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Chapter 445: No One is Allowed to Go
The two beautiful servants held their master in high regard.
To them, Zhou Xu was the most powerful man in this world!
They felt that it was Xu Xiao Xian's honor to be able to marry such a man.
They were direct about it, it was a reality to them.
Xu Xiao Xian looked at the gown and said, "Alright, I understand, just leave it there.".
"Princess, aren't you going to try it on? It's beautiful!" said one of them.
"Yes Princess, you should try and see if it fits," smiled the other.
"Are you trying to teach me what to do?" said Xu Xiao Xian as she looked at the both of them sternly.
"We would never dare to!" said the two of them together.
They knew that the master loved this girl.
The consequences were dire if they were to test his patience.
"You can go," waved Xu Xiao Xian.
She did not have any sense of belonging or attachment to anyone or anything here.
She did not like this place at all.
It was just that…
Xu Xiao Xian sighed and went to the window.
She looked into the distance as a look of dismay filled her eyes.

No one expected the Twin

Disciples Sect to fall like that.
The Mirror Dimension troops outside still did not know what had happened.
They only knew that a battle had occurred.
A battle of such a scale… did that mean that there were still Saints on the planet?
This battle was a huge dent in their confidence.
Yu Wen and the others could relax a little now.
Throughout this period of time, the group had been refining pills in preparation for the upcoming battle.
The army had already been here for some time, there were a few camps already set up in the galaxy around.
Yu Wen and the group had made a name for themselves through their refinement of pills, they were wealthy from selling their pills.
However, they were never willing to refine aggressive pills.
"We're not going to give them any of those pills, we'll give all of them to teacher!" Yu Wen declared.
The Mirror Dimension troops understood that they had underestimated the solar system.
"This is going to be a tough battle, we don't have any Saints with us, our chances look slim," said Yan Xu Dong as he leaned on a chair.
He was about to become a Saint and was among one of the top talents in this fleet.
He wanted to use this time to gather talented people, his ambitions were clear.
The Mirror Dimension was a chaotic land, he wanted to find his own destiny.
This was why he took this chance to come here with a group of talented troops.
But he was not the only one doing this.
Many of them had sights on Pluto as well.
"I've heard that that planet is the furthest away from the Sun, and that there's a thick layer of ice that covers it. Do you think that there's any ancient legacies there?" Luo Lie said as he sipped on a glass of wine.
The Prince of the Qu Qi Clan said, "The core of this solar system is the Emperor Star. There were once many fields of Dao there. As long as we can find one, the resources we can obtain will be plentiful. But it is rumoured that powerful Sects still inhabit these fields…".
He looked at Luo Lie and continued, "Are you sure that you want to go to Pluto instead of the Emperor Star?".
Luo Lie smiled, "I'm just saying.".
The Qu Qi Prince began laughing.
"What are you laughing about?" Luo Lie asked.
He looked at him and said, "Everyone here has their own sources, why

sources, why do you want to trap the rest of us?".
Luo Lie frowned and said, "The king of the galaxy, the prince of darkness… These are perhaps exaggerations, but he was indeed at the Bastion of Stars, no one knows why he left. Was he exiled? Did he leave on his own accord?".
"Why don't you lead your army to check this out then, my fellow Daoist Luo Lie? It's been so many years, the wealth and power accumulated there will definitely be glorious.".
Luo Lie looked at him and said, "Is Prince Qu trying to trigger me?".
He laughed and said, "Sorry about that, I was bored and wanted to go there to take a look, I wonder if the rest of you would like to follow me.".
The room quietened down.
All of the people here were powerful figures, they were prideful.
All of them had come from a powerful Clan.
In the past, these younger generations never got the chance to come out alone.
This time, there were elders that followed as well, but youth could never be suppressed.
They were, after all, of similar cultivation levels.
The Shi Clan's Yue Yao said, "Recently, I've been scouring the lands for Saintly equipment, it's a good idea to take a to take a break.".
Shui Lan of the Water Sect replied, "I've heard that there's this man called Zhou Xu there, he proclaims that he is the most powerful being in the galaxy, but it's a pity that I've never seen him before. I want to go and take a look.".
Another youth said, "We've been here for so long, but there's no movement at all. Our ultimate goal is to destroy all of these magical formations and find the secret machines left there. Even though it's a bit lame, why don't we just sit around and enjoy each other's company?".
This man was from the Crimson Clan of the Mirror Dimension, the clan was famous for its private nature.
"What? Crimson Jian Tang my friend, have your guts vanished with the appearance of your clan?" mocked Luo Lie.
Crimson Jian Tang looked at him, "I can cut you down in three moves.".
"Wow! Did you know that the ones I hate the most are arrogant people like you?" Luo Lie responded.
He continued, "Come here, show me your three moves!".
A skinny old man appeared, "Alright, stop this nonsense, if you have so much energy, go and do some research. As for Pluto, no one is allowed to go there!".


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