of a crescent moon. It cut towards the Cold Armour Rhinoceros that was madly approaching. 

- Kaka! -

That Cold Armour Rhinoceros, whose body was three meters long, had actually split open after being chopped by that blade light from the top!

Fresh blood came out like a hurricane from within the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ torn up body!

The Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ madly bolting momentum couldn’t be stopped and its body was forcibly split in half in the middle due to inertia!

When the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ horn was still half a meter away from her, the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ beastly body fell on both sides with a loud bang. 

The heavy scent of blood immediately came out from both halves of the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ beastly body and filled up the whole battlefield. 

“What a valiant woman!” Nie Tian, who was in the center of the troop, had watched An Ying attentively from the start. After he saw that she had used only one slash to divide the Cold Armour Rhinoceros in two equal halves, he was moved to the point of intimidation. 

Even though this Cold Armour Rhinoceros was only a Grade One Spirit Beast, but he had long ago heard that this Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ skin was thick and its flesh was dry. That layer of cold armour made out of pristine ice that covered the beast’s body was even more solid than metal. 

Only An Ying, who was at the ninth Lianqi level, could use the power of one slash to kill and behead the Cold Armour Rhinoceros in such a clean and agile manner. It even made him feel apprehensive. 

“Such a formidable attack definitely isn’t only due to her spiritual energy, rather…” The tip of Nie Tian’s eyebrows twitched. He looked at the saber in her hands and muttered: “It’s that Spirit Weapon. That saber is at least a Middle Grade Spirit Weapon. Moreover, it’s completely compatible with her cultivation attributes and has been immersed by her for many years.”

“Only this way can that saber’s power be exhibited to the greatest degree and release the body’s spiritual energy multiple folds!”

Once he understood this point, there was a hint of a dignified look in Nie Tian’s gaze, as he looked towards An Ying.

“Careful! Those Spirit Beasts are spreading out and getting past me. They are heading towards us from both ends!” It was at this moment that An Ying, who had killed and beheaded the Cold Armour Rhinoceros with a single blade, suddenly reminded everyone loudly. 

At this moment, Nie Tian had also noticed that after the Cold Armour Rhinoceros had been killed and beheaded by An Ying in a flash, those Spirit Beasts who had followed the Cold Armour Rhinoceros and had come forth to attack, seemed to fear her. 

Those remaining Spirit Beasts didn’t madly rush toward An Ying without knowing life or death, rather they gradually spread out and surrounded both sides of the conical shaped troop, as they laid their hands on the other trial takers. 

“Spirit Beasts are also not stupid.” Nie Tian muttered softly. 

He absolutely didn’t have the intention to fight together with everyone, rather he was sizing up those flustered disciples from their respective clans, whilst looking at those Spirit Beasts and secretly evaluating the strength of both parties. 

From his viewpoint, having An Ying here, if there were no mishaps in this battle, they should be able to win it effortlessly. 

There was no need for him to risk his life in this battle at all. 

An Ying, who was holding a saber in her hands, was clearly stronger than those Spirit Beasts in terms of strength. With her here, it was sufficient enough to change the whole situation of the battle. 


“These lowly Spirit Beasts actually dare to attack us. They’re courting death!”

“Get rid of them!”

The trial takers from their respective sects, that were beside him, were shouting out loudly as they all took out different kinds of Spirit Weapons that were sparkling with a precious light. Obviously, all these people were holding treasure-like weapons. Quickly, bizarre spiritual skills and techniques of all kinds took form in their hands. 

A young man, who was holding onto a metal ball that was dark green in colour had similar cultivating attributes as Nie Hong, but the young man was at the eighth Lianqi level. 

Green rays of lightning accompanied the thundering sound that came from that metal ball. These rays of lightning continuously flew out in the form of lasers and made the big silver white spider, that the young man was facing, hover between life and death. 

A young girl, who had a baby doll face, was nervously letting out a sharp whistle, and a sharp wind blade flew out from the dagger in her hands. 

That wind blade cut through the Snow Ape, that she had considered as her target, and under the numerous cuts from the wind blades, the wind blade left the beast’s body with only chunks of its flesh that still had its fur on them. 

“As expected, the inside information from the families of these people are far greater than the capabilities of the Nie Family. The Spirit Weapons that they’ve brought when participating in the Green Illusion Realm’s trial have all evidently reached the Middle Grade. Their Spirit Weapons are out of the ordinary and they have compatible attributes. Every single one of them aren’t easy to handle. It seems that this battle… really has nothing to do with me.” Nie Tian cautiously observed from the sidelines and muttered to himself in his heart. 

He noticed that Zheng Rui and Pan Tao, who were by An Ying’s side and were similarly from the Ling Bao Court, didn’t seem to go all out and they appeared to be handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease. 

After he had a clear understanding of the situation, Nie Tian seemed to become more relaxed. He shrunk back into the conical shaped battle array and didn’t utter a single word, as he deliberately made those trial takers overlook his existence. 

However, not everyone had missed him out.

“Nie Tian! This fight involves all of us. Don’t think of staying out of it!”

Zheng Rui, who was standing beside An Ying, unexpectedly withdrew and coldly took a glance at Nie Tian. He directed a kick at Nie Tian, forcing him to leave the center of the troop and directly face a Spirit Beast on the other side. 

Before he had entered the Green Illusion Realm, Zheng Rui had gotten An Ying’s hint and his heart was already filled with hatred towards an outsider like Nie Tian. 

When everyone was battling, Zheng Rui saw that Nie Tian was hiding amongst everyone in a calm and easygoing manner. He increasingly felt annoyed and just didn’t want to let Nie Tian have an easy time. 

“You really can just do nothing at all in such an intense battle? Go!” Pan Tao also stuck his foot in this matter and kicked Nie Tian. 

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