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"Good, it feels good."

As he looked at the plant that turned into flying dust, Nie Tian cracked open his mouth and laughed gloriously.

That plant originated from a leaf. There was a pure wood energy hidden within that leaf.

And the wood energy seemed to only be a kind of branch of life energy.

The unusual beating of his hearts had not only made Nie Tian completely took the blood and flesh life force that was drained back into his body again, it even randomly channelled the plants essence that was stored in the leaf into his body as well.

The plants essence spread out within his flesh. It made his vital energy became even more vigorous.

He felt that all three of his essence, energies and spirits had reached a plump state that was never previously achieved before.


At this moment, his heart that was beating unusually still had no sign of settling down.

A thirst that originated from his heart seemed to be urging him to let him absorb even more wood energy, get even more vital energy to strengthen his flesh and blood.

He abruptly looked towards Kan Xing Ming.

He saw panics and cluelessness on Kan Xing Ming's face. Kan Xing Ming who was besieged by the three Lian Qi Warriors distracted himself to observe him from time to time. His movement in controlling the canes had even started to become a bit stiff.

"There are even more leaves on the spiritual armor that's on this person's body. It contains a rich plants vitality……"

Nie Tian felt with his heart while whispering. He slowly came to realize that the abnormality of the heartbeat seemed to have developed from its strong thirst for the plant's vitality.

He subconsciously went towards Kan Xing Ming.


Kan Xing Ming who was near the edge of the broken city wall fell off from the sky. He snorted and once again, two fresh and green leaves lew out from the chest spot on
the spiritual armor.

Before the two leaves floated down to Nie Tian's side, they were already evolving continuously and releasing a kind of odor that twisted all living things.

Nie Tian's expression did not change. He continued to approach him step by step and spontaneously got close to the two leaves.

Because at this moment, he felt that the thirst in his heart had become even more turbulent and fierce!

He had a feeling that the two leaves, even if they were the unusual objects refined by Kan Xing Ming from Xiantian Realm, they would absolutely still not hurt him!

His confidence had originated from the thirst and the excitement in his heart!


His heartbeat was still becoming faster. An extremely complicated life fluctuation that came from his heart, with him being the center, suddenly spread out.

The vein lines that could be seen clearly on the two leaves seemed like they were affected instantly.

Nie Tian looked carefully with rapt attention. He realized that the two leaves were evolving. They turned into two slender and flexible, green canes. The green canes were like spiritual snakes as they tried to bind around his neck.


However, right at the moment his heart once again throbbed madly, both of the green canes seemed as if they were pulled back all at once.

The green canes that were like spiritual snakes suddenly stopped being controlled by Kan Ming Xing. The spiritual communication between him and the green canes were forcefully cut off by a kind of power that was even more mysterious and advanced.

Kan Xing Ming suddenly changed color showing displeasure. The sudden elimination of the mental energy that was attached to the green canes had inflicted a bit of injury on him.

At the moment he realized he lost spiritual communications with the green canes, the two green canes, under the circumstances where no one was controlling, were originally supposed to slowly drop down to the ground due to the effect of gravity.

However, both of the green canes were still floating on Nie Tian's chest. They did not move an inch.

Nie Tian who made him feel weird showed a trace of hesitations in his eyes. Yet, he still softly extended his hand and went on and briefly touched one of the green canes.

Right at the moment Nie Tian's fingers touched the green cane, it suddenly released a pure plants essence.

The plants essence that Kan Xing Ming had painstakingly collected for many years turned into dark green drifting light. It swiftly went into that finger of Nie Tian's.

A layer of thin, dark sea green light flourished from Nie Tian's body. This had caused him to become a bit mysterious.

Very quickly, all of the plant essence that was in the green cane was completely removed by Nie Tian.


The green cane that had lose all of its wood energy disintegrated in an instant and also, turned into flying ash.

Kan Xing Ming was overwhelmed with shock and lost color.


A fierce evil spirit, prompted by an expert from Ghost Sect, ruthlessly rammed into Kan Xing Ming's back.

Kan Xing Ming staggered along as he constantly retreated in defeat.

The remaining two Lianqi Warriors from Grey Valley on the other hand, greatly lifted their spirits. They madly pursued him while moving their spiritual weapons.

Nie Tian did not bother about Kan Xing Ming's difficult situation. He once again extended his hand with a concentrated look and pressed towards the other green cane.

That green cane, at the moment it was touched by him, too got its plant essence quickly removed in a similar manner.

Not long after, the green cane also turned into flying dust just like the last one.

Nie Tian squinted. He remained calm and collected as he felt his mental consciousness in silence. He was trying to pry into the abnormality of his heart.

It could be because his cultivation level was too low which as a result caused his mental energy to be unable to congeal into soul energy, he could not go into his heart completely to investigate the mysteries within.

He could only faintly feel the plant essence that was removed as it seemingly blended into his flesh blood.

The fresh blood, while driving the wood energy, slowly guided it towards his heart that was throbbing continuously.

His heart was being raised warmly upon taking in the wood energy. It seemed to be in a state where it's gradually awakening.

"Blood veins!"

He opened his eyes widely with a doubtful face. He was astonished by his own feelings.

There weren't too many reasons. Yet at this moment, he clearly came to know that there was blood veins energy hidden in his body. Or to be more precise, his heart.

His master Wu Ji had previously told him that the blood veins energy would often exist in the unusual races that had incomparably valiant body.

Numerous years ago, in the all-powerful star river, the formidable and unusual tribes in that were able to move unhindered across every domains were only able to be known as the mighty universe because they had relied precisely on their blood veins energy and their innate valiant body as well as their lifespan that was much longer that normal people.

Only an extremely small number of people could possibly awaken their blood veins energy because there were unusual races among their ancestors.

It might be possible for this kind of people to have awakened their blood veins energy when they were born. It might also be possible for them to suddenly awaken the blood veins energy on one of the days following the derivation in time, the growth in their own bodies and slowly becoming more and more formidable.

If he was this kind of people, then, his situation would belong to the latter.

All along, he too had only felt that his heart was a bit unusual. He had however never thought that it would be the blood and veins energy.

Only after he took in numerous plant essence to nourish his heart did he generate the blood veins energy that was hidden inside his body. There was a trace of it slowly awakening.

"Could it be that… My father is not an ordinary human?" Nie Tian's mind went blank.

He totally believed that his mother was a clan member of the Nie Family. In the ancestor's history of the Nie Family, there wasn't any records of them being in relations with any of the unusual tribes.

The Nie Family was an ordinary human clan members. They were not naturally strong. All of the Nie Family clan members was indifferent from normal people at the time when they were born.

Since the blood veins hidden in his body wasn't originated from the Nie Family, then naturally…… It would have been from that dad of his who had mysteriously disappeared and that no one had known about.

"That guy is either an unusual tribesman himself, or a hybrid of the unusual tribe. There were existences of the unusual tribes among his ancestors."

Nie Tian who became aware of his extraordinary origin for the first time was absent-minded. He

He had temporarily forgotten about the position that he was at. He forgot about the cruel trial that he was experiencing in the sky-door, and about there still being a floating city beside him.


Right at the time when he was contemplating, there were once again seven-colored light rays that got released from within the city.

As the seven-colored light rays flashed, the unusual energy fluctuations that had disappeared previously once again spread out from within the broken city and rapidly extended into the surroundings.

This time, Nie Tian who was extremely close to the floating city was the first person to feel the abnormality.

At the moment the energy fluctuations dispersed, the seven scarlet light spots at the back of his hand became red-hot right away and released brilliant rays.

The seven scarlet light spots were like seven bright stars as it continued to slowly cruise around in the sky door picture.

The mysterious seal writings that could not be felt thoroughly were secretly being taken in and accepted through the dispersion of those energy fluctuations. It flowed into the seven light spots that were shining.


Also at this moment, Kan Xing Ming who, due to being in a confused state of mind, and furthermore got three of his leaves refined by Nie Tian, suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Kan Xing Ming's body was flying in mid-air. He suddenly went towards Nie Tian.

His face was full of hatred and violence.

"Good that you came!"

Nie Tian laughed. He placed both of his palms opposite to each other and immediately started to establish a chaotic and distorting magnetic field.

He was precisely waiting for Kan Xing Ming to enter the urn on his own accord.


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