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A+ A- Chapter 421: We're All Family
Both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were intellectuals; they knew why Song Yu had to do what she did.

It was obvious that it was to refrain them from getting jealous of each other.

That was why both women cooperated with Song Yu fully, reprimanding Chu Yu that he should not have publicly declared that he was the Prince.

"All it did was bring trouble to yourself," Xu Xiao Xian glared at Chu Yu, her gaze never left him.

"We can leave others to their speculation. But now that you have admitted it, what might happen?" Lin Shi was not resigned to playing the second fiddle as she glared at Chu Yu too.

Song Yu was secretly grinning in the corner.

Inside her heart, she was actually elated, with two such excellent women, she would have been happy with either one of them.

However, work that had to be done on the surface, had to be done. She did not wish for her son's back yard to actually be on fire, causing the household to be chaotic.

Deep in her heart, Song Yu was originally biased towards Lin Shi. Both of them had been together since young, never separating from each other ever since. She treated Lin Shi more like her daughter than her daughter-in-law.

However, for the past 2 years, Xu Xiao Xian had been by her side.

This lady was even more stunning than Lin Shi and she seemed to be sent from heaven, appearing by her side.

If not for Xu Xiao Xian, the Chu family would never have survived all these struggles.

From the perspective of an outsider, Song Yu could tell that Xu Xiao Xian's love for her son was no less than Lin Shi's.

Looking at her son, whose head was hung low, she said, "You've been away from home for so long, now that you're back, let us have a family dinner. I have already asked your brothers and sisters to head back. It's been long since we had dinner together.".

Chu Yu nodded and glanced at both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian.

Xu Xiao Xian blushed and said, "Auntie, if there is nothing for me, I'll take my leave. I still have some things to settle…".

Even though both were trying to shine, she still felt a tinge of dissatisfaction deep in her heart. However, Xu Xiao Xian still had a proud personality.

"Are you leaving? Didn't I say that it was a family gathering?" Song Yu pulled Xu Xiao Xian's hand, and grabbed Lin Shi's hand in the other as she said, "Let's go. I just bought some jewelry yesterday, but it doesn't seem to fit me well. Maybe it'll look better on you two…".

Xu Xiao Xian panicked a little but she did not pull her hand free.

Lin Shi gave her a slanted gaze from the other side as she laughed bitterly to herself.

Chu Yu looked at his mother dragging the two women away; he could not help but admire the method his mother used.

After that, Little Moon secretly came to Chu Yu's side. As she poured him a cup of tea, she said, "Second brother, you may not know this. But when both of them met, the entire atmosphere within the Chu family became incredibly tensed. I'm afraid that they might start a fight.".

Chu Yu laughed as he stood up, his expression clear and carefree, "In fact…".

Little Moon looked at Chu Yu.

"I'm also afraid!" Chu Yu's expression changed within moments.

Little Moon's expres

sion darkened, "….".

Then, she asked Chu Yu, "Second brother, how did you and Xiao Xian meet?"

Chu Yu laughed and said, "When I just knew her, she was just a child…".

"…" Little Moon had nothing to say.

However, after listening to Chu Yu's relationship with Xu Xiao Xian, she sighed as a regretful gaze swept past him. She whispered, "You and Xu Xiao Xian cheated death together. If she didn't like you, she would never have come back here. The time when you weren't here, she was always here…".

Song Yu brought both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian into her room as she took out a bunch of jewelry for the two girls to choose.

These jewelries were from this current era, although they were exquisite and expensive, Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were both not attracted by it.

However, both girls were very serious as they chose.

Song Yu knew what was going through their minds as she chuckled softly, "Actually, no matter whether you're living in this world for a mere hundred years, or when you're going through the many years of practice, everyone wants to live happily in this world. For a woman, she would wish for a caring, funny and talented man to love her wholeheartedly. It would be best if he loved her only.".

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were all ears. In fact, it was inevitable that both of them were at odds with each other.

Although Lin Shi had a slight advantage, looking at the current situation, that advantage did not seem to be too obvious anymore. Both of them knew the personality of Chu Yu's mother.

"Auntie is also a woman, I do understand how a woman thinks.". Song Yu sighed softly as she looked at both of them, she continued, "In fact, I like both of you very much.".

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian looked at each other, but stayed silent.

Song Yu continued, "Since Chu Yu was young, he has been a very naughty boy. Even though he may seem gentle, he is actually filled with ideas. With regards to his affairs, throughout all these years, his father and I had never interfered.".

Song Yu smiled as she said, "There was once where he could not cultivate. From the family's point of view, his greatest use was to help continue the family line, to have more children…".

When Lin Shi thought of what had happened all those years ago, she could not help but sigh, "Those years were probably his toughest years.".

"It was. I knew that he was not willing to do it, but he is in this family, there are a lot of things that couldn't be helped," Song Yu whispered as she chatted to these girls about Chu Yu's past.

There were many ugly stories that were spilled from Chu Yu's childhood, causing the girls to giggle incessantly.

Song Yu did not clearly express her opinions. Both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were smart enough, they knew well in their hearts.

At the end of it all, it was their decision.

Song Yu was very clear in her words, she did not wish to see her home in chaos and she did not want her son to be affected by these feelings.

Maybe it seemed a little selfish, but which mother would not be protective of their son?

Both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian did not have much reaction, but when Chu Yu got near them sneakily, he found them chatting happily with each other.

"Why are you here? Go and be the Prince you wanted to be!" Song Yu glared at her son, as if she was still mad at him.

However, she secretly told her son, "You have got a bit of rotten luck, these two girls love you so much, don't disappoint them!".

Chu Yu was confused all of a sudden.

He could understand when she said to not let Lin Shi down, but for Xiao Xian…

As he thought about it, Chu Yu raised his head to look at Xu Xiao Xian.

At the same moment, Xu Xiao Xian was looking at him too. They exchanged gazes in the void, after which, Xu Xiao Xian lowered her head slightly.

"This little witch! Seducing my husband!".

Lin Shi was so mad, but she only could warn herself, "Don't get mad, don't fall into that witch's trap.".

When it was dinnertime, Chu Liang came home. When the brothers met, they were delighted.

Chu Xi was not able to rush back; she did not even reply her texts. No one knew what she was busy with.

When Chu Tian Bei came back, it was already very late. With the progression in realms, the Chu Family's powers were way different from the past. Chu Tian Bei could no longer spend his days sitting at home.

No matter what happened, days would still pass, the family… had to remain operational.

With two more "daughter-in-laws" at home, Chu Tian Bei knew about it since the start. However, as a father, he could not say much about it.

His take on this issue was similar to that of Song Yu. From the perspective of parents, they would naturally want the best for their son. He liked both of the girls, both of them were equally gorgeous; they were not the ordinary white porcelain vases. If they could both marry his son, it would be the best option.

"Where's Chu Xi? Why isn't there news about her?" Chu Yu frowned.

Chu Xi had already reached the Divine Lord realm, among the younger generation of the Tai Qing Sect, she held a high status and was incredibly popular.

Even with Xiahou Jiang, the saint of the previous generation, openly criticizing and confronting Chu Yu, Chu Xi's popularity within the Tai Qing Sect remained unchanged.

Along with Chu Xi's temper, which was typical for a member of the Chu family, no one could stop her if she wanted to reunite with her family.

Unless, there was someone who was intentionally preventing her from leaving.

Song Yu said, "There was still news from her a few days ago, everything seemed normal.".

Chu Tian Bei looked at Chu Yu and said, "Don't be such a worrywart, maybe she was really held up.".

His father knew the best, even before Chu Yu could say anything, Chu Tian Bei already knew what he was thinking.

After which, Chu Tian Bei smiled gently at Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian as he said, "We're all family, do not be restrained.".

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian exchanged glances once again, seeing a tinge of disdain deep within each other's gaze.

That was how the family reunion dinner was being eaten, under a weird and tensed ambience.

Chu Tian Bei did not even have much wine, leaving once he was done.

When everyone took their leave, Chu Yu could see a tinge of desire in Lin Shi's eyes. Earlier, when they were living alone, they did everything.

However, when Xu Xiao Xian came out of nowhere, she dragged Lin Shi away, saying that they had to have a sister talk.

Damn the nightly talk. Lin Shi wanted to rage at her and her face was already sullen. In the end, she was still dragged away.

They were in the room.

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian. There was no one else. She did not want to hide her feelings further. Her expression was extremely displeased.

"Xu Xiao Xian, I admit it, you have given him a lot. You are also madly in love with him. You two even… Went through life and death together. Comparatively, the decision I made years ago seemed selfish, to leave him and enter the Mirror Dimension… Even you came from the Mirror Dimension.".

"All this while, I was like a burden, slowing him down… Causing him to risk his life countless of times for me.".

"But I love him. And he loves me.".

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian with a serious expression, "It is normal for men in cultivation. to have many wives. But even so, I hope that he would only love me.".

Xu Xiao Xian sat there quietly as she smiled and looked at her, as if she was waiting for her to finish what she had to say.

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian and said, "That's why, no matter how much you sacrifice for him, it would amount to nothing in the end.".

"Oh? Will it? Are you sure?" Xu Xiao Xian finally opened her mouth as she said this with a smile.

Lin Shi seemed like she was lost for words. Chu Yu's attitude made her very unhappy.

Both Song Yu and Chu Tian Bei's attitude made her unhappy as well. She was unable to express her misery.

It seemed as though everyone else treated this little witch as family. She was the only exception.

If she was family, who was Lin Shi?

Lin Shi's heart ached as she was overcome by sorrow.

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