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In the depths of the earth, a magma river flowed, its high temperature causing the entire area to feel like a huge furnace!

Even at the higher point, it felt like one was being made into human jerky.

This was a relatively large cave, and waves of heat rose from here.

Chu Yu and Xiao Yue stood at the highest point, some 200 meters from the bottom.

Just looking down gave one a dizzying feeling.

The magma river gushed below.

The temperature was too high!

There was no sign of life in the cave.

"You're saying that the ball of extraordinary fire is here?" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue.

"Mm it's here." Xiao Yue nodded confidently and said, "The Sect Leader had also come here some years back to cull the fire, but was unsuccessful. That fire is spiritual and temperamental."

Chu Yu nodded, opened his vertical eye and looked down.

The vertical eye penetrated all the masks and went straight into the depths of the magma river!

It was extremely dense and murky, it was almost like staring at the sun.


A ray of light was like a blade aura, and it was directed straight at Chu Yu’s mental energy!

Chu Yu immediately withdrew his gaze with a woosh, even as his forehead began to ache.

He was slightly shocked.

He turned to look at Xiao Yue, "That thing will attack people by itself?"

"Hmm?" Xiao Yue was slightly stunned and she looked at Chu Yu, "Teacher, what did you find?"

"No... nothing." Chu Yu shook his head and said, "Wait here, I’ll go down and take a look."

Xiao Yue was slightly concerned, "Be safe."

Chu Yu nodded and then walked down along a snaking narrow passageway.

The further down he went, the higher the temperature.

However, for Chu Yu, such a temperature was still bearable.

He walked right next to the magma river in one breath.

At the moment he reached, a human silhouette burning bright red suddenly leapt from the river and directed a vicious punch straight at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu was shocked, and he was unable to defend himself in time.

Before this, he could not feel any energy fluctuations.

He immediately channeled all his power into his fist and punched at this figure.

"Ah!" Xiao Yue screamed in shock above.

She had never heard of this before.

The only thing that she had heard about this fire, was that it was just a spiritual fire.

When did it become a fire which could morph into a human?

And it could proactively attack Chu Yu...

Xiao Yue’s heart tensed as she stared widely.


The fist from this fire human collided with Chu Yu’s fist viciously, causing a loud bang to echo out.

This wave of force cause a huge wave to form, throwing out the magma from the magma river.

At this point, a huge wave of fire blocked Xiao Yue’s view.

Chu Yu felt as if his fist had hit a solid wall.

It was too hard!

Chu Yu felt as if his bones were going to shatter!

It was hard to imagine that a human lifeform created from the fire could have such a tough fist.

What was more frightening was that this fire human’s fist had an unbelievably high temperature, even steel would melt!

Hua la!

Chu Yu’s fist was smoking.

After which, there was a smell of burnt meat.

This was accompanied by an explosive sensation of pain!


Chu Yu hissed due to the pain!

But he drew an ancient bronze blade with his hand and viciously chopped at the fire human.

Chu Yu’s swipe was unbelievably fast!


A loud sound echoed out, this chop was almost as if he chopped at a bronze wall!

A huge sound echoed out.

The ancient bronze blade broke instantly!


Only then did the terrifying, heaven shattering sound explode from the ancient bronze blade.

The fire human life form was knocked back into the magma river by Chu Yu’s blade.

It splashed into the magma river, knocking a large amount of magma up into the air.


Chu Yu quickly retreated, staying away from the magma rain.


A large amount of magma crashed back into the river.

This scene was way too scary, and Xiao Yue’s heart palpitated as she watched from above. She shouted, "Teacher, be careful!"


Chu Yu let out a long sigh as some drops of magma fell on him and burnt holes in his clothes. Some of them stuck to his skin and they felt like needles on his skin.

It was a good thing he had a strong body as he was a martial artist. Any normal human would have suffered serious injuries from these drops of magma.

Chu Yu looked sternly at the magma river which was slowly returning to its calm state. He remembered that there was an introduction to such extraordinary fires inside the Crane Saint’s Scripture.

The gist of it was, "There are millions of of types of fires. Amongst those known to us, the Samadhi True Fire is the most superior, followed by the Nine Heavens Xuan Fire and the Elemental Fires [1]... there are also magma fires in the belly of the earth. They become conscious once in a billion years. Their value is undetermined, but they are extremely powerful.

Their potential is limitless, if one can subdue it, one can cultivate it and let it transform into the elemental fires. Afterwhich, it can progress into the Nine Heavens Xuan Fire and finally to the Samadhi True Fire!

The fire in front of him was likely to be such a magma based fire.

The life form that is only born once in a billion years has immeasurable potential

The Crane Saint’s Scripture clearly states that such a fire is extremely rare.

There is magma in the nucleus of every star. In order for the magma to gain a consciousness, a strict set of conditions must be fulfilled.

Of the 500 words that Chu Yu read, the introduction to the extraordinary fire was only 100+ words. However, it was succinct and contained a large amount of information.

He then recalled that he had just sparred with this fire that morphed into a human. Chu Yu was awed to find out that he seemed to have found an extraordinary fire!

A fire that could be refined to the Samadhi True Fire...

Is this real?

The Samadhi Real Fire only existed in legends, and it was termed as the divine fire.

Many legends feature its existence, but Chu Yu felt that the Samadhi True Fire that was controlled by those "Deities" was not the legitimate Samadhi True Fire.

It should be the simplified one!

Because according the the Crane Saint’s Scripture, a rice sized Samadhi True Fire... could burn the entire star to ashes!

That is the legitimate divine fire!


Right in front of his eyes, that fire morphed into a human and charged once again, this time... in his hand, was a fire sword!

That sword was similar to the ancient bronze blade that Chu Yu had in his hand previously!


The human made of fire chopped straight at Chu Yu.

"He doesn’t want to let me live!"

Chu Yu was exasperated, this human made of fire was too terrifying, and it was so quick to learn!


The human made of fire began to fight ferociously with Chu Yu.

Not only did he have a fire blade that matched Chu Yu’s ancient bronze blade, its fighting techniques... were also similar to Chu Yu’s!

A fireball which is so quick to learn...

How damned, what f*cking bad luck!

Chu Yu’s mouth twitch and he used his broken blade to fight with the fire human.

Xiao Yue stood on top, awed and speechless.

She had heard many things about that ball of fire, but no one had told her that it was like this.

At this point, Xiao Yue began to look upstream of the magma river, and a few hundred meters from where Chu Yu was fighting with the fire human, she found a ball of fire burning weakly.

The ball of fire rose from the magma river, and it was flickering.

Even though it was some distance away, Xiao Yue could feel a sense of fear in that ball of fire.

It was as if it... was afraid of that human life form made of fire!

Oh god...

Xiao Yue was stunned, and was rather pensive.

She had finally understood that the fire she was bringing Chu Yu to find, was not that fire human, but the ball of fire above!

Didn’t they say that the fire was extremely temperamental?

However, it looked like a scared bunny... about to disappear at any second!

On the other hand, the fire human life form that Chu Yu fighting was completely unknown.

"Teacher, that is not what we’re looking for... come back quickly!"

Xiao Yue couldn’t help but shout the reminder.

However, Chu Yu was unable to disengage, the opponent was too strong.

With Chu Yu’s current battle power, even someone who had attained the small circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm would not have been as much trouble.

However, this damned thing would spew out tiny threads of fire while it fought.

This fire, when it dried up and cooled, would become volcanic ash.

However, before it cooled, every bead was relatively scary!

Chu Yu’s clothes had already been burnt to shreds and several lines of blood filled his face.

Yet he did not retreat, and he waved his broken blade and engaged in battle with the fire human.

After 10 minutes, the ancient bronze blade in Chu Yu’s hand was now less than a foot long.

This fire human on the other hand, grew stronger and more courageous as the battle raged on, seemingly invincible.


Chu Yu threw away the ancient bronze blade.

Mass produced weapons are simply mass produced weapons, horrendous!


The fire human suddenly let out what seemed like a mocking laugh.

Even though Chu Yu could not see its expression, the mocking tone was obvious, and that irritated Chu Yu immensely.

F*ck that!

That ball of fire, morphed into a human, actually dares to mock me?

In that moment, CHu Yu had an idea. He retrieved the Immortal Crane Furnace from the storage ring, grabbed it by a leg, and smashed it towards the fire.

The fire life form immediately raised its sword to block it.

The Immortal Crane Furnace smashed viciously into the fire blade.

But it was too fast!

It was faster than the speed of sound!

As such, only after the fire blade was broken into half and subsequently shattered did a hum echo through the air.

It was immediately followed by a thunderous echo.


It was completely unbecoming to use a superior item like the pill refining furnace to... smash someone.

I’m sure not many people would do this in the ancient days?

The fire human life form was a little dazed from the smash. But before it could recover, Chu Yu attacked again!

Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang!

Chu Yu held the Immortal Crane Furnace and slammed it manically against the fire life form.

He looked like a crazy blacksmith.

Holding the hammer in one hand and smashing the metal at high speed.

"I let you scald me..."

Half of the fire life form’s head had been caved in.

"I let you learn from me!"

The other half of its head disappeared.

"I let you slash me!"

Half of its body disappeared.

"I just wanted to get a small ball of fire, is that so frustrating for you?"

"Hmm? Say something!"

Dang Dang Dang!


Dang Dang Dang!

By the end, the entire fire life form was completely shattered by Chu Yu and the Immortal Crane Furnace!

It was completely squished!

By this time, Chu Yu also looked like a beggar, unbelievably pathetic.

He glanced at the Immortal Crane Furnace in his hand and was shocked to find out that the Immortal Crane Furnace did not have so much as a single scratch on it!

"This is a real treasure! It is so much stronger than those mass produced weapons, and it is so good to use as a smashing weapon!" Chu Yu wondered if the Crane Saint would be angered to death if he heard this.

Chu Yu’s chest continued to heave, the energy required for such a battle was astonishing.

This was by far the toughest battle that Chu Yu has ever been in.

If not for the strength and sturdiness of the Immortal Crane Furnace, he feared that he could only run away with his tail tucked between his legs.

At this point, the sparks that littered the floor rapidly began to gather and formed a human silhouette in the blink of an eye.

"Are you not done yet?" Chu Yu took the Immortal Crane Furnace and prepared to smash.

What he did not expect was that this fire formed human actually kneeled down and bowed at his feet.

Chu Yu was confused as he thought to himself, What is happening? Is he finally admitting defeat?

Xiao Yue, who was standing above, began to yell, "Teacher, quick, quickly keep it, it's willing to be your subordinate!"


[1] There are 5 elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.

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