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As Nie Tian's heart started to pound heavily, the green aura that had been coiled at the bottom of his heart suddenly rushed out.

Wisps of blood seemed to be channeled by the green aura as they flowed out of his veins all over his body and infused into the bloody-red light screen created by the Flame Dragon Armor.

The moment the light screen received Nie Tian's blood, it seemed to have found a brand-new source of energy, and it instantly lit up!

Ning Yang's golden sword, the tip of which was piercing into the blood-colored light screen, suddenly began to tremble violently.

As the green aura also flew into the bloody-red light screen, Nie Tian could see with great clarity that it rushed directly towards the tip of the golden sword.


Trembling nonstop, Ning Yang's originally sharp sword seemed to have suddenly become dull.

Like a green flash, the green aura flew right into the golden sword.

The floating sword seemed to have been infused with thousands of tons of weight, and suddenly dropped to the ground.

At the same time, Ning Yang, who was focused on infusing the golden sword with more golden light, experienced a violent shudder in his body, his face filled with shock and confusion.

While he was shocked into a daze, his hands, which were rapidly moving to form exquisite hand seals, exploded.

A bloody mist was created around his badly mangled hands. Bloody wounds appeared on his body, which no longer seemed to be made of pure, impenetrable metal.


At that moment, Pei Qiqi's Ethereal Swords finally penetrated his skin and pierced into his back.

Ning Yang let out a muffled groan and prepared to launch counter-attacks. However, Xue Long's sword then slashed heavily into his shoulder.


The sound of bone cracking rang out from Ning Yang's shoulder. Standing straight like a spear, Ning Yang's legs sank into the sand from the terrifying impact of Xue Long's full-force slash.


After Ning Yang's golden sword fell to the ground, the green aura immediately rushed back into Nie Tian's body and returned to his heart.

With the major threat lifted, Nie Tian blurred into action and appeared in front of Ning Yang. Without the slightest hesitation, he summoned his remaining strength and bombarded Ning Yang's chest with a Rage Punch.

Upon the explosive impact, the flesh on Ning Yang's chest split open, creating another blood mist.

After puking a large amount of blood, Ning Yang's unwavering, mountain-like body was sent staggering backwards.

Meanwhile, the four Ethereal Swords pierced deeper into his back.

Still standing straight, Ning Yang had blood dripping down from his hands, chest, and mouth.


Finally, he fell backwards, shock and fear replacing the fierceness in his eyes.

Lying facing the sky, he stared off into the heavens, as it seemed that he didn't understand what had just happened.

It appeared that he couldn't believe that the Heaven stage Nie Tian had actually launched such a powerful strike.

"The Flame Dragon Armor…" Staring blankly into the sky, a train of thoughts entered Ning Yang's mind. He seemed to be marveling at the formidable might of this Spirit Channeling grade treasure, among many other things. 

At that moment, Xue Long cried out, hoping to stop Pei Qiqi, "Stop! Don't!"

When Ning Yang had collapsed to the ground, Pei Qiqi had unleashed an exquisite spatial magic and formed a sparking spatial blade with a series of hand seals.

At this moment, Pei Qiqi was manipulating the spatial blade to finish Ning Yang off while he wasn't able to protect himself.


Xue Long fended off Pei Qiqi's spatial blade from Ning Yang's neck with his sword.

He shouted at Pei Qiqi, "Have you lost your mind? He still is a disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect! The Heaven Palace Sect hasn't officially expelled him yet, which means he is still under the the Heaven Palace Sect's protection!

"If you kill him, considering the Heaven Palace Sect's influence, they'll definitely get to the bottom of it.

"Once you've angered the Heaven Palace Sect, no one will be able to keep you safe, not even your master!"

Xue Long's cry quelled Pei Qiqi's soaring killing intent. As she gradually calmed herself, she stood in silence, as if she had come to realize that if she had actually killed Ning Yang, she probably wouldn't be able to find a single place that was safe for her in the entire Domain of the Falling Stars.


At that moment, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound echoed out from the direction of the meteor's crash site.

Nie Tian, Xue Long, and Pei Qiqi turned around and discovered that bright lights were flashing across the air in that area. The rampaging spiritual power fluctuations were even causing the earth to tremble.

Furious flames, slithering lightning bolts, endless ice shards, and devastating thunder rolls had turned that area into a realm of death.

In the very distant sky, where spiritual powers were clashing nonstop, two insignificant figures could be seen attacking a cyan cloud together from both sides.


All of a sudden, Li Langfeng, who was supposed to be holding off the Phantasm, flashed into appearance, covered in blood and coughing nonstop.

With every cough, he would spit out a mouthful of grimy blood, which fell heavily into the sand, like small cannon balls.

Solid cyan pieces could be seen within them, as if they were clusters of foreign energies within the phantasm Qi which he wasn't able to absorb and refine.

As powerful as he was, he couldn't even support his own weight at this moment.

He had to get down on one knee and process the corrosive energy the Phantasm had left in him in that position. Through spitting out his own blood, he gradually expelled the incompatible alien energies from his system.

Since the moment he appeared, Nie Tian and the others had fixed all of their attention on him.

Under their confused gazes, Li Langfeng said weakly after another cough, "That Phantasm was way too powerful. If those two Worldly realm Wild Fire experts didn't sense the battle between me and that Phantasm and come to my aid, I would have been killed already."

Xue Long was flabbergasted. "What? Worldly realm experts from the Wild Fire were attracted by your battle against that Phantasm?" 

Face pale and eyes lifeless, Li Langfeng nodded slightly. "Our battle caused a major stir in that area. Since we were not far from Ash City, those two Wild Fire experts were on one of their trips to the forbidden region. They sensed our battle and came.

"After all, the Phantasm is an outsider. Even though I was never close to the Wild Fire, the moment they saw the Phantasm, they threw themselves at it.

"I was so badly injured that I had to get out of there."

After a brief explanation, he caught sight of Ning Yang, who was lying feeble and staring into the heavens, and said, "Did you three do this to him?"

Even though Li Langfeng had only caught a glimpse of Ning Yang's battle skills, he was convinced that this man wasn't someone Xue Long could handle.

Even if he was still at the Greater Heaven stage, he wouldn't have confidence to beat this man in a battle.

From what Li Langfeng could tell, both Nie Tian's and Pei Qiqi's strengths were very limited. He didn't believe either of them could provide Xue Long with noticeable assistance.

"Umm... Yeah." A bitter smile filled Xue Long's face.

He knew perfectly clearly why Li Langfeng seemed so surprised.

He was well-aware that Li Langfeng didn't think very highly of his battle prowess, which was why he had only urged them to try their best to escape from Ning Yang's pursuit.

Li Langfeng believed that if the three of them cooperated well enough, they would probably be able to lose Ning Yang.

As a matter of fact, even now, Xue Long still found the scene in front of him a bit unreal.

He had never expected that Nie Tian would have been able to withstand Ning Yang's full-force attack.

Only because Ning Yang had focused his mind and all of his strength on killing Nie Tian had he and Pei Qiqi found the opportunity to approach and attack Ning Yang without encountering any resistance.

If Nie Tian hadn't shouldered most of Ning Yang's attacking force, he and Pei Qiqi probably wouldn't have been able to even get close to Ning Yang.

Although they had won this battle and Ning Yang was no longer capable of fighting back, he wasn't happy at all.

If Nie Tian hadn't come back for him, he probably would have been killed by Ning Yang already.

"Sorry, Brother Xue," Li Langfeng said solemnly. "I shouldn't have underestimated you."

He assumed that Xue Long was the main reason why the three of them had been able to make Ning Yang suffer from severe injuries and collapse.

Before, he didn't have a high opinion of Xue Long, and assumed that his battle prowess wasn't on the same level as Ning Yang.

Ning Yang's total defeat made him change his opinion about Xue Long completely.

However, after being appraised by him, Xue Long seemed very embarrassed. He put on a wry smile and said, "Well, this was mainly thanks to Nie Tian. I didn't do much."

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, "You're being humble. If it weren't for you, I would have been dead already."

With these words, Nie Tian stepped to Ning Yang's side, where he looked down at the already-unconscious Ning Yang silently.

"What do you want to do, Nie Tian!?" Xue Long exclaimed.

With a calm expression and a determined tone, Nie Tian said, "Uncle Xue, the enmity between him and me has become so great that it can never be forgiven. I took the third fragmentary star mark from him, along with the unbelievable fortune that comes with it. As long as he's alive, he won't allow me to live in peace."

Flabbergasted, Xue Long said, "You want to kill him?! No! You've got to calm down! He's still a disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect!"

"But he's too powerful. He possesses such formidable battle prowess while he's only at the Greater Heaven stage." Nie Tian seemed to have mulled over his decision. "If he survives this fierce battle, he'll definitely advance into the Worldly realm. Once that happens, I'm afraid that I won't even be able to sleep at night. I can't afford to let him live. Otherwise, he's going to be my worst nightmare."

With these words, he had already summoned the fire-attributed broadsword he had used to kill Qiu Yang, and intended to drive it through Ning Yang's neck.

At that moment, Ning Yang's eyes snapped open as he shouted, "Do you actually dare to kill me?!"

"How about I do it for you, Nie Tian?" Li Langfeng said with an intrigued expression on his face.  His eyes were filled with approval and appreciation as he looked at Nie Tian. "I'm all by myself and bound by no rules. Even if killing him means I won't be able to make a living in the Realm of Split Void anymore, I can just go to other realms. I'm not afraid of the Heaven Palace Sect. Let me do you the favor."

Nie Tian shook his head. "It won't be necessary." 

Amidst Ning Yang's shriek, his sword slashed down from midair.

Unable to defend himself, Ning Yang had his head severed from his body. Even still, his eyes were still wide open, as if he still couldn't believe that Nie Tian would actually have the audacity to kill him despite his noble status.

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