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"I do not owe you a damn thing!"


The Lingyun Sect's Li Fan fiercely glared at Zou Yi and shouted out: "If you dare to mess about, do not blame me for being rude!"


Liu Yan also had a serious expression on his face. Even if Zou Yi expressed that he would no longer be disloyal, he still did not dare to let his guard down for fear that the words that Zou Yi spoke were empty.


When they stepped into that city's gate, they all suddenly had a feeling and knew that the more one had obtained those scarlet light droplets/specks, the easier it was to enter the city.


Does that mean that what those guests from the Outer Domain had been doing by madly beheading the Heavenly Beast Domain guardsmen from the seven sects was the true method to enter that city?


Nie Tian was five meters in front of Zou Yi. His Realm was slightly low, yet his luck was simply overwhelming, enabling him to obtain fifteen scarlet light droplets/specs. If only Zou Yi had killed Nie Tian, Zou Yi would have been able to strip away that destiny that belonged to Nie Tian.


The Ghost Sect and the Lingyun Sect were not in the slightest of friendliest terms. This time, they had only temporarily joined forces because of the Heavenly Beast Domain's disaster.


He did not think that Zou Yi could really resist the devil in his heart.


Not only were Li Fan and Liu Yan careful in guarding against Zou Yi, they were also secretly vigilant towards that Blood Sect's Feng Luo.


They did not know that after Feng Luo and Nie Tian had experienced that one battle with Zhao Mo between them, their relationship had already eased to a certain extent.


In their eyes, Feng Luo and Zou Yi belonged to the same category —— both of them were formerly their enemies.


They even suspected that Feng Luo favouring Nie Tian was in fact because he had ulterior motives and was purposely concealing the greediness in his heart so that he could suddenly make a move at the crucial moment.


"Do not look at me. I have no thoughts about that boy." Feng Luo said unhappily.


"The will of others is not ours to see. Only you are clear of what you are actually thinking about." Li Fan snorted.


"Whoosh, whoosh!"


It was also in this moment that another two silhouettes were speeding towards here from afar.


"Zhao Mo! Tang Yang!"


Feng Luo turned his head around and a strange look appeared in his eyes, secretly indicating that things were not looking good.


"Where is he?"


When Tang Yang abruptly arrived, with his tall and sturdy figure and numerous blazing patterns engraved on his arm, he then asked Zhao Mo who was by his side.


Zhao Mo who similarly came from the Dark Underworld Domain led Tang Yang as they chased after Nie Tian's trail. After they searched for a long time, they finally arrived here.


Zhao Mo squinted his eyes and looked towards the four city gates. He then pointed out the position where Nie Tian was at and said: "It is that boy."


"What?" Tang Yang stared at Nie Tian, looking closely at him as he could not help but to involuntarily shriek out: "Fifteen Heaven's Glorys! What means did he use to obtain fifteen Heaven's Glorys?" Tang Yang had an outrageous expression on his face.


The "Heaven's Glory" that he mentioned was directed towards the fifteen scarlet light droplets/specks on the Heaven's Gate Pattern that was on the back of Nie Tian's hand.


He called those scarlet light droplets/specks Heaven's Glory, clearly knowing the meaning behind it as well as what those Heaven's Glorys represented.


"Heaven's Glory?" The Ghost Sect's Zou Yi softly whispered, finally knowing the name of those crimson light droplets/specks.


"Heaven's Glory…"


Nie Tian had also heard Tang Yang's shout. He looked at the back of his hand in a daze at the scarlet light specks/droplets that had become incomparably hot, muttering to himself: "So this thing is called Heaven's Glory. The seven sects from the Heavenly Beast Domain know absolutely nothing about the Heaven's Glory, yet those fellows from the Outer Domain seemed to know about their strangeness."


"That boy is mine!"


Tang Yang violently shouted out and bunches of flames surged out around him. The flames made him seem as though he had become a person who had been engulfed in violently surging flames as they burned around him.


Tang Yang who was releasing the blazing flames, moved like a fleeting, flaming meteorite as he pierced towards the city gate that Nie Tian was at in a flash.




Zou Yi, Feng Luo as well as Li Fan and Liu Yan who were gathered within this city gate lost all colour in their face in horror.


Zhong Yi and Feng Luo were from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect respectively. Before they entered, they had went through all channels to find out that there were two strongest people amongst those guests from the Outer Domain.


One was Miao Chen who had arrived one step earlier. He was from the Black Pond/Luster Domain. HIs spiritual energy contained extremely poisonous toxic and coming in contact with it would cause one's flesh to rot.


The other person was Tang Yang who was standing before their eyes. He had similarly cultivated to the Later Stage of the Xiantian Realm and came from the Dark Underworld Domain. He was proficient in the Yang and ardent Flaming Spiritual Arts.


"Tang Yang!"


When the three guests from the Outer Domain headed by Miao Chen saw him making an appearance, they were also secretly shocked.


Even Miao Chen had a serious expression on his face, clearly quite fearful of Tang Yang, "This fellow has actually found this place too. Dammit!"


Only Miao Chen was clear as to how many craftly plots he had secretly utilised in order to prevent Tang Yang from finding him.


After he stepped through the Heaven's Gate, he was sure that the floating city would appear at this enormous meteorite through some mysterious means.


In order to prevent Tang Yang from finding him at the crucial moment, he secretly carried out a crafty scheme and arranged for Tang Yang's slaughtering area to be at the meteoric area located the furthest away from this meteorite.


He did so in order to make it so that Tang Yang who was the furthest away could not perceive it when that floating city appeared.


Even if Tang Yang had perceived the area that he was at from the area that was the furthest away from the floating city, Miao Chen felt that he should have already seized the best fortune/luck by the time Tang Yang came looking for him.


At first, if Nie Tian had not appeared, Tang Yang would definitely still be at that region continuing to look for the survivors from the seven sects and then massacre them one after the other, accumulating even more Heaven's Glory.


The more one obtained the Heaven's Glory, the stronger one's connection would be to that dilapidated city. Tang Yang was originally planning to determine the accurate location of the floating city through obtaining the most Heaven's Glory.


However, Zhao Mo's arrival brought the news of the "Flame Dragon Armour" to him in addition to that, Zhao Mo also told him that the Flame Dragon Armour had also fused with the Blood Core.


The Flame Dragon Armour was from the sect that Tang Yang was in at the Dark Underworld Domain. Now that it had fallen into the hands of a Houtian Realm junior from the Heavenly Beast Domain in its complete state, he naturally wanted to retrieve it without delay.


Therefore, when Tang Yang was hunting and killing the disciples from the seven sects of the Heavenly Beast Domain, he suddenly stopped midway.


He was driven by Zhao Mo as they pursued and attacked all the way, waiting for that floating city to appear. Moreover, when that floating city released the first fluctuation of energy, he was able to perceive it in a flash.


Nie Tian was a very large part of why he was able to rush over in time.


"Everyone, fk off/get out off the way! I am not interested in you people. As long as you people obediently stay where/as you are and don't obstruct me, I will temporarily spare your lives!"


Tang Yang roared and was like a fiery person who was turbulently burning. He dived headfirst towards the city gate where Feng Luo and Li Fan was at.


Surprisingly, there were ten Heaven's Glorys on the back of his hand. This indicated that he had slaughtered ten guardsmen from the seven sects.


"Tang Yang! It was actually that fellow!"


The Ghost Sect's Zou Yi as well as the Blood Sect's Feng Luo were bewildered. They subconsciously inched their bodies away slightly, leaving a path that headed straight into the city open.


Even though Feng Luo rather admired Nie Tian, he too knew how fearful Tang Yang was and was not willing to put his life on the line for Nie Tian in fighting that Tang Yang.


Li Fan and Liu Yan were both at the Initial Stage of the Xiantian Realm. When they saw that Tang Yang's eyes were staring unwaveringly at Nie Tian as they were ablaze with violently surging flames, they were secretly frightened.


They could see that Tang Yang's main target for coming around this time was probably Nie Tian!


They were not clear as to how Nie Tian had offended Tang Yang, yet they knew that once Tang Yang had gotten close to Nie Tian, Nie Tian most likely would be beheaded in a flash.


They exchanged a glance and saw the pained and helpless look in the other's eyes.


If Zou Yi and Feng Luo were willing to join hands with them to stop Tang Yang, perhaps they could possibly block Tang Yang's path.


However, that Zou Yi and Feng Luo had inched their bodies away and let out a path. That had already made their true feelings clear.


——They did not dare to interfere with Tang Yang!


Without Zou Yi and Feng Luo, there was no possibly whatsoever that they could block Tang Yang with their power alone.


When they were hesitating, Zhao Mo who had also came from the Dark Underground Domain similarly came together with Tang Yang.


Zhao Mo was at the Middle Stage of the Xiantian Realm and his strength steadily surpassed theirs. Moreover, that Zhao Mo… clearly accompanied Tang Yuan as though he was headed by Tang Yang.


One Tang Yang was already sufficiently terrifying, with an additional Zhao Mo, how were they going to contend against them?


When Zou Yi and Feng Luo realised that Zhao Mo had also chosen this city gate, they felt increasingly frightened and uneasy, quickly making an even larger space again for fear that that Tang Yang and Zhao Mo would resent them for hindering their steps and kill them painfully.


"Fk off/Get out of the way!"


An enormous flaming light beam frantically shot out from Tang Yang's chest. There were many specks of flaming light flickering in that flaming light beam, interweaving into a marvelous flame pattern.


Within that flame pattern, it was as though a mysterious sort of Flame Technique was branded within it, carrying the determination/will to burn everything to ashes!


"Bang, bang, bang!"

Liu Yan and Li Fan summoned out spirit weapons one after the other as they attempted to block that flaming light beam. However, in the moment that the flaming light beam came in contact with the spirit weapons, they shook to the point where they spat blood out of their mouths.


Those Middle Graded spirit items that were sputtering with glistening flames spread out to one side and then suddenly fell to the ground.




The flaming light beam viciously struck Liu Yan's body. That Liu Yan flew upside down in the sky and heavily fell to the ground behind Nie Tian.


After Tang Yang and Zhao Mo appeared, Nie Tian who was also stealthily observing their movements saw Liu Yan fly horizontally up in the air before his eyes as Liu Yan fell to the ground with a loud bang.


"Uncle Liu!" Nie Tian's eye sockets were completely red.


In the instant that Liu Yan fell to the ground, the vigour in his eyes dispersed and his life force had already extinguished.


"Pant, pant!"


That fearful flaming light beam madly sped along for several metres inside the city gate that had rainbow-coloured light coiled around it. It was as though the flaming light had been affected by the pushing and pulling force inside the city gate as it gradually dissipated in the end.


The Lingyun Sect's Li Fan eyes also reddened in a flash. He stared wide eyes as Liu Yan was killed by the flaming light beam and was immediately going to put his life on the line to fight Tang Yang.


At this moment, Feng Luo who was the closest to him grabbed ahold of him, disregarding Li Fan's struggling as he dragged him to the back with all his might so that so to not make him lose his rationality and would then incidentally also be beheaded by Tang Yang.


Feng Luo saw through it that there was only Nie Tian in Tang Yang's eyes!


As long as the remaining people did not obstruct him from getting close to Nie Tian, he practically felt that it was beneath him to bother wth them.


For Liu Yan to be killed, that was because he was acting recklessly and had gotten in the way between Tang Yang and Nie Tian and as a result of that, had been eliminated by Tang Yang without restraint.


Tang Yan did not even glance at Li Fan who was standing beside Liu Yan. It was clear that he did not attach importance to Li Fan who only had the strength of being at the Initial Stage of the Xiantian Realm.


"So strong!"


Seeing that the Lingyun Sect's Liu Yan had been killed by Tang Yang in just a brief moment of meeting, the Ghost Sect's Zou Yi was greatly shocked.


His complexion changed once and he stealthily withdrew in a manner that was not easy to detect, giving way to Tang Yang on the road that was even wider than before.


Tang Yang's whole body was ablaze with flames as he strode forwards with his body that was as tall and sturdy as a mountain. He no longer looked at the people that were on both his left and right, only staring at Nie Tian as he shouted out: "Boy! Hand over the Flame Dragon Armour and I will leave you a full corpse! If you have the audacity to not know what is good for you, I will burn you to ashes and will not leave even the slightest bit of bone dregs for you!"


Whilst talking, he had already walked past Feng Luo, Li Fan and Zou Yi, walking step by step towards Nie Tian.


Bunches of blazing flames that were curled beside him confluenced with the rainbow-coloured light from the pushing and pulling force inside the city, creating a strange crackling and rattling sound.


Tang Yang who had long hair trailing over his shoulders had his imposing manner gradually rising up like a flaming demonic god as he was exuding raging, tyrannical and evil flames.

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