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All of the Heavens Glory, at the back of Nie Tian's hand, merged with each other rapidly.

天耀内,众多的太古符文,也都纷纷重新排列,将碎星诀的上篇,真正完整地展现。Within the Heavens Glory, numerous ancient seal-writings too, continuously rearranged itself once more, letting the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars to truly show itself.

Not long after, Nie Tian saw right away inside the Heavenly Gates Picture, all of the heavens glory that came from him, Wu Lin, Xuan Ke and Su Lin, after they fused into one, turned into a hexagram.

The hexagram was imprinted inside the Heavenly Gate Pictures. It was dazzlingly bright. Within it, all of the ancient seal-writings which went through a reorganization and arrangement caused the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars to appear.

A strand of Nie Tian's mental consciousness acted willfully and right away escaped into the hexagram.

The ancient seal writings, one after another, were arranged neatly and tidily. It could be observed and read with mental consciousness.

It's just that, observing and reading the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars seemed to extremely consume mental energy.

He had merely went through roughly for a while and he had already felt that a bit of his energy was failing. He had no choice but to temporarily withdraw from the hexagram.

Previously, the mental consciousness that intruded Su Lin had all returned at the moment when Su Lin was thrown out of Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace.

Su Lin was not here anymore. However, because he observed and read the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars, he once again consumed quite a lot of mental energy.

He, with his eyebrows knitted, observed carefully for a while and noticed that in the area where the Zhongtian and Xiantian Experts were, the battles were still going on.

On the side of the Zhongtian Realm, there were only two people who were still fighting fiercely. Both of them were covered all over with cuts and bruises. It seemed that at the moment when they finally settled out who died and who lived, perhaps the person who lived would also not be well.

In the Xiantian area, there were only Tang Yang and another person who remained. They were still attacking the same expert that came from Heaven's Palace.

The Xiantian Realm expert who was known as little martial uncle by Su Lin, after continuously killing a number of people, he too looked rather exhausted.

However, Tang Yang and the other person who besieged him, their condition was much worse than them.

With Nie Tian's judgement, at the side of the Xiantian Realm, the final victor should be Su Lin's little martial uncle.

"The last part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, perhaps I could not hope for it." Nie Tian whispered and took back his line of sight,"The mid part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, perhaps I could still try."

Thinking like that, he did not hurry himself to observe and read the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars. He stopped wasting his mental energy.

At the Houtian Area where only him remained, he once again, with the odd art that he found out from the mysterious foreign land, condensed spiritual balls to recover the spiritual and mental energy he consumed in the battle against Su Lin.

In between, he had even taken out huge spiritual beast meats from his storage bracelet and swallowed them.

He was preparing secretly. He wanted to make his own strength to once again climb up to the peak in the shortest time.

After that, he would wait patiently, wait for the area in the Zhongtian Realm, right at the moment when one of the two people died, he would instantly passed through those seven-colored light river.

He felt that he could only make his move at the moment when the victor in Zhongtian Realm just murdered his opponent and was at his weakest. Only then would he have a vivid possibility to obtain the middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars.

If they gave the victors more time, letting him borrow the medicines and the spiritual energy in that area to recover, it would be difficult for him to have profits.


The rich heaven and earth spiritual energy, under the urge of his secret art, quickly gathered into spiritual balls.

When he was right about to channel in the spiritual energy into his spiritual sea with his Lianqi Art and pulled out the unusual force that nourished the mind, he suddenly shake his mind.

He suddenly saw bits of star tips flying and dropping from the dome in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Those star tips were originally supposed to be sputtered into the different kinds of mysterious arts on the wall and made the mysterious pictures became dazzlingly bright.

However, because the Lianqi Warriors of different cultivation levels in the three areas had previously, through their mental energy, took in all of the mysterious pictures into their sky heaven.

This had caused those wall, the mysterious pictures that were on those wall to no longer be visible at this moment. Those walls were now already empty and had nothing.

From inside the dome, in the star river that no one knew how far away it was, the bits of star tips that got shot out suddenly dropped towards the area where he was at.

At the back of Nie Tian's hand, the hexagram picture in the Heavenly Gate suddenly became as bright as a star.

The star tips that fell were as if they were being drew upon by the picture of the hexagram. They actually spilled onto Nie Tian's body.

Also at this moment, the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars in the hexagram, some of the ancient seal writings that Nie Tian roughly swept across previously, had become clear and profound in Nie Tian's memory.

Nie Tian was like he had a flash of realization. He understood the meaning those ancient seal-writings represented in a while and had known about how he should attract and took in the star tips that were falling.

The bits of star tips, under Nie Tian's guidance, they actually followed his heavenly spiritual cover and slowly escaped into his brain.

Nie Tian felt to himself. He immediately saw among his spiritual sea knowledge, there was a bit of starlight sparkling.

Following even more star tips descending from the star river inside the dome, the bit of starlight that appeared in Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge became increasingly brighter.

"One star fragments! One star fragment that dropped into the spiritual sea knowledge! This is the Art of Fragmentary Stars?"

Nie Tian shaked abruptly. His eyes were showing an odd color as he immediately observed the mysteries about the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

The Art of Fragmentary Stars was actually a mental refining, or to be more precise, a kind of secret art that refined spirit.

Secret Soul Art, in the nine heavenly domains, was an extremely rare magical art.

Channelling into the star river light, making the starlight refined into the spiritual sea knowledge and appearing in the state of star fragments. This kind of odd spiritual refinement art had preciousness and weirdness that was even more hard to imagine.

Nie Tian also, in an instant, understood the reason why Heaven's Palace from Black Sky Domain has been so drooled with desire for the Art of Fragmentary Stars.

In order to get all three parts of the Art of Fragmentary Stars- first,mid, last, Heaven's Palace had despatched Su Lin, along with her little martial uncle.

This, was only the things that he knew.

The things that he did not know, he too did not know just how many Heaven's Palace Expert had similarly rushed into the Heavenly Gate and was coordinating with Su Lin and her little martial uncle's movement.

"Art of Fragmentary Stars! The secret art of spiritual refinement!"

Nie Tian could not help but felt excited. His battle with Wu Lin had made him realized that even though he had mental energy that was not weak, he was however unable to use it skillfully, unable to make his extraordinary mental energy turn into a truly exquisite powerhouse.

At the time after his fight with Wu Lin ended, he had secretly made up his mind that after he left the Heavenly Gate, he would definitely ask for some secret mental arts from his master Wu Ji.

He had never thought that the secret mental arts that his heart had incomparably dread for would, at this moment, be imprinted within the hexagram that was inside the Heavenly Gate Picture.

So long as he continued to condense mental energy and delved into it conscientiously, he would be able to thoroughly comprehend the oddity of the Art of Fragmentary Stars and turned it into secret mental arts.

Furthermore, the Art of Fragmentary Stars was not only secret mental art, it was even the weird spiritual refinement art!

One day, when he was strong enough and that his mental energy could evolve into soul energy, until that moment only would the Art of Fragmentary Stars be able to show its true strength!

He who was incessantly excited stopped letting his imagination ran wild but rather, he continuously drew in the tips of stars according to the ancient seal-writing that was incomparably profound and clear in his memory.

The bits of star tips constantly poured down from the star river within the dome. It was channelled by him into the spiritual sea knowledge one by one.

At this moment, he noticed that other than himself, all the people that remained had not been like him and drew in those star tips.

Shortly, he understood that because the fights in Zhongtian area and Xiantian area had not ended, and that the middle and the last part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars had not assembled and reorganized, therefore the people who obtained the sky heavens all still had not been able to peep at the middle and last part of Art of Fragmentary Stars.

Only him, even though he had obtained only the first part of the Art of Fragmentary Star, but because that magical art had been completed, he seemed to only be able to pull down the star tips that dropped.

"This opportunity must be grasped tightly!"


After realizing this point, he felt increasingly blessed. He took the opportunity of when the star tips were still sputtering and used the secret art that he just comprehended not too long ago fully with all his might. He channelled the numerous star tips into his spiritual sea knowledge.

Within his spiritual sea knowledge, that star fragment, after getting a large amount of star tips flowing in, had not only become increasingly bright and brilliant, it was also slowly becoming bigger.

The star fragments that were originally as big as a grain of rice, through just a moment of star tips coming together, had already become as big as a finger.


Among the star fragments the size of a finger, there was a spiritual fluctuation that was surging up extremely violently present. From what he felt, he feared that the mental energy stored within the bits of star fragments might be much richer than all of the mental energy that he gathered in his spiritual sea knowledge. Furthermore, the degree to which it was miraculous too far surpassed his previous mental energy.

"The sky is helping me!"


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