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While walking towards Feng Luo, Nie Tian looked at Yu Tong. Her expression was that of hate, and she looked like she wanted to eat him alive.


"Hei hei!"


After letting out a strange and soft laugh, Nie Tian chose to ignore her. He slowly walked over with Zheng Bin to the area with scattered stones.


Before entering the area covered by the Earth Web, he was slightly hesitating. He was worried that this was a trap set up by Feng Luo.


However, nothing happened after he entered.


Feng Luo had a grave face as he stood beside a shattered meteorite. Glaring at Zheng Bin, he said: "Your explanation!"


As he faced the Blood Sect's Feng Luo, the previously loud Zheng Bin suddenly felt unconfident.


He let out an embarrassed laugh as he shot a glance towards the calm Nie Tian, while saying: "Ask him."


Their gazes instantly shifted to Nie Tian.


"We've already exerted all our strength to deal with a middle Xiantian Realm cultivator from the other domains!" Feng Luo snorted/humphed as he said: "Even though we were able to do that, we suffered heavy losses and almost died. We had no choice but to retreat into this area and not make any rash actions, just to fight that person! He was at the middle Xiantian Realm, so Jia Peng couldn't have been any weaker. Just what did you use to kill him?"


Although he saw the seven extra light dots on Zheng Bin's hand, he still didn't believe what Zheng Bin said.


"If you don't give me a rational answer, I won't let you off!" Yu Tong coldly said.


Her curvy body quietly released a thick bloody smell.


Within the earth, strands of Earth Web Blood Strings that were created by her seemed to quietly move around like snakes."

It seemed as though she was planning to ignore Feng Luo's warning. If Nie Tian's answer sounded wrong in the slightest, she would immediately make a move.


When she thought about how Nie Tian humiliated her in the Green Illusion Realm and his offensive actions in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, she hatefully clenched her teeth.




Nie Tian hesitated for a moment. If the seven sects united against a common enemy within the Heavenly Gate, they could maintain the power of the Heaven Leaving Domain.


He decided to reveal some of his strength.


"Firstly, I used the Ice Bursting Field. When Jia Peng approached me, I used the Ice Bursting Pearl to injure him."


"After that, Jia Peng's injured body fell into a magnetic field that I created."


While speaking, he placed his palms opposite each other. He quietly released his mental power, fleshy power, spirit force, as well as fire energy, forming a chaotic magnetic field that had a range of only three meters.


In the instant that the chaotic magnetic field appeared, the expressions of Feng Luo and Yu Tong suddenly changed.


This was especially true for Yu Tong!


The Earth Web, which was created by the Blood Sect's secret technique and a mysterious spirit equipment, suddenly escaped her control in the instant that the chaotic magnetic field formed!


The energy of the area Nie Tian was in turned incomparably twisted and violent. The chaotic magnetic field that was only three metres seemed to have twisted the underground Earth Web!


The blood strings made of her mental power were completely unable to enter the chaotic magnetic field.


A great change had also occurred to the Earth Web when the magnetic field began to spread out!


The fear of losing control of the Earth Web sprouted in her heart.


It was also at this moment when Feng Luo felt that something was wrong. He suddenly took a step forward.


After stepping forward, he landed into the magnetic field. Shortly after, Feng Luo let out a pained grunt as his face turned increasingly pale.


Previously, when Jia Peng was in the magnetic field, he had experienced an even greater force which completely drowned him.


Because of the fact that his mind blacked out, he nearly fainted.


Nie Tian hastily moved backwards to allow Feng Luo to break free of the magnetic field without using any of his own power.


Once he moved, the magnetic field followed him. Feng Luo, who was about to faint, suddenly became clear-headed.


He used an incomparably stunned gaze to seriously look at Nie Tian. He gasped for air as he asked: "Did your master teach you this strange chaotic energy?"


Nie Tian nodded his head, "Naturally."


Feng Luo's eyes suddenly shone as he spoke with a low voice: "Senior Wu deserves to be called an unusual person in the Heaven Leaving Domain. I now believe that Jia Peng was killed by you two."


"Quickly stop that magnetic field!" Yu Tong involuntarily screeched out.


At this moment, she discovered that the Earth Web she created was about to be completely toppled by Nie Tian's magnetic field.


She was very clear about what would happen if it toppled. She had used up a lot of heart's blood to create the Earth Web. Once it completely collapsed, she knew what kind of injuries she'd suffer!


"I, I can't stop it." Nie Tian was stunned for a moment. However, he managed to react in time and hastily ran away from his original location.


Fortunately, the effect of gravity in the icy river was extremely small.


Once he exerted force, he immediately jumped into the sky. The magnetic field surrounding him also rose into the sky.


After the magnetic field rose into the air as a result of Nie Tian's feet leaving the ground, Yu Tong's expression turned relaxed.


It seemed as though the Earth Web wouldn't be affected by the magnetic field, as long as the magnetic field wasn't in contact with the blood strings in the ground.


Nie Tian rose into the air with the magnetic field before returning to his original location.


He waited for the energy of the magnetic field to be depleted, so that it would automatically disperse.


On the other side, Feng Luo and Yu Tong slightly calmed their emotions down. After that, they rushed over from the area with shattered stones.


They were standing within the area covered by the Earth Web, which was 10 metres away from Nie Tian. They used an extremely strange gaze to look at Nie Tian.


Nie Tian also looked at them.


After a while, a trace of happiness appeared on Feng Luo's face. He turned his head to speak to Yu Tong: "Little Tong, set aside your grudges with him for the time being. After Wu Ji taught him this strange technique...his existence might be able to help us. That foreigner who came earlier should have already recovered from his injuries. Sooner or later, he'll be back to try and kill us."


"We've spent a lot of energy during that previous fight."


"If we want to beat that person, it's not possible with just you and I."


"We still have a chance of surviving with Nie Tian, that strange magnetic field, and the Ice Bursting Pearls that Senior Wu created."


"Do you understand?"


Feng Luo advised Yu Tong with a serious tone. He wanted to temporarily stop the fight between Yu Tong and Nie Tian for the sake of working together to fight that foreigner."


Yu Tong softly clenched her teeth as she hatefully looked at Nie Tian for a while. Finally, she let out a disappointed sigh: "I'll listen to Uncle Feng's wishes."


That previous fight was too dangerous. She and Feng Luo had used all their strength. Even then, they only managed to obtain a slight opportunity to live.


However, Feng Luo was currently injured and it was impossible for him to recover within a short period of time.


Under this situation, she could only watch Feng Luo die once that person returned. After that...she would die too.


Once she thought about the cold and vulgar look within the eyes of that person, she inwardly trembled, which caused goose bumps to appear on her skin.


Thus, she agreed with Feng Luo's decision.


"Let him come over."


Yu Tong, unwilling to look at Nie Tian, turned around and walked off. She returned to the area with shattered stones alone and randomly chose a location to sit down. After that, she tried to calm herself down.


The effect that the magnetic field had on the Earth Web had finally disappeared.


"The opponent that we met came from the Hidden Underworld Domain. He's also at the middle Xiantian Realm, like Jia Peng..."


While walking back, Feng Luo's attitude towards Nie Tian was clearly different from before.


He explained the situation of the expert from the Hidden Underworld Domain in detail to Nie Tian.


Nie Tian took the information that Feng Luo told him to heart as he returned to the area with the shattered stones. He saw Yu Tong deliberately avoiding him, but he didn't take it to mind. He sat beside Zheng Bin and told everything he knew to Zheng Bin.


Before that person arrived, he wanted to completely recover the energy used to create the magnetic field.


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