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However, in that instant, all the hairs on the weasel’s body stood up, and its long tail became puffy, its body curling up into a ball!

Its eyes revealed unparalleled aghast as it tucked its tail between its legs and ran!

This was because he saw that the initially dazed individual’s mouth had revealed a trace of mocking, and his eyes had regained their clarity.

Where was the confusion that his hallucinating attack should have achieved?

How was this possible?

The weasel thought that this was simply too absurd!

The many stronger lifeforms in this forest had been tamed by its claws.

There was even an powerful lifeform in the Invigorated Meridian Realm which had been confused by his hallucinating attack and was eventually killed by the weasel, easily.

How could it be that this human... was unaffected?

How could he had recovered so quickly?

By the looks of it, he wasn’t affected by it at all!

A wave of cold air radiated from the weasel’s body.

It was furious!

It wanted to run!

This all happened in an instant.

Chu Yu raised his palm and sent the weasel flying with a slap.


This sound was accompanied by the sound of the weasel’s bones breaking as well as its screams.

That scream was extremely mournful and it momentarily shattered the silence of the forest.


The weasel was knocked into a tall ancient tree, and it knocked a hole in the trunk. Without losing momentum, it flew for another few hundred meters.

Only then did it land on the ground with a thud and lose consciousness.

Chu Yu’s silhouette shot over to the landing point like an arrow. He picked up the weasel and disappeared.

Ten minutes later, Chu Yu appeared in the depths of an enormous valley.

High cliffs surrounded the valley, the lowest point was over 2000 meters high!

The valley had dense vegetation that completely covered the entire area.

Looking up, there seemed to be no trace of civilisation, other than birds, there was virtually no other life form.

Chu Yu had roamed down from the cliffs like a mountain tiger.

He had threw the weasel aside and then, without hesitation, used a devil sect technique to forcefully retrieve a wisp of the weasel’s soul.

Even Fan Jian, the Invigorated Meridian Stage Six expert, could not escape his fate being controlled by others, not to mention this weasel which was only Acupoint Charging Stage Nine.

The weasel’s ability to withstand a beating was extremely strong and it was initially faking its death.

After being beaten so viciously by Chu Yu, all it suffered were some broken bones.

He had initially wanted to fool Chu Yu by faking its own death, it did not expect that Chu Yu did not give it any chance, forcefully retrieving its soul, signing a contract with it!

When the weasel found out about it, it nearly teared.

This was simply too oppressive, too much!


The most shameless thing to do ever!

Aren’t these kind of things supposed to be voluntary?

Didn’t they say that if humans wanted spiritual animals as guards, they had to promise various benefits?

What kind of damned situation was this?

Previously, the weasel had treated other lifeforms this way, but it had never expected that such a fate would befall it.

In the moment that its soul was forcefully taken from it, the weasel knew that it had no way of resisting it.

In the moment that the contract was signed, it opened its eyes and looked at Chu Yu, "Cure my illness!"

"..." Chu Yu looked exasperatingly at the weasel, "You’re talking to me?"

"Of course, I’ve been set up by you, and I am now your wolf, do you want to see me die?" The weasel dropped its air of arrogance. Its green eyes looked evilly at Chu Yu.

"My wolf? You’re clearly a yellow skin." Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "Die? You’re clearly faking death, with your cultivation level, what is a few broken bones? Small matter."

"That’s not right, what yellow skin? I am a carnivorous mammal from the Carniformia suborder, the genus Mustela of the family Mustelidae. I am a powerful, spiritual, and incredibly smart superior lifeform.

The weasel looked at Chu Yu angrily, "The wolf is also carnivorous mammal from the Carniformia suborder, from the Canidae family, we are relatives! Do you understand relatives? I am also known as the yellow wolf! So, is there a problem with me calling myself a wold?"

"No, no issue at all?"

"Then isn’t it settled? Help me cure my illness!"

Chu Yu thought to himself, F*ck... what is wrong with this weasel?

Why is it that he has taken to the role faster than his master?

What are you still standing there for? Hurry up! Cure me, after you’re done, give me some of your superior magical items, I would settle for that huge treasure blade, give that to me!" The weasel said unabashedly, its two claws gesturing wildly.

Its humanlike nature caused Chu Yu to be speechless

The big treasure blade?

Chu Yu was exasperated as he quietly picked up the ancient bronze dagger and threw it to the weasel.

The weasel caught the ancient bronze dagger with content, as it gestured with it whilst holding it with its claws

The ancient bronze dagger shot out a long blade aura, but its beauty was lost.

"Hahaha, superior magical weapon! I never imagined that the day would come where I would own such a treasure!"

Looking at the excited weasel, Chu Yu felt a little guilty as he thought to himself, how sad is this fella? Even a Xiantian realm magical equipment in its eyes is an incredible weapon?

However, on second thought, he realized that if he had seen such a Xiantian magical equipment a month ago, he probably would not be better off than the weasel.

After which, Chu Yu rejoined the weasel’s bones, after a moment of thought, he threw him a few medicinal pills.

To be exact, it was a few medicinal tablets.

Chu Yu no longer appreciated these tablets.

He did not expect that such a gesture would cause the weasel to choke up. It looked at Chu Yu with wide eyes, "Master, are you really giving these good stuff to me?"

"As long as you remain obedient and do the work I give you well, there’ll be better things to come." Chu Yu looked at the weasel, "Have you ever thought that one day you could become human? Walk the world confidently?"

"Morph into a human? Walk the world confidently?" The weasel’s eyes sparkled and it said bitterly, "lifeforms like us had been termed as beasts for 30 years, now we are known as demons. Even though we get to roam the forests and there is a sense of pride in our hearts, in fact, all of us hope that one day we can morph into a human and cultivate like a human."

"Rest assured, you will have a chance." Chu Yu glanced at it and said faintly.

Chu Yu initially had no intention to adopt this fella, but since it managed to withstand two of his blows, he took it as a sign of fate... the two attacks of his... would have seriously injured Fan Jian at his peak, if it didn’t kill him first.

Yet, this yellow skin was fine!

If this fella was used as a shield... it would be a pretty good one!

If the weasel had read Chu Yu’s thoughts, it would likely have been hopping mad.

Fate your sister!

I was nearly beaten to death by you, and now I am your slave, is a worse fate possible?

"I am going into isolation here, you will keep a watch out for me. If there is any danger, you are to warn me in advance. Chu Yu glanced at the weasel and said flatly.

"Sure thing! Master, just rest assured, as long as I am here, there’ll be no other life form which dares to come close!" The weasel pounded its chest as it spoke.

He had to admit that this weasel was like an exotic flower amongst all the animals and beasts!

The fact that it accepted its fate so quickly gave Chu Yu and unsettling feeling.

Shouldn’t it resist and whine?

Even if it didn’t whine, shouldn’t it be at least a little depressed?

Even if it wasn’t depressed, the least it could be was a little unwilling right?

Where was the arrogance from just now? The morals?

Just now, its morals was all over the place, completely unrestrained.

Chu Yu shook his head bitterly before walking towards the deepest parts of the valley.

When he reached the cliffs, he took out another ancient bronze dagger from his space ring and... sliced towards the cliff!



The solid rock crumbled like Tofu under the blade.

It was smashed opened by a crushing force, and Chu Yu quickly digged out a huge hole.

The weasel looked from the back, stunned. It looked at the ancient bronze blade in Chu Yu’s hand, and then looked back at the one in its claws.

It suddenly felt a little sad, almost as if... this treasured blade... wasn’t particularly rare and precious.

Master was actually using it to cut rocks... and dig caves?

However, this kind of emotions only lasted for a little while before the weasel immediately returned to normal.

This was because if such powerful, superior magical items were insignificant to its master, that only meant one thing - master had better items! As long as it continued by his side and did its work diligently, then, would master mistreat it?

This exotic flower let its thoughts run wild. It was already thinking of morphing into a human, roaming the villages and having various dalliances with the ladies of influential families...

Just when it opened its mouth and begin to salivate, it suddenly woke up from its daydream and realized that Chu Yu had already crawled into the stone cave and used a huge rock to block the entrance.

The weasel shook its head as it moved out with the ancient bronze blade in its claws.

It was humming as it walked, "The King has sent me to patrol..."

"..." Chu Yu, who was inside the stone cave couldn’t believe his ears.

He was beginning to have doubts if adopting such a strange shield was the right choice.

After which, Chu Yu calmed down and sat in the middle of the stone cave. He began to harness the immense energy in his body and began to charge the 20 true meridians and the remaining 65 acupoints.

He had decided that he would use the Superclass after breaking through the 20 true meridians in order to break through the 1000+ acupoints in his body.

He did not know how many people in the ancient schools were like him, aiming for the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging.

Even if there were, Chu Yu wasn’t bothered.

Of course, if there were none, all the better!

There was no day or night in the mountains.

Since Chu Yu began his isolation, he had lost any concept of time.

Each of his acupoints were being gushed open under the immense power.

The waves of power in his body were also getting stronger!

His entire blood stream was also getting more powerful!

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