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That person was from Kun Luo Domain. His name was Kan Xin Ming, he had a cultivation level of the mid-Xiantian Realm.

Kan Xin Ming's cultivation attribute was the power of wood which was among the five phases of chinese philosophy. The three people that besieged him each came from Ghost Sect and Grey Valley. Their cultivation level was at the early-mid stage of Xiantian Realm.

He wore a bizarre spiritual armor on his body. The spiritual armor appeared to be made of cane woods and willow leaves. It contained the essence of plants.

The flesh and blood odor that emerged from his body was full of vitality. It's as if it could nourish plants and had a mysterious use.


The spiritual weapon that he used was a wooden staff that was dark green in color. The wooden staff also had a strong life force, it's as if it had natural wooden lines and was marked with the true essence of the strength of plants.


From time to time, canes would fly out one after another from the spiritual armor on his body and easily intercepted the turbulent attacks from the three people surrounding him.

His eyes stealthily aimed towards Nie Tian.

All three of his opponents were at the cultivation level of their early and middle Xiantian Realm. However, in the sky door pictures that were on the back of the three people's hands, there were also only five scarlet light spots added up together.

This meant that even if he had killed three of them, he would also be capable of gaining only five light spots.

But even though Nie Tian who suddenly came out of nowhere only had the cultivation level of Houtian Realm, there were surprisingly as many as seven scarlet light spots at the back of his hand.

So long as he killed Nie Tian, the profits that he could gain would be able to surpass the ones that he got from killing the three people.

Also because of this, on one hand, he dealt with the attacks from the three people while on the other, he used a method that was not easily noticeable and slowly approached Nie Tian.

A greedy and cruel desire abruptly flickered in his eyes.


A fresh and green alluring leaf suddenly flew out from the chest spot of his spiritual armor. As soon as the leaf left him, it drifted directly towards Nie Tian like it had intelligence.

The fresh and green leaf may have looked like it was floating and shaking, but actually it was at an extremely fast speed.

After a short five seconds, the fresh and green leaf already quietly approached Nie Tian. It also expanded in an instant and turned into a body the size of a palm-tree leaf and abruptly sticked towards Nie Tian's body.

Nie Tian who was approaching the broken city little by little and even wanted to take in the mysterious seal writings through the seven scarlet light spots suddenly felt something.

However, right at the moment he became aware of the unfavorable situation, the leaf that was the size of a palm-tree leaf once again continued to expand. In a short while, it was sticked to his chest.

The leaf was like a green plant. It unexpectedly struck roots into his body in an instant.

The flesh energy that was stored in his body was drawn out by a weird force. It surprisingly got dragged out and madly flowed towards the leaf.

As the green and fresh leaf absorbed his vital energy, it transformed at a frightening pace. It turned into a peculiar plant and wrapped around his whole body.

Sticks of sharp thorns protruded one after another from the plant and penetrated into Nie Tian's flesh.

The plant that suddenly grew out drew out the vital and flesh and blood energy in Nie Tian's body as if their life depended on it.

The eyes of Kan Xing Ming from Kun Luo Realm were full of cruelty and madness. He laughed strangely in a low voice, licked his lips and said in a satisfied tone:" Not bad, it's a really pure blood and flesh odor. Heh, I have never thought that there would actually be such a rich flesh energy in the body of a brat who is in Houtian realm. I indeed am in luck."

The leaf that he let out and the plant that it turned into after it expanded could absorb the flesh and blood energy from the living things.

Those flesh and blood energy could be guided into his body through secret arts. This enabled him to rapidly replenish his own wear and tear and strengthen his battle ability.

Originally, he had thought that it would not be too possible for Nie Tian who was only in Houtian Realm to have much blood and flesh energy in his body.

When he noticed that the leaf could still continue to take in flesh and blood energy from Nie Tian's body after it pulled out for a while, he laughed more and more happily.

"Wonderful! This is wonderful!"

From what he saw, it would not be too long and the blood and flesh energy in Nie Tian's entire body would have been removed completely.

Until that moment, not only would he be able to get a lot of blood and flesh energy through Nie Tian, since Nie Tian was murdered by him, he could even obtain seven scarlet light spots in addition.

The seven scarlet light spots could make him accept and absorb even more mysterious seal writings, letting him gain even more fortunes.

"Nie Tian!"

On the other side, Li Fan who was constantly evading the green flames' corrosion distracted himself and looked. He noticed Nie Tian's predicament.

Nie Tian at this moment was like he had been swallowed by a plant. Nie Tian's strong body was slowly getting dried up. His blood and flesh along with the pure vital energy in his limbs and bones were draining up quickly.

His violent scream had made Feng Luo and Liu Yan also noticed Nie Tian's unusual condition.

Feng Luo looked slightly astonished. He seemed to feel that it shouldn't be too possible that Nie Tian would be easily stopped.

He also did not know why, even though he saw Nie Tian swallowed by a plant, he still did not feel worried.

Because he noticed Nie Tian's expression did not seem to look that fearful and in desperate.

He who has experienced Du Huang and Zhao Mo's battles together with Nie Tian still hadn't truly seen through Nie Tian all along. However, he had a feeling that Nie Tian would definitely not be killed that easily.

Thus even though he was a bit astonished, he only calmly observed the changes. He did not make any move to assist him.

He did not move. Li Fan and Liu Yan from Lingyun Sect however, were impatient like they were about to burn. They wanted to rush towards Nie Tian to help him out of trouble.

"Brother Miao, look after your opponent." Kan Xing Ming raised his voice and said.

Miao Chen twitched his mouth. He seemed to think that Kang Xin Ming was making a big fuss over a minor issue,"Don't worry, not even a single one of them can think about delaying your good fortunes."

As soon as these words dropped, the floating green secluded flames rushed towards Liu Yan and Li Fan like angels scattering blossoms.

In a short while, Li Fan and Liu Yan were enveloped by the green secluded flames. They could only move and dodge in a very small space. They absolutely could not struggle out of the way.

No matter how impatient they were, they would still need to first find out a solution to the terrifying corroding power from the green secluded flame.

Or else, before they dashed out and escape from that area, they would have been swallowed by the green flames and turned into two forest white skeletons that became all split up in pieces when it dropped down to the ground.

"God damn it!" Li Fan cursed.

He had advised Nie Tian long ago to escape as far away as possible. Nie Tian unfortunately did not listen to him.

Not only did he not listen, Nie Tian had even acted recklessly and dared to get close to the broken city!

The more Li Fan who was trapped by the green flame felt they have no way out, the more furious they were at Nie Tian for being reckless.

"Life force draining out, blood and flesh getting dried up……"

Nie Tian squinted as he felt the changes in his body. His expression was still considered to be calm, his face showed no sign of fear.

Both his arms and legs could not move. But so long as he wished, he could summon the Flame Dragon Armor from his storage bracelet. He could also trigger a life insurance spiritual seal that his master left him.

But he did not actually do it.

The reason for this was because at the moment the plant completely wrapped around him and took out his blood and flesh life force bit by bit, an unusual feeling instinctively grew out in him.

He felt excited and agitated!

This emotion originated from his heart. His heart throbbed like it's thirsting for something.

Since a long time ago, he had known that he was different from ordinary people.

His mental state was much more stronger compared to ordinary people. His physical body was also as sturdy. Furthermore, he could even temper and grind his body continuously by swallowing meats that belonged to the spiritual beasts.

In the past, he had run into crisis a number of times. At the time when he was on the verge of death, sly changes would also occur in his heart.

These kinds of things were already enough to prove that there were secrets hidden in this body of his.

Hua Mu had also revealed secretly to him that he might be able to understand a part of the secrets about himself in the sky door.


The sound of his heartbeat became faster and faster following the draining of his blood and flesh life force.

Gradually, he felt a bit dizzy. It seemed to be because a lot of his life force had been removed. Exactly under this kind of unusual circumstances, his spiritual consciousness appeared to have fluttered the heart that was in his chest.

As he muddled along without any aim, he seemingly felt that there appeared to be bright light blossomed in the blood vessels of his heart.

The blood vessels were as if it had turned into clear crystals in an instant. There appeared to be a lot of unknown, unusual light flickering in the blood vessels. The unusual lights seemed like they were slowly transforming, undergoing some kind of changes that could not be understood.


His mind shaked abruptly and his mental consciousness came back immediately. He who was a bit dazzled became clear-headed in a split-second.

At the next moment, a sound of activity that was full of violent, plundering odor emerged abruptly from within his heart.

It was seen that the unusual plant that was constantly growing and wrapped him up completely suddenly wilted and went back to zero at a speed that was visible with naked eyes.

The rich blood and flesh life force that the plant had taken in which originated from within his body returned back into his body in an extremely short time.

His wizened body also expanded rapidly like a ball that was being inflated.

Within almost a short ten seconds, he recovered to his original look once again. He was in high spirits and appeared to be uninfluenced in the slightest.

On the contrary, the wilted plant turned into flying dust. It disappeared completely as he twisted his body at will.


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