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With Feng Luo's reminder, Nie Tian had paid a lot more attention. He stopped letting the Bloody Red Ice Protrutions that was pursuing him shoot into the chaotic magnetic field.

However, Zhao Mo would not let him go even though he had wanted to evade him, .

Zhao Mo who was keeping himself a few distance away from Nie Tian once again fluctuated his spiritual art. He seemed to have yet again triggered the ice-cold power.


The speed of the whizzing Bloody Red Ice Protrusions instantly became faster. They were like bloody red meteors as they advanced towards him.

'Ice Cold Freeze!"

Meanwhile, Zhao Mo snorted coldly. The thick, cold mist that was curling up his body too abruptly rushed towards Nie Tian.


An unusual noise came through from the sky when the thick and cold mist rushed towards here. It seemed that even the sky and heavens were slowly freezing.

Those cold mist was blocking right between Nie Tian and Zhao Mo, letting Nie Tian unable to escape.

Nie Tian on the other hand, too did not plan to escape in the first place.

He instantly went into the cold mist while carrying the chaotic and distorted magnetic field.


As the cold mist rushed into the chaotic magnetic field, it instantly turned into small fragments of ice and was assimilated by the chaotic magnetic field.

The extreme cold power that had originated from Zhao Mo's entire body immediately lost contact with Zhao Mo himself.

"What?" Zhao Mo was shocked and startled.

Until this moment, his gaze towards Nie Tian had started to turn from looking depressed previously to looking panicked and worried.

He noticed that he had no way of stopping the strange magnetic field that was beside Nie Tian. As soon as the attacks fell into it, they would immediately be distorted and assimilated.

Even the mental consciousness that he had released was completely obliterated once it penetrated deeply into the magnetic field.

Zhao Mo had finally lost his head.

He was continuously moving back and had completely gave up on the intention to get closer to Nie Tian. Instead, he constantly fixed his attention on the abnormal magnetic field, secretly looking for a way to solve it.


Very quickly, Zhao Mo had taken notice of the abnormality. He humbly changed his expression. A trace of cheerful look emerged at the corner of his mouth.

He noticed that the magnetic field that had been present around Nie Tian appeared to be slowly shrinking as time passes.


Zhao Mo laughed all of a sudden. He laughed while being proud of himself and said from far away:"As it turns out, the magnetic field that you have formed is not able to be maintained for a long period of time. Since that's the case, things will be much more easier. I just need to wait until the magnetic field has disappeared, then I could have easily killed you. I absolutely do not need to waste anymore energy on you."

As soon as his words dropped, whether it's the thick ice mist or the bloody red ice beams that were pursuing Nie Tian, they have all changed their directions.

The cold mist and ice spears flew here from the sky and continued to attack Feng Luo and Zheng Bing.

Yu Tong who was from Blood Sect was the only one who he had not feel hurried to lay his hands on. He has obviously had another plan.

"This is bad!"

Nie Tian secretly cried out about the unfavorable situation as he looked at Zhao Mo only blindly dodging and refused to interact him directly.

At this moment, he had also finally realized the biggest weakness of the chaotic magnetic field. It would fade away as time passed!

If his cultivation level and his strength were profound and powerful enough, he could have overtaken Zhao Mo before the chaotic magnetic field fades away.

At this rate, he could naturally inflict a serious injury on Zhao Mo by relying on the chaotic magnetic field.

Unfortunately, he only had the cultivation of Houtian Realm. Zhao Mo on the other hand, was in mid-Xiantian realm. The huge gap in realms had made him unable to get close to Zhao Mo even after he had done all he could and went all out.

Zhao Mo's wisdom had made him understood him being able to inflict serious damage on Jia Peng through the chaotic magnetic field and let Zheng Bing took the initiative to kill him was really by mere luck.

If Jia Peng hadn't been so arrogant and ran directly into the chaotic magnetic field but instead, had been like Zhao Mo and made a wise decision, would Zheng Bing and him have had the possibility of winning?

Thinking up to this point, the corner of his mouth was brimming over with a bitter smile. He finally understood clearly about how big of an influence a low cultivation level could cause him.


Zheng Bing and Feng Luo who were constantly dealing with the ice beams at the bottom both sank their mind after hearing what Zhao Mo said.

They had also noticed that the magnetic field that Nie Tian had formed around him did not actually exist permanently.

The magnetic field was cutting down every second.

The moment when the magnetic field disappeared completely would be the time when Zhao Mo heartlessly kill Nie Tian.

"What shall I do?"


This question instantly emerged in everyone's thoughts. The other four people other than Zhao Mo were all trying their best to look for other opportunities.

And at this moment, the magnetic force that was covering Nie Tian had already shrunk until it's within one metre.

The chaotic and distorted magnetic field was soon going to disappear completely. However, the four of them realized that there were no longer any strategies left for them to try. They did not know what they should do to turn the situation around.

Luckily, the cold wind that was blowing towards here slowly disappeared after it was delayed by Nie Tian for a while.

The cold wind

Without the fierce and ruthless cold wind, the four of them have become slightly more relaxed. But the magnetic field beside Nie Tian have also disappeared completely.

A ruthless smile abruptly emerged from the corner of Zhao Mo's mouth," It's time for this to end!"


The forest white cold mist once again emerged from Zhao Mo's body. The cold mist condensed and appeared to have turned into strands of ice snakes that selectively devoured people.

"Ice snakes' cold shadows!"

Strands after strands of ice snakes that were congealed from the cold mist slowly formed from a light and shadow state.

At the moment when the cold mist was on the verge of arriving at his body, Nie Tian saw all of the ice mist has already condensed and developed into several tens of ice snakes that looked vivid and realistic.

Each and every one of the ice snakes were marked with Zhao Mo's mental consciousness. It was as if they had been inserted with Zhao Mo's soul.

As Feng Luo who was at the bottom saw the dangerous situation, he whizzed past in an attempt to help Nie Tian block the attack.


"Run quickly!" Feng Luo screamed loudly.

The ice snakes rushed forth while biting. Nie Tian's expression was gloomy and cold. He acted on his mind and ran his eyes over the storage bracelet. He wanted to take out one of the spiritual seal that his master had left over for him.

But at the moment his consciousness swept over the storage bracelet, he saw the Flame Dragon Armor emitting a secluded fiery sparks and releasing an overflowing flame

"Flame Dragon Armor……"

Nie Tian's eyes showed a different color. He briefly hesitated for a while and tried to release a thought to request for help to the Flame Dragon Armor.

Even though the cultivation realm of Zhao Mo was exquisite and profound, but the strength of his cultivation was still the power of cold ice.

The hot flame energy that came from the Flame Dragon Armor on the other hand, was precisely the nemesis of the ice-cold power. These two powers were water and fire that were incompatible. Once they ran into each other, it's all only decided by which side was more valiant and profound.

It had only just been a while since his thought of requesting for help was passed out and he had already instantly felt the response.

At the next moment, the Flame Dragon Armor stored within the storage bracelet whizzed out abruptly from it.

As soon as the Flame Dragon Armor came out, the heaven and earth that was in front of Nie Tian instantly turned into a hot, burning sea of fire. It went towards the ice snakes that were rushing here and biting and melted the ice water in an instant.

The drops of ice water have already disappeared completely after staying in the sea of flame for only a moment.

"Flame Dragon Armor!"

Zhao Mo who was awaiting Nie Tian's death abruptly changed color. Strands after strands of bloodstain suddenly appeared at the corner of his eyes.

The strips of snakes were condensed out of the extreme cold power in his body together with his thick mental consciousness. That's the extension of the power of his limbs!

The strips of ice snakes were melted in an instant, making both the spiritual energy and mental consciousness that he condensed out to immediately go up in smoke.

He was seriously injured in an instant.

But the thing that has truly stunned him was still not the injury on his body, it's the Flame Dragon Armor!

Zhao Mo came from the Dark Underworld Domain. The disclaimer who entered the Heaven Leaving Domain with the Flame Dragon Armor was similarly from Dark Underworld Realm.

He had obviously known about the origin of the Flame Dragon Armor, he knew what the Flame Dragon Armor meant and represented.

After seeing Nie Tian summoning the Flame Dragon Armor from his storage bracelet, and the Flame Dragon Armor also seemed to have recovered slowly…...

To one's surprise, Zhao Mo no longer dared to stay over!

After he gave out a sharp scream and stared rigidly at Nie Tian once, he instantly escaped far away with the fastest speed in his entire life.

His body figure turned into a beam of ice light and sped across far away.

The Flame Dragon Armor floated in the sky and constructed an overflowing flame. It appeared to have turned the ice-cold star river into a burning sun with intense heat.

Nie Tian who had summoned the Flame Dragon Armor, along with Yu Tong, Feng Luo and Zheng Bing who were at the bottom all stared blankly towards the direction which Zhao Mo escaped into. Their expressions were blank.

Zhao Mo who saw the Flame Dragon Armor was just like he saw ghosts. This had made all of them simply couldn't believe it.


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