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When Song Yu opened her eyes, the first thing she did was smile at Chu Yu.

"Mum, congratulations!"

Chu Yu’s smile was wide.

"How? Your mum is pretty good huh?" Song Yu grinned.

"You’re not old, you look even younger and prettier, those who don’t know will still take you as my sister." Chu Yu complimented her.

Song Yu’s smile couldn’t be any wider. She ran to the mirror and said in awe, "Aiya, I do look slightly younger!"

"..." Chu Yu was rather exasperated.

No matter their age, females all care so much about their looks.

Lord Chu added, "Auntie does seem much younger!"

Chu Yu glanced at Lord Chu, surprised. He thought to himself, Since when did this guy learn to bootlick?

"Son... your medicine, is extremely strong!" Song Yu glanced at the sealed bottle of soup as she spoke.

Chu Yu replied, "Its medicinal properties get weaker with subsequent uses, only the first use is the most potent."

"Then..." Song Yu nodded, then said, "We should give it to the others to use!"

This was the Chu Clan!

It was unlikely that people in the other clans would be so willing to share.

As Song Yu spoke, she glanced at Lord Chu and said to Chu Yu, "Let’s give Lord Chu a little first."

Lord Chu smiled widely, "That would be great!"

Seeing Seventh Aunty break through to such a high level, Lord Chu was keenly aware that the sealed bottle contained serious treasure.

This fella was rather shameless, but Chu Yu didn’t mind at all.

Because after Lord Chu stumbled upon good luck, the first person he thought of was Chu Yu.

Even if his mother didn’t say it, Chu Yu would never have forgotten about Lord Chu.

In the end, Lord Chu, who had only come to visit Chu Yu and ask Chu Yu to visit his father, ended up meditating after drinking the broth.

Chu Yu was surprised by Lord Chu’s cultivation talent.

In a single day, Lord Chu had progressed from Invigorated Meridian Stage One to Invigorated Meridian Stage Six!

He was a full stage higher than Song Yu!

This result left Chu Yu a little depressed.

After his mother consumed the medicine, she had progressed by leaps and bounds; Lord Chu was the same, progressing five stages in a single day.

He had consumed the same medicine, but had only managed to progress from Invigorated Meridian Stage One to Invigorated Meridian Stage Two.

It would seem that his talent was far weaker than theirs.

But this could not be further from the truth!

The mysterious purple gas in Chu Yu’s body had too great an effect.

It caused his progression to be much slower than others.

But it also made him extremely sturdy!

Coupled with the power from his Killing Days Heart Technique, it made his power unbelievably strong and pure.

As such, whenever Chu Yu broke through, the power growth that he experienced was an astonishing number.

The fact that he could battle with an elementary Xiantian as an Invigorated Meridian Stage Two martial artist was sufficient to prove this point.

Chu Yu understood this, but was still rather unhappy about it.

The Superclass had also clearly stated that a strong foundation would ensure more potential growth in the future.

Chu Yu knew that his parents were too old to start training with the Superclass.

Lord Chu had also entered Invigorated Meridian Stage One before the Superclass arrived, thus it would be impossible for him to train with it too.

Else, their potential progression could be even higher!

Even though this was the case, both Song Yu and Lord Chu were ecstatic.

Only Chu Tianbei was still in his meditative state.

The Seventh Elder of the Chu Clan also had relatively great talent.

However, it was unclear how much he could breakthrough, especially having meditated for this long.

In this time that his father was cultivating in isolation, Chu Yu, together with his mom and Lord Chu went to visit the Chu Clan leader, Chu Tianyu.

After handing over the remaining broth to Chu Tianyu, Chu Yu had a private conversation with him for two hours.

Those familiar with Chu Tianyu all agreed in private that the usually stern master’s smile never left his face since meeting with Chu Yu.

After three days, Chu Tianbei had successfully broken through to Invigorated Meridian Stage Four!

The entire Northern Chu Clan was celebrating!

They were no ancient school, and they did not have a strong foundation.

In the entire Northern Chu Clan, there were only seven to eight Invigorated Meridian Realm elders.

Furthermore, those elders were already extremely aged, and had lost any opportunity to break through to higher stages.

Lord Chu did not reveal his recent luck and attainment of Invigorated Meridian Stage One because he wanted to surprise the entire clan.

With two relatively youthful, and one extremely youthful Invigorated Meridian Realm experts in the clan, this was a cause for celebration.

After discussion amongst the two leaders, they decided to give the soup to the extremely talented as well as those with great contribution.

Everyone did not get much, just a spoonful!

To Chu Tianyu, a group of people breaking through to relatively high realms was more beneficial than a single person breaking through to an extremely high realm.

Chu Yu also thought that this was logical.

His reason for giving the soup to the clan was the same.

He did not expect that the two leaders would plan it so well.

The two of them were extremely selfless, not even leaving a bit for themselves!

This was the reason why the Chu Clan could be this united, and be conferred the name of the Northern Wolves. Their leaders were completely selfless!

This was classified as Top Secret within the Chu Clan.

Even though Chu Yu did not say it explicitly, the two leaders and his parents both knew that it was highly likely that the Crane Saint’s teachings were with Chu Yu!

As for Song Hong... his name has been in every conversation in society, in every thread online. He also had a huge following known only as the Song Army...

Although outsiders didn’t know this, and Chu Yu had not said it explicitly, Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were clear about one thing!

That should be their son Chu Yu!

The Hong in Song Hong’s name was closely related to the Yu in Chu Yu’s name.

Song Yu’s surname was Song...

What else was there to ask?

When Chu Tianbei had guessed Song Hong’s true identity, he had been rather jealous!

Why didn’t he call himself Chu Hong?

Song Yu scolded him for his stupidity, what would be the point in changing his name then?

When news came out that Song Hong had killed himself together with a group of Xiantians, Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were scared stiff.

They only relaxed after getting news that Chu Yu had returned to the Dragon City.

As parents, they did not need Chu Yu to tell them everything, and they did not need to ask.

In order to give birth to such a talented and smart child, Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were no slouches.

However, knowledge was just that, neither Chu Tianbei nor the two leaders ask Chu Yu about it.

Some things had serious ramifications, even as parents and elders, they had to keep their distance.

The Northern Chu Clan became increasingly low profile with Chu Yu’s return.

Their footprint on the web and social media completely ceased.

Chu Tianyu even considered folding some of the businesses in the world but was advised against it by Second Elder.

This would be too obvious and give them away.

"Brother, we should be clear now where the change in the Chu Clan is coming from."

Chu Tiannan looked to his elder brother, "Now we have a superior foundation technique, in the near future, we should also have a large amount of excellent pills. It would seem that we can let everyone in the clan can focus on cultivating without distractions..."

"Is that not the case?" Chu Tianyu frowned, "Are you afraid we would run low on funds?"

Chu Tiannan laughed bitterly, "Since you do not take care of internal affairs, you would not know about this..."

Before he could finish, the warehouse manager Chu Tiansong walked in.

This forty year old Acupoint Charging Stage Five martial artist walked in, his expression bitter. He looked at the two leaders, visibly troubled, "Leaders, the way young master Chu Yu is consuming the medicines, it is too astonishing... at this rate, we would run out of medicine before long!"

Chu Tiannan looked at Chu Tianyu, "How now?"

"Is pill refining... really so wasteful?" Chu Tianyu felt his head aching.

Chu Tiannan comforted his fellow brother Chu Tiansong, telling him to release the medicines to Chu Yu before turning round to look at Chu Tianyu.

He smiled, "Pill refining isn’t that wasteful, but refining pills requires practice and learning, doesn’t it?"

Chu Tianyu ruffled his own hair and said rather exasperatingly, "But this process, is really quite long..."

Is it really long?

In actual fact, it wasn’t too long, it had only been seven days since Chu Yu begun learning.

Even though the Chu Clan was no superior family, however, they had quite a bit of savings in their many years in society

With their location, it was also extremely convenient for the Chu Clan to harvest and keep the medicines. This meant that their reserves were much more than other clans.

With the recovery of the earth everyone’s starting point was about the same.

Under normal circumstances, the medicines that the Chu Clan had harvested over the past 30 years should have been sufficient for an ordinary pill refining master to use, at full speed... for over a decade!

However, the fact was, Chu Yu was no ordinary Pill Refining Master!


The pill refining room experienced another explosion!

Chu Yu stood there, his face caked with ash. He pursed his lips, his eyes filled with a determined, steely glow.

The medicinal masters of the Chu Clan glanced at each other. Only a few twitched their mouths, but the others were expressionless, not in the least bit pitying Chu Yu.

They had seen this too many times.

The first time, they were shocked, worried and even afraid that the young master would be hurt.

How can someone so inexperienced come to refine pills?

Wasn’t this nonsense?

However, the two leaders were going along with the charade.

This accepting attitude was crazy!

Could the rumours online be true?

It wasn’t that people didn’t suspect that Hero Song, Song Hong, had given Chu Yu the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

However, the medicinal masters quickly realized they had just been thinking too much.

They had already gotten used to the explosions.

For his first attempt, Chu Yu had used an ordinary furnace and an ordinary flame.

The reason was simple, he did not want to be experimenting with a saint’s item!

Pill refining required experience, the furnace and the fire were just added benefits!

Much like cultivation, Chu Yu wanted to have a good foundation.

In the end, the furnace exploded.

The second time, he also used an ordinary furnace. Chu Yu controlled his Firebending abilities and carefully maneuvered the ordinary fire.

Then... the furnace exploded again!

Third time, fourth time, fifth time...

This group of people grew numb to the continuous explosions, unable to bring themselves to care.

But they were angry - how could someone refine pills this way? This was completely humiliating the medicine!

Chu Yu was also on the verge of going crazy, he did not expect pill refining to be this difficult!

He could understand the theories instantly, and thought of himself as a pill refining talent.

Only after he had some hands-on experience did he realize that theory and practical were two vastly different things!

Simply theorycrafting was of no use!

In fact, the Chu Clan warehouse was still stocked with medicines.

But, Chu Yu’s rate of consumption was really rather terrifying, and... even after consuming so much medicine, he had not been able to produce a single pill!

All they heard were explosions...

He had already destroyed three to four pill furnaces!

This was too much!

Those pill furnaces were made from superior materials, each one unbelievably expensive!

Even though the Chu Clan was not short on money, this still wasn’t the way to do things!

As such, Chu Tiansong went to find the two leaders to complain.

Even Lord Chu couldn’t help but come find Chu Yu, "Brother, stop trying, I will bring you to... mm, you know where."

Chu Yu looked at Lord Chu speechlessly, "Go go go, don’t disturb me, that can wait till after I have refined a pill!"

After getting rid of Lord Chu, there were also a bunch of "caring" elders and siblings, but Chu Yu continued to be engrossed in his pill refinement.

By the thirtieth day, Chu Yu finally refined a weaker version of the cultivation pill.

At that point, Chu Yu was so overwhelmed with emotion he wanted to cry.

This was too damn difficult!

All of the Chu Clan medicine masters surrounded him to take a look. After seeing it, they were all expressionless.

They rolled their eyes, not even willing to comment.

The pills were grey, had no color, no medicinal aroma, and looked like... a pile of burnt marbles.

"These are pills?"

Chu Tiannan rushed over upon hearing the news. He looked at Chu Yu suspiciously.

"Haha..." Chu Yu looked calm, his voice solemn, "Second Master, one cannot judge a book by its cover!"

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