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Elder Lu, who was initially extremely proud, instantaneously became like a strangled chicken, stunned speechless. He reacted quickly and hid behind Zuo Datong in a flash.

His eyes exuded a strong sense of fear, at the same time, there was a faint sense of relief.

Luckily… he wasn’t the one being attacked.

Zuo Datong was shocked. In the moment that Liu Wucheng fell to the ground, he activated a piece of protective magical equipment.

That was a Legendary magical equipment!

It was a genuine piece of treasure!

Liu Wucheng died rather wrongfully, he also had Legendary grade magical equipment on him.

However, who would have thought that Song Hong would begin killing so readily?

Even though Qing Qiu had been in society for over three decades, it had been relatively secluded.

The elders in the sect occasionally walked in the world with arrogance; no one could be a match for them.

Some of them had been through various complicated scenarios and had been trained to be extremely alert since young; others could live to be a hundred and still never been in true danger, as naive as the day they were born!

Amongst the two deputies vying for the spot of Sect Leader, one of them was dead!

Zuo Datong felt a chill in his heart. There was no love lost here.

This guy had exceeded all their expectations.

All of the other Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists were all stunned.

After Chu Yu had activated the Spirit Stunning Bow, he had virtually no energy left in his body.

Even though the Killing Days Heart Technique was helping him absorb the spiritual energy around him manically, it was difficult to fill the enormous void.

However, at this point, Chu Yu was covered in blood and exuding a huge killing aura.

He stood there like a God of Death!

All of the Qing Qiu disciples looked aghast, none of them daring to launch an attack!

Chu Yu looked at these people coldly. He was just hangin on by the skin of his teeth and his head was beginning to feel numb.

Being outnumbered put you at an disadvantage, unless you’re much stronger than the others!

For example, a Xiantian cultivator would not be disadvantaged even if he had to face off with 100 Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists.

The sacred art and the power and speed of martial artists were at two completely different levels.

However, Chu Yu was still far away from this stage.

The entire arena fell silent.

Nobody spoke!

After half a minute, Old Yellow murmured, "Are you going to fight? If you want to fight, fight. If not, scram!"

"Song Hong... you, you killed Sect Leader Liu!" Zuo Datong said, at this kind of time, he had to stand up for the sect.

If not, even if he managed to become Sect Leader, what could he do?

Chu Yu looked at Zuo Datong and said flatly, "So what if I killed him?"

As he spoke, he waved the Spirit Stunning Bow, "Do you wish to die too?"

Even though Zuo Datong had a legendary protective equipment, he retreated a few steps and his eyes flashed with fear.

Elder Lu stood behind Zuo Datong and said, "We cannot let him off, I’m guessing he doesn’t have any energy left!"

Zuo Datong thought angrily to himself, Rubbish, don’t you think I know that? I also think that he doesn’t have any energy left, but what if he does?

He looked at the group of Invigorated Meridian martial artists and said solemnly, "Whoever can take down Song Hong shall be given a legendary magical equipment, a legendary divine soldier, and shall be given the surname Hu!"

The group of Invigorated Meridian martial artists breathed heavily,

Legendary magical equipment, a legendary divine soldier... even for a strong ancient legacy like Qing Qiu, those items were rare.

More importantly, they would be given the surname Hu!

This went far beyond just a surname. By getting the surname Hu, they would have access to... the limitless hidden resources!

The legitimate Qing Qiu!

Without exaggerating, anyone with surname Hu, at worst, could be an elder of Qing Qiu!

Even though in the current world, Qing Qiu was not the strongest, but what about in a few centuries?

Where would Qing Qiu be then?

If you could be an elder in Qing Qiu, in the near future, you would be above tens of thousands of people.

You would attain an unimaginable standing in society!

For cultivators, standing equated to resources!

The few injured Invigorated Meridian martial artists looked at each other, at least seven of them had determined looks on their faces.

They began to surround Chu Yu.

They were going to put their lives on the line!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

At this point, Xiao Yue tied a silk band around her waist and bunned her hair up.

A determined look flashed across her face as she took up a spot next to Chu Yu.

Even though she was only in the Acupoint Charging Realm, she was extremely determined even in such a life or death situation. She chose to stand together with Chu Yu.

Old Yellow’s mouth twitched and it blinked its eyes, trembling inside.

Chu Yu looked at it, "Go, I return you your freedom!"

As he spoke, he used the devil’s technique and returned the shred of Old Yellow’s soul back to it.

Old Yellow was stunned. It looked at Chu Yu, never expecting that Chu Yu would give it a lifeline at a time like this.

It was touched, pride swelling up inside of it.

However, soon after, it was knocked to its senses by the truth in front of it.

"Leave, quickly, if you stay here you’re going to die." Chu Yu did not advise Xiao Yue to leave. Even though they did not know each other for very long, he knew that Xiao Yue would not go.

Old yellow then looked Chu Yu deeply in the eye, "Do you need me to pass any message?"

After which he used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to Chu Yu, "Leave out your connection to Chu Yu and continue to live on!"

Chu Yu looked at Old Yellow, smiled and said flatly, "Go to the Dragon City, find the Chu Clan and apologize on my behalf. I used them previously, but I have done my fair share for Chu Yu. I have given him a pill for him to recover and continue cultivating. He is a real talent, I believe he will catch up soon."

Zuo Datong’s eyes glimmered and he stretched out his hands to prevent the Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist from launching his attack.

He could feel that Song Hong was likely to be at the end of his road, he was even laying down his will!

Even though he wanted to avenge Liu Wucheng and those dead Qing Qiu brothers, he wanted the things on Song Hong even more!

The Crane Saint’s legacy!

Who wouldn’t want it?

Old Yellow nodded solemnly, but it couldn’t help but roll its eyes inside, thinking to itself, This b*stard can really act, he is smart enough to leave himself a way out, this way, even when I run, I won’t feel so guilty…

Chu Yu continued, "Tell Chu Yu, I really treated him as a brother, tell him not to hate me, not to avenge me, cultivate properly and keep a low profile."

Even though it seemed like they were about to part forever, Old Yellow felt the urge to laugh.

He remembered, in the days when the earth had not yet recovered, he would go into the city and enter unoccupied houses and watch TV to learn new things.

He had once seen the award for the best actor, what was it called?

Lord of Theatre!

Yes, it was Lord of Theatre!

Old Yellow thought that this jerk in front of him did have some of the qualities to be a Lord of Theatre

Damn, he really knows how to act!

Old Yellow also caught onto some of the acting vibes and said solemnly, "You let others take such a huge rap for you, do you think they would avenge you? Dream on, they would be more than willing to send you on your way."

"No, you must tell Chu Yu, never to avenge me, he is a loyal person, if you don’t tell him that, he will avenge me!" Chu Yu spoke rubbish with a serious face, yet he was deeply anxious inside, he was manically trying to use his Killing Days Heart Technique.

All of his 1000 acupoints that he had harnessed were in overdrive!

The spiritual energy in the surroundings were almost sucked dry by him.

However, the reservoir of energy in his Dantian was still rather empty, like a spring which was drying up.

The amount of energy he could store… was simply immense!

At this point, Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue, "I came to save you because Chu Yu values you a lot…"

Xiao Yue knew clearly that the person in front of her was Chu Yu, but her ears and eyes turned red and beads of tears appeared on her cold and aloof face.

"Young master Song, I’m sorry, I’ve dragged you into this."

Chu Yu laughed out loud, "Nothing much, I had let the Chu Clan take a huge rap for me and brought them immense inconvenience. Chu Yu and I were brought together by fate, if I could live, I would have become sworn brothers with him!"

Even though Xiao Yue was sad, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes inside many times. She thought to herself, Aren’t you just speaking rubbish and praising yourself manically in the process?

After which, Chu Yu glanced at Old Yellow, "Go, if you can, please remember to help me protect the Chu Clan, I owe them!"

Chu Yu was extremely serious about this.

The list of things that the Chu Clan had done for him was endless.

Old Yellow nodded, "Keep fighting to live!"

As he spoke, he disappeared in the blink of an eye with a zoom.

On the side of Qing Qiu, no one tried to stop Old Yellow.

Their gazes were all fixated on Chu Yu.

Zuo Datong laughed coldly, "Song Hong, I must admit, you are a piece of work!"

"Haha…" Chu Yu laughed coldly, "For someone as weak as you, I could kill you in a single slap if not for the fact that I had used up all my energy!"

Zuo Datong’s eyelids jumped, this guy was insane!

Even whilst looking death in the eye, he was still so arrogant.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and tried to get himself to calm down. He looked at Chu Yu and said solemnly, "Did you get a superior legacy when exploring the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars?"

"Yes, however, you can’t get it." Chu Yu was expressionless even as he continued to exercise the Killing Days Heart Techinique manically.

His vertical eye was too strong, and it suppressed the footprint of what was happening!

Else, they would have spotted him sucking up the spiritual energy at such an alarming rate.

Zuo Datong did not want to let Chu Yu delay time, even though in his opinion, it did not matter even if "Song Hong" was buying time!

This was because a large number of Invigorated Meridian martial artists were streaming in!

At that point, he would not be able to go anywhere.

The only reason why he would continue letting Chu Yu talk rubbish was because he wanted what Chu Yu had on hand!

"Is the Crane Saint’s legacy on your person?" Zuo Datong asked again.

"Yes it is, but you still can’t get it!" Chu Yu laughed.

Zuo Datong’s gaze became cold as he looked at Chu Yu, "Song Hong, as the leader of the Qing Qiu Sect, I can let you live. As long as you hand over the loot you got at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars, as well as the Crane Saint’s legacy, I can let you live!"

Xiao Yue said at Chu Yu’s side, "He is lying to you, this man has no morals, he is a scum! My master… did not do anything wrong, but was thrown into the abyss by him!"

Xiao Yue teared as she spoke.

"Shut up!" Zuo Datong looked at Xiao Yue angrily, "As a Qing Qiu disciple, and with fox blood running in your veins, how can you side with others and still not admit to your treachery? I will settle the score with you afterwards!"

As he spoke, Zuo Datong looked to Chu Yu, "You killed the sect leader Liu Wucheng, and so many of our disciples, as such, whilst we can spare you death, we can’t spare you punishment. You can hand these over and jump into the abyss. Your life will be in heaven’s hands… at least, to you, there is some chance of survival.

Some of the Qing Qiu Invigorated Meridian martial artists had already arrived.

There were almost a hundred people surrounding Chu Yu and Xiao Yue, blocking off all escape routes.

Behind Chu Yu was the Qing Qiu magical formation!

At this point, Chu Yu’s Dantian finally regained some energy.

If it came down to it, he could still fire the Spirit Stunning Bow one more time, but Zuo Datong had a legendary protective magical equipment on him and killing him would be difficult.

If he used it on anyone else, it would be a waste.

He looked at Zuo Datong, "Are you for real?"

Chu Yu’s eyes revealed traces of conflict, almost as if he was hesitating.

"A gentlemen’s word is golden!" Zuo Datong’s heart began to beat rapidly.

In this moment, Chu Yu grabbed Xiao Yue by the arm and retreated straight into the Qing Qiu magical formation!

From within the formation, he shouted, "F*ck your gentlemen, go f*ck yourselves!"

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