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Chu Tianbei and Song Yu did not know what soup that was, and were fairly unresponsive.

"Food?" Chu Tianbei looked at his son exasperatingly, "This is soup?"

"Mm, soup!" Chu Yu looked at his parents, his face serious, "Very delicious soup!"

"You brat, stop speaking rubbish, what exactly is this?" Chu Tianbei glared at Chu Yu.

Song Yu glanced at her husband. "Why are you so fierce? Just eat it, our son is being so filial by bring things some for us to eat, yet you have so many questions..."

As she spoke, Song Yu uncapped the bottle.

A strong aroma wafted out and waves of energy crashed outwards in an instant, filing the entire room.

Both his parents were stunned.

"How is it this fragrant?" Song Yu’s eyes glimmered.

Chu Tianbei was also shocked, "Such thick, saturated energy... what is this?"

Chu Yu replied, "I guess it should barely qualify as medicine? It should be able to let you... mm, attain the Invigorated Meridian Realm, maybe even letting you breakthrough a few stages!"

"Son... can this thing really let someone breakthrough?" Song Yu’s expression was filled with surprise.

However, she quickly remembered Chu Yu’s words, exasperation filling up her exquisite face, "Didn’t you tell us to use a microwave to heat it up?"

Use a microwave to heat up medicine?

Chu Tianbei looked at his son speechlessly.

Only he could think of something like that!

"Yea, quickly use the microwave, it’ll be done in two minutes!"

Chu Yu replied instantly.

Ok then...

Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were defeated. Song Yu brought both bottles of snake broth into the kitchen.

Father and son were the only two people left in the room.

Even though they had much to say to each other, they found themselves momentarily speechless.

After a long silence, Chu Tianbei looked at his son and asked, his expression calm, "What is your cultivation level now?"

Chu Yu looked at his father and said, "Invigorated Meridian Stage Two."

Chu Yu noticed that his father’s pupils shrunk momentarily upon hearing his cultivation level.

After which, Chu Tianbei nodded calmly, "Mm, not bad."

Seeing his father try to remain calm caused Chu Yu to laugh.

This was his father, slightly arrogant, but he was sure that his father was probably over the moon!

"Dad, at my current Invigorated Meridian Stage, I am virtually peerless, even a Xiantian cultivator may not be my match."

Chu Tianbei was stunned. He could suppress his emotions no longer, shock and disbelief filling up his face.

In this instant, tears began to form at the corners of Chu Tianbei’s eyes.

He blinked hard, then steeled himself, "Arrogance is a man’s greatest enemy, don’t let a little achievement get to your head. There are many talents in this world, and there is always someone better out there."

Chu Yu nodded vigorously, his smile wide.

"Mm, I will stay alert and humble..." Chu Tianbei felt an ache in his heart as he looked at the handsome young man in front of him.

His child had grown up!

Chu Yu’s eyes were filled with elements of maturity, no longer the willful boy he once was.

At this point, a thick aroma wafted into the room from the kitchen.

Song Yu was making a ruckus in the kitchen, "It is so aromatic, its aroma has penetrated the microwave!"

Soon after, Song Yu brought the piping hot snake broth out. Chu Tianbei could not help but take a whiff and exclaim, "It really is very fragrant!"

"Dad, mom, drink it whilst it is hot, I will protect you all in the meantime." Chu Yu said, "By that time, don’t be too shocked!"

Chu Yu had tried it before, this bottle of snake broth was relatively mild. When approaching one’s limits, one would be unable to drink any more. Thus, he was not worried that his parents would be hurt by the boundless energy.

After a few mouthfuls, Chu Tianbei and Song Yu put down their bowls, completely stunned, as they began training.

The surprise in their hearts building up to a maximum.

Even though they were from an underworld clan, their understanding of superior medicine was limited to the current era.

As such, they had never imagined that a single bowl of medicine could have such immense medicinal properties.

Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were both in a state of cultivation, whilst Chu Yu sealed the remaining broth inside a bottle.

He did not think that his parents would have reached their maximum point after just a few sips.

Based on what was left, he should be able to breakthrough some of his other relatives.

Chu Yu had tried it, the broth was most effective only on first consumption.

Drinking it again after breaking through caused the medicinal properties to fade drastically.

This would have been a waste of this medicinal soup. As such, he decided to give it to some of his relatives, and make the entire Chu Clan stronger as a whole.

No matter how powerful one person was, he was no match for an entire clan!

He would also leave some for his brother!

Chu Yu had already gleaned some information off his recent forays into the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

As his cultivation level increased, he could read and understand more content contained within the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

Chu Yu had gotten a large number of pill recipes, but the ingredients on the pill recipe... were mostly impossible to find.

However, it also said that one could refine the same pill by substituting those ingredients with medicine with similar properties.

However, the medicinal properties would be significantly weaker.

However, to Chu Yu, a weaker medicine was of little concern.

This was not the glorious era of cultivation. In the current world where cultivation levels were low, a slightly weaker pill would still be considered a superior item!

Chu Yu protected his parents whilst he searched for similar medicines to attempt to refine a weaker version of the cultivation pill.

The cultivation pill was extremely common in the ancient world, and it was a pill that people could not afford not to have.

This was a necessity to all cultivators!

An ancient cultivation pill could allow a martial artist to skip almost three to four months of hardcore training.

As for the weaker version, Chu Yu had no idea how effective it would be.

Early the next morning, someone came to visit.

Chu Yu smiled when he opened the door to take a look.

A tall and imposing man walked over. He was almost 2 meters tall and sported a wide grin. Upon seeing Chu Yu, he could not help but ruffle Chu Yu’s hair, "Xiao Yu, I heard you are back, so I came to visit."

This man was known as Lord Chu.

Yes, that is correct.

He was that powerful!

Lord Chu was one of the leaders of the Chu Clan, the eldest son of the Chu Clan leader, Chu Tianyu.

The Chu Clan was controlled by two families, the leader Chu Tianyu was in charge of dealing with external affairs whilst deputy Chu Tiannan was in charge of internal affairs.

Even though Lord Chu was the eldest son of the most influential family, he was not arrogant.

He was a little naive, sometimes to the point of being stupid.

He was not actually stupid, but sometimes he could be rather single-minded.

Simple and stubborn.

No one could change his mind after he set his mind to do something.

Lord Chu was five years older than Chu Yu. He had never stepped foot in the outside world, his knowledge coming solely from the Clan’s school.

Chu Yu was close to him since young. Simply based on their relationship, Chu Yu may even have a closer relationship to Lord Chu than his own brother, Chu Liang.

After all, Chu Liang left the base early on, and did not have much interaction with Chu Yu.

On the other hand, Lord Chu had brought Chu Yu around everytime Chu Yu returned home from break.

At that time, Chu Yu was still uncultivable. Even though the clan did not despise him, very little people would hang around with him.

Lord Chu did not seem to mind a single bit. He brought Chu Yu on crazy adventures every day, forging a deep relationship between them.

"Brother, I haven’t even gone to visit you." Chu Yu smiled.

Lord Chu smiled, "We are brothers, why do we need to be so calculative? I heard that my dad and second uncle are ecstatic about your return, you should go find them."

Chu Yu nodded, "Yes, I will visit them later."

As he spoke, Chu Yu scanned Lord Chu’s acupoints and meridians. He was surprised to find out that this cousin of his was already at Invigorated Meridian Stage One.

This took Chu Yu by surprise and he asked, "Brother, did you chance upon a good opportunity recently?"

Lord Chu was taken aback as he glanced at his surroundings sheepishly. He then looked at Chu Yu, mystified, "Xiao Yu, how did you know?"

Without waiting for Chu Yu’s reply, he whispered, "Later, I will bring you to a good place!"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless. He glanced at Lord Chu, "Does the leadership know?"

Lord Chu snickered and shook his head, "I didn’t tell them. I felt that this could help you recover. As such, since there were only a couple, I wanted to leave it for you. It isn’t that I am not filial..."

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, warmth filling up his heart as he looked at Lord Chu, "Brother, didn’t they tell you that I have already recovered?"

"Really?" Lord Chu looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, "They only said that you may have recovered..."

At this point, a huge wave of energy fluctuations exploded from the room behind Chu Yu.

After which, a strong aura penetrated the roof and headed straight for the heavens!

Lord Chu was slightly taken aback as he stared at CHu Yu, wide eyed. He said, visibly surprised, "Did someone break through into the Invigorated Meridian Realm? Is it Seventh Uncle or Seventh Auntie? This feels similar to how I broke through..."


Lord Chu, who had not been out of the Chu Clan’s premises still spoke with a heavy Northern Accent.

Chu Yu was stunned, in the course of a single day, one of his parents... had broken through?

At this point, the strong aura continued to build up!

"..." This stunned Chu Yu and he quickly turned back to enter the room.

Lord Chu followed behind.

Chu Yu had initially thought that the one who would break through would be his father. Surprisingly, the one who broke through... was his mother, Song Yu!

Song Yu sat there, her body radiating with the aura of an Invigorated Meridian martial artist, her body enveloped by a faint glow.

"This..." Chu Yu was stunned and he murmured, This is the glow of someone who is at least Invigorated Meridian Stage Five!"

He had not expected that his mother would reap such a huge benefit from her first contact with superior medicine!

It would seem that his mother’s talent... was relatively strong!

With a few sips of medicine, she had broken through so many stages in a single day!

His mother... was a genuine talent!

To be honest, a single pill to launch one into Xiantian was not a rare occurrence in the ancient times.

Of course, such a pill was not cheap, and the ordinary person on the street would not have access to it.

To be honest, Song Yu’s talent was rather terrifying, however, she did not place much focus on cultivation over the past few years. As such, she had not progressed faster than her peers.

Now that she had drunk this superior medicine, her talent had been truly brought to bear. At the same time, all of the energy that she had accumulated over the years had been harnessed in an instant.

Lord Chu stood behind Chu Yu, speechless, yet his heart was filled with awe; how did auntie become so strong all of a sudden? Her aura can completely suppress mine...

He was initially rather contented with his little achievement of breaking through to the Invigorated Meridian Realm. However, that contentment all but disappeared in an instant.


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