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Wu Dong’s life energy was great, and he had a life preservation magical equipment preventing his life essence from slipping away.

He turned around in shock, and looked at the tall, slim youth who had attacked him, "You..."

Chu Yu looked at him coldly and channeled a little more strength into his two hands, twisting the two blades inside Wu Dong’s body!

In an instant, two huge cavities opened up in Wu Dong’s chest, blood streaming out of him.


Wu Dong could not help but let out a bone chilling scream.

At this point, he could no longer prevent his life essence from slipping away, and he stared at Chu Yu with bloodshot eyes, "Mr. Song... I have no feud with you..."

"No feud? Let's not consider the fact that you had revealed you intention to kill me along the way." Chu Yu smiled coldly, "They key here is... I am Chu Yu!"


In that moment, except for Chu Yu, the other two people on the scene were completely dumbfounded.

Wu Dong momentarily forgot the pain and the fact that he was about to die!

His eyes revealed his disbelief, "You you... how can it be? How can you be that... wasted..."

Even before he could finish, he saw the face of the young and tall youth in front of him twist and turn before a handsome man appeared.

Who else could it be other than Chu Yu?


Wu Dong spit out another mouthful of blood, completely destroyed.

Chu Yu removed the two bronze daggers and Wu Dong’s body fell to the ground, dead.

He lay there, eyes still wide open even in death!

Chu Yu bent over and took the Spirit Stunning Bow from Wu Dong’s hand. He weighed it in his hand and said to the fatty, still on the ground, completely speechless from the shock of what he just witnessed, "What is the grade of this thing? Spirit Stunning Bow? What a nice name."

Fan Jian’s faced twitched, his eyes revealing his uncontrollable fear as his heart filled with bitterness.

He was too clear that if Chu Yu was willing to reveal such an earth shattering secret in front of him, Chu Yu had no intention of letting him live.

But, he did not want to die!

"I didn’t expect... that Master Chu was never wasted. Indeed, you live up to your name... True Heaven’s Pride... ahem, Spirit Stunning Bow... is a venerable precious equipment." Fan Jian could not hold it in any longer and coughed out two mouthfuls of blood.

If he hadn’t used the Immortal Crane Furnace to block the attack from the Spirit Stunning Bow, his body would have probably been shattered.

He was extremely fortunate to barely escape the grasps of death.

When he met with Wu Dong, he was suppressing his powers, but now, he could not suppress them any longer.

"Venerable previous equipment? That’s great!" Chu Yu laughed.

Under the gaze of his vertical eye, he could clearly see the fatty’s state. As such, he did not bother about him, instead opting to pick up the bronze dagger from Wu Dong.

He then put the Spirit Stunning Bow and the few bronze blades into his storage ring.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu managed to feel an ancient classic and a few ancient maps on Wu Dong’s body.

The map was that of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave pocket dimension. Chu Yu glanced at it before keeping it.

He then looked at the ancient classic in his hand.

This classic was also made of a kind of metal, and it was extremely light, and it seemed to be made of the same material as the Immortal Crane Furnace.

The cover was inscribed with the words - Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

It radiated with an ancient aura.

Chu Yu opened it to read, yet there were no words. When Chu Yu used his energy to perceive it, he barely managed to perceive a single line of words.

Anything below was beyond his perception.

He wanted to try to force the perception, yet, a wave of dizziness came over him.

In that instant, he felt extremely lethargic.

Chu Yu immediately stopped.

His heart burned: This was a superior scripture.

And it was a scripture for refining pills!

This was a genuine superior teaching, without sufficient ability or energy, it was impossible to learn.

This was different from the Superclass. The superclass was for the foundation level cultivators to use, so it was all written words.

When Saints teach, they do not discriminate, anyone who was willing to learn could.

Yet, there were clearly prerequisites for learning this Immortal Crane Scripture. It required higher levels and abilities, as well as powerful energies in order to utilise it for cultivation!

The fatty lying on the pile of ruins looked jealously at the scripture in Chu Yu’s hand, his heart bleeding.

That should have been mine! B*stard Wu Dong, Jerk Song Hong... F*ck that should have been mine!

I want to become learn from the lord of the pills!

I want to get his teachings, I couldn’t care less about being the heir to the thief clan.

Fan Jian felt his heart shatter.

In this era, the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave was quite a remarkable place!

Because this was once the residence of an ancient pill king!

The Immortal Crane Pill King!

He was a real legendary master of pill cultivation!

It was said that he was a monster saint.

Back then, there were countless people who would come here to beg for medicine, as such this place was renowned.

The only reason why Wu Dong and fatty both thought that the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave would have the teachings of the Pill King was because many ancient annals had recorded that the Immortal Crane Pill King had left to tour places a few years before the huge catastrophe.

In actual fact he had went to the other stars to find medicine!

After the huge catastrophe, the various saints had sealed the entire world. By then, even if the Pill King had wanted to return, he would not be able to open the seal alone.

As such, many people were pretty sure that the teachings and assets of the Pill King were still in his cave residence!

The only issue is that the world has changed immensely with time, over the millions of years, no one could be sure of where the Pill King’s cave residence was.

This time, when news of the discovery of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave reached the ears of Fan Jian and Wu Dong, they had found out through cross referencing that this could have been the ancient cave residence of the Pill King!

In that moment, they were all ecstatic, and they decided independently... to explore it themselves!

If such news were found out by their teachers, it would be almost impossible for them to keep the teachings and assets to themselves!

Even before the world had recovered, the Pill King’s inheritance was enough to make anybody jealous!

Now all the more so.

Whoever could get their hands on the Pill King’s inheritance had basically been given a smooth sailing route in his cultivation journey.

Chu Yu kept the Immortal Crane Furnace and the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, then turned to look at Fan Jian who was still lying on the ground.

"Master Song... no, master Chu, let's... make a deal?" Fatty tried to make his voice sound calm, suppressing all the edges in his voice.

"Is it time for us to settle the score?" Chu Yu looked at Fan Jian calmly.

No one liked to be lied to, and definitely no one liked to be set up!

If he wasn't alert enough, he could very well have been dead, thanks to this Fatty.

He did not plan on letting him live, and was not very interested in this Fatty’s earth shattering secret either.

There were countless secrets in the world, many of them not worth the attention.

Anyways, not all the opportunities could be gained by him, one would not make much of a difference.

"Master Chu, hear me out, in my current state... you have seen, you can kill me in a single blow, I do not have the power to resist."

Fan Jian looked bitter, and as he spoke, his heart felt like it was being stabbed.

If it wasn't for the fact that that jerk Wu Dong had sneaked an attack on him, no matter how strong Chu Yu’s battle power was, as an Invigorated Meridian Stage Six expert, he was not scared.

"I know, I set you up, and that is my mistake, I deserve to die." Fan Jian looked at Chu Yu with wide eyes, "but now, I want to use a secret to buy my life. And, I am willing... to serve you loyally for life and be your loyal servant."

Fan Jian’s plump face revealed a pained expression.

He really did not want to die, and he didn't deserve to die!

In this era where the world has returned to its former glory, anyone with such talent was given a smooth path to attain higher levels of cultivation!

Any Heaven’s Pride with some ambition thought the same way!

Chu YU looked at Fan Jian’s twisted plump face and said flatly, "Initially I had no feud with you, yet you had tried to set me up for death, what kind of secret do you think can exchange for your life?"

As Chu Yu spoke, his eyes revealed an icy, murderous glow as he activated his killing equipment.

Even though he could see Fatty’s tragic state under the gaze of his vertical eye, he did not want to delay it any longer, this Fatty had too many tricks up his sleeves.

But who could be certain that he had no backup?

"No no, don't activate your killing equipment... my secret can definitely trade for my life!"

Fan Jian continued, "Its Houyi... I know Houyi’s grave, and inside it is his bow, it's real, it's definitely real, I... I have the relevant details on me."

"The Red Bow?" Chu Yu frowned.

"Mm mm mm, yes, the Red Bow, I know where it is buried!" Fan Jian looked pleadingly at Chu Yu, "I can take you there!"

"You aren’t thinking of trapping me again are you?" Chu Yu smiled hypocritically at Fan Jian, "If you know where it is, why don't you go get it yourself?"

"That place is too dangerous and my cultivation level is too low." Fan Jian whispered.

"And mine is high?" Chu Yu laughed, this bloody Fatty is still trying to trap him at this time.

"No no no, please don’t misunderstand, I am not asking you to go now." Fan Jian made up his mind and grit his teeth, " I have a type of spiritual offering technique, that can tie my spirit to a string for you to control..."

"Bring it here." Chu Yu said without hesitation.

Even though this guy deserved to die, he knew many things and the secrets he has on hand are likely to be much less than he’s letting on.

He came from the Thief Sect, and it was one of the most respected sects by the thieves in the ancient era!

For such ancient sects, the secrets they know and the resources at their disposal were both a stunning number.

As such, if he could control the heir of the Thief Sect, it was way more worthwhile than killing him.

The Fatty trembled as he reached for an ancient classic and handed it to Chu Yu.

As Chu Yu flipped through the classic, he found that the things recorded inside were rather sinister.

If it wasn’t a method to control life, it was another sinister, evil technique.

It gave people the feeling that it came from a demonic cult.

"The third page... the third technique." Fan Jian blinked his eyes, looked at Chu Yu and whispered.

Chu Yu glanced at the technique and laughed. He glanced at the Fatty, "Do you really think that I am so uncultured and easily fooled?"

If he had really followed the Fatty’s instructions and trained using the third technique on the third page, Chu Yu’s body would stiffen and be unable to move for about an hour.

Chu Yu would not lose to anyone when it came to cultivation talent!

How could he fall for a trick like that?

If his body stiffened for an hour... that would be enough for Fatty to recuperate and kill him!

The Fatty’s face stiffened and he smiled dryly, "I know my mistake!"

Chu Yu raised his leg unassumingly before ferociously stomping on Fatty’s leg.


Fatty let out an inhuman scream - one of the bones in his calf had been broken by Chu Yu.

"Don’t be scared, I am not a good person."

Chu Yu smiled widely, but his body was radiating with murderous energy!

"Master Chu... spare my life, please spare my life, I will be obedient this time, I will listen to you!"

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