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Chapter 426: The Yellow Emperor vs the Heavenly Immortal
This sword was too ferocious, too vicious, and too terrifying!
None of them could comprehend its power, but as the sword was dished out, the air was cut through like paper.
The sword qi was like a rainbow.
Chu Yu brandished his own sword!
The Yellow Emperor's Sword against the Heavenly Immortal Sword!
Which one was stronger?
The two sword qis clashed against one another as a massive sphere of energy erupted.
The energy waves were like a tsunami, it was terrifying.
Even those who were far away could feel the ripples.
Those who were weaker were immediately thrown off by this wave.
There were far too many people here today.
At this moment, a figure appeared from within the city and said, "The so-called Son of the Emperor, today you will meet your demise!".
The man looked very young, he wore a yellow robe with five dragon claws imprinted upon it.
He looked very sharp and formidable.
With the heavenly immortal sword in his hand, he towered above everyone in the sky.
Chu Yu immediately went up into the sky.
"This man… he should be the chosen one from the Tai Qing Sect," said another elder.
"He even brought out the heavenly immortal sword, he definitely has the full backing of the Sect," said another elder as they looked on.
"The sword that Chu Yu possesses does not seem normal either, it could actually trade with

the heavenly immortal sword," someone gasped.
The Tai Qing Sect had laid a trap to snatch the title of 'the Son of the Emperor' from Chu Yu.
This was probably the biggest event on earth at that time.
No one expected the Tai Qing Sect to go for Chu Yu so directly.
Only the major Sects could understand why they were being so direct.
By doing this, they were openly declaring their supremacy.
It had to be done!
There was no backing down, no one was going to surrender or beg for mercy.
The bloodbath six hundred thousand years ago was testament to that.
They had to kill Chu Yu!
They had to take the chance to imprint themselves upon this world.
Everyone knew that the news of Chu Yu's title was leaked from the outside.
They even knew that it had come from the Mirror Dimension.
This meant that the kid had to have some sort of special ability!
He was definitely not weak!
It was one thing to look down on him, it was another to underestimate him.
Naturally, if one could get rid of Chu Yu, he would inherit the title of the Son of the Emperor.
Whoever moved first stood to profit!
The other Sects wanted to make the same move, but they could not locate Chu Yu.
The Tai Qing Sect's trap was a masterclass.
As long as Chu Yu was the one

one who had to come to them, they could not be condemned.
Killing off an intruder was only natural.
They wanted more than just to kill Chu Yu.
The moment the man in yellow robes dished out that sword, everyone understood what was going on.
Zhao Man Tian and Old Huang waited quietly.
Da Jia Zei said bitterly, "Are we just going to stand here and watch our brother get killed?".
Old Huang looked at him and said, "This trap is laid for Chu Yu, if we were to interfere, it would escalate into a war between humans and demons.".
"F*ck, it's just a war, I can't watch my brother die," Da Jia Zei said.
He was hardly ever so emotional.
Zhao Man Tian said, "Chu Yu went in to save his sister, from the looks of it, the Tai Qing Sect can't send armies to surround him either. If they do that, we can make our move.".
Up in the sky, the sound of weapons clashing echoed.
Chu Yu had traded dozens of blows with that man, but there was no victor.
The two of them were young Legendary Emperors!
The heavenly immortal sword was as powerful as everyone thought.
It was normal for a major Sect like the Tai Qing to produce a talent like this young man.
But no one expected Chu Yu to have progressed so much.
It was almost unbelievable.

Chu Yu's background was no secret.
How could this be the result of a mere few years of training?
From time to time, he would disappear from the world.
But this was too unexpected!
Perhaps he was truly the Son of the Emperor?
Many of the onlookers had this thought cross through their minds.
There was no other explanation.
If the rumour had come from the Mirror Dimension, that meant that they already knew of Chu Yu's existence!
No wonder the Tai Qing Sect wanted to get rid of him, he was powerful!
Most of the people there knew of the Mirror Dimension, but it was incredible for someone like Chu Yu to have been involved in that.
They began to fear Chu Yu.
Many of them had the same thought- that Chu Yu could not have been allowed to live.
The young man from the Tai Qing Sect had said nothing other than one sentence, "The Son of the Emperor? That's who I'm gonna be!".
His identity was a mystery, there were less than five people who knew of it.
That basically meant that before his appearance today, all of the Tai Qing Sect did not know who he was.
He had waited from the previous era for this battle.
How dare a small and useless fly like Chu Yu get in his way?
Who did he think he was?
The swords clashed again.
Light radiated everywhere!
Chu radiated everywhere!
Chu Yu suddenly grabbed a bolt of lightning and threw it at the young man.
There were only a few cultivators who could control lightning, this young man had not expected Chu Yu to have this card up his sleeve.
He did not panic, he only smiled as he conjured an ancient turtle shell with several mysterious writings on it.
The bolt of lightning struck the shell as the light that came off blinded everyone in the vicinity/
At that moment, Chu Yu's figure vanished.
He unleashed the Thirty Six Heavenly Generals and the Seventy Two Shapeshifters.
This created an immense amount of pressure on the young man as he desperately tried to locate Chu Yu, but to no avail.
"Come out!" he howled.
Chu Yu's figure appeared behind him and gave him a kick.
The young man flew away.
Following this, Chu Yu grabbed the turtle shell and stored the mental imprint within it into his storage ring.
He then rushed at the young man like a bolt of lightning.
When everyone finally reacted, Chu Yu had already appeared beside him.
At this moment, the young man yelled, "Die!".
He minimised the damage from Chu Yu's kick by unleashing a formidable Sacred Art.
He feigned injury in an attempt to ambush Chu Yu.
He pounced forward and brandished his sword.
Chu Yu's body was cut into half by his sword.


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