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A+ A- Chapter 444: Vanquish
No one knew how the long bow had appeared, they could only see it coming from the distance.
A flash of lightning struck as it fired a bolt of thunder at the Saint fighting against Chu Yu and Lin Shi.
The Saint's body exploded apart.
The energy waves that resulted were terrifying.
The soul of the Saint disintegrated instantly, he was beyond dead.
Following this, the long bow was pulled back again!
The two Saints that had just appeared in front of Lin Shi and Chu Yu froze.
They could not remember how long it had been since they had this feeling.
Without any hesitation, they turned and fled!
But the bow could not miss.
The two Saints attempted to disappear in a flash, they did not care about the magical formations here anymore.
Someone from the Twin Disciples Sect had once told them that it could only be bypassed from the inside out.
External stimulus would trigger its activation, but they could not be bothered.
If they did not run, they were dead anyway.
The problem now was that they were dead even if they ran.
Bolts of lightning were fired once again as they found their marks.
The two Saints exploded!
A terrifying energy flowed through the universe as the tiny particles disintegrated into stardust.
The magical formations all around lit up in defence.
The death of the three Saints made it much easier for Lin Shi and Chu Yu.
They did not bother looking back, they just charged forward at the rest of the troops.
Without the pressure of the two Saints, Chu Yu demolished the rest easily.
The Troops of the Mirror Dimension felt like they had just descended into hell.
Their joy turned into sorrow!
They were forced into a corner, but they did not give up.
They chose to retaliate in frenzy!
Even though there were no longer any Saints among them, they still had countless Saintly equipment.
Each one of them possessed a terrifying power.
No Legendary Emperor could have withstood this attack.
But to Lin Shi, this was nothing much.
She felt no pressure at all!
Chu Yu roared as he penetrated their formation.
He was like a god of war, there was no remorse in battle.
Only bloodshed!
Only blood could relinquish their sins.
The Saints of the Twin Disciples Sect were stunned, they were still engaged in battle with the other Saints, but their energy levels were not as high as before.
Who knew what laid in the depths of the universe?
"Damn it, that legend of the man from the Immortal Realm, isn't he long dead? How could he be alive?" barked one of them.
"It's just a sliver of memory, he should have ceased to exist long ago! Who would've thought that he still possesses such a terrifying power?" sighed another.
They were all very clear of Yi's circumstances, these attacks were suicidal!
No matter how powerful a being was, he could not overcome the balance of the universe, there were no exceptions.
"Yi, are you trying to kill yourself?" bickered an old voice as a figure stepped out.
At that moment, another bolt of lightning was fired from the giant bow towards the limestone door.
An earthshattering echo was heard as the portal collapsed.
The old voice from within ceased its barking.
Following this, an even more terrifying energy erupted from the limestone portal.
It seemed as if the sky was going to collapse.
No one had expected the arrow to be powerful enough to destroy the portal.
The magnetic field in the area was warped as it withstood the pressure of this collapse.

The Saints that were caught in the blast were about to implode.
Chu Yu pulled Lin Shi into the Immortal Crane Furnace and sucked everyone inside as well.
If he did not do that, all of them woul

d have died.
Even inside the Furnace, they could feel the rumbling and shaking of the earth.
Outside, all of the Saints were sparkling in a radiant aura.
Everything else could not be seen.
The Twin Disciples Sect was vanquished just like that.
Even the ancient Saint did not mutter another word.
After a long time, Chu Yu finally snuck out a divine sense and took in the surroundings.
He went out and looked around in shock.
Divine intervention! The scene was shocking!
The entire solar system and everything had returned to exactly how it looked like in the beginning!
There were no signs of the Mirror Dimension troops.
The limestone portal was missing, and in its place was a field of energy.
Chu Yu pulled Lin Shi out of the Furnace as he said, "What kind of power is this?".
"It's the laws of the universe," replied Lin Shi.
Following this, he let everyone out.
All of them were speechless.
They knew something had happened, but they were not sure of what it was.
The enemy had wanted to let the Mirror Dimension troops in the conquer this world, but now, everything was gone, it was just like a dream.
Yi had shot down everything.
The longbow did not fire again, it merely vanished into the depths of the universe.
Without the threat of the longbow, the surviving Saints of the Twin Disciples Sect still could not rest.
The Saints of the Shang Qing and Yu Qing Sects decided to show themselves!
They were part of the strongest beings on this planet, and they wanted to know what had happened.
Without the Twin Disciples Sect, they now had one less competitor.
If they did not show themselves now, there was no other good time.
After this, a few other Saints appeared from the earth.
A group of ancient Saints stepped out of a portal from the Limitless Sect.
The most powerful one was shrouded in a thick mist of energy, he looked just like a statue.
He opened his mouth, "The Twin Disciples Sect… is finished.".
A powerful divine wave was given off in that instant before peace was restored.
"Yi is still alive, we can't do anything rash," he continued.
"He will die soon," replied another Saint.
"We have to wait.".
It was rumoured that there was a hidden portal within the Limitless Sect itself, but even the current Sect Leader did not know if these rumours were authentic.
There were many more of these ancient Saints within the portal.
One of them let out a divine sense, "Yi is still here, wait.".
The bow in the galaxy went into Xu Xiao Xian's mental realm in a flash.
She shut her eyes and absorbed the information.
There was a knock on her door as two beautiful ladies brought in a dazzling gown.
One of them said softly, "Princess, please try this, you will definitely look stunning!".
The other smiled, "Your marriage with the prince is a match made in heaven!".

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