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The city that was drifting indefinitely, four of its widely opened city gate were several ten metres long.

Tang Yang caught up from behind. He released his monstrous flame energy. In merely a split second, he has already crossed over Li Fan and Feng Luo and directly stepped into the city gate. After that, he continued to proceed forward.

He did not take one more look at Liu Yan's corpse. He also crossed over it in a flash.

The distance between him and Nie Tian was suddenly pulled closer. The both of them were only fifteen metres apart.


All around him, the seven-colored light ray that originated from the city gate constantly rushed towards him. It collided with those flames, attacking and cancelling each other out.


Tang Yang's figure stopped. He seemed to also feel amazed because of the pushing and squeezing force that came through from the city gate.

Separated by a distance of fifteen metres, he coldly looked at Nie Tian as he secretly felt the hindering force that was transmitted from the seven-colored light ray. He seemed to be examining and judging something.

"Nie Tian! Get away from him as much as possible!"

Towards the back, Li Fan who was from Lingyun Sect looked on as he got closer and closer to Nie Tian. He hurriedly reminded with a loud voice, hoping that Nie Tian could continue like before and once again pull out a distance from Tang Yang.

When Li Fan was calling out loudly, his face was full of grief and indignation. As he looked at Liu Yan's corpse, his heart was filled up with hatred.


But he also understood clearly that with his cultivation level and realm, it's impossible for him to kill Tang Yang in the city gate to take revenge and wipe out the grudge for Liu Yan.

He only wished that Nie Tian would not step into Liu Yan's footstep.

"Hand over the Flame Dragon Armor, I will leave your corpse intact!" From the start, Tang Yang had not bothered about Li Fan but rather, he stared at Nie Tian and intimidated him once again.

Red-hot bright fiery lights rapidly condensed one after another beside Tang Yang at the moment when he was speaking.

The bright fiery lights fluctuated continuously. Once again, it turned into a thick and long flame light pillars. Inside the flame light pillar, there was also similarly some kind of scorching flame essence imprinted on it.

As the flame light pillars formed one by one, numerous seven-colored light rays suddenly rushed here right away.


The light rays and the flame flowed together. It blossomed into a bright light. The bits of light sputtered all over the place, making the energy in the area between Tang Yang and Nie Tian seemed extremely and unbearably restless.

"Uncle Liu……"

Nie Tian who turned his head around looked towards Liu Yan's corpse. His eyes were also curling up with overflowing anger.

However, he knew that with his current cultivation level and realm, it was absolutely impossible for him to kill Tang Yang.

Reason being that Tang Yang was much more powerful compared to Jia Peng and Du Huang.


Tang Yang shook his head. He seemed like he was not willing to wait for any moment longer and give Nie Tian another chance.


Under his driving force, the thick flame light pillar, carrying a terrifying flame energy, abruptly charged towards Nie Tian.


The seven-colored lights that were scattered all around within the city gate gathered together and rushed forward from all directions. It condensed into layers of seven-colored fluctuation and went to intercept the flame light pillar.

The clashing force of the flame light pillar had quite a difficulty advancing forward due to the hindrance of the seven-colored light rays.

The thick flame light pillar completely crashed into it inches after inches. However, it was cancelled out by the power of the seven-colored light rays and became smaller and smaller. The flame energy that was stored within it also dissipated quickly.

The seven colored light rays that was everywhere in the city gate seemed to have banned any more war.

So long as it felt power that was extraordinary, the seven-colored light rays would interfere violently. It would obliterate anyone's attacks.

However, Tang Yang who had achieved the late Xiantian cultivation level, his furious strike was no small matter.

Even though there were layers of obstructions from the seven-colored light rays which might have caused the flame light pillars to slow down, it was still, bit by bit, rumbling towards Nie Tian and slowly approaching Nie Tian's chest.

At the moment when the flame light pillar was only two metres away from Nie Tian, Nie Tian was already dripping with sweat.

"Run quickly!" Feng Luo also couldn't help it and shouted loudly.

Nie Tian who stopped for a while quickly came back to his senses. He stopped being deadlocked with Tang Yang inside the city gate. Rather, he stepped out again and went towards the city once more.

As he took his first step across, he immediately felt the pushing and squeezing force that was getting increasingly stronger. No one knew if the power that had originated from the seven-colored light ray was pushing the people who had entered aside or testing them. In short, it was still giving pressure all along.

He had no choice but to operate the power in his spiritual sea and urged the spiritual vortex, flame vortex as well as wood vortex in his soul to the peak.

The high speed revolution from three of the vortex had not only provided him with rich energy, it seemed to also be madly purifying his spiritual sea.

Within his spiritual sea, the different kinds of strength that was originally not condensed and refined enough, under the pressure and the frantic revolution of the three vortex, seemed to have sped up the refining speed by a number of folds.


At the moment when he continuously took ten steps across, his mind shaked suddenly. He felt as if he had broken through a layer of septum.

"The mid-Houtian Realm!"

At that moment, even though there wasn't too much of a careful realization, he knew that his cultivation level had advanced from the early Houtian Realm to the mid Houtian Realm.

His cultivation level, to one's surprise, had strangely been broken through in the city gate when he was in the middle of advancing forward step by step.

Not having enough time to experience the mysteries about Houtian Realm, he once again concentrated his mind hurriedly and wanted to move forward once more.

Also at this moment, the flame light pillar that was rushing here for him, even though it had shrunk by ten folds, had once again drew closer to him.

The flame light pillar was only one metre away from the rear part of his heart.

The flame energy that was given out from within the flame light pillar had caused the space where he was in to be incomparably blistering hot.

Numerous seven-colored light rays were still gathering and rushing towards here. It still wanted to obstruct the strike of the flame light pillar.

Nie Tian turned around abruptly. He coldly looked at the flame light pillar that had become as thin as an arm, waved his fist and ferociously attacked it.

Glorious and divine light blossomed from his fist. It was gorgeous and eye-dazzling.


At the moment the fist dropped towards the flame light pillar, lights overflowed in four directions. Threads after threads of fiery light spots sputtered all over the place.

"You do not know death!"

Far behind the frontline, Tang Yang grinned and laughed maliciously. He seemed

The flame light pillar that had originally became really thin suddenly expanded and swiftly became large.

A violent flame energy suddenly burst forth from the light pillar.

Nie Tian was overwhelmed with shock and lost color.

He did not think much. After his mind shaked, he immediately summoned a life-saving spiritual seal that Wu Ji bestowed upon him from his storage bracelet.

As the spiritual sea dropped into his hand, precisely under the urge of his mental thought, it turned into torrential spiritual halos. It wrapped around his body completely.

There were as many as seven layers of spiritual halo that was like jade stones. There was a thin separation between each layers.

Numerous spiritual lines appeared from the seven layers of spiritual light halos. The lines crowded together and interweaved and seemed to have evolved into numerous delicate, spiritual patterns.


The fiery lights that sputtered out from the flame light pillar dropped onto the spiritual light halo. It disappeared in a short while.

The flame light pillar that became thick and long after expanding charged in fiercely. It collided with the seven-layered spiritual light halos.

The seven-layered spiritual light halos abruptly shone with bottomless precious light. The numerous delicate spiritual patterns in it cruised around lively as if they had life and soul.

The violent collision along with the resistance of the seven-layered spiritual light halos burst out from the point of contact.

Nie Tian's body that originally had difficulty moving forward, under the impact of the flame light pillar, had moved forward by several ten steps.

A gentle force was transmitted from the seven-layered spiritual light halos. It was secretly protecting his flesh, making him not get injured.

Outside, the four layers of spiritual light haloes flew out from his body and wrapped around the flame light pillars. It madly fought at close quarters with the flame energy on the flame pillar.

Some kinds of strength and art that came from Wu Ji, bit by bit, tore and crushed the flame essence that was imprinted by Tang Yang.

The flame light pillar that had expanded rapidly shrunk right under the biting and tearing of the unusual spiritual patterns until it disappeared completely.


At the moment when the flame light pillar disappeared completely, a spiritual light once again flew back next to Nie Tian.

The spiritual light, as soon as it came into contact with the other three layers of spiritual halo, it rapidly fluctuated and again, formed into two layers of light halos.

In this way, there were still five layers of spiritual light halos that were curling up around Nie Tian.

Not only was Nie Tian safe and sound, he even borrowed the impact force that came from Tang Yang and got another step closer to the city.

"The life-saving spiritual sea of a Xuanjing experts!"

At the moment when the flame light pillar disappeared completely, Tang Yang's face color changed slightly. He snorted melancholy.

The surging flame that was surrounding around him too, for some unknown reason, seemed to have reduced a lot.

His arrogant action seemed to have triggered the counter-attack of those seven-colored light rays. The seven-colored light rays that flooded the city gate separated from the body of the remaining people. All of it madly had rushed towards it.

The pushing and squeezing force that he suffered in the city gate had became stronger by a number of folds in an instant.

Nie Tian who was at the most frontline originally had difficulty walking. At this moment, he obviously felt the pushing and squeezing force that he encountered had suddenly become a lot smaller.

He who was protected by the five layers of halos borrowed the remaining power of the spiritual seal and sped up his footstep without any more delay. He rapidly charged towards the city.

The city gate that was several ten metres high slowly got abandoned from his back. He, just like Miao Chen who was in another city gate, became the first group of people to step into the city.


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