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Chapter 422: Unsuccessful
Tears flowed down Lin Shi's face as she said sadly, "As of today, my cultivation is crippled, I know that it's only right for me to leave. I also know that you are the one that suits him, you're smart, you're capable and you have power. But I just can't accept it, he's mine.".

Xu Xian Xian sighed as she stood up as she hesitated before wiping away Lin Shi's tears.

"You still have a chance at cultivation. He has always been yours, I'm only a little girl that seeks his recognition, which he has never given me. Why talk about suitability? He likes you.".

Xu Xian Xian smiled at Lin Shi, "I won't fight with you for him, neither do I have the qualifications to.".

Lin Shi stared at her and asked, "Aren't you mad that I'm being so unreasonable?".

"There is no giving way in love," Xu Xiao Xian said.

"But..." Lin Shi did not quite understand her attitude.

"There are no buts, the days I spent with him were my happiest days, and those without him were happy as well. Your parents treated me well," smiled Xu Xiao Xian.

Lin Shi was speechless.

She did not expect this situation. This was not something that should have happened when two proud

girls met.

This scene perplexed her.

"You..." Lin Shi said as she looked at Xiao Xian.

"I will protect him silently, you don't have to worry," Xu Xiao Xian assured her as she reached out and caressed her head.

She stood up and left, closing the door.

After some time, Lin Shi rubbed her head in confusion.
Xia Hou Jiang uploaded a post online, "Chu Yu, have you quenched the fires at your backyard? I hope you can be a man and face your actions...".
"Hahaha, the Son of the Emperor has not finished putting out those fires yet, don't rush him Prince Xia.".

"This takes a while, are you jealous that he has two ladies who like him?".

"Actually, I like Chu Yu as well, perhaps I should go to him and let the fire burn brighter.". 

No one really cared about what the title 'the Son of the Emperor' meant.  

It was a huge advantage for Chu Yu that he was born in the secular world as many of them felt that he was one of them.

Even though most of them did not understand what the title meant, they thought it was great that one of their kind had a grand title like that.

They all wished him the best. 

Xia Hou Jiang exchanged angry comments with the netizens as his face was twisted.

"Those fools!".

It seemed like fire was going to burst of of his eyes. 

"Prince..." an old man beside him said softly.  

"Elder Qiu, they're just a group of normal people, do we need to care about them?" Xia Hou Jiang asked politely.

"We don't have to care about individuals, but a group is always worth the notice. Especially sinceyou want to take on that title," the old man said.  

Xia Hou Jiang laughed and said, "The persona of the Son of the Emperor requires recognition.".

Elder Qiu looked at him, "It's not a persona.".

"Oh?" frowned Xia Hou Jiang.

There were other people in the room who had a similar expression. 

One of them asked, "What do you mean by this? Do you mean to say that you believe in those legends?".

"It can't be possible, what kind of joke is this?".

"Do reincarnation and crossing of worlds exist?".

They were all cultivators, but even they did not believe these things.

They believed in their way of Dao!

Many of them felt that this was just something Chu Yu had made up .

But Elder Qiu's words piqued their interest.

Xia Hou

/> Xia Hou Jiang looked on in shock, "Are you telling me that Chu Yu is really the Son of a Emperor?".

Elder Qiu said, "I don't know that for sure, but a Son of the Emperor will appear in this generation for sure.". 

Everyone was shocked.

He continued, "You guys are still young, perhaps you can't comprehend it yet. But you have to remember this, the Son of the Emperor has to end up with us, the Tai Qing!".

He looked at Xia Hou Jiang and said, "If you can't do it, there are other people.".

"Me? You're saying that I can't do it?" growled Xia Hou Jiang angrily.

Elder Qiu laughed, "Of course we all hope that you succeed.".

Elder Qiu had a mysterious background, he did not possess a high rank in the Sect.

He had brought them out to protect Xia Hou Jiang, Elder Qiu was his protector.

Xia Hou Jiang tried to see if Chu Yu had responded, but as he did that, a girl appeared before him, "I am the fire at his backyard, since you speak so brazenly, why don't I help him to teach you a lesson.".

He was shocked!

Firstly, the girl was beautiful!

Secondly, how did she find this place? It was a secret, even Chu Xi even Chu Xi did not know about that place.

Thirdly, why did this girl have so much confidence?

"Are you Xu Xiao Xian? mumbled Xia Hou Jiang.

What did Chu Yu do to deserve such a beauty?

"I don't fight with girls, and also, my surname is XiaHou, not Xia.".

"Little Xia, are you afraid you'll get embarrassed in defeat? I can give you three moves ahead of me," mocked Xiao Xian.

"You! Our Son of the Emperor is afraid of hurting you," reprimanded a man beside him.

"The Son of the Emperor? Where's your shame?" Xu Xiao Xian laughed.

As she said this, a magical formation activated under Xia Hou Jiang's feet.

He was trapped within and could not move, everyone around them were shocked.

Xu Xiao Xian said, "Little Xia, look, if your abilities are limited to this, forget about it, you're a disgrace. If you lose in front of him, it'll be shown to the whole world. And I still thought I had found a strong foe.".

"You... you're a fraud!" he shouted.

Elder Qiu sighed.
Xu Xiao Xian stopped in her steps and said, "A fraud? If this was an encounter of life and death, you would already be dead.".






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