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Chapter 404: The Land Of Trapped Souls
"But… the Ji Royalty…" a look of worry overcame Mao Fu's face.
Zhao Man Xi said, "The Ji Royalty will not dispatch troops easily, moreover, they don't know about this army of mine.".
"What you're saying is…" he said as he looked at his mother, he felt a feeling of unfamiliarity.
Seeing his son's expression, she laughed, "What are you thinking? Your father knows about this army too, the Queen however, doesn't.".
He heaved a sigh of relief.
Zhao Man Xi said softly, "Even though they are Royalty, they cannot meddle with the other seven royal families as they wish, otherwise, the other kings will feel threatened. If that happens, they might unite and give the Ji Royalty a headache.".
"You have this power? The power to unite the seven royal families?" Mao Fu inquired.
Zhao Man Xi nodded her head and said, "Don't underestimate the other kings, they have wives that belong to the Ji Royalty as well. After all, the Ji Royalty seeks the complete control of this place.".
Mao Fu could understand what his mother meant now. Looking at her, he said, "What you mean to say is…".
"Is that if she wants to carry on with her ways, we'll see who has the greater measures," said Zhao Man Xi.
Mao Fu asked, "What was all that that you told Uncle just now?".
"Uncle? In terms of seniority, he is indeed your uncle, and I can also tell that he is a decent man, but that's about it. He doesn't owe us anything, I appreciate his advice. Child, this has nothing to do with him," said Zhao Man Xi.
"I know," he replied.
"You think he's amazing?" she asked as she looked at him.
"Yes!" exclaimed Mao Fu as he described everything that had happened.
"How can someone who has come from the Emperor Star be dumb? If he wants to go to the land of soul suppression, I'll give him all the information he needs, but I forbid you to go," said Zhao Man Xi.
"Why? I've already promised him, you can't make me break my promise," said Mao Fu earnestly.
"It's hard to get out of there alive once you enter. Moreover, the flying immortal grass… it's under heavy surveillance by the Ji Royalty. Even if you manage to get it, you have to fight against their masters to get it. Against them, we stand no chance," replied Zhao Man Xi.
"But…" Mao Fu did not want to be a person who broke his promises.
"Relax, I believe that he will understand. For now, you have to fulfil your duties as a prince, you have to fight for what's yours," said Zhao Man Xi as she looked at her son.
Mao Fu looked up and said, "I've never been afraid of battle!".
"Let's get ready then.". As she said this, she took out a piece of jade and passed it to him.
"Give this to Chu Yu, he will understand. Once he sees this, he won't want you to follow him anymore.".
Mao Fu was a little confused, but he passed it to Chu Yu anyway.
After taking a look at it, Chu Yu said, "You don't have to follow me to the land of soul suppression. If I come back alive, I need your help at the Ji Royalty.".
Mao Fu looked at him and said, "That's a promise!".
Chu Yu looked at Qing Er and said, "I'll go to the land of soul suppression later.".
"That's good, there's nothing to do here," said Qing Er with a face of joy.
"No, what I mean is that I'll go by myself, you will stay here and wait. That place is too dangerous," Chu Yu said seriously.
Qing Er frowned and replied, "I didn't come here to get embroiled into some battle. You can feel it in the atmosphere here, Mao Fu won't back down.".
Even though Chu Yu did not know that Zhao Man Xi had an army, he could feel that she was a powerful woman.
Qing Er looked at him and said, "I'll listen to you, plus, isn't it more dangerous to stay here?".
"Indeed," Chu Yu said as he nodded.
Chu Yu had no arguments left.
The two of them left Mao Fu's place in a small vessel.

o Fu looked on as the vessel left the skies, he sincerely hoped that they would return.
It was not just for his mother, he felt that Chu Yu was a good man.
Zhao Man Xi said softly, "Alright son, let's begin!".
"Let's begin!".
The people of the Mao family all had a ferocious spirit.
The Queen had already begun the cull of the Mao family, and was actively searching for their land.
Under these circumstances, they had to fight back.
In the small vessel, Qing Er looked at Chu Yu and asked, "If they really do end up fighting against one another, who do you think will win?".
Chu Yu shook his head, "It's hard to tell. Mao Fu is smart, even if he isn't competing for the title of the crown prince, I'm sure he has some preparations. Perhaps he has his own army.".
Qing Er agreed, "In the remorseless sea, all the powerhouses have at least an army.".
"I hope that Mao Fu will win, and that when we come back, we will only hear good news," Chu Yu said.
The small vessel broke through the speed of light.
Chu Yu smiled, "Back on earth, scientists theorized that if one managed to break the speed of light, one could travel back in time.".
"Oh? But we aren't going back in time now," remarked Qing Er as she looked around.
Chu Yu smiled, "It was just a guess, there's no way we can go back in time.".
The land of trapped souls was not far from Mao Fu's place.
The skies there were full of color, the view was magnificent.
Countless floating islands were hidden within the colourful skies like floating cities.
Chu Yu followed the instructions on the piece of jade and flew to one of these islands.
Before they reached their destination, the two of them could feel a dangerous energy.
The chaotic beams were fired at an incredible speed, faster than the speed of light, much faster.
They would light up and extinguish themselves within milliseconds.   
Each one of them could cause severe damage to any creature.
Even a Legendary Emperor could not escape its clutches.
There were many other strange beings in this place.
The jade that Zhao Man Xi had given Chu Yu mentioned a few of them.
Those creatures lived here and were terrifying, it was hard to use layman terms to describe them.
It was normal for a Legendary Emperor to die here.
She did not tell Chu Yu the reason why she came here back then, but the fact that she got out alive was a testament to her abilities.
Perhaps she really had no desires for the throne, but she definitely had tricks up her sleeves.
Qing Er and Chu Yu alighted the vessel.
He brought out the Immortal Crane Furnace and put it on his head as they walked towards the floating island.
A weird energy was given off the land.
It was not an essence of life, nor the energy of death.
Countless beams rained down from the sky.
It was like they had their own consciousness- once they spotted a living being, they would begin their attack.
Once the two of them stepped onto this land, hundreds of thousands of beams assaulted them instantly.
The scene was unbelievable.  
"Don't move! It's even more dangerous if you run!" warned Chu Yu.
A red beam fired straight at the Immortal Crane Furnace.
Its speed definitely exceeded the speed of light.
Before Chu Yu could give off a divine sense, the red beam had already struck the Immortal Crane Furnace.
There was no sound nor any signs of energy collision.
The Immortal Crane Furnace had consumed the energy of the red beam!
The hundreds of thousands of beams vanished in an instant.
Dark clouds began to gather in the sky like a group of shocked herbivores.
Chu Yu took a deep breath and said, "Let's go!".
Qing Er looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace suspiciously and asked, "What's the matter?".
"It's hungry," Chu Yu laughed.

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