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Now that the Flame Dragon Armor was there to distract Ning Yang, Xue Long was no longer worried that he would have to shoulder the task of defending against him single-handedly.

After hearing Nie Tian's words, Xue Long, who had been messed up really badly by Ning Yang, shared his determination to seriously injure or even kill Ning Yang.

"Go!" With a thought, Xue Long commanded his sword to fly out of his ring of holding.

As it did, it slashed in midair, sending out a ten-meter long sword light, which pierced directly towards Ning Yang's chest!

Ning Yang, who had hacked onto the Flame Dragon Armor's surface with his golden sword, was attempting to destroy the Flame Dragon Armor's internal structure according to his understanding of the profound truths of metal power.

When Xue Long's sword light sailed through the air and pierced towards him, he had no choice but to spare some of his attention to defend against it.

"Golden Armor Shield!" With an effortless move of his hand, Ning Yang cast out a shield glittering with brilliant, golden light.

The golden shield was hexagonal. It rotated in the air and immediately formed a wall of golden light, blocking the path of Xue Long's ten-meter long sword light. 

"Split!" Upon Xue Long's cold harrumph, his sword light split into three smaller sword lights, two of which bypassed the golden light wall.

Like two swift fish, they flanked Ning Yang, harboring the intentions to pierce into both sides of his ribcage.

"You're just too stubborn!" With a ice-cold look in his eyes, Ning Yang made a grabbing motion towards Xue Long's sword lights with his empty hand, as if he were channeling something.

In the next moment, countless golden lights shone out of his palm, and a strange force was born, which forcibly bent Xue Long's two sword lights and changed their directions.

They whizzed by Ning Yang's side, one from the left and one from the right, when they were only one meter away from him.

"Hmm?" The tips of Ning Yang's eyebrows rose as he seemed to sense an anomaly, so he rapidly turned around to check.

Watery ripples began to spread out gently in the empty space behind him.

All of a sudden, four slender swords appeared from within the ripples.

Sharp sounds rang out as the four swords seemed to have pierced through the barrier of space and flown towards Ning Yang like four bolts of lightning.

"Ethereal Swords! Senior Martial Sister!" Nie Tian exclaimed.


Xue Long's two sword lights pierced into the desert ground. As they did, a blue shadow appeared out of nowhere.

Ning Yang let out a cold harrumph as he retracted his golden spiritual sword from the Flame Dragon Armor. "Are you courting death?!" 

With a few graceful swings of the sword, he sent out one golden sword light after another towards the incoming Ethereal Swords.

The Ethereal Swords flickered constantly as they traveled through the air, disappearing in one moment and appearing in the next.

However, Ning Yang's golden sword lights seemed to possess their own spirit and awareness. With great precision, they rapidly sought out the Ethereal Swords.


Even though the Ethereal Swords hid themselves in the void, they were located, bombarded by the golden sword lights, and brought down from midair.

Pei Qiqi let out a muffled groan as blood trickled down the corner of her exquisite mouth.


At that moment, Nie Tian rapidly formed a spiritual energy ball and cast it towards Ning Yang.

Ning Yang didn't even turn around before a dazzling, golden lightning bolt shot out of his back.

When the spiritual energy ball was still ten meters away from him, it was penetrated by the fierce, golden lightning bolt and exploded.

However, as Ning Yang spared his attention to deal with Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian, Xue Long's one remaining sword light finally penetrated the defensive light wall created by Ning Yang's golden shield.

As it happened, Ning Yang's expression finally flickered slightly.

Nie Tian, who was about to summon strength to form more spiritual energy balls, suddenly sensed a strong attractive force being born within the Flame Dragon Armor, which was within arms-reach from Ning Yang.

In the next moment, his flame power was forcibly pulled away from his madly rotating vortex of flame power.

The flame power seemed to have turned into a river of flames and infused into the Flame Dragon Armor in a split second.

As soon as his flame power poured into the Flame Dragon Armor, he was struck by a strong feeling that the connection between him and the Flame Dragon Armor had become unprecedentedly strong!

At the same time, he noticed that his psychic power was also being pulled away from him at an amazing speed.


By casting a short-range Starshift, Nie Tian suddenly appeared in a location close to Ning Yang.

The Flame Dragon Armor flew back to him after sensing his appearance in the vicinity.

However, unlike the times before, the Flame Dragon Armor didn't return to his bracelet of holding. Instead, it descended upon him from above his head and fell on his body.

Scalding heat immediately came from the heavy, mountain-like suit of armor.

Standing not far from Ning Yang, Nie Tian experienced severe pain in his knees as his whole body sank slightly, as if he had been hammered into the ground. Like a pair of spears, his feet pierced deeply into the sand.

Panting nonstop, he struggled to channel his flesh power towards his legs. Only by doing that was he barely able to withstand the terrifying weight of the Flame Dragon Armor.

At that moment, raging flames were unleashed from the Flame Dragon Armor's crimson surface, while numerous fiery patterns and seals slithered on it like living dragons or snakes.

But for some reason, the blazing flames unleashed by the Flame Dragon Armor only caused slight discomfort to Nie Tian.

They didn't inflict the slightest damage to his fleshy body.

With a brief examination, he discovered that the torrential flames were laced with his own flame power.

The flame power that had been channeled away from him seemed to have merged with the Flame Dragon Armor and thus allowed it to carry his aura so that he would be able to withstand the destructive flames it released.

While he was secretly amazed, he sensed that the Flame Dragon Armor had started absorbing his flame power again.

Not only that, but his flesh power, which was much richer and purer than that of Qi warriors at his cultivation stage, was infused into the Flame Dragon Armor along with it.

The Flame Dragon Armor, which seemed to weigh over three thousand tons, seemed to have become so much lighter after absorbing his flesh power.


Ning Yang met Xue Long's incoming sword with his golden sword. Upon contact, numerous fragmented sparks shot out into the surroundings, many of which flew directly towards Nie Tian like tiny daggers.

At that time, under the Flame Dragon Armor's channeling, raging flames mixed with Nie Tian's flesh power and formed a bloody-red light screen over Nie Tian's body.

As the dagger-like sparks approached Nie Tian, they had their might cut in half by the chaotic magnetic field.

Then, when they actually reached the bloody-red light screen, their attacks were as weak as tickling, and thus didn't cause any damage to the protective screen at all.

Nie Tian examined it with rapt attention, and discovered that the sputtering sparks had failed to bring the slightest changes to the bloody-red light screen.

Astonishment could be seen in his wide eyes. "I-is this the true might of the Flame Dragon Armor?"

With this thought, he attempted to move his legs, and found that even though the Flame Dragon Armor still felt incomparably heavy, he was able to move about in it.

After neutralizing Xue Long's full-force attack and making Pei Qiqi puke blood, Ning Yang finally laid his eyes on Nie Tian again. "From the look of it, you don't intend to hand me the fragmentary star marks." 

At that moment, Nie Tian was standing only ten meters from him, wearing the Flame Dragon Armor.

Without any warning, he shot his golden sword towards Nie Tian.

The golden sword unleashed ear-piercingly sharp whistles as it entered Nie Tian's chaotic magnetic field within a breath's time.

The various types of power within the chaotic magnetic field disturbed and distorted the power Ning Yang had infused into his golden sword.

However, the golden was only slowed down slightly as it pierced towards Nie Tian's chest with an unstoppable momentum.


The golden sword was finally met with strong obstruction as it made contact with the bloody-red light screen. It was actually stopped by the light screen formed by raging flames and Nie Tian's flesh essence.

The numerous fiery patterns and seals on the Flame Dragon Armor's surface were rapidly slithering around.

Nie Tian and his Flame Dragon Armor seemed to have turned into a burning sun, and started to emanate frighteningly fierce light and heat.

Nie Tian was struck by a feeling that all of his flame power and most of his flesh power had been sucked away by the Flame Dragon Armor in a flash.

"What?!" Ning Yang exclaimed, standing out of Nie Tian's chaotic magnetic field, constantly waving his hands to form hand seals.

All of a sudden, countless golden electric arcs flew out from between his palms, rushed into the chaotic magnetic field, and disappeared into his golden sword.

After receiving Ning Yang's reinforcement, the golden sword began to pierce into the blood-colored light screen little by little.


The sounds of the Ethereal Swords rang out again.

Xue Long also charged towards Ning Yang, roaring madly.

Ning Yang's expression remained calm as ever. With a thought, he called his floating golden shield back, which morphed into a streak of golden light and flew back to him.

To everyone's surprise, as the golden light approached, Ning Yang actually opened his mouth and swallowed it.

Immediately afterwards, the golden shield seemed to merge with his flesh and blood.


Metallic clashes rang out as Pei Qiqi's four Ethereal Swords made contact with Ning Yang's back. None of them managed to pierce into Ning Yang's skin, but rather, they seemed to have met a piece of metal.

Simultaneously, Xue Long's sword slashed down onto Ning Yang's shoulder.


Sparks sputtered off Ning Yang's shoulder. His well-built body shuddered as his eyes were suddenly filled with wrath.

Ning Yang's skin could now be seen through his torn garments, and unexpectedly, it was the same color as the golden shield he had just swallowed. The shield seemed to have fully merged with him, making his body impenetrable.

"Come on!" Xue Long's fighting spirit seemed to be further bolstered. After assuming a firm grip on his sword, he hacked madly at Ning Yang's head and neck over and over again.

Pei Qiqi also approached Ning Yang. She strengthened her Ethereal Swords with her profound spatial magics and commanded them to pierce towards Ning Yang's back.

On the other hand, enveloped by the bloody-red light screen, Nie Tian's face start to look sinister.

Every last bit of his flame power and flesh power had been pulled away by the Flame Dragon Armor.

All the other types of power seemed incompatible with the Flame Dragon Armor, and thus couldn't be used to strengthen the bloody-red light screen.

However, Ning Yang's golden sword was unleashing increasingly mighty power. From the look of it, it could shatter the blood-colored light screen at any moment.

Nie Tian threw his head back and let out a explosive roar, "Ning Yang!!!"

It was at that moment of life or death that his heart started racing again.

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