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Before long, Nie Tian fully restored the energy that he had spent on forming the chaotic magnetic field.

After opening his eyes, he found that Feng Luo had been quietly examining him up and down from the side.

Seeing that he had awakened, Feng Luo briefly nodded toward him and said, “If that man ever comes again, the magnetic field that you’ve previously formed will definitely be of great help.”

“Okay, I’ll use it to help you,” Nie Tian promised.

“As for the Ice Blast Pearls…” Feng Luo pondered for a moment and said, “I’m afraid that they won’t be of much help.”

“What do you mean?” Nie Tian was intrigued.

Feng Luo gave a bitter smile and said, “I forgot to tell you just now that the man cultivates frost and ice spiritual incantations. Therefore, the attribute of his spiritual power is that of frost.

“Therefore, he probably won’t be influenced in the least bit by the ice shards and ice blades released by the Ice Blast Pearl.

“On the contrary, it’s possible that he could gain control of the pearl’s power and use it against us.”

Upon hearing that the foreign Qi warrior cultivated frost power, Nie Tian immediately gave up the idea of using the Ice Blast Pearls. “I see. So I won’t use the Ice Blast Pearls.”

“I sustained injuries during our previous fight with that man and still need time to recover.” Feng Luo seemed somewhat embarrassed as he said, “Of course, I’ll do my utmost to fight him when he comes back. However… I doubt that I’ll provide much help.”

“What about her?” Nie Tian cast his gaze towards Yu Tong.

Yu Tong was sitting silently next to a giant rock, continuously releasing intense, bloody auras.

“Little Tong didn’t suffer any serious injuries from our previous battle. Plus, she has advanced to the middle Lesser Heaven stage after the tempering that she received from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. However, I doubt that she’ll be able to do much to help, considering her Lesser Heaven cultivation base.”

With these words, the way Feng Luo looked at Nie Tian grew somewhat strange.

After all, he still found it hard to believe that Nie Tian and Zheng Bin managed to kill Jia Peng when the two of them were both in early Lesser Heaven stage.

“Wu Ji…”

Eventually, he attributed all of the unfathomable things that had happened to Nie Tian to Wu Ji, and thus his respect for Wu Ji rose to a whole other level.

“Middle Lesser Heaven stage!” Nie Tian shot another glance at Yu Tong.

He didn’t anticipate that the witch would make another breakthrough in such a short time.

As many miraculous encounters as he had, he hadn’t been able to break through into the middle Lesser Heaven when he left the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

He was totally amazed at Yu Tong’s unparalleled cultivation talent.

Even though she was sitting on the ground, the red-garbed Yu Tong seemed quite graceful, and surprisingly, curvaceous.

All of a sudden, she seemed to have sensed Nie Tian’s staring and turned around to glare at him, saying, “What are you looking at?”

Nie Tian laughed embarrassedly. “N-nothing.”

Now that the two of them needed to live under the same roof for the time being, he didn’t want to piss her off. Hence, he grinned as he shifted his gaze to Zheng Bin.

Zheng Bin smiled back at him and said, “I have faith that we will beat that foreign cultivator this time.”

Clearly, Zheng Bin had become much more confident after killing Jia Peng with Nie Tian. Especially after adding Feng Luo and Yu Tong to their alliance, he felt that they had reason to be confident while facing another middle Greater Heaven expert.

He was so confident that he even started to think about how many spiritual materials he would get after slaughtering that foreign cultivator.


At that very moment, a bone-piercing, cold gale blew past.

The wind carried frost power so destructive that it could easily freeze a man’s flesh and bones. Over the past several days, Nie Tian had experienced it quite a few times.

As soon as the harsh, cold wind grazed his skin, he took out a spirit stone from within his bracelet of holding and started absorbing its spiritual power without any hesitation.

As he mobilized the power within the spirit stone, a faint aura of spiritual power silently spread out from inside of him, forming a shield protecting him from the fierce coldness.

Zheng Bin, Yu Tong, and Feng Luo also understood the bitterness of the cold wind. Every one of them frowned while trying their best to fend off the coldness.

As soon as Feng Luo channeled the blood and aura inside of him, his eyebrows rose, as if he had come to some discovery.

“Something is wrong,” Feng Luo said in a low voice. “The wind seems to be stronger than it used to be. I believe it’s that man’s doing.”

Nie Tian was taken aback by Feng Luo’s words. “He can even mobilize the cold currents in this ice-cold dimension?”

“I don’t know for sure.” Feng Luo pondered for a moment and said, “But I’m fairly certain that since he cultivates frost power, he doesn’t need to defend himself against such a cold gale, and even worse, he may even benefit from it!

“After absorbing the frost power from within the gust of wind, his strength may be significantly bolstered!

“Everyone, keep your eyes open!

“Whether or not this gust of wind is caused by him, I believe he’ll take the opportunity to attack us!”

After hearing Feng Luo’s words, Nie Tian’s expression turned grim as he quietly unleashed his psychic power to detect even the slightest changes to the temperature in the vicinity.

The moment his psychic power left his body, Nie Tian sensed that there seemed to be threads of soul power, which carried a bloody aura, within the biting wind.

Apparently, that soul power had already beat him to covering the entire area that they were in.

Meanwhile, his own psychic power had merely reached a ten meters radius.

He looked toward Feng Luo, eyes filled with astonishment.

Feng Luo slightly nodded toward Nie Tian, a hint of admiration appearing in his eyes. “It seems that it wasn’t pure luck that you beat Little Tong more than once.”

It was Feng Luo who had dispersed a bloody aura into the surroundings. Therefore he detected Nie Tian’s psychic power the moment he released it.

He also immediately came to a surprising finding that Nie Tian’s psychic power was purer and stronger than Yu Tong’s.

However, Yu Tong was in the middle Lesser Heaven stage!

Having an outstanding psychic power meant that Nie Tian would grow rapidly in his future path of soul cultivation.

After developing to a certain extent, his psychic power would upgrade and become soul power, which carried countless secrets, and only high-leveled Qi warriors would be able to use.

Upon closer examination, Feng Luo was increasingly amazed at the strength of Nie Tian’s psychic power.

“Wu Ji…” He muttered to himself as his admiration to that eccentric old man rose to another level.

“Uncle Feng!” Yu Tong suddenly cried out. “Something happened to my Earth Web!”

After hearing her words, both Nie Tian and Feng Luo sensed that the cold wind seemed to have changed it direction and went directly downwards, as if it were attempting to penetrate the earth.

Beneath the ice-cold ground, the numerous blood strings of the Earth Web seemed to have been frozen by the frost power and turned into ice strings.

Having its blood strings frozen, the effect of Yu Tong’s Earth Web had been greatly compromised. She might even suffer a significant backlash from it.

Furthermore, even if she wanted to retrieve the blood strings, she wouldn’t be able to, since the earth, together with the blood strings, had already been frozen solid.

Within such a short time, the cold wind that had blown over out of nowhere had completely invalidated Yu Tong’s secret spell.

Anxiety could be seen from within her devilish, beautiful eyes.

At that moment, a slim figure suddenly shot up into the air from a meteor that was rather far away.

The man closed in on them at a extremely fast speed, as if he had been carried by the fierce, biting wind.

He was wreathed in a cold aura that was visible to the naked eye, which seemed to be constantly fluctuating around him, stirring the direction of the wind.

“I was right. He is behind all this!”

The moment Feng Luo saw him, he realized what was going on and why a gust of cold wind was suddenly born.

“Yee?! Two more brats to the crowd!” With a glance of everyone from afar, the man burst into laughter. “Good. Two more Heaven Gate keys to collect!”

At first glance, he saw that Nie Tian and Zheng Bin were only in the Lesser Heaven stage.

In his eyes, with cultivation bases so poor, Nie Tian and his group were practically sheep waiting to be slaughtered and Heaven Gate keys waiting to be looted.


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