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Da Jia Zei howled and was ready to pounce.

Old Huang yelled in anguish and anger as a golden energy exploded from his body.

Zhao Man Tian was shocked as well, but he did not react.

"He's not dead!" he shouted.

Everything had happened too quickly.

The other Tai Qing disciples began to cheer.

"The Son of the Emperor is a dog!".

"The Son of the Emperor is dead!".

"Our talent is the true Son of the Emperor!".

"Brother!" shouted Chu Xi in anguish.

The Tai Qing disciples were all smiling, but that young man was not.

In the moment he sliced Chu Yu down, he felt a sense of achievement, but it was not a proud moment.

The fact that Chu Yu could trade blows with him for so long suggested that Chu Yu truly had talent.

As he watched the blood splatter out of Chu Yu, he had a terrifying realisation!

Chu Yu was not dead! It was not his real body.

He did not believe his own judgement, but it was definitely real.

The divine sense traveled at the fastest speed on earth, and in the moment he sliced Chu Yu down, all he thought was, "This is not good!".

Following this, his soul enraptured and was decimated by Chu Yu's sword.

It was too fast, no one had any time to react.

Even those powerful men in the shadows could not react.

The young man was dead!

"I'll kill whoever comes after me!" Chu Yu declared as he rose like a warlord.


The entire sky exploded!

Many people let out a scream as they stood shell shocked.

Blood splurted out of the young man's body like a fountain.

The Tai Qing Sect's talent was dead?

Those who had fallen to Chu Yu before that were all stunned.

Those who dared to oppose Chu Yu were not weak, but they were not his match/

This was a disgrace to the Tai Qing Sect! 

Even if they managed to suppress Chu Yu, they could not recover their dignity.

At this moment, Chu Yu reached out and grabbed the Heavenly Immortal Sword.

The sword shrieked and tried to break free of his grasp.

Chu Yu employed the power of his vertical eye and controlled it.

It stopped moving.

The young man's body fell to the ground. 

Chu Yu marched on towards the heart of the Tai Qing Sect.

"Die!" an enraged howl emerged from within the building.

It was powerful and shook the heavens.

Following this, a large fist appeared and attacked Chu Yu.

A saint had appeared!

A cold energy passed through Chu Yu's verticle eye as he faced him.

He was no match for a Saint, but he stood his ground.

His eyes were full of bloodlust as he prepared to use the last feather.

Among the crowd, Xu Xiao Xian rushed out and said, "Don't hurry, someone will come soon!".

At this moment, a voice echoed.

"Are you that lowly? You're a major Sect, give yourself some dignity.".

It was the voice of a woman.

A cloud flew by, it was pure and white.

No one saw how it had appeared, it was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, it had appeared below the fist.   

It looked like a ball of energy that did not pose any threat, but the fist retreated immediately.

A voice resounded from the Tai Qing premises, "Are you intervening?".

The woman laughed, "Shameless old man, how can you give up your pride for a mere title? You're a disgrace to your ancestors.".

"Who are you to speak to y like that?" uttered the voice as a sword art flew out from its direction.

It was heading for the woman, but just as it passed by Chu Yu, a part of it split off and was directed at Chu Yu instead!

"What a disgrace!" the woman said.

The white cloud shrouded Chu Yu and dispelled the sword art.

From afar, a black dragon appeared as it surrounded the sky.

"You want to fight?" Black Dragon chuckled.

"You really want to interfere in this?" echoed the voice.

"We recognise him as the Emperor's Son," the woman's voice said.

Many people's faces changed instantly!

The younger ones saw the faces of the older generation and shut their mouths.

It was obvious that the two people who had just appeared were powerful!

It was also clear that the Elder of the Tai Qing Sect did not want to interfere.

"So what if you recognise him so?" the old voice sounded.

Miss Qu Ni walked out in her black glasses and said, "So what if you don't?".

"The enemy is approaching, why are you interfering over something like this? Are you not away of the situation?" the voice sounded.

"And you're aware of it? It's disgraceful that you attempt to assassinate someone of a lower seniority! Whoever makes a move today shall feel my wrath.".

At this moment, Xu Xiao Xian appeared beside Chu Yu and said, "Shall we kill all of them?".


Another wave of gasps resounded.

Where did this come from?

How could a girl who was not even a Saint say something like that?

Chu Yu looked at her and smiled, "I want to kill this bunch of b*stards as well, if the enemy comes, defending our home won't be their first priority.".

"Do you see that? Qu Ni! This is the man you're trying to protect!" the old voice echoed.

She smiled, "I don't think that he is wrong.".

"You..." the voice was in disbelief.

At that moment, another voice sounded, "Qu Ni, Black Dragon, stay away, Chu Yu will die today.".

"Wow, now the Shang Qing is taking part in this?" Qu Ni laughed.

Many of the Elders from the other Sects echoed their consent.

Qu Ni counted and said, "Wow, a dozen saints have spoken, how many Saints are there in this world? Less than a hundred perhaps. If you guys were so united 600,000 years ago, those invaders would have died long ago!".

Xu Xiao Xian laughed, "There wasn't such a title to bait them 600,000 years ago.".

"You little witch!" a Sainted shouted as he made his move. 

At that level, he did not need to care about what kind of move he used, it was not defendable.

He was aiming for Chu Yu!

Qu Ni bellowed, "Are you asking for it?".

The white cloud exploded with a blinding light as the man retreated.

The Saint said, "Qu Ni, there are a dozen Saints who want him dead, are you two still denying us?".

Qu Ni was a little speechless, she had not expected this.

The change in atmosphere was too great! 

At this moment, a few figures emerged from the depths of the Tai Qing Sect, they were all Saints.

Their bodies were shrouded in energy, no one could see them clearly.

The expressions on Black Dragon and Qu Ni's faces changed.

Things were not good! 

They were surprised that these Saints were willing to make a move.

"Junior, how dare you stop us when we've made our intentions clear.".

An old man emerged from the building of the Tai Qing Sect, he had not entered the Saint Realm, but he was very powerful.  

He looked on at everyone and said, "The world is full of demons and thieves. In front of us is a man who falsely claims to be the Son of the Emperor. He has barged into our Sect and killed our prodigy, he even stole the sword! We have to cleanse this world of this evil!".

Chu Yu began laughing crazily.

"You bunch of rats, why didn't you go to battle 600,000 years ago? Why aren't you at the Bastion of Stars today? If I was a Saint, I would kill all of you now. How dare you kill just to eliminate a threat to your power! You bunch of old dogs, if you're going to come down personally, you better be ready.".

The old man smiled, "You little b*stard, you're too full of yourself, which Saint would make a move on someone like you?".

Chu Yu laughed, "Then why are all of you outside? Are you guys enjoying the warmth of the sun?".

He understood what was going on as he looked on at those shrouded figures.

"If none of you are willing to, let me ask this. Those who are of the same cultivation level as me, who dares to come out and fight?".






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