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“He just ran off like that?”

Scratching his head, Nie Tian gradually descended from midair, face filled with confusion and disbelief.

At the same time, the Flame Dragon Armor was still floating there above him, unleashing flaming energy to disperse the coldness in the air.

Feng Luo, Yu Tong and Zheng Bin all looked up at it, flabbergasted.

“That set of armor…”

Feng Luo suddenly remembered that when they were in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, he and Yu Tong had seen the Flame Dragon Armor collecting Earthflame Crystal Strings not far away from them.

However, it had flown away soon afterwards, and he never saw it since.

By that time, he had already been convinced that the Flame Dragon Armor was a Spirit Channeling grade treasure, something rarely seen in the entire Realm of Flame Heaven.

He saw perfectly clearly that it flew out of Nie Tian’s bracelet of holding just now. Did it just answer Nie Tian’s summoning? Did that mean that Nie Tian was its master!?

At that moment, he suddenly remembered the giant fire dragon that appeared out of nowhere during Nie Tian and Yu Tong’s last fight.

He combed through these thoughts and soon come to the realization that the Spirit Channeling grade treasure must indeed belong to Nie Tian!

“I can’t believe that Wu Ji loves this disciple of his so much that he even bestowed a Spirit Channeling grade treasure upon him while he is still in Lesser Heaven stage.” Thinking to himself, Feng Luo’s eyes glittered with a strange light.

“Spirit Channeling grade treasure!” Zheng Bin gave a soft exclamation.


At that moment, due to the fact that Zhao Mo had fled and the Flame Dragon Armor was releasing a scorching heat, the previously frozen blood strings gradually unfroze and regained their life force, relieving the crisis hanging over Yu Tong’s head as a result.

Yu Tong, who was certain that she would die beyond a shadow of a doubt, was still sitting in place, but a faint shade of redness appeared on her originally pale face.

As Nie Tian landed on the ground, he noticed that the numerous scarlet blood strings morphed into lines of blood-colored light, flashing into her body.

With every blood string that entered her body, her face gained another bit of redness. Her injuries seemed to be rapidly recovering.

With the frost power gone, the blood in the small pond next to Feng Luo also unfroze and began churning again.


Without any hesitation, Feng Luo cast a spell within his mind and the blood in the pond immediately flew into his body.

Almost simultaneously, he seemed to be in good spirits again. He sat down, took out a dark-red medicinal pill, and swallowed it.

He no longer paid any attention to the Flame Dragon Armor, nor did he ask Nie Tian about it.

Yu Tong was still focused on collecting her blood strings. However, she couldn’t help but spare Nie Tian glances from time to time, her eyes once again devilish and beautiful.

Although hatred could still be seen in her gaze, a hint of curiosity could be found hidden in that intense hatred.

She seemed to be wondering how many secrets Nie Tian had.

The rage punch, the Spirit Channeling grade treasure, and the chaotic magnetic field… All these mysteries that Nie Tian had revealed one by one finally put her heart at ease regarding how she had been repeatedly defeated by him.

However, the thought of what Nie Tian had done to her later made her grit her teeth with hate. The desire to fight him once again rose in her heart.

“Thanks to you, we’ve survived another fight, Nie Tian.” Zheng Bin from the Mystic Mist sect heaved a sigh of relief as he dropped to the ground and took out some spirit stones to recuperate.

As far as he was concerned, he was in no position to ask about the Flame Dragon Armor, and Nie Tian probably wouldn’t give straight answers even if he did. Therefore, he said nothing.

After Zhao Mo from the Realm of Dark Underworld left, the other three had been surprisingly quiet, which made Nie Tian rather uncomfortable.

“Why did that Zhao Mo turn around and run at the mere sight of the Flame Dragon Armor? What was he afraid of?” Staring at the Flame Dragon Armor that was still floating in the air, he murmured quietly as he searched for an answer in his head.

After a moment of fruitless pondering, he also sat down on the ground and started restoring his strength with a spirit stone.

This time, he also took out a Flame Crystal.

He had consumed some of the flame power within him to form the chaotic magnetic field, and the best way to replenish it was with a Flame Crystal.

He quietly operated the Flame Spirit Incantation.


The floating Flame Dragon Armor seemed to have received some kind of signal and suddenly shone with a bright light.

However, it didn’t fly back into Nie Tian’s bracelet of holding, but rather dove down from midair and stopped about five meters away in front of Nie Tian’s chest.


A fine strand of translucent and sparkling Earthflame Crystal String shot out of the Flame Dragon Armor and entered Nie Tian’s palm.

Not only did the Earthflame Crystal String carry extremely rich flame power, it also carried the profound truth of flame power deep within itself.

With the operation of the Flame Spirit Incantation, the Earthflame Crystal String rapidly followed Nie Tian’s meridians up his arm, before stopping in the vortex of flame power within his spiritual sea.

As soon as it allowed the Earthflame Crystal String inside, the small vortex of flame power started to madly revolve!

One after another, fiery sparks splashed out of the vortex of flame power, before flowing to the far edge of the vortex. Apparently, the vortex of flame power was refining the Earthflame Crystal String.

While Nie Tian was flabbergasted by what was happening to him, the Flame Dragon Armor had already turned into a cloud of fire and disappeared into his bracelet of holding.

Nie Tian didn’t feel a thing when it did, as he was completely absorbed by the fascinating changes in the vortex of flame power within his spiritual sea.

He saw that numerous fire sparks were flying out of the eye of the vortex of flame power and landing on the edge of the vortex, extending its radius.

Nie Tian could keenly sense that the small vortex of flame power was expanding at a noticeable speed!

At the same time, it seemed that numerous unknown, fiery, magical symbols had seeped out of the Earthflame Crystal String and merged into the vortex of flame power.

For some unknown reason, the moment those fiery, magical symbols merged with the vortex, Nie Tian was struck by a feeling that his understanding of flame power had reached a whole new level.

When he had cultivated the Flame Spirit Incantation days before, he found quite a few areas that were difficult to understand.

He originally planned to go back to Cloudsoaring sect and ask for enlightenment from his master when the Heaven Gate trial was over.

However, all the parts that he had a hard time comprehending seemed to have solved themselves in front of him when he contemplated them now.

He felt like his mind had been suddenly opened up when the Earthflame Crystal String was refined in his vortex of flame power.

Nie Tian was both excited and amazed by how much the Earthflame Crystal String had boosted his cultivation of the Flame Spirit Incantation. He also realized that it was a gift from the Flame Dragon Armor.

After all, the Flame Dragon Armor was a Spirit Channeling grade treasure that possessed its own soul. After sensing that he started cultivating a fire-attributed incantation, it had decided to lend him a hand.

“What a precious treasure!”

Nie Tian inwardly cheered over how lucky he was to have obtained the Blood Core and the Flame Dragon Armor.

As he looked back, his life seemed to have taken a turn for the better only after he had found out about the unique features of the Blood Core and explored it with Flamecloud Gems.

At the same time…

Like a beam of cold light, Zhao Mo was still racing away at a speed so fast that he could travel hundreds of meters within a second.

He seemed to have a certain destination in mind. He constantly checked the meteors around him as he dashed forward.

Meanwhile, he unleashed his psychic awareness to scan the surroundings, as if he was searching for something.

Only after traveling for over an hour, and being separated from Nie Tian by dozens of gigantic meteors, did his psychic awareness finally lock onto his target.


Zhao Mo dashed towards it at full speed.

Moments later, he found the one he had been looking for on a bumpy, uneven meteor.

It was a man with hair that was as red as fire. With a burly, robust frame, he had detailed flame patterns on his bare arms.

At first glance, his naked arms seemed as if they were wreathed in blazing flames.

“Zhao Mo! What are you doing here?” The man frowned and said with an unfriendly tone, “The fifty meteors in this region belong to me. Don’t tell me you’re here to steal my territory!”

With these words, two beams of flickering, fiery light shot out of the man’s eyes, which made him look incomparably terrifying.

“No, that’s not why I’m here!” It seemed that Zhao Mo was perfectly aware of how formidable the man was, and hurriedly explained, “I know that we have an agreement. I would never try to steal from you! Tang Yang, since we both are from the Realm of Dark Underworld, I’ve come here to tell you something!”

“What is it?” Tang Yang seemed to have run out of patience.

“The Flame Dragon Armor that Lai Yi took to the Realm of Flame Heaven is now in the possession of a Lesser Heaven stage trial taker. And that kid summoned it in front of me just now!” Zhao Mo exclaimed.

“What?!” A tremor ran through Tang Yang’s body. “Are you sure it was the Flame Dragon Armor?”

With a bitter smile, Zhao Mo nodded heavily and said, “And the Flame Dragon Armor has already merged with the Blood Core!”

Upon hearing these words, the fiery light in Tang Yang’s eyes became even more violent and terrifying.

“Where is he?!” Tang Yang roared.

“I’ll take you to him!” Zhao Mo replied as he got ready to move out.


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