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Only then did Zuo Datong remember, Song Hong had come out from this magical formation!

He couldn’t help but let out a scream in rage, "Song Hong, I will cut your b*stard body into a thousand pieces! Xiao Yue… you traitor b*tch, when I catch you, I will torture you with a thousand cuts! Ah ah ah ah!"

Zuo Datong was on the verge of going crazy as he raised his head and complained to the heavens

He had thought that Xiao Yue had brought Song Hong out of the magical formation. This formation was set up by the Sect Leader personally and outsiders could not possibly enter and exit as they please.

Even they could not do so, a single wrong step would see them killed and pulverized by the terrifying energy of the magical formation.

The Sect Leader must have thought Xiao Yue the method.

Damned b*tch, that traitor!

What a blind Sect Leader, unable to differentiate the good from the evil!

Zuo Datong felt that he had found yet another reason to betray the Sect Leader.

What a crony!

Yes, that is it!

"Tell people to ut Qing Qiu on lockdown! Activate the sealing magical formation, until we catch Song Hong, no one is to enter or exit!" Zuo Datong raged, his eyes filled with rage.

This was the Qing Qiu ancestral land, and there was a huge protective magical array that was left behind from aeons ago. Since the spiritual energy dried up tens of thousands of years ago, the magical array had been completely ruined.

It had been crippled beyond recognition.

Only when the highly talented Qing Qiu Sect Leader returned to the homeland did he manage to restore it a little.

Even though they still could not bring to bear 0.01% of the power of the huge magical formation, it was sufficient for the current world.

Once the formation was activated, all the entrances and exits would be sealed shut!

There would be only one road left in the entire Qing Qiu!

Along that road, there was a magical formation at every step.

Only the deputies and the Sect Leader knew how to walk along the road!

Zuo Datong was being driven insane by "Song Hong", and he was crumbling.

He had totally forgot that Song hong had come out from the magical formation, and he also did not expect that Song hong would dare to go back!

B*stard, this time, I will catch you!

At this point, Elder Lu suggested, "Leader, should we activate the old elders in isolation?"


Zuo Datong’s eyes were red as they stared at Elder Lu viciously, "Are you stupid? If we activate the old elders... do you think we will still be able to get the legacy?"

Elder Lu murmured, his face blushing, not daring to speak again.

The others were as quiet as crickets in winter.

Even though Zuo Datong had not attained Xiantian, he was extremely influential in Qing Qiu and had a large following.

Qing Qiu was extremely powerful, and has been very active in recent history.

There were many legends about them.

They had only become more secluded in the past couple of hundred years

In a pocket dimension just outside the Qing Qiu lands, there were many Xiantian elderlies, some of whom were even stronger than Xiantian.

Their knowledge and abilities were unimaginable for anyone in the outside world.

Elder Lu had been scared straight by Song Hong, and wanted to activate a couple of these elders.

But Zuo Datong wanted the Crane Saint’s legacy for himself.

Even though Elder Lu did not speak, a shred of doubt began to form in his heart.


The most popular social networking site in China became extremely active once again.

Song Hong was famous [email protected]

This time, the people who posted had come from Qing Qiu...

Even though Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng had control of the entire Qing Qiu, not everyone was on their side.

Even though many did not dare to oppose them directly, deep down, they did not approve of Zuo Datong and his men’s actions.

"The deputies of Qing Qiu, Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng have joined up with Elder Lu to activate a rebellion and suppress Elder Du and the others."

"Elder Du’s beloved disciple Xiao Yue has been dragged in, and Chu Yu, Xiao Yue’s good friend, has requested for Song Hong’s help."

"Song Hong has a strong sense of righteousness, but he is not trapped in Qing Qiu, and he has also admitted to using the Chu Clan..."

"Song Hong said..."

"The truth has been revealed, the Crane Saint’s legacy is indeed with Song Hong, he admitted this himself. He also admitted that he had gotten additional benefits from his exploration at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars."

"Song Hong admires Chu Yu, and thinks that Chu Yu is a real talent. If he can survive, he will become sworn brothers with Chu Yu."

"Song Hong also admitted to giving Chu Yu a single pill so that he can recover..."

"The underworld Chu Clan has been pushed into the abyss unintentionally by Song Hong. Song Hong is about to die, and he announced that he had indeed let the Chu Clan down."

The largest social media site in China was in uproar, activity exploding in an instant.

Afterwhich, there was even more explosive news.

"There were a large number of ancient school disciples gathering in the Dragon City, and there were even Xiantian realm experts!"

"They were chasing Song Hong. Rumor has it that Song Hong had ran to a country in Central Asia. There, he had fooled several Xiantian experts, and then disappeared from right under their noses!"

"Hahahaha, Song Hong is indeed strong, I never expect that he had the ability to fool the Xiantian experts in Central Asia. Afterwards, he had revealed the tumultuous situation in Qing Qiu and pulled back the curtains on the internal chaos."

"How powerful, Hero Song! My idol! I have never seen such a courageous and brave person!"

"This is hilarious, even with a group of people hunting him down, he can go to Qing Qiu to wreck havoc? What a little mynx!"

"Song Hong is indeed a righteous person, what a hero! How warmhearted. Even though he did set up the Chu Clan, I believe he did not do it intentionally."

"A hero dares to take responsibility for his actions, and is not afraid of being oppressed, he is a true role model!"

"It is difficult to say what kind of impact this would have on the Chu Clan. No matter what, the Chu Clan’s innocence has finally been proven, and Song Hong has been good to Chu Yu..."

"Chu Yu managed to benefit from the chaos. For a rare talent like him, I wonder how he will grow and develop after he regains his ability to cultivate?

"I am more interested to find out how is Song Hong?"

"He had better not die..."

Many people took to social media to voice their views on this issue.

Song Hong’s fooling of the Xiantians and his havoc in Qing Qiu had caused many people to be shamed. However, to the ancient schools and underworld clans who were not participating, this was great news.

Even more so for the commoners!

Whilst they were praising Song Hong, Hero Song, for his courage and righteousness, they couldn’t help but worry for his fate.

People always loved the underdogs.

As such, many people began to become drawn towards Song Hong. Someone even created a "Song Army" fan group.

Within moments of its inception, it had thousands of members!

Within two hours, the Song Army stood at over 30000!

This was a complicated power. Even though it was rather miniature, it’s composition was complicated. There were people of all walks of lives, all genders, ages and status. They all supported Song Hong, supported Chu Yu and supported Chu Clan.

This wave of momentum was awe inspiring!

It quickly became a huge trend on the web.

When it first started, many of the ancient schools did not take much notice, even the underworld clans disregarded it.

He was just a hero on the internet. The crowd was merely commoners who could only run their mouths.

However, they quickly realized that something was amiss!

There were actually many disciples of ancient schools and underworld clans in the group!

With the technological advancements today, the cultivation civilisation today was extremely different from the cultivation world of the ancient days. They did not control it; it was uncontrollable! Furthermore, they did not know how to control it.

In truth, over 30 years ago, many of these ancient legacies and underworld clans had already gotten used to the convenience that these technological inventions provided.

Even if they had the abilities, they would not destroy the technology.

It was too convenient!

The people who had a feud with Song Hong, or those who did not like the Chu Clan were dumbfounded.

They could not understand how this had created such a huge uproar!

Especially Zuo Datong, after receiving news of this, he was so furious he wanted to puke blood!

He immediately ordered a ban against any Qing Qiu disciple making so much as a pip on the internet!

However, laying down the order now was too late.

The momentum had already formed, gushing up like a wave. With such momentum, no one could stop it now.

The Song Army got stronger and stronger, engulfing the entire internet. Within five hours, it had over 70000 members!

Even though a lot of people had just joined for the fun of it, there were a lot of people who had joined because they did not like the oppressive nature of the ancient schools and underworld clans!

Amongst these people, there was no lack of people from the underworld clans and ancient school!

There will always be conflict and confrontations as long as there are people.

The leader of the Song Army was a person with screen name "Legendary Voice", he was the one who had started this revolution.

No one knew anything about him, nor did they know his gender. Even the famous hackers hired by the ancient schools could not dig up any news on him.

They could only feel that he had a great impression of Song Hong, his every sentence directed towards him.

This wave on the internet was the first time these ancient schools and underworld clans saw the power of the community.

Qing Qiu also came under immense pressure as a result!

There were a lot of people on the internet who asked them to let Song Hong off!

"He killed our Sect Leader Liu Wucheng!" Zuo Datong rebutted angrily, "He is a murderer!"

"In the cultivation world, who talks about murderers? Can you tell us the underlying reason?" The Song Army replied.

"He killed a large number of Qing Qiu experts, we cannot let him off!" The Qing Qiu people bellowed.

"You’re all inhumane, and you deserve to die, why don’t you say that you’re just eyeing what he has? Is it that you all can be robbers but people cannot retaliate?" The Song Army replied coldly.

"He killed many people in the core of Qing Qiu!"

"Hahaha, and you still have the cheek to say it. Aren’t you ashamed that people have beat you in your own home?"

This went on for several rounds.

"Qing Qiu will never let Song Hong off!" The Qing Qiu people finally said in anger and embarrassment.

"Then prepare to die at the hands of the citizens! From now on, the entire web will boycott Qing Qiu!" The Song Army issues an even stronger reply.

If this was ages ago, no one in Qing Qiu would mind such a threat.

It’s just a boycott, who’s scared? If you have the guts, come to Qing Qiu and we will beat the sh*t out of you!

However, now, no one dared to say something like that.

Because at this point, many ancient schools had already sided with the Song Army!

"The things that Qing Qiu has done is rather overboard." One of the members of an ancient clan’s leadership registered an account using his real name with the social media site. His first activity was directed at Qing Qiu.

"Even though the cultivation world only respects ability, everything is about cause and effect. Please do not twist the three core values of the cultivation world. In fact, if we need laws to control us, this tells us that we no longer value our morals. As such, in the ancient cultivation world, compassion, loyalty and knowledge are still valued. I hope that Qing Qiu does not continue with this mistake.

Another member of an ancient clan’s leadership also registered an account using his real name with the social media site. He also issued a stern statement.

Furthermore, there were many influential people who voiced their discontent openly.

Zuo Datong was hopping mad, he paced around in his room hollering, "A bunch of hypocrites! Utter bullsh*t! Complete crap! Acting like a good guy? They are the same, trash! A group of scum and losers! Aren’t they also robbers? Why would they go to the Dragon City? Bullsh*t! And they dare to lecture me? They obviously want Song Hong for themselves too, but since he is trapped by me, they are acting like good guys..."

Elder Lu was visibly concerned as he stood to the side, completely silent.

He had worries that there would be certain hiccups when doing this, but he had never expected that it would be due to the internet.

It was as if there was a pair of invisible hands pushing the influence of this incident higher and higher.

The infighting in Qing Qiu raged on as the people of Elder Lu and the two deputy sect leaders continued their rebellion and killed the loyal members; Song Hong, Hero Song, was extremely righteous. He saved Xiao Yue but was now trapped in Qing Qiu. Chu Yu was also implicated. Even though Chu Yu was not Song Hong’s junior, Song Hong thought highly of him... such news spread through the internet like a virus.

They had never met with such an incident, and had no idea how to deal with it.

From Elder Lu’s point of view, if they didn’t activate the Qing Qiu elderly masters... this would be unsaveable!

Zuo Datong’s eyes were red like a caged animal. He looked at Elder Lu, "Is there completely no news on Song Hong? And that b*tch Xiao Yue... how long more will they run free? We can’t find two people with the horde we have? Trash... all of them are trash!"

Elder Lu stiffened. He was much older than Zuo Datong, and he wasn’t much weaker than Zuo Datong in terms of cultivation either.

Being reproached this way made him rather embarrassed.

At this point, someone from outside came back with some reports.

"Sect... Sect Leader, there’s a problem, just outside the huge magical formation, that is a big group gathered there, and the numbers are increasing. "

Zuo Datong was extremely frustrated and waved him away, "They can’t get a way in, whoever wants to come can jolly well try!"

The Qing Qiu protective magical formation had already been activated. Even though they could only bring a little of its power to bear, even a Supreme Realm martial artist would find it difficult to charge in!

"But Sect Leader, that group of people are not to be trifled with, they are all influential figures from the ancient schools. Also..."

"Anything else?" Zuo Datong’s eyelids were hopping, his tone cold. "Also, the protective magical formation, can only last us a month... at best."

Zuo Datong took a deep breath, his eyes wandering. Finally he gritted his teeth and said, "Half a month... is sufficient! Catch Song Hong and Xiao Yue first! Don’t bother about the people outside! If they have the abilities, let them charge through the formation!"


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