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One hour later, Fatty followed behind Chu Yu dejectedly, with a face as if he had just lost both his parents. He looked just like a doormat.

From his retracted neck to his hobbling feet, no one could tell that this was an Invigorated Meridian Stage Six expert.

What expert’s demeanour? What genius’s pride? All of that can go and eat shit!

The dignified heir to the Thief Sect, was actually reduced to being someone’s slave.

This huge disgrace really caused Fan Jian to be unable to lift his spirits.

It was also against his will when he handed over that demonic art manual. Otherwise, Chu Yu would definitely have killed him.

In the cultivation world governed by the law of the jungle, where was there room for emotions?

Moreover, if he could plot and scheme against others, that meant that others could also plot and scheme against him.

A killer must always be ready to get killed.

The thing that Fan Jian found hard to accept was that, this legendary piece of trash, actually had a talent that was so huge that it was about to explode!

It was great to an unimaginable extent!

He had already possessed that demonic art manual for quite some time.

He got it by plotting against a disciple from a huge sect.

However, he could only understand a few profundities from that manual.

Out of the three techniques on the the first three pages, he only recently managed to understand one technique.

Even though Fan Jian was very despicable, his talent was extremely high. He had always thought himself to be an intellectual.

For a technique which he required a long time to even gain a scant of insights from, he didn’t believe that others could see through it in a short time.

Thus, he decided to plot against Chu Yu one more time.

However, he never expected Chu Yu to have such startling talent. Not only did he instantly see through the problem, he even broke one of Fatty’s legs.

Just now when the Chu Yu rejoining the bones, Chu Yu purposely tortured him, causing him to grieve to the extent that he wished to die. He was even shamed as he was forced to scream out like a pig sent to a slaughterhouse; he almost sh*t his pants…

What the f*ck, this was luck? More like bloody misfortune!

After breaking his leg, Chu Yu even continued to threaten to break his other limbs. He was truly scared.

He accepted his fate, nothing was more important than his life.

He honestly told Chu Yu the true technique of controlling people.

Once again, Fan Jian was shocked by Chu Yu. In a little over 20 minutes, he learnt it…

This demonic art manual was far from ordinary.

Every small technique was described in few words. But the knowledge encompassed within was vast and complex.

Extracting a person’s soul was merely a parlour trick.

Just from that technique manual, he would be achieve infinite possibilities if he were to cultivate it to a higher level!

Even though Chu Yu did not read it in depth, he could feel that if he reached a higher mastery with this technique, he could control countless people in the blink of an eye!

Even though everyone knew that demonic arts were taboo, they still chose to pursue after it.

Chu Yu sighed in his heart.

This trip to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave had yielded startling rewards.

Even Chu Yu would never have expected to have gained so much.

"The Immortal Crane Pill King was originally a crane. During ancient times, it was named one of the ten great pill masters, and it was also a greater demon."

"He was of a kindly disposition, seemingly responding to all pleas of help. Thus during the ancient times, Crane Saint’s reputation was sonorous. No what faction one was from, he would be of great reverence towards Crane Saint."

"The Immortal Crane Furnace was the magical equipment used by Crane Saint in its early years. It’s said that it followed him to become a divine item. So, there’s no need to talk any further about the value of this furnace…"

When Fatty talked about the Immortal Crane Furnace, his face was filled with vexation and his heart was dripping blood.

This was too depressing!

Just thinking about it was enough to make him cry…

"The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture is even more impressive. It contains all of Crane Saint’s thoughts, experiences and even countless of pill formulas."

"I even heard that many of the pill formulas in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture was collected by Crane Saint. Some of which, were not even able to be concocted by him!"

"Perhaps it was due to a lack of materials, or a lack of ability… But think about it, a pill formula which could even leave Senior Crane Saint helpless, how terrifying is that?"

Chu Yu silently listened to Fan Jian’s narrative; waves of emotions stirred in his hard.

He was only filled with desire for that bright and glorious era. However, he didn’t know what tribulation had occurred 60 million years ago, which caused the cultivation world to instantly go on a decline. He expressed his doubts towards Fan Jian.

"Regarding this, there are many varying theories."

Fan Jian sighed lightly, "There’s this theory which is more widely accepted by the remnant clans. At the same time, it is also a theory that I am more agreeable with. It’s said that it was due to the clash between various races."

He turned to Chu Yu and suddenly asked, "Have you heard of artificial intelligence?"

"Artificial intelligence?" Chu Yu frowned, "What’s that got to do with this?"

Of course he knew about artificial intelligence. In reality, before the historical turning point which happened 30 over years ago, the people on Earth had already delved into the development of artificial intelligence!

A robot which possessed intelligence was able to replace many jobs. As a result, it caused large scale unemployment.

During that time, only a few people supported artificial intelligence, but those few people…were the people in power!

Thus, artificial intelligence continued to improve at an exponential rate.

However, when this new era arrived, artificial intelligence seemed to have been forced to a standstill!

Over the past few years, there was no longer any break throughs in the science of artificial intelligence.

"Of course they’re related." Fan Jian smiled ruefully. "Even though the Thief Sect’s reputation isn’t really good, but in all honesty, the Thief Sect’s intelligence department is the the most well-informed. Even the intelligence department of those supreme ancient schools cannot compare to the Thief Sect in this aspect."

Fan Jian looked at Chu Yu, "Actually, back in the ancient times, there were already methods similar to Black Technology. There were simply too many to count. When compared to the ancient times, our modern technology could only be considered little playthings."

As Chu Yu thought about this, he did agree with Fan Jian’s words. He, himself, had witnessed the power of ancient technology.

"For ordinary people, their world only has three dimensions. But the world of cultivators, is already of multiple dimensions."

"There’s also the Spirit World, Mental World, Fantasy World… Each of these worlds are vast and profound!"

"In actuality, the final destination for modern scientists and their research will be the same, no matter what field they’re in."

Fan Jian looked at Chu Yu, "It is theology!"

Chu Yu nodded; he had seen the notes of many modern scientists, in China and other parts of the world. All of research seemed to point towards the theology, the study of God.

This included the revolutionary Chinese scientist, Xiao Zhen. Not only did this senior turn to theology, he even achieved remarkable accolades in the field.

If not for him, the world might still have a sealed mentality.

"The universe is broad and vast. There are countless of different races; there’s the human race, the demon race, the hybrid of the human and demon race, and there’s even the cyborg race, etc."

Fan Jian seemed to be very familiar with this subject, "But among them, there’s the most terrifying race. They seemed to rule over all the other races. That is when artificial intelligence advanced to the pinnacle… and formed its own race."

Chu Yu frowned; when artificial intelligence advanced to the pinnacle? That’s hard to imagine.

Fan Jian continued, "They call themselves the God Race, and believed themselves to be the most outstanding of races, with the ability of commanding the entire universe. However, we call them the Devil Race. That manual that you just took, was actually a low grade manual from the Devil Race."

"God Race? Devil Race? Low grade manual?" Chu Yu was speechless.

That manual’s knowledge was deep and profound; it was only a low grade manual? And regarding the God Race and Devil Race, Chu Yu had heard of it before.

But it was the first time Chu Yu heard it from the perspective of the Fatty.

Before this, he had never heard that the God Race and Devil Race were actually the same, and he would never have imagined that it would be related to articifical intelligence.

After all, this sort of information, was only circulated among the people in power.

"So, 30 years ago, when the world changed and spiritual energy was revitalised, the various powers agreed on one thing. That was to stop the development of artificial intelligence!"

"They were not willing to interfere much with the mortal world, but regarding this matter, it had to be stopped. Otherwise, the history which happened 60 million years ago would repeat itself."

Fan Jian turned to Chu Yu, "The source of the demise of the world of cultivation those years ago, was rumoured to be this."

Chu Yu could not help but inhale a breath of cold air. After some time, he finally said, "But I have seen some ancient manuals, they say that the Devil Race were alien beings. They could transform their appearances, but their original appearances were ugly and unbearable. They emitted a cold and evil aura, seemingly coming from the abyss…"

"Those… are merely the lesser beings of the Devil Race, but they are indeed very terrifying." Fan Jian continued, "But I heard, the core members of the God Race, only number a few. They were not able to cultivate like intelligent beings. If they wish to survive, they needed to continuously evolve. And to evolve, they need an unfathomable amount of resources. Thus, they enslaved a portion of their race to fight with the other races so that they could obtain resources, and most importantly… the Dao Fruit of the strong cultivators!"

"There was an even more fundamental cause of conflict between the human race and the Devil Race. That is, when the human race and other intelligent beings reached the apex of their cultivation, not only do they become immortal, their methods become uncertain and uncontrollable."

"And for the Devil Race, they supposedly originated from the human race. This was something that they did not want to accept. Secondly, no matter what they did, they would go through countless rounds of calculations, and only when they reached a certain possibility of success, then would they act."

"But the human race and the other intelligent beings were different. Just like previously, when that b*stard Wu Dong tried to kill you, you did not hesitate to kill him. But this sort of thing, would never be done by the Devil Race. Because they would feel, by killing Wu Dong, they will result in multiple chain reactions, and the final outcome would be hard to predict. Thus, they would not take the risk to kill him."

Chu Yu nodded, "This is the difference between instinct and logic."

"This matter is still too far from us. The world has only just finally revitalised. It’s more important to make use of our time to cultivate and earn some legacies. As much as we can, we have to make ourselves stronger. That is the way to go."

Fan Jian carefully turned to Chu Yu, "Then… Boss, can we discuss about the previous matter?"


"Don’t be so emotionless mah. Look, if anything happens in the future, I will help you take up the mantle. But the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture…"

"Take up your own mantle. You can forget about the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture!"


Fatty was sent back to depression.

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