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The weasel dragged its long tail, its black face, black nose, small ears and green eyes fixated on Chu Yu. Its eyes glimmered with ferocity, and they were filled with murderous intent.

Chu Yu looked at the two feet tall weasel and thought to himself, "This fella can take a beating. I did not hold back just now."

He had used almost all his strength.

He did not expect that this fella only suffered light injuries.

Chu Yu smiled coldly at the weasel, "Then do you know, it is also not wise to antagonize me?"

The weasel blinked, appearing to be tough on the exterior, "So what if it’s not wise to antagonize you? You intruded into my territory, don’t you deserve a beating?"


As Chu Yu spoke, he attacked!

His speed was too fast, completely breaking the sound barrier.

Every movement of his body brought with it a huge crashing wave of force, every acupoint like a strong geyser.

They were constantly outputting terrifying amounts of energy.


Chu Yu’s slap was ferociously targeted at the weasel’s head.


Even though the weasel was hurt, its movements were fast.

It disappeared outside of Chu Yu’s radius of attack in an instant.

At the same time... its ass turned to Chu Yu and it farted!


A wave of yellow gas accompanied the pungent and stinging stench that attacked Chu Yu in an instant.


Chu Yu hurriedly dodged to the side. The shockwave from his slap had broken the trunk of a tree, causing it to crash.

At this point, the horrible stench had covered an area spanning a few hundred meters in diameter.

The weasel, who had ran far away, shrieked, "Doll face, do you know how good I am now?"

Chu Yu didn’t say anything, he pinched his nose and retrieved the Spirit Stunning Bow from his storage ring and aimed it at the big weasel.

The weasel suddenly felt a terrifying murderous aura lock onto it!

It turned and ran without hesitation!

In the blink of an eye, it had disappeared into the forest.

The entire forest was just left with the stench of its fart. Chu Yu frowned and found a hide several miles away.

Only then did he let out a long sigh, feeling like a little b*tch.

Since young, he had many interactions with these things in the deep forest.

At that point, his cultivation level was not high, but the weasels he faced were not powerful either.

They all had some spiritual energy, but were not particularly powerful.

Chu Yu had been defeated a few times, but he had also defeated many weasels.

When he thought about it, he realized he hasn’t seen them in many years.

Little did he expect that he would meet such a huge one here, particularly one that had already attained Acupoint Charging Stage Nine.

This thing was not particularly well-liked, it was not edible and its fur was relatively useless.

Furthermore, they were extremely petty and bore grudges.

Chu Yu could totally predict that this huge yellow skin would definitely try to find trouble with him constantly.

"How disheartening."

Chu Yu held the Spirit Stunning Bow in his hand and decided that if the weasel came to harass him, he would teach it a lesson!

After which, Chu Yu continued moving inwards of the forest.

After about two hours, Chu Yu had reached the deepest point of the forest.

At this point, that large weasel appeared again.

This time, the fella was a lot more cautious and did not attack Chu Yu the first chance it got.

It tried to hide carefully in an attempt to fool Chu Yu’s senses, but it had failed!

Chu Yu’s senses had a range of over 7000 meters. In other words, movement within a 7000 meter radius would generally not escape his senses.

Even though he was some distance away from attaining full awareness of movement within his radius, for lifeforms such as this weasel which had a cultivation level lower than him, it would be difficult for it to escape his senses.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the weasel was crafty and kept changing its position, Chu Yu would have very well attacked it.

The Spirit Stunning Bow was strong, but its drawbacks were equally obvious.

It sapped too much energy!

After a single attack, regardless of its effectiveness, would cause him to become weaker.

As such, Chu Yu decided to keep the Spirit Stunning Bow.

After which, he shouted into the empty forest, "Big yellow skin, I have long left your territory, you can scram now. If you really don’t know better, I don’t mind stripping you of your skin!"

"You little b*tch, is this how you talk to your elders?"

The forest echoed out with the weasel’s sharp, angry voice.

"Don’t court death." Chu Yu warned.

"For as long as you’re in this forest, don’t expect to have any respite!" Weasels bore grudges, as for the fact that it had attacked first, it did not wish to mention that.

Chu Yu took big strides towards where the weasel was hiding. He was holding the ancient bronze blade, and his aura and energy radiated from his body.

The entire forest was suddenly filled with a murderous aura.

The weasel got a shock of its life, it did not expect to be found out, especially since he had found such deep cover.

But yet, its eyes showed no fear, instead, they showed content.

The greatest ability of the weasel was not in a head on confrontation, but rather the utilisation of its mental energies.

Farting was simply an elementary self defence technique.

Its real prowess lay in its ability to use its mental energy to confuse the enemy and place the enemy in a state of confusion.

Previously it had sneaked attacked Chu Yu because of a lapse in judgement.

However, this time, it was not going to make the same mistake!

In order to overwhelm the enemy with his own mental energy, he had to first incite a strong emotional response.

Anger, joy, hurt... would all work!

He’s angry, hahahaha! The doll face is angry... good good, I hope you get angrier!

The weasel hid there and continued to mock in its high pitched voice, "Doll face, does my fart smell good? What does it smell like?"

Chu Yu had spotted the weasel long ago by opening his vertical eye.

Hearing this, the rage in Chu Yu’s heart rose and he said coldly, "Later I’ll let you smell it for yourself!"

Aiyaya, even more anger, this is good, this is good!

The weasel was pleased, he wanted to kill Chu Yu not just because he wanted bore a grudge. The bigger reason was because he wanted to get the large amount of resources from this guy!

It could tell that this human was powerful, and definitely had good things on him!

I want them!

This was its simplistic and rustic way of thinking.

As he saw Chu Yu get closer, the sharp face of the weasel broke out into a human like smile.

After which, with a stare from its green eyes, its body released a wave of strange fluctuations.

This fluctuations was invisible to the naked eye, and it was also impossible to feel!

Unless one was in the Xiantian realm, and had become a true cultivator and had a mastery of sacred art, there was no way of feeling it.

He had his eyes set on the weasel, and as Chu Yu was preparing to strike viciously at the weasel, he felt a wave of energy tunneling into his forehead. Chu Yu could feel his mental capacity diminish.

Attack via hallucination!

Chu Yu had understood it in an instant!

When he was younger, he was defeated by weasels a few times due to such an attack.

At that point, because his vertical eye was not supported by strong energies, it did not manifest itself unless death was imminent.

Furthermore, the weasels he had encountered were not strong, and such hallucinations did little to him,

Even though the weasel in front of him was strong, Chu Yu now was no longer that weak child of before!

If this weasel had attacked an ordinary person, then it would have easily controlled that guy’s fate.

If he did not meet someone as perverted as Chu Yu, even if it met with a stronger opponent, the attack would have confused the opponent and put him in grave danger.

Yet, unluckily, it had met with a queer person like Chu Yu, who had a metal ball in his forehead which had not been fully activated and was constantly growing.

The true power of this vertical eye was unknown even to Chu Yu.

But he was anticipating what he would find ou.

Just as the mental energy attack of the weasel neared Chu Yu, a faint wave of strength exploded out of Chu Yu’s forehead.

As he raised his cultivation level, his body’s power could also provide energy to his vertical eye.

The weasel’s attack only managed to disturb Chu Yu for a moment, yet, in the next moment, it disappeared.

The pitiful weasel did not know that its attack had failed, and was still living a fantasy.

A low solemn, magnetic voice erupted from its mouth.

"Such a pitiful and insignificant human, do you feel like you’re very weak? It’s ok... open up your heart and accept the hug of nature and you shall get everything!"

Chu Yu’s pupils flashed with a sinister smile inside.

In the next moment, Chu Yu stood there unmoving.

The weasel jumped down, but it didn’t rush at Chu Yu the first chance it got.

That little black face, as well as its two green eyes were on high alert as it observed Chu Yu.

The weasel was cautious, being taken advantage of once was enough!

For that once, he would have this human pay with his life!

"All the worldly possessions... are meaningless, throw them away, all the bags... throw away the bags, and go on the battlefield with the bare minimum, you will get everything!"

That solemn and magnetic voice of the weasel continued to sound out.

As it spoke, it observed Chu Yu’s expressions.

Chu Yu looked blankly and he released the his grip on the ancient bronze dagger.

The weasel’s eyes flashed with greed.

He could tell that the treasured blade was good stuff!

Are there any more nice things on this doll face?

"Any other items will only become obstructions in your advancement, throw them away... it is meaningless to keep them. This is what god... is telling you!"

The weasel was stern, it stood up and glared at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s hand... reached for his neck and pulled out a black string against his will.

On it was a black ring!

The space ring!

The weasel could not belief his eyes.

God damn!

Did he just catch a historically large fish?

The weasel felt its heart... beat manically!

"Throw it down!"

It ordered sternly.

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