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Black Mist Palace was located a thousand Li to the South.

Multicoloured poisonous miasma was like a foliage of thick clouds, hanging in suspension in mid-air.

In front of a strange sacrificial table made out of piled up dried bones, there was an ominous woman who was as ugly as a demon. She waved her sharp black nail and was in the process of saying something. 

Those five suntanned young boys and girls who were wearing short sleeves were quietly listening. 

“The four sects consisting of Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley and Black Mist Palace have previously destroyed our major event. Nevertheless, we must do something about it.” That woman was emitting an underworldly green light from within the pupil of her eyes, as she spoke in a cold tone: “There is only one objective for arranging to send all of you to the Green Illusion Realm and that is to kill all those juniors from the four sects that are of the same level as you are, until not a single one is left!”

“Lord Ye Gui, please be at ease. Before we leave the Green Illusion realm, those peers from the four sects will all be dead to the bone.” A skinny and shriveled youngster drew back the the corners of his lips and opened his mouth. He ruthlessly licked his upper lip and looked like a wild blood-thirsty beast.

That youngster’s name was Mo Xi and was at the ninth Lianqi level. He was also a Ghost Sect disciple.

A necklace made out of bone fingers hung on his chest. Each and every one of those bone fingers belonged to those that he had killed, who possessed a strength equal to his own. 

Whenever the Ghost Sect disciples had attacked and killed an enemy of equal strength, they would chop off the top end of the enemy’s thumb and string them together.

The other four Ghost Sect disciples used the bones of the enemy’s finger and turned them into a bone cluster which could only be used as a bracelet.

Only Mo Xi could make those bone fingers into a necklace and wear it on his neck, because he had killed and beheaded too many opponents of the same level.

He was clearly the most powerful and most frightening of the five.

“Yes, with you going, I would naturally feel reassured.” The old woman who was called Ye Gui ominously laughed strangely, and said: “The people from the Blood Sect have also arrived.” 

Once she had finished her sentence, a strong-looking man with messy fiery-red hair could be seen leading five Blood Sect youngsters to the front of the sacrificial table made out of dried up bones.

That strong-looking man had hair as red as fresh blood and those loose strands drooped on his wide forehead. At a glance, it seemed like streams of bloodstains. 

The five males and females following behind him were emitting extremely obvious stenches of blood, as if those youngsters had just drank their fill of fresh blood, and had previously experienced a bloody feast. 

The female, who was leading the group, was dressed in splendid clothes and her general facial appearance was like a painting, but the look on her face was an extremely cold one, and she had a look that prevented strangers from getting close to her. 

“Yu Tong! It’s actually you from the Blood Sect who is leading this squadron?” When Mo Xi from the Ghost Sect saw that girl, he cried out in surprise, “Shouldn’t you be attacking the Houtian Realm?”

“I will step into the Houtian Realm when I am in the Green Illusion Realm.” Yu Tong from the Blood Sect replied coldly.

“Heh, it seems like the previous matter has also really angered your Blood Sect, because they have actually appointed Yu Tong to enter the Green Illusion Realm.” The old woman from the Ghost Sect let out a horrifyingly low laugh. She nodded her head and said: “This is also very good. With only one Mo Xi, I still feel a little insecure. Now that we also have Yu Tong, then there is no problem anymore.”

“The trial’s mission for those fellows from the four sects is to kill and behead four Grade Two Spirit Beasts.” The strong-looking warrior from the Blood Sect laughed sinisterly and said to those Blood Sect disciples behind him: “Your mission is not those four Spirit Beasts, rather it is all of the disciples from the four sects that are participating in the Green Illusion Realm’s trial!”

“You guys are the hunters!”

“The four main preys are Ling Bao Court’s An Ying, Lingyun Sect’s Jiang Lingzhu, Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng and Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin!”

“They’re the core disciples, who are viewed by the four sects as being seeds. The person who kills them and takes their head out of the Green Illusion Realm will definitely be heavily rewarded!”

“A debt of blood must be paid in blood. The four sects dared to destroy our major event and as such, they should not blame us for destroying the foundation of their future!”

The strong-looking man from the Blood Sect spoke coldly.

“It is almost time.” The old woman from the Ghost Sect took out a spicule and threw it into the sacrificial table,which was made out of dried up bones.

A light gate that was dark green in colour gradually took form at the center of the sacrificial table. 

“After all, the Green Illusion Realm is not our secret realm. It has also taken us a great amount of effort to access the gate to the secret realm. All of you must remember to finish the matter within half a year and it would be better if you could return ahead of time.” When the old woman opened the gate, she repeatedly warned them with a solemn expression on her face, “Those who return late and those who have been found by the people from the four sects are awaiting death in the Green Illusion Realm.”


“We can complete the matter in three months’ worth of time. Those who do not possess the skills to return should just die in the Green Illusion Realm!”

“The door has opened!”

The old woman’s sinister gaze swept across each and every one of the ten trial takers from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, before she finally said: “Go!”


Green Illusion Realm.

Since Nie Tian was actually not a disciple of the Ling Bao Court’s subordinate clan, not a single person acknowledged him throughout the whole journey. 

He was happy to be unrestrained and also didn’t have the intention to have a conversation with these youngsters. He had even deliberately pulled himself to the back and only followed them from a distance.

Before An Ying had entered the Green Illusion Realm, the Ling Bao Court’s Elders must have given her pointers. She took out a map from time to time and only after examining it carefully would she point out the directions.

It was obvious that she roughly knew the location of the python which can be exchanged for the Heaven Comprehending Pill through the use of that map. 

An Ying was leading those people from the Ling Bao Court through the cold and silent wilderness, as they were going faster and faster.

The Green Illusion Realm didn’t have stars and there was no difference between day and night. If there was also no special device that could be used to count time, it was difficult to know the exact time and date. 

Nie Tian came from the Nie Family, and it was naturally impossible for him to possess a similar tool and so, he did not specifically know how long they had been going through the wilderness. 

Based on his feelings, they should have already stayed in this cold and silent wilderness for at least two days.

They didn’t come across any Spirit Beasts in these two days and all they could see was the skeletons of Spirit Beasts everywhere.

“We are about to pass through the wilderness. Those glaciers in front of us are our destination. That ice-cold python is within those glaciers. From now on, everyone must be slightly more careful.” Today, An Ying suddenly stopped in her tracks and pointed towards those faintly appearing mountain peaks, explaining to everyone, “The wilderness was originally the living ground of the different barbaric tribes and was once the territory of those different tribes.”

“The different tribes have already long since died, until not a single one was left and that is the reason why we have been safe along the way.”

“But once we leave this wilderness and enter that glacier region, we’re going to start facing the Green Illusion Realm’s Spirit Beasts. Those Spirit Beasts that only exist in the Green Illusion Realm regard all outsiders with animosity. Once they see us, they will immediately attack.”

“After all, all of the High Grade Spirit Beasts have died by the hands of our four sects, and even they understand this point.”

When An Ying was speaking, her line of sight fell on the end, and she suddenly looked towards Nie Tian. 


Nie Tian had a blank look on his face as he didn’t know why An Ying would suddenly stare at him at this moment.

“The ones at the back can come across Spirit Beasts at any moment. The ones at the forefront are most likely to be attacked by Spirit Beasts.” An Ying let out a low laugh, “The environment, where the glacier is at, is complex. No one knows where the Spirit Beasts are hiding and from which area they’ll suddenly launch their attack.” 

Once those words were spoken, Zheng Rui and Pan Tao displayed expressions that harboured malicious intent.

“Nie Tian, you’re not one of our Ling Bao Court’s people. Since you have taken advantage of our Ling Bao Court and obtained a token that enables you to enter the Green Illusion Realm’s trial, nevertheless, you should do something for us. Hehe, the task of finding a path ahead naturally falls onto you.” An Ying narrowed her eyes and smiled evilly. 

All of a sudden, all of the trial takers gazes converged on Nie Tian’s body.

When those young men and young women that came from each of their families looked towards him, all of their eyes were filled with malice.

It was obvious, that they all felt that letting Nie Tian, who was an outsider, to go and find a path and to be the very first to confront danger, was to be expected as a matter of course. 

“Can I say no?” Nie Tian said with a bitter laugh.

“Sure.” An Ying’s smile was increasingly happier, “So long as you leave us and move about on your own in the Green Illusion Realm, you can then not listen to my commands.”

Nie Tian touched his nose and nodded, “Alright, I’ll head furthest to the front to find a path.”

A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are stacked against him. He was completely unfamiliar with the Green Illusion Realm and once he left everyone from the Ling Bao Court, it would be like he had gone blind.

That map in An Ying’s hands enabled them to find four Grade Two Spirit Beasts and he regarded it as an extremely important item. 

Once he left An Ying, he would be like a headless fly and he wouldn’t be able to find the gate in this expansive Green Illusion Realm.

So much so that it was possible that he wouldn’t be able to find the road to return and could not leave the Green Illusion Realm after half a year. 

Therefore, even though he knew perfectly well that An Ying was aiming directly at him, he could only temporarily regress his anger and bottle it up for now.

“It’s good that you’re obedient. Go, you will take us into the glacier up ahead and let us see whether the Green Illusion Realm’s Spirit Beasts are really as formidable as what the Elders say.” An Ying said, pleased with herself.

“Okay.” Nie Tian obediently complied.

Very quickly, he surpassed everyone and arrived at the forefront from the furthest end of the troop in a short while.

Under An Ying’s urging gaze, Nie Tian strode onwards and after using half an hour’s worth of time, he had truly passed through the wilderness below his feet, and reached the glacier area where Spirit Beasts roamed about.

“Ao! Hao!”

Once he entered the glacier, the angry roars of each and every one of the Spirit Beasts suddenly rang out.


Large amounts of Spirit Beasts suddenly scuttled out from behind the jade trees that were bright and transparent like ice. Hatred was flickering in the eyes of those Spirit Beasts and they took the initiative to pounce towards Nie Tian. 

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