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A+ A- Chapter 419: Come Back to Quench the Fires
Chu Yu cringed a little, "Miss Qu Ni is into these talks of ridicule as well?".

She pushed up her glasses and looked at him seriously, "Our world needs an Emperor right now.".

"So I conveniently end up with the title? Shouldering the heavens and stepping on the ground?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

"Cut the jokes, let's go," Elder Black Dragon chided.

He jostled them into the secret chamber.

Qu Ni began her lecture, "Firstly…".

Elder Black Dragon waved her away impatiently, "Qu Ni you hold on.".

Qu Ni was sitting grumpily.

"About our situation now.".

"Let me elaborate," she interjected.

"The world is in chaos and we need to resume peace, good enough?".

Elder Black Dragon wanted to curse at her but eventually sighed, "You are right.".

Miss Qu Ni pouted spitefully.

"Let's not talk about history, if we do, it would take us more than three days and three nights.".

"Let's talk about the present.".

Elder Black Dragon looked solemn, "Our situation is pretty delicate at the moment, we are in great peril.".

"Two thousand years ago, in the Zhou dynasty, the king distributed the land and there were many feudal lords. After that, when the dynasty grew weak, the feudal lords rebelled and rose up to claim the capital…".

Chu Yu was confused as to why Elder Black Dragon was talking about history, Miss Qu Ni was miffed.

"The solar system was known was the Village of Dao, the Legendary Emperor Star was the symbol of power! The old court of heaven was right above the Legendary Emperor Star.".

"The nine fragments of the heavenly cauldrons are distributed here, the possession of one of them could guarantee the establishment of an everlasting empire and if you collect them all, you could rule the entire universe.".

"The glorious remnants were hidden in the soil and amidst the stars.".

"A magical rule governs the fact that if you slay someone with royal blood, you shall attain their powers.".

Chu Yu was quiet, it sounded believable.

"Our tiny galaxy is the start of everything, the source of all things good and all things bad. Miss Qu Ni and I are part of an ancient organization.".

Chu Yu widened his eyes, was he finally revealing some secrets?

"This ancient civilization survived till today, we serve the court of heavens. We used to select outstanding men and groomed them to become the warriors and guardians of the courts.".

"Afterwards, when the courts collapsed, the organization went into hiding but we have always been around.".

"To ensure that the truth didn't get lost in time, we turned it into legends, myths…".

"But today, I hope that we can stop living in the past, stop praying for the future but live in the present.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "I wish for the same thing.".

Qu Ni was rambling on by herself, "Stop living in the past, stop praying for the future… easier said than done…".

"We must try our best," Elder Black Dragon retorted.

"The Immortal realm is gone, the ghost realm… there's nothing left of it but wandering lost ghouls. And our mortal world… it's in shamble. Not to mention the massacre that lies ahead of us.".

"To end all of these, we really might need a "descendent of the Emperor", to shoulder all of it.".

"Right here, we are a fraying empire, broken into pieces, in peril… our neighbors look at us as prey. It would be hard for anyone to save us.".

"But if no one steps up and takes charge, even with our troops and armies, even if we could hold them back this time, who could guarantee the next advancement? The next


Chu Yu understood what he meant.

Qu Ni cooly said, "Simply said, we are at our wit's end, this a zero-sum game! If we don't put up a fight, we'll die a quick death, and if we do, we'll die a horrible but dignified death.".

Elder Black Dragon looked at Qu Ni helplessly.

She chuckled, "I'm just stating the facts.".

Chu Yu said, "I am guessing that all the factions are pitting against each other?".

Qu Ni grinned, "That'll depend on you, we'll handle the saints and you'll handle those below the level of sainthood.".

Chu Yu took in a deep breath, "Is there a difference between dying heartily and dying disgracefully?".

Qu Ni smoothed her hair and raised her chin, "There is a difference, you can choose the way you die if you commit suicide. You don't get to choose if you get yourself murdered.".

"Can we surrender?".

"Fat hope! You've been to the Mirror Dimension; you know how they're like. Do you really think you can surrender?".

"Do you really want to surrender?".

Chu Yu shook his head.

"Then go to war, young man!".

Elder Black Dragon kept quiet.

"I am the descendent of the Emperor!"

Chu Yu logged onto his account and tweeted out, "Fight me in person.".

The entire Earth was buzzing.

"He's been on a long hiatus, has he gone mad?".

"Poor boy, what triggered him? Is he mental?".

"Rascal, the mental hospital is always open!".

"I am the Emperor, Chu Yu stay where you are, I am coming for you hahaha!".

"Hahaha, did he let out those rumors by himself? Is he that desperate for power?".

Internet trolls were always crawling online.

After Chu Yu posted his message, none of the major sect leaders gave any response on that day.

In contrast, Chu Yu's close brothers and friends showed passionate support.

"I am the descendant's closest brother! We grew up together and went to school together… What a fine man, if any of you are still indignant, come and find me! I'll teach you a lesson!".

"My brother is the son of the Emperor, so what? He is the most outstanding man in the world! Fight me if I'm wrong!".

"Impressive! Can't believe my brother is the descendent of the Emperor! Congratulations to you. You all haters are so foolish and blinded. The warriors from the Mirror Dimension are upon us… you guys are still stirring fights amongst ourselves, you should find an elder to talk some sense into you.".

Zhao Man Tian stepped out to make a statement as well.

"I support my brother, that's all!".

Many acquaintances from Chu Yu's past expressed their thoughts and opinions.

They seemed to be enthusiastic about Chu Yu's return.

But they still had doubts regarding his identity.

How did he suddenly become the Emperor's descendent?

The Child of Saint Cao Jian Jia from the Ancient Rainfall Sect said, "The Chu Yu I know is a gentle and outstanding man, his account has been inactive for a long time, has he been hacked? If it is really him, I want to tell him that we haven't caught up in a long while, shall we meet soon?".

Apart from these supportive voices, there were many questions and doubts, but the major sect leaders remained silent through it all.

Chu Yu had expected these kinds of reaction.

Perhaps this was the most important comment of all- A username titled Xu Xiao Xian popped up and made a statement.

"Since you're back, what are you doing loitering around? You should return home, your first wife has already popped over to assert her dominance.".

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