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"Green Electric Stone!"

Pan Tao exclaimed softly as he watched the Dark Thunder Beast swallow the Green electric stone. He too looked for similar spiritual stones in his storage bracelet.

He had realized that that Grade Five Dark Thunder Beast had already developed its own intelligence. It was its own master and was not something that could be easily deceived.

Dark Thunder Beast was a thunder attributed spiritual beast, so its cultivation relied on its thunder and lightning energy. Even though the Green Electric Stone was just a low level spiritual material, it was extremely suitable for the cultivation of the Dark Thunder Beast's blood vessels since it had thunder and lightning energy within it.

"Damn it! I didn't store any Green Electric Stones." Pan Tao looked for a while, yet couldn't find any thunder attributed spiritual stones. He cursed inwardly.

Nie Tian looked at the Dark Thunder Beast with cold eyes. He noticed that it had immediately stood up after An Shiyi got on its back.

The Dark Thunder Beast's pupils were shining with greed. It looked at Pan Tao and the gang with fixed eyes, as if it were waiting for something.

"Are three Green Electric Stones not enough for you?" Nie Tian scolded.


The Dark Thunder Beast glared at him once, not bothering with him. Then it only stared at Pan Tao and the gang with an urging expression.

It was urging them to be like An Shiyi and satisfy it by taking out thunder attributed spiritual stones. Only then would it obediently carry everyone.

- Gurgle gurgle! -

An Shiyi, who was sitting on its back, suddenly smiled, making her face blossom like a flower. She seemed to have come up with a good idea. Her bright pupils were circulating with gleaming reflection of waves that could move and thrill people.


Once again, she took out three Green Electric Stones and handed them over, along the Dark Thunder Beast's neck.

The Dark Thunder Beast swallowed all of them at once and let out a satisfied, low cry with a joyous expression.

"Her!" An Shiyi's pointed at An Ying as soon as she raised her lily-white hand. She said, "You can come up."

An Ying was blank for a while, but then she immediately responded to it and walked towards the Dark Thunder Beast while smiling softly.

The Dark Thunder Beast, that had previously stood up to give an obvious sign that it did not allow everyone to climb on its back, once again gently crouched low and bent forward on the ground, letting An Ying to climb on it.

"This spiritual beast is interesting." An Ying spared a smile as she sat behind her sister, curiously taking measure of the Dark Thunder Beast.

Not long after she had sat down, the Dark Thunder Beast abruptly stood up again and cast an angry look towards Pan Tao.

Pan Tao stood next to the Dark Thunder Beast awkwardly and gave a embarrassed smile.

Originally, he had wanted to secretly climb up the back of the Dark Thunder Beast while An Ying was going up. But the Dark Thunder Beast managed to realize in time and had put a stop to his tricks.

Brother Ye, do you have any thunder attributed spiritual stone?" Jiang Lingzhu asked softly.

Ye Gumo shook his head and said while grabbing his hair, "I have looked everywhere, but I do not have even one thunder or lightning attributed spiritual stone. This damn Dark Thunder Beast, if we do not feed it until it's satisfied, I fear that we too will not be able to climb up its back."


"I have long since heard that this beast has a voracious desire for money and power, but who would have anticipated for it to be this bad! We are the people of Lingyun Sect. It is a spiritual beast reared by Martial Uncle's ancestors. However, it has gone so far as to impose on us!" Jiang Lingzhu said as she cursed.

"Hehe, I still have a lot of Green Electric Stones in my hand." An Shiyi's beautiful pupils were shining with charming light. She looked at Pan Tao, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo and said while beaming, "Pan Tao, we are all from Ling Bao Court, so I won't allow you to die. Take out three Fire Crystal Rocks and I will exchange them for three Green Electric Stones. What do you think?"

"Big sister An! Is there anyone who does this kind of business like you?" Pan Tao jumped and angrily said, "Green Electric Stones are just low level spiritual materials, but Fire Crystal Rocks are high grade fire spiritual stones! You wouldn't have confused the vast difference between a high grade spiritual stone and a low grade spirit stone, would you??"

"A piece of Fire Crystal Rocks could at least convert into seven hundred Green Electric Stones. You want to use three Green Electric Stones and exchange them with me for three Fire Crystal Rocks. Isn't that too much?"

An Shiyi pursed up her lips and smiled. Then she spread out her hands and said, "So that means you are not exchanging?"

The appearance of the Dark Thunder Beast had let her seen an opportunity for her to escape from desperate straits. She knew that since this unusual beast had arrived, they could quickly leave Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

With that guarantee, she immediately let go of her worries and took the opportunity to plunder as many benefits as possible.

"I am not exchanging!" Pan Tao said unhesitatingly.

"So be it." An Shiyi showed an uncaring attitude.

Nie Tian smiled like a flower. The resourceful An Shiyi at that moment was the true An Shiyi..

An Shiyi seemed to have had knack for business dealings since she was born. Nie Tian had also faintly heard before that the business deals that she had previously undertaken in the Ling Bao Court had all earned abundant profits.

Aside from the innate talent that she possessed, her skill in the business field was what had caused the sect master to regard her highly.

Today, Nie Tian had finally seen for himself An Shiyi's ability to plunder wealth.

"This are Fire Crystal Rocks! They are so many times more precious than Green Electric Stones. I will use this piece of Fire Cloud Stone to exchange for the opportunity to leave Scarlet Flame Mountain Range!" Pan Tao stared at An Shiyi angrily. He took out a Fire Crystal Rock and passed it on to the Dark Thunder Beast.

- Hu Chi! -

The Dark Thunder Beast let out a breath that was filled with threads of electrical sparks. It did not even glance at the Fire Crystal Rock, but rather it looked towards the lava ponds in the distance.

Inside the lava ponds, there were many Fire Crystal Rocks hidden at the bottom, flickering with bright and fiery sparks.

The Dark Thunder Beast seemed to be telling Pan Tao that the Fire Crystal Rocks were not even worth one cent in its eyes. There were Fire Crystal Rocks in every part of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, so it was not at all enough to make it carry one more person.

"You foolish beast!" Pan Tao stamped with fury.

But the Dark Thunder Beast did not care about him at all. It only puffed hard and continued to let out breaths refined by Green Electric Stone.

"You should know that the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range is not that safe anymore." The calm and easygoing An Shiyi analyzed with an unhurried voice. She continued, "Nobody has any idea about the situation within the sect, nor if the Earth Flame Beast is still going mad. If the magma below had really permeated into the ground, a lot of people, who were trapped and hid in the mountain peaks just like us, would all be able to move."

"All other things aside, Feng Luo and Yu Tong are still quite close to us."

"Without the hindrance of the river and gorge full of lava, I think that Feng Luo and Yu Tong would definitely rush towards here without the slightest hesitation and murder us painfully."

"This is only as far as we know. There could be even more experts out there that we don't know about."

"Wasting time in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range is really insensible; it would keep us be in a dangerous circumstance."

An Shiyi tenderly knitted her eyebrows and explained to the crowd about the serious situation in a dignified tone. She said again; " Just now, everyone collected a lot of Fire Crystal Rocks, so taking a few out to exchange for an opportunity to escape, from what I see, is very sensible and worthwhile."

As Nie Tian listened to her speak, while looking at her beautiful pupils that were aiming at Pan Tao and the gang, the corner of his mouth curled up in a smile. He thought that it was quite interesting.

He had long since noticed that An Shiyi had clearly seized an exceptional opportunity and wanted to pry open a few Fire Crystal Rocks from the hands of Pan Tao and his gang.

"Fine! You win!" Pan Tao snorted. He obediently took out three pieces of Fire Crystal Rock, waved his hand towards An Shiyi, and said, "They are yours now!"

"That's the way." An Shiyi spared a smile. She took out three Green Electric Stones and once again passed them to the Dark Thunder Beast. She waited until the Dark Thunder Beast had swallowed them and pointed at Pan Tao.

As expected, after the Dark Thunder Beast had swallowed the Green Electric Stones, it obediently crouched down and let Pan Tao up.

After Pan Tao climbed up, he handed over the three Fire Crystal Rocks in his hand to An Ying to let her pass it on to An Shiyi, who was in front of her.

How about you guys?" An Shiyi once again looked at Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo.

"You vile woman!" Jiang Lingzhu cursed in a low tone. She too could only take out three Fire Crystal Rocks and wave them towards An Shiyi.

Ye Gumo also took out three Fire Crystal Rocks with a bitter smile.

"No, not enough." An Shiyi shook her head and spoke with a firm tone, "Pan Tao belongs to our Ling Bao Court, which is why we could exchange one to one. As for you guys, each of you would need six Fire Crystal Rocks to exchange for three of my Green Electric Stones."

Nie Tian heard Jiang Lingzhu's soft curse, as if she had already expected it. In any case, An Shiyi's attitude was still really determined.

"Woman, could it be that you have turned mad?" Jiang Lingzhu had been angered. she argued, " Your Ling Bao Court has already fallen to such conditions and even needed the help from our Lingyun Sect and the other two sects! It has already become like this and yet you still want to blackmail me?"

An Shiyi restrained her smile and said unenthusiastically, "It's exactly because the Ling Bao Court has been drastically injured after going through this incident, so much so that it may just disappear because of this, that I would want to get as many precious spiritual materials as possible in order to get us sisters ready for the future. If we really have lost the sect, what would us sisters depend on in order to stand up in the domain in the future?"

As soon as those words came out, Jiang Lingzhu suddenly became silent. She looked deeply towards An Shiyi once, the nodded her head and said, "Fine, I should be considered to have tasted your formidability. Had the Ling Bao Court really been finished, I would ask my father to let Lingyun Sect recruit you. A woman like you, even if you have a low stature in the domain, you would still be of great help to the sect."

After speaking, she once again took out three Fire Crystal Rocks.

The same went for Ye Gumo.

After An Shiyi took out six Green Electric Stones and passed it to the Dark Thunder Beast, the Dark Thunder Beast crouched down once again, letting both Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo up on its body.

After that, Nie Tian was the only one left off.

After both Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo sat, the Dark Thunder Beast again stood up, raised its head, and looked into the sky like it did not notice Nie Tian's presence.

Originally, its purpose was to get Nie Tian and leave. But now, since it had tasted sweetness, it would not even let Nie Tian on.

Looking at its arrogant manner, Nie Tian right away knew that if he did not give up a bit of blood, he would have to waste his energy with this bastard.

But just as An Shiyi said, Scarlet Flame Mountain Range was actually not safe. He really could not afford to waste it.

"Sister An, I……" He too took out several Fire Crystal Rocks from his storage bracelet.

"You don't need to." An Shiyi once again smiled. She conveniently threw three pieces of Green Electric Stones to the Dark Thunder Beast and moved back slightly, giving up the frontmost seat. She waved her hand and said, "Get on quickly."

"Alright." Nie Tian smiled. He jumped onto the back of the crouching Dark Thunder Beast under the gazes of Pan Tao and Ye Gumo.

He stuck closely to An Shiyi and sat at the frontmost part. He ruthlessly kicked the Dark Thunder Beast and ordered, "Let's go!"

The Dark Thunder Beast let out a single low cry before it opened up its wings and flew high up, under the gazes of both Yu Tong and Feng Luo, and headed out of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.


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