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"You killed my beloved pet, my poor turtle. I've raised it for many years, you little brat, come here and exchange your life for his!".

The voice was old and ancient.

Chu Yu did not believe him, if the turtle really did belong to him, this man deserved to die for all the lives that were lost.

As the old man laughed, he looked at Qing Er and said, "This little snake is not bad, it has good skin, I'll play with you for a bit. I haven't seen a woman here in ages!".

"Come here little snake, I won't kill you!".

Qing Er wanted to slap him to death, but she did not take action.

Chu Yu was shocked, for someone to have seen through Qing Er's disguise, the person must have been extremely power.

Qing Er was close to the Saint Realm, did this mean that this old man was a Saint?

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye to inspect this old man.


A grandeur energy overcame him.

Chu Yu almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He could see the invisible energy surrounding this man, it was utterly breath taking.

He was really a Saint!

"What good luck…" Chu Yu thought to himself.

He expected it be tough, but he never thought that he would encounter a Saint just upon entering this place.

Chu Yu was a little desolated.

"Little boy, you actually know this kind of Sacred Art?" the old man peered with interest.

Chu Yu could tell that he was leaps and bounds ahead of him.

"Is that a furnace above your head? No, no, no, pill furnaces are not that powerful… is it a Cauldron?" the old man teased as he observed Chu Yu.

He continued, "I've just realised that this little thing is far more valuable than that snake girl. The energy from your body, the Yang Qi is thick!".

He had a disgusting look of greed on his face, "This Cauldron on your head, it's definitely a valuable item.".

"When you killed my stone turtle, you used the power of lightning. Also, you can see through people and perform inspections.".

The old man said slowly.

It was hard to hide secrets from a Saint.

In a flash, the old man shot two rays of divine light from his eyes towards Chu Yu.

He even saw through Chu Yu's sword.

"There's a sword in your stomach, it's swimming in your Dan Tian and it's linked to your entire body… What a sword!".

The old man looked into Chu Yu's eyes with a look of surprise, "The most valuable thing you have is your physical body!".

The divine light in his eyes radiated like the sun.

He began laughing, "This is interesting, really interesting! A mere Legendary Emperor with such a complete body. To be honest, it's a hundred times more sturdy than this old shell of mine! If I can get your body, who knows, I might be able to reach the next level.".

With every sentence the old man said, Chu Yu began feeling even more depressed.

This was the first time he had been seen through so thoroughly.

Other than his vertical eye, the old man had seen through everything.

Chu Yu looked at Qing Er and said, "Later on, I'll stall him while you run! Don't ever come back to this place!".

He did not hand Lin Shi over to Qing Er as there was no time.

If he were to die here, they would die together.

He did not try to communicate via any other means, there was no point.

The old man laughed, "She can't run! You silly fool, how could you not touch this beautiful girl when she's by your side? Don't worry, once I get your body, I'll use it to mate with…".

"You're asking for it!" Qing Er exploded with energy as she rushed at him.

At the same time, she delivered a mental message to Chu Yu, "Run!".

Upon seeing this, Chu Yu's body exploded with energy as well as he utilized his abilities to the maximum and rushed towards the old man.

Things had come to this, he was going to give it his all.



Their bodies flew into space.

If not for the protection of the Furnace, they might have died from the strike.


Even so, Qing Er's injuries were severe, she struggled to get up.

Chu Yu had it a little better, his body was sturdier.

The old man did not want to ruin it either.

"Be careful with my body, if anything goes wrong, I'll kill you!" the old man raged.

"F*ck your mum," cursed Chu Yu as he stood up and rushed at the old man.

Holding onto a bolt of lightning with his two hands, he threw it at him.

The old man laughed, "Such weak powers…".


A cloud of smoke rose from the old man's arm.

There was a burning smell.

He howled with anger. Before he could finish, this bolt of lightning had harmed him. 

"It is indeed the lightning of the Heavenly Thieves… I'm lucky that you're not a Saint, otherwise, I won't be able to fight with you," he stared at Chu Yu coldly.

Chu Yu was thinking about using the last feather he had with him.

Chu Yu had wanted to use to it to take the Dragon's Eye from the Ji Royalty.

But to save Lin Shi, he was willing to give up anything.

This was his trump card, he could only use it as a last resort.

Qing Er's regenerative abilities were powerful, she crawled up slowly and yelled, showing her true form.

A giant Cyan Python that was as large a mountain appeared!


The old man yelled as his voice pushed her back.

Her body was sent flying as she landed into the depths of the mountains, creating an enormous crater.

"Qing Er!" Chu Yu yelled with agony.

There was no response.

Chu Yu was emotionally destroyed.

"You f*cker!".

Chu Yu bit down and decided to use the last feather.

If he did not, there was no way he and Qing Er would escape alive.

The old man wanted to take his body and use Qing Er as his play thing.

If he could not pass this obstacle, there was no future to look forward to.

He could always return to look for his master and ask for more feathers!

The old man laughed, "Little boy, you probably came here for the flying immortal grass right? Look here, I have tons of it!".

As he said this, he grabbed a bunch of jade green grass and showed it to Chu Yu. The grass teemed with life and was struggling to escape his grasp.

Even though it was in the highest grade of medical herbs, it could not escape, Saints were too powerful.

The old man put the flying immortal grass into his mouth and began munching, but stopped halfway as if he suddenly remembered something.

"I'm going to take over your body soon, what do I need this body for?".

Chu Yu gave him a chilly look and spat on the floor, "You old c*unt, so what if you're a Saint?".

The old man laughed and said, "Cut the crap, of course Saints are almighty. Look, people like you will just die here. Even if I don't kill you now, there is no way you can escape with the immortal flying grass. How ignorant!".

He continued, "Moreover, this is my turf. You thought I was joking right? That stone turtle was raised by me! You killed it, and now I'm asking for your life in exchange, it's an eye for an eye.".

Chu Yu sniggered, "You old c*nt, you're just a thief. You've lost yourself here and are afraid of going outside, aren't you? Now that you've seen my body, you think that this is a way out for you and you're laughing inside, am I right?".

This was just a guess by Chu Yu.

Saints were not so insolent and crude.

The old man kept his smile and looked at Chu Yu with a dark expression, "You little brat, you recognise me?".

"You're just an old dog, how would I know you?" Chu Yu scoffed.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief as Qing Er rose from the rubble and charged at him again.

She was no match for him. Even though her attack was more ferocious this time, she was still sent flying.

She spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, her bones were shattered.

The old man laughed coldly, "Little snake girl, stop trying to resist. If I hadn't been hiding here, I won't be after your body so desperately. Just you wait, when I get his body, I will give you a good time.".

Qing Er had no way of retaliating, if it was not for Chu Yu, she would have imploded herself.

"Qing Er, don't do anything rash, let me kill this c*nt!" Chu Yu said.

"Hahaha. Little b*stard, I am one of the biggest thieves in the Orion Constellation, but I offended the Ji Royalty, that's why I have to hide here. The Ji Royalty wanted to make this place their garden, but they never expected me to be hidden here!" the old man laughed.

The Ji Royalty?

Chu Yu smiled, "Carry on talking rubbish, even if you are a Saint, why would you dare to offend them?".

The old man glared back at him, "Back then, I kidnapped the princess and killed her afterwards! I toyed with her soul and made her fall in love with me, you should have seen the look of disbelief in her eyes when I killed her… That brings back some good memories!".

"You old b*stard!" Chu Yu yelled. He had a plan in mind.

The old man laughed, "Little boy, have you rested enough? You need more than that to buy time and think of a way of killing me!".

As he said this, he raised countless souls and commanded them to charge at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was about to use the feather when a mental wave suddenly came off from within his vertical eye.

"Let him take over your body.".

This was a clear and precise instruction.

Chu Yu was stunned.

Chu Yu knew that the vertical eye had its own consciousness, but it had never communicated with him so clearly before.

This was conversation between two entities! 

"What do you mean?".

The vertical eye sent another clear message, "Trust me!".


It was an independent body!

It had its own thoughts and intellect!

Otherwise, there would not have been a sense of self.

In that moment, Chu Yu made his decision to trust his vertical eye.

Without it, he would have died long ago.


The terrifying divine sense rushed into Chu Yu's consciousness.

Qing Er let out a scream and prepared to implode herself.

She was a pure existence and prided herself upon that.

She was not willing to let this old man defile her.  

At this moment, in between his eyes, Chu Yu's forehead radiated a glorious light!

It blinded and overwhelmed Qing Er so much that she fainted instantaneously.


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