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The sprinkling starlights on top of the dome of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was not really never-ending.

Those glistening star tips, after raining down for a while, had gradually stopped.

And at this moment, within Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge, three star fragments had already condensed.

The three star fragments hung highly within Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge. It was shining and glistening. The mental energy stored within it was not only incomparably pure, it was also imprinted with the might of stars.

Nie Tian's spiritual sea knowledge, because of the existence of the three star fragments, seemed to have quietly evolved towards the vast and boundless star river. It was filled with mysteries.

Waited until the star tips was no longer dropping down, Nie Tian too woke up bit by bit from his cultivation.

His understanding towards the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars was only limited to the previous graceful glance. He had only comprehended the method to guide and lead the starlight into his spiritual sea knowledge. He hasn't had the time to experience the rest of the bizarre points delicately.
At the moment he opened his eyes, he felt refreshed. His spiritual energy and his blood and flesh energy had all recovered like before.

Because of the three star fragments that condensed in his spiritual sea knowledge, this had made his mental energy reached a strongest point that was like never before.
He quickly looked towards the Zhongtian zone. He immediately realized after he went through the process of drawing in the star tips, the battle over there had ended unconsciously.
One of them had his body all split up in pieces. The head left extremely far away from the corpse.

That person's dead state was disastrous.
The victor sat upright on top of the destroyed limb that was rich with blood and vital breath. His face color was as white as a forest. He squinted his eyes and gathered the heaven and earth spiritual energy, recovering his strength bit by bit.

"It had ended……"

Nie Tian swiftly stood up. His mind shaked and threads after threads of mental consciousness escaped into those ten or more spiritual balls that were floating next to him.

Without too much hesitation, he who had long since been prepared abruptly charged into that seven-colored light river.

Meanwhile, he also secretly controlled the ten spiritual balls with his mind. Driving the spiritual balls, he attempted to pass through the seven-colored light river together at one go.

His body, at the moment it stepped into that seven-colored light river, seemed like it had suddenly triggered the hidden restriction of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Seven-colored light river suddenly blossomed with glistening treasure light. The treasure light was mixed with different kinds of examining and deducing odor. It instantly flooded him.

At the back of his hand, the hexagram within the Heavenly Gate Picture detected a hidden forbidden movement and suddenly blossomed with a bright and glistening star tip.

As the star tips appeared, from the seven-colored treasure light, the examining odor that got transmitted disappeared into nothingness in a short while.
Nie Tian generated a strange feeling where he was wandering around in the light energy river. He went forward step by step.

Around ten spiritual balls that were condensed from the heaven and earth spiritual energy in Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace followed closely from the back. They too dropped into the seven-colored light river.

The strength that was from the same origin and the same sect, did not repel each other. The odor that was carefully examining Nie Tian had never spread out from those spiritual balls before.

The spiritual balls were right behind Nie Tian. They too slowly passed through the seven-colored light rivers.


The expert from the external domain that sat upright with his destroyed limb, originally did not go and paid attention to Nie Tian who had survived in Houtian Realm. Waited until when he noticed Nie Tian had actually dared to step across the realms through the seven-colored light river and came, he finally casted his line of sight on Nie Tian.

Previously, what he noticed had been the battle zone of the experts in Xiantian Realm all along.

In that area, at this moment, there were only Su Lin's little martial uncle and Tang Yang who came from Dark Underworld Domain left.

The fight between Tang Yang and that person had reached the most crucial part. The victor was about to be decided.

The experts over here at Zhongtian Realm, he knew that even if he had gotten the middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, because of the gap in Realms, he would still be forbid and stopped by the Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace, making him unable to go to the zone for Houtian Realm to murder Nie Tian and obtain the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars.

The only thing that he could do was to go and challenge the Xiantian Realm zone with his strength in Zhongtian Realm and obtain the last part of Art of Fragmentary Stars.

It was precisely because he was clear about the rules in Ancient Fragmentary Stars Palace, hence he did not take notice of Nie Tian. His target was still that person from Heaven's Palace.

He wanted to hunt down the last part of Art of Fragmentary Stars.

Nie Tian's arrival had made him felt surprised because he originally thought that the person who had truly dared to step across the realm and came should be Su Lin from Heaven's Palace.

He understood very clearly about Heaven's Palace's plan and he also knew about Su Lin's formidability. Hence at the moment when he realized that it had not been Su Lin, but it had been the unprecedented Nie Tian only was he shown to be a bit shocked.

"Houtian Realm, middle stage……"

A thread of mental consciousness was let out. After it went around Nie Tian, he was already prepared to judge Nie Tian's strength.

The corner of his mouth pulled out a ridiculing smile and felt it was beneath his dignity,"Who would have thought Su Lin of Heaven's Palace would actually fell in the hand of someone like you. That Su Lin, she must have been injured quite seriously from the battles with Wu Lin and Xuan Ke. Or it could be that, Wu Lin and Xuan Ke had worked together. Even though they were still no match, but they had still severely injured here, which was how it had given this brat an advantage."
Before the battle between Nie Tian and the other three, he had already started the fight here with the five experts in Zhongtian Realm. Hence, he did not actually know the battle situation of Nie Tian and the other three.

He did not understand Nie Tian. However, he knew Su Lin, Wu Lin and Xuan Ke. He knew that the three of them were the proud heaven's son.

He thought as if it was to be expected as a matter of course that Nie Tian must have picked up a great advantage which was why he was able to obtain the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars in the end. That was why he had dared to recklessly provoke him.
"Brat, where do you come from?" He couldn't care less and asked loudly.

When they were talking, his eyes suddenly showed color of excitement and greed.

"Heaven Leaving Domain." Nie Tian answered.

"Heaven Leaving Domain?" That person grinned and laughed. He laughed while shaking his head,"Good, this is just too good! Originally, I was not able to step across the seven-colored light river to go and obtain the first part of your Art of Fragmentary Stars. I did not expect you to actually burst in of your own accord! Haha, it seems that I am really in luck. Whether I am able to obtain the last part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars, I cannot confirm."

"But what I can confirm is that, the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars will also belong to me!"
Saying it in this way, he who had sat down quietly for a long time suddenly lengthened his body and stood up.

"I am Dong Bai Jie, I am from Hundred War Domain." That person announced his name himself and said while chuckling:"Thank you for delivering me the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars, enabling me to get both the first and middle part of the Art of Fragmentary Stars."




The Zhongtian Realm battle zone had previously just gone through one after another of bloody fights. After the bloody fights, the battle zone where bloody smell could assail one nostrils was also scattered with different kinds of battle intention.
Those battle intentions, at the moment Dong Bai Jie stood up, seemed to have gathered together in all directions and suddenly rushed into the smoke of wolf on top of his head.
Dong Bai Jie's aura, from what Nie Tian previously felt, was already dispirited and listless like it was about to run out of oil and its light was going to dry up.

However, at this moment, Dong Bai Jie's aura was actually soaring madly.

Nie Tian who just stepped out of the seven-colored light river did not say anything more. He immediately faced both of his palms together and in the first moment, condensed the chaotic and twisted magnetic field.

Also at this moment, those ten or more spiritual balls similarly passed through the seven colored light river and entered the battle zone of Zhongtian Realm.

At the moment when the chaotic magnetic field was continuously spreading out following the dissipation of his mental energy and the taking in of the spiritual energy and flesh and blood energy, he had even secretly taken out three spiritual seals that his master left behind from the storage bracelet.

He finished his preparation secretly. So long as Dong Bai Jie used secret mental art to deal with him, he would use the power of his master's spiritual seal in the first moment.

His most vulnerable point as of now was that he was not capable of using unique secret mental arts fully. His resistance to mental attacks was too unbearable.
The spiritual seal could resist Wu Lin's demonic mental technique, naturally it would also be able to resist Dong Bai Jie's mental attack. Only through keeping his spiritual sea knowledge stable, would he have a chance to get the middle part of Art of Fragmentary Stars from Dong Bai Jie's hand.

"Hand it over!"
Dong Bai Jie extended his hand and forcefully asked for the first part of Art of Fragmentary Stars from Nie Tian. The boundless grey smoke of wolves that flew up the sky holding on to the top of his head suddenly evolved into a huge grey wolf. It roared as it charged into Nie Tian.

"Cut off your arm yourself, and get out of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!"


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